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Robert's Report
(As told to "The Observer")

I love my BBW wife "just as she is" since she prefers to be that way rather than any larger. But this holiday season she and I spent some time at a family reunion --- and both and my wife were surprised (I think in different ways) at the openly pro-gaining behavior of the young lady who is now her brother Larry's fiance. And he apparently loves every pound of the results.

Larry is a senior in college, Luann (his fiance) a definitely BBW junior, perhaps approaching 200 lbs. They arrived about the same time we did, two days before Xmas. The first evening we went, at Larry's suggestion, with six other relatives to the local Hometown Buffet where both he and Luann each packed away a respectable three plates of food in the course of an evening filled with conversation. Now we had others in the party who also made three trips --- but Larry and Luann's plates were full each time, and then they had dessert on top of it. My wife and I couldn't help but notice.

By agreement breakfast the next morning was scheduled to be cooked by Luann and one of the other ladies (this was part of a rotation since we had five couples and four children sharing a large house). Luann, however, was up first and had a farm-style spread underway that befitted a farm harvest season. Everyone had biscuits, turkey sausages, and gigantic three egg omelets. The other lady by the time she arose had little more to do than prepare the beverages and serve the food. I will have to admit that it was all excellent --- this gal, I thought, knows how to cook.

Then she asked the kids how they would like to have apple pie with ice cream for lunch. Of course there was a zinger --- they had to wash the breakfast dishes. Talk about incentivization! Naturally that gave Luann a chance to make the pies --- and enjoy some herself. This gal, I noted, loves working with food! And, sure enough, the pies tasted as good as any bakery. Luann, I noticed, had seconds on the ice cream. An appetite to match I observed.

That night we went out to dinner and a movie. Luann savored the abundant beef wellington and still, at Larry's suggestion, had room for dessert. On the way back she and Larry picked up a couple dozen donuts to "share with the kids," but we observed that Luann unabashedly had some with a glass of milk for herself. All of this, so far, was just the first day.

The next day was the day before Christmas and everyone went their separate ways to shop and do whatever. Larry and Luann ate their meals elsewhere, so I have no idea what they had. But on Christmas we had a full scale noontime dinner ---- turkey with the trimmings, yams, mashed potatoes, salad, more pies, ice cream, you name it. It was served buffet style and although we all had plenty, Luann's share was as abundant as anyones. By night the kids were suggesting pizza and Luann took the lead in inventorying toppings, then going to get them. I not sure whether she had six or eight pieces, but she was obviously being a kid at heart.

Friday morning was Luann's breakfast shift --- and this time it was banana pancakes with scrambled eggs spiced with cheese and mushrooms. Beef patties were available on a platter. Again it was all delicious. By this time I was mentally inventorying her consumption with this report in mind. She had an initial three pancakes and a generous helping of eggs along with two beef patties. After everyone was finished there were two remaining pancakes and some eggs which she sealed in plastic bags.

That evening my wife got the chance to talk with Luann and remarked on her apparently love of cooking. Luann very openly admitted that doing it for so many people was exciting. It gave her "permission" to do things on a scale that dormitory life just didn't permit. My wife expressed appreciation and remarked that we might all "put on a few pounds this month."

"I guess about five for myself," she replied very openly. "Larry's hoping it will be more though."

"What!" my wife exclaimed. "You are trying to gain weight? Most people today are trying to lose!"

"I'm just enjoying it, not really trying. But with the way I've learned to eat at college its bound to happen, so why deny it? Larry is the one who is excited about the results. I've picked up about thirty pounds since we started going together eighteen months ago --- its wonderful being liberated from the diet doldrums."

Now my own wife is around 230-240 (I never pry, because then she starts wondering if she should go on a diet) and has accepted the fact that I like her that way, which makes her life a whole lot happier than it once was. And she has frequented this board so she knew in theory that people like Larry and Luann existed. But this was perhaps the first time she had encountered anyone quite so open.

"I'm just under 5' 9"," she said, "which means that at 3500 calories a day I should stabilize around 270 lbs or so. Based on my mom and sister's experience I figure I can handle that much and still be healthy as long as its muscle and not just fat. So I exercise to keep in shape and enjoy being who I really am --- a beautiful BBW. And here I get to cook for others as well. Its heaven!"

The next evening (Saturday) we had exhausted the leftovers from Thursday. We therefore went to the Olive Garden (a local outlet of what is a national chain of Italian restaurants) after and evening of bowling. There Luann enthusiastically made up for any calories missed earlier in the day. My wife had mentioned their conversation and I kept my eye on Larry to see his reaction. It was obvious that he was very proud of every morsel his plump fiance consumed. In fact, when her basket of rolls was empty (she had had three) he thoughtfully secured a replace-ment basket and placed it within easy reach.

Sunday was a continuation of the holiday feast. For lunch we had tacos and ice cream for the kids. Luann had the dessert detail for supper and made three very nice cakes --- but I suspect she had more than a little to do with the main course as well, since she spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen. In any event it was a magnificent buffet with a couple of casseroles, chicken from a trio of crockpots, and two types of salad (green and a multi-layered one).

Monday and Tuesday were "free days" and the different families split. Wednesday was Luann's turn for breakfast and she did not let us down. We had toast with chipped beef and a delicious gravy, a selection of fresh fruit, and a selection of pastries. The other ladies apparently were getting into the spirit of things, for that evening for dinner we had cornish games hens with vegetables and mashed potatoes. For dessert we had banana splits. Luann didn't have anything to do with cooking it, but believe she had at least seconds on everything.

Thursday, of course, was New Year's day and it was mostly snacks and sand- wiches at intervals. But that evening we went out to a Chinese restaurant and didn't leave much to take home in the people boxes. The kids didn't care that much for the offerings and still had an appetite for ice cream --- and so Larry and Luann picked some up. Guess which of the adults had generous helpings as well?

We headed out on Friday morning and came back home; Larry and Luann went back to their dormitories. All in all it was an interesting encounter --- and we look forward to seeing "more" of Luann later this year.