By Steve Gorden and Betsy Bogert

Gregory watched the little white mice scurry around the lab cage. He liked the way they wrinkled up their noses and seemed to wiggle their whiskers at him. Apart from enjoying working with the mice and rats, there was little that his job as a laboratory assistant offered in the way of interest. He looked at the clock on the wall - 3:30. Only another hour and a half and he would be out the door and on his way home.

"Good afternoon Greg," boomed Dr. Ellenbogen, as he strode into the room." I need your help setting up a new experiment in 209. "Would you please come down there with me?"

They trotted down the stairs together, rather than take the elevator. It would have taken ten times as long as taking the stairs down the two flights - creeping as it did from floor to floor. Room 309 was right opposite the stairwell and as they opened the door Greg could hear hammering and clattering from the partly open door.

"This project, Greg, will finally be producing some results. My work on the hypothalamic-hippocampal and limbic neural pathways will finally put this University's Department of Neurobiology on the map!" exclaimed Ellenbogen, grinning broadly.

"What do you need me to do here professor?" asked Gregory, letting the professor's ten dollar words wash over his head. "Alan over there will be needing some help over the next couple of days - to set up the cages and the food and water supply for the rats in here. I'm setting things up the way we did up in 415 - where the rats could feed themselves when they learned to stand on the lever."

There was just enough time for Greg to help Alan set up some of the animal crates before quitting time. Then it was home to Debbie.

"Honey, I'm home. How was your day?" "Greg, I had a fabulous day! I went shopping with Millie and bought a beautiful new bikini! Summer's nearly here and I can't wait to get down to the beach. You know I can never get enough sunshine. Just wait 'til after dinner and I'll model it for you.

Greg thoroughly enjoyed the fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. Debbie's cooking was delicious - though mostly her specialties were simple. Debbie, though, merely picked at her food.

"What's the matter, Honey, not hungry?"

"No, I'm starving actually, but that bikini I bought is just a little tight and I'm now officially on a diet to get it to fit."

Greg groaned inwardly. He loved Debbie's plump figure and had been plying her with her favorite delicacies all winter. Chocolate cake, doughnuts, and candies had been always close at hand, and Greg figured that Debbie had put on nearly ten pounds since November.

"But Honey, I love you just the way you are," Greg protested.

"Just give me a minute, sweetheart and you'll understand." Debbie leapt from the table as though anxious to get away from the tempting food. In a few moments she was back, her plump figure virtually bursting out of her skimpy bikini. Her full breasts were spilling out over the edges of the floral top and her hips bulged out over the sides of the bikini bottom. Her rounded belly hung over the top few inches of material and as she turned, the large globes of her cheeks spilled out both above and below the suit. Greg felt a stirring of desire for Debbie that was hard to ignore.

"You look marvelous," Greg gasped throatily, as he took Debbie in his arms. Just before their lips met, Debbie interjected "Just wait a few weeks sweetheart. As Greg ran his hands over Debbie's soft curves their bodies melted together and the bikini was forgotten. Back at work, the new lab gradually took shape over the next few days. Row of cages were each outfitted with large food containers and water systems as well as the means for filling them from central storage bins.

"Splendid! Look's like we're be ready to go," beamed professor Ellenbogen as he strode into the room. Then the rats were brought in, each to a single cage. Ellenbogen personally superimposed the placement of the individual rats, clearly spending more time with those on the left side of the room.

"What's the deal, professor? What's so special about these rats?" asked Greg, his curiosity aroused by the professor's obvious interest.

"Quite simply, I've biochemically enucleated their hypothalamic-hippocampal and limbic systems" replied the professor, and promptly left the lab. Greg was no wiser than before.

At home, in the weeks that followed Greg was saddened anew each day as Debbie's plump roundness began to melt away as a result of her constant dieting. "I'm down to 145 sweetheart! 125 here I come!" exulted Debbie, little noticing Greg's pained expression. Hello lover, look at your honey now. Down to 135 - only ten pounds to go. How do I look in my bikini now? Greg gazed despondently at Debbie. Her hips barely extended out beyond the bikini bottom and her breasts had shrunk to a 34A from their previous 36C. He smiled weakly and hugged her dwindling form. The touch of her barely aroused him. There was so little to her. He found her shrinking form no longer erotic, no longer attractive. They barely made love, as Debbie too seemed more pre-occupied with shrinking her waistline and hips than with sex. What was he going to do?

The answer came to him a few days later. Other work had kept him from revisiting the new lab in 309. During Greg's coffee break Alan came up to him and whispered, "Have you been back to 309 since we set it up together? Well, you should get over there and have a look. "

Greg slowly opened the door to 309. He was shocked - stunned at the size of these rats. A few weeks ago they had been normal sized. Now they were the size of cats. They spent all their waking hours eating and operating the levers that brought food out of the hoppers down to their dishes. Greg ran up the stairs to Professor Ellenbogen's office.

"Professor! Have you seen what's happened to the rats in 309?" Greg gasped, somewhat winded.

"Of Course, Greg! They're my prized experiment. They prove my thesis that the satiety center is located in the hypothalamic-hippocampal and limbic systems." Riffling through his desk he extracted a small brown bottle and put it above the pile of papers that cascaded across his desk. "This is it 5-mercuryl penta-acetic acid. I used this to ablate their satiety centers. They now have no feedback system to tell them they're full. That's why they keep eating. That's what I was hoping would happen! Now I'll be able to publish my results and this lab will really be on the map!"

"Professor, this compound. Is it poisonous to humans?"

"Well Greg, it's not toxic, but its effect on a person is unlikely to be exactly the same as that on a rat. In rats it appears to be specific to satiety for food and drink. In humans it's hard to say what centers might be affected. Interesting question though," he said muttered, half to himself, bending down over his papers to indicate that he had work to do.

Greg took the hint and excused himself. Thoughts and visions ran through his head. Imagine the effect of a little bit of the professor's compound on Debbie. Imagine her eating heartily, lustily, with endless appetite. Greg smiled and noticed he had an erection. It was easy to make off with some of Dr. Ellenbogen's compound that evening. Greg easily disabled the lab's security system and he diluted the remaining compound so that the theft would not be noticed. That night he proposed they toast Debbie's reaching 130 pounds. The skimpy bikini fit her with nary a bulge. As he poured the professor's compound into Debbie's cup Greg prayed that her plump form would be his to hold again.

At first Greg could discern no change in Debbie at all. She continued to watch each mouthful of food she consumed and her enthusiasm for her diet was undiminished. She lost another two pounds that week and was down to 128 pounds. The following week, there was an episode that gave Greg some hope that the experiment was not in vain.

It was on Wednesday. Debbie had just finished her dinner - a large bowl of salad. Then, rather than clear the table - as Greg too had finished eating - she grimaced.

"You know, I'm still hungry. That salad just didn't fill me up. I think I'll make myself some more." She ate a second helping of salad as large as the first. "Ahhh, that's more like it - now I'm really full."

That night Debbie was also more amorous than usual. They made love on the bedroom floor, with Debbie on top - unusual in itself, as she was seldom so assertive. Later, again, at about 3 A.M. Greg felt Debbie's soft hand caressing his cock and balls and while he was half asleep but fully erect, she lowered herself onto him and brought herself to a crashing orgasm.

The rest of the work week passed uneventfully, but at Friday's usual weigh-in Greg was overjoyed to hear Debbie mutter, half to herself, "Damn, I starved myself all week and a I haven't lost a single pound. What's the use of being famished all the time if I'm not losing weight?"

On Saturday morning Greg went to the bakery and bought a dozen doughnuts and a large chocolate cake with buttercream frosting.

"What's the idea, Greg, you know I'm on a diet? asked Debbie somewhat peevishly, looking up from the magazine she was reading.

"I'm going over to Mel's later to play some cards and thought I'd bring over some refreshments. Would you like some coffee?"

"Mmmmm," she replied, turning back to her magazine.

Greg made some coffee, left the doughnuts on the table beside the cups, and called Debbie into the kitchen. Sure enough, as they made plans to go out on Sunday, Debbie reached over to the bag and pulled out a glazed doughnut. As they drank their coffee, Debbie, almost unconsciously, pulled out a second, and then a third and then amazingly a fourth doughnut and polished all of them off before finishing her coffee. "Boy that coffee made me hungry! Would you like some lunch Greg?"

Greg, somewhat stunned the Debbie had any appetite left, picked up The doughnuts and nearly bolted from the room. "No thanks honey, I'll eat over at Mel's during the game."

It was about 5:30 early in the evening, when Greg returned home from the card game. He was afraid to admit to Debbie that he'd lost nearly forty dollars, but Damn, it had been hard to concentrate. All he had been able to think of was Debbie's munching down those four doughnuts. The house was silent. As Greg walked into the kitchen he found everything in disarray. It looked like burglars had ransacked the place. Drawers and cabinets were open, their contents strewn about.

Greg called frantically out to Debbie - fearing she might be hurt. As he ran into the bedroom he found Debbie lying spread out on their bed snoring. He gaped at her bulging belly - she looked like she was 3 months pregnant. She must have eaten nearly everything in the house. Relieved to find her "alright" Greg cleaned up the mess in the kitchen and turned in himself. At two in the morning and then again at five, Greg felt Debbie's familiar touch on his cock and balls. He didn't get much rest that night.

Sunday was positively bizarre. Debbie woke Greg up at seven.

"Lover, I'm starved and there isn't a thing to eat in the house. Let's do some shopping."

They went down to the supermarket and in no time at all Debbie had filled two shopping carts with cookies, ice cream, cakes, cereal, pasta, soda, milk, and much much more. As they walked down the aisles Debbie grabbed a carton of cupcakes and munched them as they walked along. "MMMM, need something to wash these down." She chugged a quart of milk. By the time they reached the check-out the cupcakes and the quart of milk were finished.

After they loaded the car and Greg pulled out of the supermarket parking lot, Debbie squeezed his arm.

"I've been thinking about my diet honey, and you know what I've decided? To hell with it! I've been denying myself for months, and for what? I've lost a few measly pounds while taking all the pleasure and satisfaction out of my life. From now on I'm going to follow my appetite and enjoy myself. What do you think of that?"

"Well to tell you the truth, sweetheart, I liked you as you were before you started dieting. When you were plumper I was more turned on by your figure. More of you just means more of you to love - I'd love you at any size or weight." Debbie just smiled and reached down to squeeze and rub Greg's crotch with her right hand while she caressed his neck with her left. By the time they reached home, Greg was bone hard.

"I want you," Debbie whispered in his ear, and practically yanked him out of the car. Grabbing a bagful of groceries in one hand, she leapt out of the car and was inside the door in seconds. Greg struggled into the house balancing two large boxes of food.

"Hurry up and get in here. I NEED you! Debbie shouted from their bedroom. Leaving the groceries on the floor, Greg hesitantly peeked into the bedroom and was greeted by the sight of Debbie, sitting on their bed, naked except for a pair of lacy panties, stuffing ding dongs into her mouth with both hands.

"I muv dese!" she exclaimed, her mouth full and covered with a large smear of chocolate. She practically tore his clothes off.

Afterward, Debbie passed out, exhausted, on her back. Greg traced the new, luscious curves of her belly, which was now quite distended with the dozens of ding dongs she'd consumed during their love-making. He grew hard again just remembering. He decided to surprise her before she awakened, and headed happily for the kitchen.

Greg began cooking and preparing all of Debbie's favorite foods. Fettucini Alfredo, eggs benedict with hollandaise, and Greek dolmathes smothered in a thick cream sauce. There were numerous desserts still left from their shopping trip and he placed them on the dining table -- a panorama of cakes and cookies and pies. When he was finished, he went into the bedroom and gently awakened Debbie.

"I'm so hungry!" she said sleepily.

"I have a surprise for you, my darling. But first, I'd like you to put on this." He presented her with the bikini she had purchased earlier.

"But honey, it'll never fit me now!"

"Put it on anyway." She slipped off her panties and pulled on the bikini as Greg watched eagerly. It was tighter now than it had been the day she first tried it on. He loved the way her plump hips and belly oozed over the sides. He came up behind her and caressed her soft, blossoming flesh. Debbie shivered with delight. He led her by the hand into the dining room and sat her at the head of the table. She gazed in astonishment at the feast before her.

"Greg! This is incredible! You prepared all of this for me! But why?"

"Darling, haven't you figured it out yet? I love it that you're getting fatter. I find it incredibly sexy. In fact, I want to help you to grow much larger."

He pulled a tape measurer from his back pocket and began to measure her, beginning with her chest. "Hmmmn. Only 37" but we'll improve on that." He measured her waist -- now a swelling 30".

"And that will be even larger after you finish eating." Her hips were a full 40" and he noted the measurements in a small journal.

"What's that for?" she asked.

"This is so we can keep track of your progress. Now, just one more detail.." Gently, he fastened the silken cords he had attached to the chair earlier around her wrists and ankles.

"What are you doing?" asked Debbie.

"Don't worry, my love. I promise you, you're going to love this. Here, have a bite."

"But, I'm not sure that this is such a - " Debbie began to protest, but she couldn't resist his offer of food. She greedily gulped it down.

"Mmmmmn. More, please." And so Greg fed her all of that afternoon and into the evening. She was insatiable. Her belly became so round and full that the little panties rolled down beneath it. Greg untied her, and she nearly attacked the coconut creme pie. He came up behind her and massaged her blossoming belly and breasts as she continued to eat - the ache in his pants growing more intense by the minute. After she had finished everything on the table, he helped her up. She threw her arms around him.

"Oh, darling. That was wonderful. I've never been so turned on. Take me now." He led her into the bedroom and they made love until they were both too spent to move.

The larger Debbie became the more Greg's own appetite, for her, increased. He just couldn't get enough of her. He purchased a freight scale in anticipation of her ultimate growth, and weighed her once a week. The weigh-ins were always extremely exciting to them both.

Debbie too, began to become intensely turned-on by her weight gain, once she realized how much Greg really loved it. She would pose and model for him, sticking out her belly as far as it would go, and turning this way and that to make the most of her curves. They had placed the scale in front of a large mirror, and inevitably, Greg would stroke and caress and appreciate and knead all of her newest curves at each session. After each weigh-in they would make love.

Mornings, during the week, Greg would get up early and prepare enormous breakfasts for his love. He kept the bedroom stocked with plenty of food to get her through the day, and had even purchased an extra refrigerator for the bedroom, so she'd never have to leave it. When he came home in the early evening, he would usually find Debbie sleeping off her last feast. Greg would awaken her with a kiss and begin feeding her again. Weekends he fed her and pleasured her nearly non-stop.

At the end of four months, Debbie stepped on the scale. The dial read an impressive 348 pounds. Greg grew instantly erect. He took out his tape measurer and began to walk it around her enormous body. Her breasts were now 56 inches, and barely fit into a DD cup. Her belly was nearly as wide as her breasts - 55 beautifully bursting inches that hung down half-way to her knees. Her hips were a voluptuous 68". They went into the bedroom and Debbie immediately climbed on top of him, pinning him down. He loved the feel of her weight - of her warm, beautiful flesh enveloping him. She moved seductively above him, bending over and allowing her large breasts to cover his face. He instinctively reached for a nipple with his mouth and began to suckle. She raised herself for a moment, and he felt her wetness surrounding his rock-hard erection. She moved back and forth on top of him - the rolls of fat caressing his body, until time ceased to exist and they both screamed in climax.

The next month, Greg put his inventive skills to work, and built a "feeding machine" for Debbie. It had become necessary, as Debbie's appetite had grown beyond his capacity to keep her satisfied with the amount of food he could fit in the refrigerator during the day while he was away at work. She was craving sustenance non-stop, and required something to fulfill that need.

The machine was quite large and held up to 25 gallons of liquid at a time. With the help of the local dairy, he would fill the tank with fresh cream each morning, and then add several bags of sugar for taste. Plastic tubing ran from the tank to the machine which controlled the rate of flow, to Debbie's mouth. He showed her how to adjust the amount of intake, and left her happily sucking on the tube as he left for the lab. When he returned, Debbie's belly was more stretched and swollen than ever before, so much so, that she was unable to sit up without assistance.

Greg had never been happier in his life. Every morning he looked forward - in great anticipation - to each new pound he had managed to put on Debbie. She was loving it too, and would caress her own belly when she first awakened in the morning, savoring, and becoming excited by the newly-made flesh. They made love every morning before he went to work and several times each evening, and sometimes Greg would awaken to her touch urging him to enter her in the middle of the night.

Seven months from the day they'd begun, Debbie now weighed a fabulous 600 pounds. At each change in size, he had purchased a bikini for her, until they finally had to be specially made by a seamstress. He was now admiring her in the latest one. Her breasts flowed out of all sides of the skimpy top, and down to where her waist might have been if she'd still had one. Her gargantuan belly hung in an enticing arc below her knees, which flowed downward in several thick rolls. The bikini bottom could only be seen from behind, as her huge stomach covered all of the fabric in front. Her backside overflowed deliciously over the sides.

After a year had passed, there was still no end in sight to Debbie's hunger and she weighed over 900 pounds. It seemed that her amazing hunger would continue, unabated, forever. Greg was no longer sure if it was the formula, or if Debbie's natural appetites had simply taken over. Regardless, Greg was thrilled. His own sexual desires had become equally insatiable, and his greatest joy was to watch her growing ever larger. In Greg's eyes, he had created the perfect woman - though she was still a bit on the skinny side, so he hurried to the kitchen to prepare the evening meal.

He could feel another erection coming on.