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The Best Secretary in the World
by mjm

I can't recall how many applicants I interviewed before Marie but I'mglad I waited. Not only was she the most qualified but she was also veryattractive with just the right amount of plumpness to get my attention andto fill me with fantasies of her becoming the blimp of my dreams. However,as luck would have it, she started a diet and exercise program as soon asshe was hired and before long the plumpness that had first intrigued mebegan to vanish. I was very depressed but she was just too damned efficientto fire and I was much too busy to even consider hiring someone else.

As my attraction for her began to fade, I began to notice that she wasbecoming obviously attracted to me. What was I to do? Here was a very attractivegirl who wanted me but I doubt if she could have managed to have done anythingthat would have given me an erection. Luckily, it was time for my annualtwo week fishing expedition, so I wouldn't have to even think it about untilmy return. During my absence, I checked with her daily and everything seemedto be normal except for two things. Every time I called, it seemed to takeher quite awhile to answer the phone and she seemed to be out of breathor at least her breathing was sort of labored. I figured that she was doingexercises in the office.

On the last Friday of my trip, Marie said something strange after I toldher that I was not ready to come back. She said, "Oh, I'm certainthat you will be pleased to be back." I arrived at my usual time thefollowing Monday morning and was surprised to find Marie already sittingat her desk. This was surprising because before I had left, she had madea practice of jogging in the morning which always made her late. There weregoing to be other surprises. Her face was not flushed from her morning jogas before and instead of a cup of black coffee sitting on her desk, therewas a pint of chocolate milk along with a big box of donuts, about threedozen.

With a mouth full of donut, she said, "Good morning. Your mail ison your desk." I hurried into my office and began going through thestack. Still eating a donut, Marie came in to see if I wanted any coffee.I was confronted with another surprise. Marie had not only gained backall the weight she had lost, but was even fatter than when I had first hiredher. While I was away, she must have gained about thirty pounds. God, shewas starting to look good again. On the way to get my coffee, she grabbedanother donut which she bit into while setting down my coffee cup and gaveme a very coy grin. I watched as she left. She was beginning to developa bit of a waddle. I could feel my dick hardening. Most of the morning,I spent going over my mail while Marie gobbled donuts. About eleven, Mariecame in to announce that she was ordering a pizza and wondered if I wantedanything. She sounded just like on the phone while I was gone. The onlyexercise she had been doing was exercising her jaw muscles from chewing.I told her that I might have a slice. She ordered an extra thick giant withdouble cheese and double sausage.

By the time the pizza arrived, Marie was ready. All the donuts were goneand she had poured herself a big tumbler of Pepsi and was ready to pig-out.She gobbled for a solid hour before coming up for air. Although obviouslystuffed to near bursting, she continued to gobble. Lucky thing that I onlywanted a single slice because by two, she had gobbled every crumb. I couldtell that she had pushed herself a little too far because she was not onlyhaving trouble breathing, but she couldn't seem to struggle to her feet.I tried to be discreet and realized that she only wanted more Pepsi so Idecided to get another cup of coffee and asked if she wanted more Pepsi.She could only nod.

About two-thirty, she made a trip to the powder room. Upon her return,she produced a two pound box of chocolates from her desk drawer and beganto nibble. The rest of the afternoon was spent with me still going throughmy mail and Marie nibbling chocolates. About four-thirty Marie wanderedin and said she would like to leave a little early as she had to be somewhereat five. I gave my permission and Marie returned to her chocolates. At four-forty-five,she cleaned her desk, grabbed the half eaten box of chocolate, said good-bye and headed for the door.

From my window, I could see her car and watched as she got in and droveaway. She did not go very far. Her car pulled into the Pancho's Mexicanbuffet parking lot at the corner and stopped. Marie got out and headed forthe door. The evening buffet started at five. She left early so she couldbe the first in line. All day long I kept fighting the urge to try to understand,to figure out, to analyze because in reality, I did not care why. All Icared about was that I loved the change in Marie and prayed that it wouldcontinue forever. From time to time I would check to see if Marie's carwas still parked at Pancho's.

At six, it was still there and that is when I discovered the answer tothe big question. The last piece of mail on the bottom of the stack wasa manilla envelope which contained the current issue of the "ForceFeeders'News". The envelope appeared unopened however someone had read thenewsletter because the pages had been bent over at the staple. Marie musthave opened the envelope, read the newsletter and then re-sealed the envelope.I went through Marie's desk and found not only a photocopy of that issuebut all the back issues too.

It was obvious from the food stained and smudged pages which items hadinterested her the most. Her main interests seemed to be letters and storiesfrom women who were food obsessed, wanted to get fatter and desired to beforce fed. I quickly put everything away, turned off the lights, lockedthe door and headed for Pancho's. I walked through the door about seven.Marie was sitting at a table very close to the buffet with her back to theroom. From the number of dirty dishes in front of her, she must have beenclose to exploding when I wandered over.

"Hi!" I said and asked if I could join her. She nodded very slowly.Her breathing was like a faint pant. The plate in front of her was halfempty and she was struggling to put one more fork full into her mouth. "Here,let me help you!" I said and took the fork from her hand. She smiledand opened her mouth. She was only able to take a few more bites beforeshe said, "I'm stuffed." I smiled and said, "Surely, youhave room for just a few more little bitsy bites." Almost catatonic,she nodded and allowed me to feed her two more bites.

I helped her up from the table. She was in no condition to drive so Ioffered her a lift home. She agreed without hesitation. It was a short driveto her house. On the way we did not talk but I did take her hand. All shecould do was pant and murmur. I helped her inside and still panting, shetold me to make myself comfortable as she was going to change. As she slowlywaddled off to change, I glanced around her tiny apartment. It was hardto tell how long it had been since she had cleaned. The place was a mess.It was as though she was actually avoiding any cleaning at all. I grabbeda trash bag from the cupboard and began filling it with empty fast foodcontainers. I wound up filling three bags. There were no dirty dishes andexcept for the litter, the place cleaned up easily. I wondered what kindof a mess there was in the bedroom?
Marie returned wearing a flowing dressing gown which hid her plumpness underneath.She thanked me for cleaning up and apologized for the mess. I opened thefridge and found a half eaten cheese cake, some chocolate syrup and whippedtopping. She took a seat on the couch while I poured on the syrup and piledon the topping. I held up the treat and said, "I thought you mightlike a little dessert." and offered her a fork full. She grinned, stillpanting and opened her mouth.

Something was happening as I fed her that at first I did not understand.However, bite after bite, it became apparent. Marie was becoming sexuallyaroused with each bite. She was going to have an orgasm. Bite after bitebrought her closer and closer to exploding but more importantly, closerand closer to cumming. Finally, her orgasm came and she went limp. It wasprobably not the best orgasm ever but it appeared to be very satisfying.

She rested and panted and very gently massaged the sides of her over-stuffedbursting belly. A satisfied grin came across her face and she reached formy hand. Barely able to speak, she said, "I need to lie down."I helped her up and escorted her into the bedroom. It too was a disaster.I threw back the covers to shake the fast food cartons onto the floor andhelped her into bed. She thanked me and fell asleep or more accurately passedout. While she slept, I cleaned.

Her bathroom was not as bad but still was quite messy. On the wall aboveher scales was a log of her weight. It started on her first day of workat 200 and continued weekly through this morning. The Monday before I leftto go fishing, she had weighed only 185, but this morning was a red letterday as she hit 220. I had five bags of trash which I carried out to thedumpster. My next job was to take an inventory of the fridge and cupboards.Mighty slim pickin's. I checked on Marie, she was still passed out so Idecided that I needed to go shopping.

The all night grocery/bakery/deli was not far. Two carts and three hundreddollars later, I was on my way back to Marie's. She was waiting for me inthe kitchen. She began to snack immediately as I brought in the groceriesand put them away. It was obvious that I had over bought. She needed anotherfridge. As soon as she was well stuffed once again and I had finished puttingaway the groceries, we retired to the couch once more. We began to kissand cuddle. God, I wanted her so badly and it certainly seemed that shewanted me.

As my hands and lips and tongue explored her body, she whispered in myear, "Let's go to the bedroom?" I helped her to her feet and escortedher to her bed. She fell back across the bed pulling me on top of her. Iwas very careful not to rest my body on her, more specifically her bellyas I was sure that it must be much too stuffed to stand any sort of pressureand I was right. However, she said, "I'm hungry." I rushed tothe kitchen, grabbed a box of eclairs and returned to Marie.

"Feed me!" she commanded. I opened the box and withdrew an eclair. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth as wide as she could for the firstbite. With her mouth full of eclair, she said, "Now, fuck me."Without hesitation, I undressed and climbed onto the bed. Her pussy wasvery moist and my dick went in with ease. I began to hump but my humpingwas not enough for her.

"Feed me!" she pleaded and opened her mouth for more eclair.After each bite, she would exclaim, "Fuck me!", so I would thrusteven harder. Bite after bite, thrust after thrust, she got closer and closerto orgasm. Finally, she started to orgasm. She opened her mouth and as Ifed her more eclair, she reached up, took my wrist and together shoved asmuch of that eclair into her mouth as it would hold.

Her body bucked and quivered. The spasms of her orgasm went on and on untilsuddenly she went limp. I thought she was asleep and began to withdraw.She grabbed my butt and said, "Where do you think you're going?"and held me there until she fell asleep. As I lay beside her, I marveledat the size of her belly. I thought that even so little as a drop of eclairfrosting would cause her belly to explode. It was a little after mid-nightand I was exhausted. I needed sleep but I also needed to do something aboutthis raging hard-on.

However, with Marie sleeping/passed-out there was nothing to do but tryto sleep. I rolled over on my side and pressed my butt against her plumpthigh and fell asleep to thoughts of Marie gobbling huge quantities of foodwhile growing fatter by the second. Somewhere around two, I felt a softplump arm pulling my head closer to Marie and she offered me one of herfat titties to suckle. As I began to suck, she began to fondle my ballsand manipulate my dick. She started to moan and began to talk, "I needyou're big dick inside me but I'm so hungry." My dick leapt to attentionand I bolted from the bed to fetch her a snack. I grabbed a box of chocolatedonuts and raced back to Marie.

Marie was massaging the sides of her belly and said, "Feed me!"I obeyed and shoved a donut into her mouth as she spread her legs as wideapart as she could. I entered her and began to make long hard slow thrusts.Between bites of donut she said, "Tell me that you're going to fattenme, fatten me up real big, make me fatter than anyone. Tell me that you'regoing to keep me stuffed constantly, that my belly will grow unbelievablyhuge, so huge that it will take tons of fattening food just to fill it."

I was amazed by my coordination. Not only did I have to manage to feedher donuts, fuck her good, keep off of her belly and talk, all at the sametime. If she had asked me to balance an anvil on my head as well, I wouldhave tried that. She must have known herself quite well because this combinationof donuts, fucking and talking gave her such an incredible orgasm that itactually scared me. Can an orgasm be so intense as to cause death? If notdeath, could it cause permanent neurological damage?

At least, it didn't kill her because when her body calmed down she spoke,"Oh baby, turn off the fire, I'm done. This fat lady has sung."I rolled over next to her and she reached for my rock hard dick.

"Oh, you poor thing! I'll bet you're just dying to cum." shesaid. Yes, I was dying to cum!

"Be patient. Your turn is coming but I need to be just a little bitfatter." she said and fell asleep. Once again I rolled onto my sideand pressed my bottom against a very fat thigh and eventually fell asleepto the thoughts of thighs too huge to believe.

The alarm clock awakened me promptly at six but I was too exhausted todo more than turn it off or so I thought. I was just pushing the buttonwhen I felt Marie pulling me towards her.

"I dreamed that I was huge. That my body spread out all the way tothe sides of this bed." she whispered. My erection was just about unbearable."Don't worry, I won't make you wait until I'm that fat to let you cum.It's just that I want to be at least as fat as I would have been if I hadn'tgone on that stupid diet." she assured me. As I thought about how fatshe would have been, Marie said, "I'm starving." Which was mycue to make a trip to the kitchen for her.

I grabbed a coffee cake dripping with icing and headed back. Marie wascoming out of the bathroom. God, she looked incredible. Her belly was hugeand her breasts seemed to literally rest on it. She took the coffee cakefrom me and took a big bite. Between bites she said, "Lay down."I did and with much effort she climbed on top and rode me to a thunderousorgasm which just happened to coincide with her swallowing the last bitof coffee cake. She fell over beside me to rest.

Once again my thoughts returned to how fat she would have been. 250? 300?Would I go stark raving mad before then? I went into the bathroom to showerand noticed a new entry on her weekly weight chart. Today's date read 225.Five pounds in one day! At this rate, I would be cumming soon. I showeredand did the best I could to shave with a female leg razor, not recommendedfor those with an aversion to the sight of blood.

Marie was still passed out as I emerged from the bathroom with my facedotted with tiny bits of toilet paper. I wanted and needed some clean clothesbut I did not want to leave plus there was the problem of what to do aboutthe office. While she slept, I tidied up and got dressed. I sat down onthe side of the bed and kissed Marie's lips. She opened her eyes and smiled.

"I need some fresh clothes and I need to go to the office." Isaid.

"Don't worry about the office, Joyce is there filling in for me,"she said. Who the hell is Joyce?

"I met her at the health spa a few weeks ago and last night when youleft to go shopping, I called her and asked her to fill in for me so youdon't have to worry about the office. So why don't you bring me a littlesnack to nibble on while you're gone getting some clean clothes?" sheadded.

Made sense to me so I brought her a chocolate cream pie, kissed her good-byeand headed for home. The drive home was a blur. My mind was clouded withthoughts of the last 24 hours. I had a business to run and a life to livebut I didn't care about anything other getting back to Marie as quicklyas I could and pump her full of food. All I could think about was spendingevery second of every day stuffing Marie and watching her turn into a giganticround ball of pure fat. I literally screeched to a halt in my drive andran inside to change.

While changing and packing a bag, I called my office. Joyce was there answeringthe phone. The only message was from my stock broker. I didn't want to returnhis call. It was always bad news but I did call. He was so excited thathe could barely speak. The worthless gold mine stock I inherited from anidiot uncle was moving and going through the roof. It was already up toa dollar on the news that they had made a major new discovery. I had tosit down.

Suddenly, I was worth two and a half million dollars. My mind cleared andI said, "Sell 100,000 shares every fifteen minutes until I'm sold out.I'll call you at four. "Then, I got down on my knees and thanked God.Tears streamed down my face. I regained my composure, grabbed my bag andheaded for the car. On the way back to Marie's, I stopped at the Godivashop and bought a special thirty pound box of assorted chocolates. Beforeleaving the store, I called a colleague who had been trying to buy me outfor years.

I told him he could buy me out for three grand a month for life with aten percent annual escalation factor. He said, "You've got a deal.I'll have my attorney draw up the papers." As I drove, I calculated.Even after paying Uncle Sam, I should still have over $150,000 a year tospend. I would be able to put over $400 a day into Marie's belly. God, Iwas horny. It was a short trip back to Marie's and as I expected, I foundher asleep.

I kissed her cheek as I held a chocolate to her lips. She opened wide forthe treat and said, "Mmmm." "How much fatter are you planningto get?" I asked. She thought for a moment and said, "I don'tknow for sure but I do know that I am never going to stop trying to getfatter no matter how fat I get as long as I have you to keep me gaining."I fed her another chocolate and she began to unbutton my shirt.