Weight Room Title Bar

by THX1143

It started one day shortly after her father's funeral, Robin and I were heading home and we had both been drinking. I knew she had had an eating disorder, bulimia, a few years ago, but she seemed fine now. You see her father always tried to control the amounts of food she ate, warning that if she didn't control her appetite she would end up looking like her aunt who was 5'4" and well over 400 lbs when she past away. Her father had passed away in a car accident and Robin was now free from his constant control over her appetite. On our way home she wanted to get some strawberries, so we picked up two quarts, a watermelon, a two liter bottle of water, picked up a movie and went to my place. She knew that I liked it when she ate food in front of me but I was unaware that I would soon be taking her father's place for her appetite control except that I would push her the other way.

Once at my place we popped in the movie and she put on this tight pair of orange gym shorts I had from high school. Robin, who is 5'4" and about 130 squeezed nicely into those shorts. She knew I liked it when she wore tight, revealing clothes and these shorts had an elastic waistband that dug right into her tummy above her belly button causing a small roll of fat to protrude. Below the waistband her lower tummy pushed the fabric out wonderfully like a small amount of stuffing was stuffed there to create a pillow. Her butt is a woman's butt and therefore stretched those shorts beyond their designed proportions. Her hips have always been well shaped and just a little wide. Her fat, again, created a nice roll where her thighs met the shorts, her butt hanging out of the bottom of the shorts just a bit. She also had taken off her bra and put on a half t-shirt which just hung off her breasts so as not to touch her belly,..yet.

By this time I had washed off the strawberries and had them in a big mixing bowl. She had plopped herself down on my couch. She loved to put a whole berry in her mouth, suck hard and bite off the greens on top, succulently devouring each one as if it were the last one. She always would begin to get this glassy look in her eyes when she at like this and now that she wasn't worried about her father she didn't seem to care if she ate more than she should. One after another she ate the strawberries. I could see her stomach begin to stretch the shorts a bit tighter after she had finished off half of the fruits, the elastic trying to cut in but her tightening belly was forcing it to retreat. She methodically ate each strawberry going through them looking for the best ones to eat. I could not help but get a hard on and I went to the kitchen, cut up and deseeded the watermelon in preparation for her to eat more.

The strawberries were nearly gone and her belly was pushing out so hard against the shorts that they had become a second layer of skin. Below the elastic, her belly was bulging out, straining the capacity of the bright orange shorts so that her belly looked like a giant orange, her hidden belly button indenting like the navel. Above the elastic, her belly was getting taught, her skin stretching out against her small layer of fat under her skin, pushing the elastic up and out. I could tell there was room for the shorts to still stretch because the elastic still had wrinkles in it where it could expand. Robin told me she was getting full. By now I am sitting next to her. I put her hand on my cock and watched her eyes glaze over more as I put another strawberry to her lips. She ate the berry willingly and began stroking my cock with a loose grip, slowly like she was waking up to the motion. I fed her another strawberry and watched her suck all the juice out so it would not drip down the front of her. She does this well making it sound sooo good. She again tells me she's getting full but I don't listen as I feed her the last of the 2 quarts of strawberries.

Her hand is beating my cock faster now in an unconscious manner. Her tummy is fuller than I have ever seen it but she seems to not care. She is telling me she is full but keeps on eating, each bite like a mini orgasm for her. I get the watermelon and place the mixing bowl at her side. It is full to the top with watermelon slices just ready for devouring. She grabs a slice and remembers how MUCH she loves watermelon and seems to forget how full she is of strawberries, it's like since it's a new taste she just STARTED eating. Her hand is moving up and down my shaft quickly matching the new pace she is eating the watermelon with. Bite after bite she sucks in the melon dripping little pink dots onto her white half top t-shirt. Her nipples have gotten hard because the cold pink melon juice keeps dripping onto them. Her belly is now touching her half shirt where it used to hang out off her breasts. The elastic is now beginning to cut into her belly hard. It has been stretched to its' limits and will not allow for any more expansion at her waist. The rest of the orange shorts are still stretching, tighter and tighter below the waistband, blowing up like a big orange balloon, her belly button still hidden under the fabric.

I make her lean back a bit putting a pillow behind her in the curve of her back which gives the illusion of her belly being nearly 3 months pregnant. It's an unbelievable sight, one hand reaching for piece after piece of watermelon, one hand beating my cock and her beautifully round belly pushing the limits of those orange shorts to an explosive level. She begins to slow down and again tells me she is stuffed beyond anything she has ever felt before. She begs me to strip her of all her clothing so she can feel free of such constriction. I push my hand under the elastic band and feel the tremendous bulge of her lower abdomen under the tight stretch of the shorts. She moans, "please take them off." I pull down on the left side and then the right, needing to alternate because they are so tight. Just then I see her unbelievably gorgeous, one inch deep belly button become exposed for the first time that evening. Her belly keeps expanding over the waistband as I pull the shorts off her. Her pussy seems to be dripping the same pink as the watermelon. I pull her half t-shirt over her head and she leans back and moans "more." I get a piece of melon and place it to her lips. She opens her mouth like a tiny bird anticipating the feeding from her father. She takes the whole piece into her mouth and when she tries to close her lips, juice leaks out because there is so much in her. She swallows it and moans "more" again. I quickly get her another piece. She sucks it in and cries for more again. She has a trance-like look to her and her eyes are closed. Her mission it seems, to never stop eating. I swear that I can see her stomach swell a little bit more each time she swallows. I tell her to wiggle her taught belly so I can hear the juice of the watermelon swishing around inside her. She does so willingly and tells me how full she must be but that her belly has gone numb.

She tells me that she has to finish the whole mixing bowl and that I should not stop feeding her until it is all inside her bulging beach ball of a belly. She wants to know what it feels like to be a melon. I stuff piece after piece of melon in her mouth while she again begins to stroke my massively rock hard cock. She says "no more." I feed her another piece. "I'm stuffed," another piece goes inside her. "I'm gonna explode." She eats another piece. "My stomach's bulging," she sucks down another piece. "I can't eat another bite." I stuff a huge piece in her mouth causing her cheeks to puff out and watermelon juice to leak out the sides of her mouth, down her neck. "I can't," she eats still another piece. It's like she knows not the limit of her ever expanding belly. She now looks seven months pregnant. She has almost finished a whole watermelon and two quarts of strawberries, her eyes are still closed, one hand on my cock the other straining to stay on her clit. "Feel how full I am," and I stuff another piece into her waiting mouth. "I can't move I'm so full." Another bite sucked into her eagerly awaiting mouth. I can hear her swallowing now. Each bite like she isn't even chewing. I put in the melon, she gulps it down and her belly pushes up more. Her waist is now gone and she is looking like the watermelon belly she wants to be. "I am so stuffed!" I feed her again. "My skin is so tight around my stomach," she gulps down another piece. I am so close to cumming that I can barely stand it. She moans "I'm gonna explode!" I feed her the last piece. Her belly is like the melon. I tell her "more".

I get the two liter bottle of water. I make her climb on top of me pushing my rock hard cock into her gushing wet pussy. Her belly hangs out in front of her like she is in her eighth month of pregnancy. I tell her to start drinking the water. Gulp after gulp she swallows the water. I've got my hands on her gorged belly, and I am thrusting my cock into her deeper and deeper while she is holding on to the two liter bottle with both hands, dripping water down the front of her which follows her massively huge, tight, bulge of a belly down to where her pussy and my cock meet. Her breathing is shallow but quick between each gulp. She gets a quarter of the water in her, stops for a breather and cries "I can't drink any more. My belly's gonna pop. I can barely breathe I'm so stuffed. I want you to cum with me now, I feel like I am gonna explode from every inch of my body!" I tell her "No! You must finish the bottle." I make her lean back on one arm, her completely engorged belly pushing out up to the sky, like gravity was non existent, her other hand puts the bottle back up to her mouth and she begins gulping down the rest of the water. I push up on her belly from below making her rise up and down on my cock, her quickly ballooning belly making splashing sounds inside like a waterbed. Her belly is magnificent. Her skin is so tight and her belly is getting so full it's just like a wonderfully ripe watermelon that thumps when you flick it. I tell her don't stop, you can't stop. She keeps on gulping passing the half way point. Her stomach looks like she has to be nine months pregnant now and still growing. Her breasts hang down and touch the top of her belly. They are like two water balloons jiggling back and forth as I keep pushing her up and down on my cock. Robin's breathing is getting shallower and her gulps are getting bigger but farther apart. She's moaning between each gulp now, a cross between pure ecstasy and pure pain, but she keeps drinking. The bottle is now fully upside down and her head is leaning way back, her belly so distended I can't even see her head, just the bottom of the plastic bottle. I've got her in such a rhythm that when her butt slaps down on my thighs she moans, breathes in on the way up, gulps down another swallow of water and slaps down on my thighs again. Just then she finishes the bottle and throws it aside. I grab onto her hips and begin to really move her up and down on my cock, the rhythm of our bodies, the sloshing of the water, the watermelon and the strawberries in her belly, her moans, my moans, we explode together in an ecstasy unparalleled.

It seems that all this time she has been wanting to eat but wouldn't eat correct because of her father. Now all is fine and she is up to 224 and continuing to grow. She still gets that glassy look to her eyes when she eats. Life's an addiction. Eat it up.