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Feeder Gal Sal and The Boss Man
by mjm

I watched him slam the door, throw his stuff into his car and drive away.This was my chance. I pulled on my jeans and laid down on the bed to buttonthem. It was a bit of a struggle but I managed. A nice roll of blubber hungover the top of my skin tight jeans. I loved the way it looked. Then I pulledon a tight knit top and headed across the courtyard to her apartment. Ihad to pound on the door to get her to open it. She was crying hystericallybut the hot chocolate and the big slab of layer cake I had brought overfor her calmed her down enough for us to have a conversation. I knew thather rent was due and that he probably didn't leave her a dime so it waspretty easy to convince her to move in with me. She was incredibly gratefulfor the offer. I gave her a key and left for work.

It was a slow day at the truck stop and quitting time came none too soon.On the way home, I stopped and did some grocery shopping. I was determinedto keep my place as well stocked with fattening goodies as possible so shecould stay well fed and get fatter and fatter and fatter. She had made lasagnafor our dinner and we both pigged out. I had to unbutton my jeans. It alwaysturned me on to let my fat belly hang out like that. If Keith had likedit as much as I did, I guess I wouldn't have kicked him out. I hoped Sallyliked it or at least would learn to like it.

After dinner, I checked to see if she had been a good girl and eaten wellthat day. She had and it made my clit tingle. Next, we split a layer cakeand were both so stuffed we each were about to explode. I was so hot forher that I almost made a pass right then but I held myself back. I had alwaysbeen bi. Sally had not known about her own bisexuality until that partya few months back. It was then that I also realized that I liked fat girlseven more than skinny men.

Since that night, my fantasy had been to find a fat girlfriend that I couldfatten and she could fatten me.

Sally was more bottom-heavy than me which was to my liking. I was big-breastedwith a big gut and I hoped Sally liked that and wanted to see my gut geteven bigger. After our showers, we climbed into my king sized bed. We beganto cuddle. I played with her fat ass and she sucked my big tits.

We talked about feeding each other and making each other fatter and fatter.I went into the kitchen and got Sally some pastries. She gobbled as I wentdown between her fat thighs and ate her fat pussy. She had a good orgasmand once she recovered, decided that it was my turn. I gobbled pastrieswhile she ate me and played with my belly. It was great. Both of us werestuffed to bursting and our sexual appetites were satisfied. I fell asleepwith Sally playing with my gut while I played with her ass.

Sally was up early the next morning making us pancakes. I came into thekitchen after my shower. She already had a big fat stack soaked with butterand dripping with syrup waiting for me. She had already started gobblingand invited me to dig in. Which I did. We both gobbled like hogs and encouragedeach other to keep gobbling. After I was good and stuffed, I struggled tomy feet, Sally caught my robe and pulled me over to her. She opened my robeand patted my belly.

"Getting bigger!" she said with a grin and then said, "Justyou wait. I'm going to make it huge." I was in heaven as I waddledoff to get dressed for work.

I had to lie down and pull my belly up to button my pants. Sally was justfinishing the dishes as I emerged from the bedroom. We kissed and I pattedher big fat ass and said, "Getting bigger but just you wait and see,I'm going to make it huge." We said good-bye and I left for work.

Another slow day with nothing much to do but eat candy bars and drink cokes.A lady trucker came in that had been in a few times before and said, "Everytime I come in here, you're eating a candy bar." I just smiled. "Comeon out to my rig." she said. As I followed, she explained that shehad been "over" and I could have the overage. Turned out to beten cases of candy bars. I nearly wet my pants. She even helped me loadthe four hundred pounds of candy into my car. I thanked her profusely asshe told me that it was pretty common and that I could have all of her overages.

My pussy started to get slippery thinking about how fat all that candywas going to make both me and Sally. I couldn't wait to call home with thegood news. Before I could tell my surprise, Sally blurted out that she wasmaking a special dinner for me, deep fat fried pork chops, mashed potatoesswimming in butter, cream gravy, biscuits and banana pudding for dessert.My mouth started to water over that high cholesterol feast. Sally was likewisethrilled over the candy I was bringing home. She said her ass was gettingfatter from just thinking about it. The rest of the day was spent waitingfor quitting time. I got home as quickly as I could as I was overly anxiousto start stuffing my belly. Sally unbuttoned my jeans so my belly couldhang out and then fixed me a big plate. With my forearms on the table, Idug in and gobbled. Sally brought in the candy while I pigged out. She wasexhausted afterward and had to rest but I continued to gobble. As quicklyas I would start to make a dent in the mountain of fat and starch in frontof me, Sally would slop down more.

Sally ate a plate full too but not nearly as much as me. She liked to snackall day long, so did I, but I was the one who liked big meals and I hadthe gut to prove it. Although, my gut wasn't nearly as big as Sally wantedso she kept encouraging me to keep stuffing. Finally, when I was more stuffedthan ever before in my life, Sally helped me up and led me over to the reclinerto rest. I told her I couldn't hold another bite but Sally thought otherwise.

She came back with a big tub of banana pudding and fed it to me, everylast bit. I was in agony but it felt incredible to be that stuffed and Salmade it better by massaging lotion on my bursting belly.

"I want this thing to get so big that you will be able to set someeating records," she said. I closed my eyes and imagined what it willbe like when my belly is that big. The rest of the evening, we spent watchingTV. Sally snacked continuously. During the commercial breaks, Sally wouldcome over and feed me a candy bar which was just enough to keep me in anover-stuffed stupor until bed time. Sally helped me up, undressed me andstarted my shower for me. I went straight to bed and fell asleep duringher shower.

The noise Sally was making in the kitchen at two awakened me. She cameback to bed with a big tray loaded down with snacks. For me, there was amountain of chicken salad sandwiches dripping with mayo and a creamy pastasalad big enough to feed an army. Even though I was still stuffed from before,I dug right in. While Sally gobbled her snack, she constantly encouragedme to push myself and stretch my belly more than ever. She said that shewanted my pussy to be completely hidden by my belly by this weekend andthat if I ate everything, she had a special treat for me.

With all that added incentive, how could I disappoint her. Using everybit of determination I had in me, I managed to cram in every last bite.As I laid there like a beached whale with my belly looking like an overinflated balloon about to pop almost unable to breathe, Sally produced abig vibrating dildo and a coconut cream pie. As she gave my pussy a workoutwith that vibrator, she alternately took a bite of pie and then fed me one.Just as she fed me the last bite, I came like an explosion. God, it wasgood. I didn't fall asleep, I passed out and slept until after six. Sallywas already up and in the kitchen. After a quick trip to the bathroom, Iwandered into the kitchen. Sally's ass looked fatter than ever. I was suddenlystruck with the realization that her fantasy to fatten me might be evenstronger than my fantasy to fatten her as she set out a big fat stack ofwaffles saturated with butter for me.

I pigged out real good while Sally talked about a feeding schedule shewanted to put me on. I listened as she explained that she wanted to stuffme real good at least four times a day. There was no problem with stuffingme with a big fattening belly bursting breakfast each morning, then an enormousdinner followed by an evening of feeding me to keep me stuffed until bedtime and then a good stuffing in the middle of the night.

The big problem was lunch time at work. I tried to assure her that I wouldstuff myself real good every day but that just wasn't good enough. SinceI only got an hour each day for lunch, time was important. Then it cameto her, she would go to the Mexican buffet down the street from the truckstop ahead of me so that all I would have to do is walk in, sit down andstart stuffing. It was fine by me and said so as I choked down what I thoughtwas the last waffle.

Sally thought otherwise. She proceeded to feed me another stack so saturatedwith butter that they were down right soggy. Sally helped me to my feetand patted my belly. "Lookin'good" she said. I tried to smilebut it wasn't easy as overloaded as I was. Sal had put a stretch panel ina pair of pants for me which though I liked for my gut to hang over my tightjeans, this felt much better and if my belly was going to live up to herexpectations, I was going to have to make some minor sacrifices. Sal handedme a bag of candy bars to munch on at work and confirmed our luncheon atthe Mexican buffet. I patted her ass and headed for work.

I munched candy and drank cokes until lunch. It was a very quick trip toPancho's and Sally was all set for me. The table was covered in Mexicanfood and I started gobbling before even sitting down. With Sal's constantencouragement and keeping my plates refilled, I was able to get incrediblystuffed and did so within 45 minutes. Of course I had to gobble so fastthat I barely even chewed. I rested for a few minutes before Sally helpedme up and out to my car. Man, oh man was I stuffed. Thank God for that stretchpanel. Sally handed me a bag of her double fudge frosted brownies and waddledover to her car. Her ass was getting fatter.

I spent the rest of the afternoon loading in brownies, candy bars and cokes.Just before quitting time, a truck pulled up leased to a baking supply company.When the driver came in to pay I overheard him bitching about a claim hewas going to have on this last load. I asked him and he explained that hehad five 40 pound buckets of chocolate cake frosting that got damaged andit was going to cost him $20 per bucket and then the only thing he coulddo was throw the crap away. After quick negotiations, I agreed to give him$5 a bucket. He took my money and helped me load the buckets into my car.We agreed that I would buy all the rest in the future. I couldn't wait tocall Sally.

She was thrilled and said that all that frosting would look good when itwas turned into more creamy white blubber on her lard ass. Then she toldme about dinner. She was making fettucine alfredo and buttery garlic breadwith an Italian cream cake for dessert. My mouth started to water in anticipation.She further explained that she had big plans for this weekend and promisedto keep me stuffed to bursting constantly. Her words made me tingle in anticipation.

Sally was ready for me. Not a plate but a platter of fettucine was waitingfor me. I immediately sat down and started to gobble. It was too incredibleto describe. The fettucine was over cooked so it required very little chewingand the Alfredo sauce was too rich to believe. I gobbled like a hungry hogat the slop trough while Sally carried in the buckets of frosting. She wasthrilled with the frosting and just before collapsing in her chair, sheshook her ass in my face and said, "Just imagine what all that frostingis going to do to my ass." I smiled and continued gobbling.

After a while, Sally had a plate of fettucine and told me more of her plansfor the coming weekend. She planned on keeping me basically immobile inbed from the time I get home tomorrow night until I get up for work thefollowing Monday morning and keep me stuffed to bursting around the clock.The idea made my clit tingle. Of course, she planned on doing plenty ofeating herself and making her ass fatter. It was like a dream come true.

Finally, I was so stuffed that I literally collapsed across the table.Sally had to help me up and into bed. She massaged my belly with lotionand then put a heating pad on it which felt really good. I thought I wasgoing to get to rest but Sal had other plans. She returned with the Italiancream cake for me and a big mixing bowl of frosting for herself. Betweenfeeding me bites of cake she would have a spoonful of frosting.

The rest of the evening proceeded like that except that when she had fedme about half of the cake, I was in such agony that I refused to take anotherbite. However, Sal was determined to get the rest of that cake inside meone way or another. She got me up and walked me around the apartment whichdid help a little. Then she leaned the ironing board against the wall forme to lean back against and left me there for a few minutes. She returnedwith the rest of the cake and the vibrating dildo. As she offered me a biteof cake, she slowly slid the vibrator into my wet pussy. I couldn't resistand opened my mouth wide for that bite and every one after that until everylast crumb of that cake was inside my belly and it showed. Sal left me therefor a few minutes while she ran a bath for me.

I could barely breathe and I felt like I was going to split open but itfelt so incredible to be that stuffed that I didn't care. She helped meinto the tub and as I soaked in the warm water, she washed me. I soakedin the warm water for quite awhile. Sal helped me up, toweled me off andput me to bed. I fell asleep immediately and slept like a rock until abouttwo.

Sal gently stroked my belly to wake me. She propped me up with pillowsand set down a tray of warmed up mashed potatoes, gravy and biscuits. AsI began to eat she promised to go down on me if I ate every bite. I dugin and gobbled. I made an absolute pig of myself in anticipation of howgood it was going to feel when her tongue went to work on my clit. It tookevery thing I had to manage to pack in that mountain of starch and grease,but I did it. I settled back and let Sally work her magic. My belly wasso big that Sally was almost completely hidden by it. She did an incrediblejob and just as I was about to cum, she shoved my mouth full of candy andI came like an atomic bomb. I passed out and slept until six.

As usual, Sal was already up making me a big fattening belly stretchingbreakfast. I wandered in and before I could sit down, Sally opened my bathrobeto get a good look at her handy work.

"Not bad! Not bad at all! We've still got a long way to go,"she said as she carefully examined my belly.

I sat down to the first stack of butter soaked pancakes and went to workon them. It was tough but with her encouragement I was able to load in sixstacks before I had to give up. Sally was pleased but promised that beforelong I would be doing much better.

After my shower, I got dressed for work. Sal had added stretch panels andinserts to my entire wardrobe. She had big plans for me and I loved. AsI left for work, Sal handed me a bag of candy bars and a big container ofcake frosting. I patted her big beautiful ass as I left. It was growingbut not as fast as my gut which was fine with me.

As I drove, I realized that it wouldn't be too very long before my bellywould be so big that to get behind the wheel, I would have to have the seatback too far for me to touch the peddles. The thought made my pussy slippery.

The morning was mainly spent eating candy and frosting, waiting for lunch.I rushed to Pancho's and there was Sal all set up and ready for me to startstuffing my belly. Plate after plate I gobbled as quickly as I could. Ipushed myself as far as I could. My belly was close to exploding when withSal's help I waddled out to my car and back to work. I watched the clockwaiting for quitting time gobbling candy and frosting all the while. Finally,it was time to leave and I rushed as much as I could to get home for Sallyto begin an entire weekend devoted to stuffing me and stretching my belly.The weekend was pretty much a blur. Sally worked constantly to keep me ata level of over stuffed beyond belief. I guess it wasn't until Monday morningat five when Sal started pulling me out of bed that I came back to reality.Sal stood me up in front of the mirror so that we could both admire theresults of an entire weekend of ultimate gluttony. My God my belly was huge.She led me to the kitchen table where ten stacks of pancakes soaked withbutter and syrup awaited. I dug in and managed to gobble nine stacks beforegiving up. Sally was very pleased.

"Very good! Over the weekend, we managed to increase your capacityby fifty per cent." she said with a smile. The flesh balloon stickingout in front of me was almost unbelievable. She helped me into the bathroomand helped me get ready for work. As I showered she said, "We're goingto have to do something about your lunch hour. Sixty minutes is not enoughtime for us to get your belly stuffed to the limit. Is there any way youcould arrange for a longer lunch break?"

I said I would try. Sal dried me, helped me dress and did my makeup. Thatwas when I noticed that it wasn't just my belly that had grown during theweekend. Sal's ass was enormous. While stuffing me, she had done her fairshare of eating. We were both quite pleased with our accomplishments. Salhad already loaded my car with candy and frosting so I left for work.

As soon as I arrived and stowed my goodies, I went to see my boss. He lookedat me with a suspicious eye when I said I needed longer lunch breaks. Heagreed saying that it was slow and wanted to cut my hours anyway. I waspleased and then as I left he reminded me that the company insurance didnot cover maternity. He thought I was pregnant and I let him. That wouldbe a good explanation for my growing belly. As I bit into the first candybar of the day I called Sally with the good news. She was pleased. I gobbledcandy and frosting until lunch and headed for Pancho's.

Sally was ready and waiting. I wasted no time and gobbled like a machineset on high for a solid hour and a half before throwing in the towel. Sallywas so pleased with my performance that it was hard for her to contain herself.I learned later that she had a spontaneous orgasm from watching me gobble.She helped me out to my car and asked if I needed more candy or frosting.I didn't and watched as she waddled over to her car. That ass was gettingdownright huge.

The rest of the afternoon was spent loading in candy and frosting to keepmyself as stuffed as when I emerged from Pancho's. Sal called to enticeme with the dinner menu. She knew my tastes pretty well and the menu waspure fats and starches. The drive home was thankfully quick because I wasready to load my belly.

Sal was ready for me to start stuffing my belly. As I gobbled, Sal toldme about something which she had never told anyone before. She had alwaysloved to cook and had secretly dreamed of cooking for someone who wouldreally appreciate her cooking. I leaned back in my chair and patted thesides of my belly saying, "We both appreciate you and your cooking."

She smiled and said, "That's good because I want to turn that gutof yours into the biggest sack of blubber anyone has ever seen!"

"And I want your ass to get so big that you blot out the sun!"I replied.

I continued to gobble and Sal continued to keep it coming. Eventually,I had to quit but not before I was stuffed beyond belief. Sal helped meup and over to the recliner. Once I was settled in Sal brought over a tubof frosting for us to share. We spent the rest of the evening watching TV.Sal would take a bite of frosting then feed me one. It was such a struggleto get me up from the recliner that Sal decided we needed a new recliner,maybe one with a motor. I knew I couldn't afford one but Sal told me notto worry. She helped me shower and put me to bed. My belly was huge buteven as big as it was I knew that Sal had plans on making it even bigger.The thought made my nipples harden and my clit started to tingle. When Salclimbed into bed I reached for her and she responded in kind. As she caressedmy bursting belly, she suckled my boobs.

I played with the new fat on her and talked about my belly getting biggerfor her and her getting fatter for me. Sal began to finger me and I didmy best to reciprocate. As each of us got closer and closer to orgasm, wetold each other about making the other gigantically fat. Finally we orgasmedtogether and went limp and fell asleep.

About two, Sal stroked my belly and said, "Time for another stuffing."I was very groggy but the sight of the fattening feast she had waiting forme got my attention. With her help I gobbled for all I was worth and thensome.

"Gotta keep stretching that stoamch of yours!. Gotta get it big enoughso that you need round the clock feeding. You do want me to turn you intoa gigantic round ball of fat, don't you?" she said wickedly.

I tried to smile affirmatively with my mouth full of food. When I had loadedin my starch and lard, she produced a molasses pie and stuffed it into me.I was in agony but the feeling of fullness was incredible.

The next morning, Sal had a special treat waiting for me. She had goneout extra early and returned with a zillion donuts which she expected meto load in. I did not disappoint her. They were greasier and had more icingthan any donuts I had ever had before. In other words they were perfec.I loaded my belly to bursting but Sally just had to stuff me with a fewmore before she was satisfied with my consumption.

As Sal helped me up, I noticed a catalogue from a medical supply companyon the kitchen counter. I asked her about it but she skirted the issue.As she helped me get ready for work, I continued to question her. Finallyshe said, "Its just an idea I had for a surprise but I don't know ifit will work. Be patient."

I let it drop and left for work. Sal had already loaded my car with frostingand candy. What kind of an idea? Why a medical supply company? What wasshe doing? I spent the morning loading myself with candy bars and frostingwaiting for my belly bursting visit to Pancho's. As I did my best to hurryout to my car, I noticed a trucker pull in that I hadn't seen in quite sometime. I wanted to say "Hi" but I had to go.

Sal was ready for me at Pancho's and while I gobbled, she told me thata new motorized recliner was being delivered that afternoon. I asked herabout the cost but she told me she had a little money stashed away and notto worry about it as I needed to concentrate on packing my belly. I tookher advice and packed myself real good. After, Sal helped me out to my carand sent me back to work.

As I pulled up, that trucker was just coming out of the building and sawme. He came over to my car. The amazed look on his face as I struggled outof my car to greet him was unforgettable. He came over to give me a hug.We chatted for a few moments and he seemed to want to resume where we hadleft off a year ago when he went to work for another company and he stoppedhauling through this state. Now he was back with his old company and couldsee me at least every week. He seemed pleased that I was not only just biggerthan ever but that I was huge in comparison to the last time he had seenme. This was a problem. I hadn't been with a man in some time. AlthoughI preferred Sal and her big beautiful growing fat ass over any man witha big hard dick, I still craved a man occasionally.

He said he had to run but would be back through next week. We said ourgood-byes and I waddled into work. I spent the afternoon loading in candyand frosting. Sal called at three to tell me that the new recliner had beendelivered and that I would love it. She teased me with the dinner menu whichconsisted of the fattest pork roast she had ever seen, mashed potatoes swimmingin butter, gravy and rolls. The drive home was uneventful and short. Salwas right. The pork roast was almost solid fat. I was in heaven. Some mightthink this gross but I would rather eat pure lard out of a bucket than apiece of lean meat no matter how skillfully prepared. As I gobbled, Saltold me all about the recliner. She was very pleased and so was I. If itwere fitted with a toilet, I could have lived in it. As soon as I was stuffedto Sal's satisfaction, she led me over to the new recliner. It was heavenly.I played with the controls while Sal brought over a bowl of frosting forus to share. As she alternated spooning the frosting into our mouths, Itold her about the trucker.

She was far more understanding than I had anticipated. "Does he preferfat girls?" she asked. I had to laugh. "If he had liked me beforeand was even more interested in me now, then he must prefer fatties andapparently, the fatter the better." I replied. She seemed satisfiedwith that answer but did not give me her permission to be with him. I letit drop as she continued cramming us full of frosting. Near bed time, Iused the controls on the recliner to help me stand up. This was one finepiece of furniture and it was wide enough to handle me hundreds of poundsinto the future.

As I showered, Sal began to question me more about the trucker. I toldher what I knew which was mainly that he had one of the biggest dicks Ihad ever had with all the stamina and good looks I could imagine. Sal helpedme dry off, helped me into bed and then took her shower. When she climbedinto bed and began to play with my bursting belly, she asked if he was asgood at eating pussy as she was. I told her that she was the best but hewas at least as good if not better than any man had ever been. We fell asleep.

Around two, Sal woke me for another good stuffing. As we gobbled, she askedif she could meet the trucker. I agreed that the next time he came through,I would arrange for her to meet him. When Sal had eaten her fill, she pulledout the vibrator and went to work on my pussy. I tried to keep gobblingbut that vibrator was taking control so Sal took over for me. All I hadto do was lie there and let her do me with the vibrator and stuff me. Whenshe had packed me as tightly full as she could, I had a fabulous orgasmand fell asleep.

Six came too quickly. Sal helped me out of bed and led me into the kitchenfor a belly bursting load of cream gravy and biscuits. Once I was stuffedto Sal's specifications, she helped me get ready for work. Her ass lookedtwice as big as the first time I had ever noticed it and I loved it. Itwas one of those asses that made a shelf and her thighs were at least twiceas big. She was also growing a nice blubber belly which dripped over herpanties. Her arms and breasts hadn't fattened as much as the rest of herbut her face was very round with plenty of chins. I was pleased with hergrowth. However, it seemed that my expansion was more important to bothof us. But I knew that in the right environment, she too would eventuallybecome enormously fat. I didn't have to be pushy with her.

However, we both wanted me to gain as fast as possible and to make my bellyas gigantic as possible as quickly as possible.

Therefore, we both worked on that project obsessively. As she got me readyfor work, Sal began to explain a little bit about the medical supply catalogue."I'm not complaining! I loved doing it but last weekend was exhaustingfor me. You know I worked on you almost constantly all weekend long. Thiscoming weekend should be even more exhausting. I've been working on an ideawhich if it works will be an incredible help to us in making your bellybigger than either of us can even imagine." she said. I wanted to knowmore but she refused to add anymore and said it was time for me to go.

She helped me out to my car which was already loaded with candy and frosting.I had to wait a long time to get a first floor apartment but I'm sure gladI did especially now. Another morning spent packing in candy and frostingwhile waiting for my Pancho's load. Lunch at Pancho's was pretty much likeevery other day prior except of course my capacity was increasing so ittook a little longer to get me properly stuffed. The afternoon at work wasuneventful and so was our evening at home. My life was becoming somewhatof a blur. The constant gorging was becoming so routine that it was hardto remember what I had eaten. All that I was aware of was that I was constantlystuffed and that my belly was getting bigger.

The rest of the week passed waiting for the big surprise Sally had plannedfor the weekend. When I arrived at the apartment, I was at first alarmedthat my dinner wasn't on the table nor did it look like there was goingto be one. Sal calmed me down and escorted me over to the recliner. I settledin and waited. Next to the recliner sat a big machine of some kind almostas big as the recliner. It had a big tank, an electric pump with wires anda long tube.

"This is a feeding machine," Sally explained. "The tankis filled with a mixture of cake, pure cream and frosting. Sort of likemashed up cake and melted ice cream. This is the manual control but it canbe set to automatically maintain whatever pressure we select. This is thefeeding tube which goes into your mouth and down your throat. I'm goingto spray the back of your throat with a topical which will neutralize thegag reflex. Now open wide." she said.

Without a thought, I opened. Sal sprayed my throat and began insertingthe tube. As soon as it was in place, she adjusted the mouthpiece whichwould keep me from biting the tube and with the aid of the retaining strapswould keep it in place. She handed me the remote and said, "Now pushthe button and hold it down." I did as she instructed. I could hearthe electric pump and within a few seconds I could feel myself filling.Sal showed me how to adjust the volume.

I turned it up to a faster speed. It was the most incredible sensationI had ever felt. I continued pressing the button and I was being packedwith Sal's fattening mixture. As I got more and more stuffed, I realizedthat I was getting incredibly excited and that I was going to have an orgasm.Which I did. I went limp afterward and released the button. Sal pressedthe button for me until I motioned for her to stop. "I'm going to setit for automatic operation. It will automatically maintain this pressurebut if you want to go beyond, you can always push the button for a littleextra boost.

I was in heaven. I spent most of the weekend either in the recliner orin bed but I was almost always hooked up to the machine. Monday morningcame as almost a surprise but we were both ready for it. Sal had the stacksof butter soaked pancakes ready for me. I dug in and proceeded to down twelvestacks before throwing in the towel. Both of us were pleased but especiallySally. We had managed to double my capacity and it showed. I looked at thisenormous round thing sticking out and hanging down in front of me and wasamazed at the size of it. Although I had fantasized about my gut gettingthis big and bigger, I never really believed it was possible.

Sal, too, had done herself proud during the weekend. With me hooked upto the feeding machine, she'd been able to spend time on her own growthand it showed. We took turns in front of the mirror admiring our growth.I looked incredibly fat but realized that this was really only the beginning.Sal's hips were within inches of the door frames. Before long, Sal and Iwould literally outgrow our environment! We would get too big for our apartment!I shook it off and finished getting ready for work. Sal dressed me in thebiggest thing I had which was close to being too small. "We're goingto need some new clothes," she giggled as she helped me out to thecar.

It was a short trip to the truck stop. The trucker was waiting for me toarrive. Good thing too because I needed his help getting out of my car.We talked in the parking lot for a few moments. He was obviously awestruckby my expansion since last week. "The rumor is that you're pregnant"he said. I assured him that I wasn't but it was a good explanation for mygrowth. I patted my belly and said, "It's all me" He seemed pleased.Then I told him about Sal. He was very interested and seemed as interestedin meeting her as she had been in meeting him. He had to leave to make adelivery but promised to be back in time to go with me to lunch and meetSal.

As soon as I got inside I called Sal with the news. She was pleased. Ispent the rest of the morning packing in candy and frosting waiting forBoss Man, the trucker, to return. I never knew why he was called Boss Man.He had said it was a long story and would tell me one day. Boss Man cameback right on time and we headed for Pancho's in my car. We chatted a littleon the way. The idea of a threesome with him and Sal would have to be betterthan the last one which was very disappointing.

At Pancho's I quickly introduced them and then began loading my belly.Boss Man took over for Sal in keeping my plates full so Sal could relax.They hit it off quite well. So well that Sal invited him for dinner thatevening. I nodded my approval. It took longer than ever to get my bellyproperly stuffed. I let Boss Man drive and we had to speed to get me backto work on time. Boss Man left promising to be back at quitting time. Iresumed my candy and frosting packing. Later in the afternoon, Sal called.She talked for quite awhile about Boss Man. I think she had a bigger wideon for him than I did and he certainly seemed to have the hots for her aswell as me. This could turn out to be a good situation.

Then Sal changed the subject. Two hours was not long enough to get me adequatelystuffed. She suggested that in the future, I should come home. She wouldhook me up to the feeding machine. Turn up the volume and I could get goodand stuffed within an hour. Disconnect the machine and then top me off withsome hand stuffing. Sounded good to me.

Boss Man arrived on time and we left for my place. Sal was all set forus. The lasagna wouldn't be ready for a while which was part of her plan.She suggested the machine to pack me good and then we could finish me offwith lasagna. Boss Man was almost as enthusiastic about the idea as I was.Sal hooked me up and I pushed the button.

My belly began inflating while Sal and Boss Man got better acquainted.Her ass was gigantic by now and Boss Man seemed to appreciated it as muchas I did. Eventually, the machine had me packed solid and it was time forlasagna. I was unable to load in very much after what the machine had doneto me. Sal, on the other hand, did better than usual. She really outdidherself. I think she was trying to impress and seduce Boss Man with a wickeddisplay of pigging out only interrupted by her loud belches.

After a while we were both so stuffed that we were nearly catatonic. BossMan went right to work. He helped us up and led each of us into the bedroom.We watched as he stripped for us. It was a good show. He was more muscledthan the last time I had been with him and his dick was bigger than I hadremembered. Sal was more than pleased. Then he undressed us and admiredour bodies. He laid us back on the bed and went down on Sal while he fingeredme. I knew she was going to be pleased. She came quickly and while she recuperatedhe stuck that big dick into me. He had to stand at the end of the bed andput my legs through his arms. He fucked me real good and I came like a rocket.Sal got down on all fours on the carpet and Boss Man did her doggy style.I could hear his solid hips slapping against her enormous lard ass and itsounded great. I decided I needed some of that and got down onto the floorfor my turn. As soon as Sal exploded, Boss Man moved his dick over to me.My belly was dragging the ground it hung so low. The friction of the carpetwas a little rough but it felt wonderful. Soon I came again. Boss Man neededa rest and so did we. He helped us into bed and climbed in between us.

He was surrounded by about seven hundred pounds of blubber and was in lardlover's heaven. We all fell asleep and napped until ten. Boss Man woke usby announcing that it was time for round two. Sal and I agreed but we neededto reload our bellies to replace the calories we had burned up fucking.Sal and Boss Man hooked me up to the machine and Sal dug into a bucket offrosting. Boss Man went down on me and ate my pussy while the machine gaveme a good packing. Then Boss Man did Sal on the floor while feeding herfrosting. They came together while I pushed the button one last time andhad another orgasm myself. Boss Man struggled to his feet, cleaned us offand put us all to bed. He crawled in between us. I sleep on my back andSal sleeps on her side. With my big belly trying to touch the ceiling andSal's super wide hips we made a tunnel under the covers between us.

It was about two when Sal and Boss Man awakened me with the noise theywere making by rolling the machine into the bedroom. They hooked me up andpulled me to the edge of the bed. Boss Man stood and entered me while Salgobbled frosting and I did her with the vibrator. We all had thunderousorgasms. Good thing too because we were all getting a little bit sore. Weall slept until six. I went straight for the machine deciding that as muchas I loved to eat, I loved that stuffed feeling even more so I figured thatwhy waste all that time and energy eating when I could get that wonderfulstuffed to bursting feeling so much easier and quicker. Then after the machinegave me a good stuffing, Sal could finish me off with one of her incrediblyfattening breakfasts. I relaxed and let the machine work its magic.

Sal sent Boss Man out for donuts. While he was gone, Sal talked to me aboutBoss Man. "I have seen him somewhere before!" she said. "Ina magazine or newspaper. He's famous for some reason other than fuckingand eating pussy." she added with a grin. I agreed that he was goodenough to be famous for those two reasons alone but I didn't know anythingabout anything else. By the time he got back, I was good and stuffed andready to finish the job with a load of sweet greasy donuts. As Boss Mansipped some coffee, Sal and I gobbled donuts. Then it came to her and Salalmost chocked on a donut.

"You're that multi-millionaire who left the boardroom and starteddriving a truck." she blurted out. Boss Man's face turned blood red.He wanted to deny it but he couldn't. That was how he got his handle. Hehad been a boss man. His whole demeanor changed as he stood to speak. Helost his country boy, simple truck driver charm and became a cold and calculatingchairman of the board.

"Well, now that you know my secret, we can't take a chance of youletting the cat out of the bag." he said as he strolled over to thephone. He made a quick phone call. "Come on girls, get yourself ready.We're going for a little drive."he said as he sat down and resume sippinghis coffee. We finished our donuts and got ourselves ready to go thoughwe were a little apprehensive about going. Boss Man led us out to the biggestlimo I had ever seen. We rode for a while until we came a house on the outskirtsof town surrounded by a tall brick fence. The security gate swung open andwe drove up the front door. Several servants ran out to the limo to escortus inside.

One servant took Sal and showed her the most incredible kitchen she hadever seen. It was Sal's dream kitchen, plus it was more than roomy enoughto accommodate Sal no matter how wide she got.

Another servant escorted me into a room with some incredible equipmentdesigned specifically for someone to grow the most enormous belly ever.Sal and I were then escorted to the study where Boss Man waited for us.

"This is your new home. I hope you like it."he said with a grin.Another blubbery fatso waddled into the room and wheezed, "Hi. I'mCathy. Boss Man said we were all going to help each other get as big aspossible."

Sal and I smiled our approval.