Weight Room Title Bar

by Biggie


They didn't know if they could ever make it.

The sun was overwhelmingly hot. Their sight was being obstructed by fatigue and sweat rolling in their eyes. The four young women were walking slowly and painfully through the desert. Helen, the eldest, turned around to watch over her shoulder.

Nothing. Apart from the smoke still coming out of the wreck of their private plane. They wouldn't make the next gig on time, and she didn't care much. Singing was the last thing on her mind. She lifted her hand to brush her sweaty forehead and remove a lock of wavy red hair from her slightly freckled face. ' This is going to be quite a crash diet if we don't find somebody soon' she thought to herself. She grinned at the pun as she caressed her protuding belly. At 220 pounds and 5 foot seven, she wasn't tiny. And the tabloids add a field day when she started gaining weight soon after her group started 5 years ago. The teenies were a hit as a lot of kids bought into the trend of teenage pop idols. She was the oldest at 19 years of age and rounded out the group formed of her three sisters ; Marla, Sean and Felicia who were respectively 13, 15 and 17 at the time. They still looked the same 5 years later, cute and skinny, as all teenage idols should look like. But the stress of managing the group got to Helen and she started overeating. She did all she could to avoid blowing up like a balloon by dieting and exercising, but she did gain weight, a hundred pounds to be exact since her debut. But the group did retain its popularity and thrived, but Helen became the fat one, and gradually became almost invisible in the videos of the group. She might have managed the group, but the record companies were letting her know what sold and what didn't...

They had walked for nearly a day in total silence when they heard it. Felicia lifted her raven-haired head and told the others to stop walking.

'Can you hear it ?' She said, frowning.

'I think I do hear something' answered Marla, squinting through her blond locks. 'Sounds like...horses...'

Sean started running up a dune as fast as she can. When she got on top of it she jumped with excitement, sending her bleached hair in a frenzy and making her voluminous (for her diminutive size) boobs wobble up and down.

'It's a bunch of guys on horseback, they are coming this way ! !'. She turned back in their direction waving frantically.

Felicia and Marla embraced happily as Helen let out a sight of relief.

'Well girls, it looks like we'll be in Casablanca on time for the concert after all...'

She couln't have been more wrong...


The palace was enormous and richly decorated. It towered over a decent sized town in the middle of the desert. This small city seemed to be prosper, observed Helen, as all the women they crossed in the streets as they were heading to the palace were extremely fat. Not one seemed to weight less than 400 pounds. Her sisters also seemed to make the same observation as they were giggling at the 'fat cows' surrounding them.

One of the riders suddenly made a broad gesture signaling them to shut up, as they were now going through the guarded doorway of the castle.

In silence, they disembarked from their mounts and were lead to the throne room.

In the middle of the gigantic room was what seem from afar to be a big heap of flesh colored bean-bags. As they approched, they saw that it was in fact three hugely overweight women, over 600 pounds each at the very least.

In the middle of this sea of flesh was a medium sized man, about 45 years old, who seemed to enjoy quite a bit the caresses of his whale-like companions. He suddenly stopped on his tracks as he saw the four women being introduced to him. He slowly got up from his confortable position by stepping over this mountain of fat which quivered and shaked as he was finally able to get to his feet. He signaled to some slaves in one corner of the room who came in with some kind of platforms on wheels and proceeded as the sultan talked to the sisters to move out the 3 heavy ladies from the vicinity.

'Welcome to Agroobaa, my darlings, I am Zahadum, sultan of this realm' He said to the girls, who were still stunned from the sight of the mountainous women that were being slowly carried out to another part of the palace. Only Helen kept her cool, though she was surprised to feel kind of envious towards these giggling behemoth. She tried to shake that thought as she adressed the sultan.

'We are honored to be allowed into your beautiful city, and are pleased to make your aquaintance, your Highness. And I thank your riders for having saved us from what could have been a slow and lonely death' . She stopped for a moment, surprised at her eloquence and frowning at the giggles of Marla. 'We would also appreciate, if it would please you Highness, to be shown the way to the nearest airport so we can continue on our journey.'

Zahadum was too busy looking at her chubby form to really pay attention to her words, but answered matter-of-factly 'Yes, yes, of course. You will go home. But not before you have something to eat. You must be famished.'

Famished ? They were ravenous.

'We gladly accept your invitation, your Highness' she quickly replied, her sisters licking their lips in unisson.

And eat, they would.

They would indeed.


The smell of dozens of delicious dishes was coming from the banquet hall where guards were leading them. The girls were walking rapidly, motivated by their hunger. The table was as big as the 18-wheeler that usually carried their equipment to concerts. Make that two, no, three times as big, and every square inch of it covered by food that the girls forbade themselves. But now wasn't the time to think about such petty things as calories. It was a unique occasion to enjoy themselves. They made their way to different places around the table, squeezing behind the other ladies who were sitting around it. They were of course, all tremendously fat, some even fatter than the throneroom trio. One of those women introduced herself to Helen, saying her name was Alisha, and proceeded to serve the already eating red-head a large glass of liquid. It was sweet and very, very rich, but also irrisistible. She swallowed the whole pint in one gulp. She then continued to stuff herself as Alisha smiled softly and poured another pint-sized glass of the drink. Through mouthfulls of unidentified but nonetheless exquisite dishes, Helen noticed that the process was about the same where here sisters were concerned. She was glad to see them let loose a little and eat without worry. In one corner of the room, Zahadum was obviously enjoying the view of all this gluttony gone mad.

Getting drowsy after what seemed to be mere minutes of eating, Helen looked at her watch to see that she in fact had been eating for four hours straight. And as her head slowly fell forward on the now devastated table, she could feel her belly touch the tip of the table, and fell asleep feeling gloriously bloated. She dreamed of eating a vat full of rocky-road ice-cream as the sounds of ininterrupted munching was still going on strong around her, the soft fat of Alisha's barell-sized arm slowly encircling her stuffed body and lifting it from its position.

Only the biggest of the dining women remained at the banquet, the smaller ones having retreated to the chambers where the four snoring and now well-fed sisters were being carried.


Helen was woken by the smell of perfume and the giggles that were coming from all around her. She had some difficulty rising from her soft bed, and she soon realised why. Her belly was so swollen she looked 7 months pregnant ! As she started to panic, Alisha held her in her soft arms and spoke very quietly.

'Hush little one, it is perfectly normal. The nectar has this effect the first time you drink it. Don't worry, it won't always be like this...'

Her voice was so soothing that all traces of fear left Helen. She then looked at her protector, wondering how old this 650 pound sage was exactly. She didn't seem to be much older than 16 years old, but this was quite impossible. How could somebody so young get so large...

'How old are you' She asked, almost afraid of the answer...

'I am all of 14 summers old' she answered proudly.

Helen was shocked. The sultan was using these kids as sex-slaves ! ? This she couldn't stand for ! She let Alisha know of her indignation. But Alisha calmed her down once more.

'Oh no, not yet. But in a couple of years, I will be ready for his attentions. Until then, I feed to grow large enough for him to consider my love. You see, Zahadum doesn't like women to be skinny, he cannot stand it. So years ago, when he came to power, he edicted that all the women of the kingdom should be fat. Or they will be forced to be fattened up. He also request to be offered the first-born girl of each family for his harem. This is where we are now.

And this is where we shall remain'

At these words, Helen grew extremely inconfortable. She was starting to sweat. What did she say ? Remain here ?

The situation was becoming all too clear. They were prisoners. She didn't have to ask Alisha anymore questions as she saw a very young girl, about 6 years old, who was waddling towards one of the many tables surrounding the plush room. She picked up a big slice of cake and proceeded to eat it. Her arms so fat that she was barely able to bend it to her mouth. She then waddled back to her bed, still nibbling. Helen was saddened terribly at the sight of that veritable ball of flesh. The poor thing didn't have a choice. They were all forced to be fattened up for this twisted maniac.

When she looked around to find her sisters, she noticed that they were still sleeping. Good. She will be able to act without having to face their possible refusal at the scheme she was making out in her mind. She turned to Alisha ;

'Can I see the sultan ?'


'Now this IS interesting !'

The sultan started to laugh. It was a first for him. This woman was quite something. Helen was losing patience and asked for an answer.

'So, do you accept my offer ?'

Zahadum stopped laughing and looked at the fiery red-head intensly.

'Let me see if I understand this right. You want me to free your sisters in exchange for your entire devotion to me. But my dear, I can have it wether you want it or not. Though you ARE way more attractive than these sad-looking sack of bones. But I am afraid that it is not enough.'

Helen's mind was racing...

'What if...what if I was to be able to replace all three of them ?'

The sultan was perplexed.

'Whatever do you mean ?'

'If I was to equal their total weight, you wouln't need them anymore. I would provide enough flesh to compensate...'

This was a desesperate move, but she figured that at her present weight, she would have to gain about another 150 pounds to be able to make the scale groan in her favor. All the food in this palace would surely enable herself to gain that much in a relatively short time. And she kind of enjoyed the idea of letting herself go to such extremes.

'I accept ! !' cried out the sultan with a gleam in his eye. The concept being quite entertaining for him.


Helen frowned... 'But... ?'

Zahadum continued.

'But you will have to do so outside the doors of the palace. You won't be able to use the available ressources from my kitchen. You will remain in the city, while I will keep your siblings in here, awaiting your return. Of course, you can forget about leaving the city or calling for help. For if you do so, your precious sisters will most surely perish. Now GO ! !'

Helen was feeling faint. She had to be supported by the guard to be able to make it back to the harem. Her sisters were doomed. She would be lost in an unknown city, having to find enough food to gain a now seemingly impossible amount of weight. She was crying when she got to her bed. Alisha asked her what was troubling her.

When she finally heard the whole story, she whispered to Helen the following words ;

'When you are out, ask for Kisba. He is my brother, and he will help you attain your goal. Do not be afraid, everything will conclude in happiness...'

Helen smiled through her tears, trying to find consolation in her new friend's kind words. A group of guards came back for her and led her to a room where a gigantic scale was surrounded by some more guards, the sultan, and her three scared sisters. The sultan motioned towards them and a guard shoved the on the scale. Their total weight was an even 360 pounds. To her presend 220 or so pounds, that meant she had to gain 140 pounds, and the faster the better.

She was now being escorted to the door of the palace and pushed around in the dirt. As the doors closed, she could feel her heart sank. She felt like just lying down and go to sleep, but she got up her courage and started to ask around for Kisba.

She was in luck, as it seemed that he was quite a well-known character in town. Though it didn't come as a big surprise when you consider that the entire population of this city was about 300 people. Everybody knew everybody.

She was soon in front of Kisba, A rather dashing young man with very friendly eyes. She liked him from the first moment he smiled warmly at her and asked about how her sister was doing. When he learned of Helen's predicament, he brought her to is aunt's house. Bagga was kind of a witch in some senses. She knew a lot of very unusual tricks that might help Helen. And she was also a tremendous cook, owning the main restaurant in Agroobar.

When she came face to face with the elderly woman, Helen understood why this lady could help her. She was the fattest woman she had ever seen. She was over half a ton but was moving with a youthful grace around the room. There was something almost unnatural about her. She turned around and looked into Helen's eyes with a burning intensity. She then caressed the shivering red-head's belly and pressed her hands firmly on her love-handles. She got up in silence and headed towards the kitchen. Helen glanced towards Kisba who returned a knowing smile.

'I think auntie likes you'

'I sure hope so' Helen answered, a little nervous.

Bagga then peered through the wide kitchen doors, motioning them to come in. Once inside the vast, sweet smelling room, Helen noticed a wide couch in front of which was a table shape like a donut cut in half. She was invited to sit down and she found it quite confortable. She found out immediatly that she could reach the table on every sides of her. Which pretty soon showed its utility. As soon as she sat, Bagga and Kisba started bringing food on the table. As Bagga continud to fill every square inches of the table with greasy, rich and sweet foodstuff, Kisba offered Helen a drink. It was the same kind of drink that she tasted in the palace. Only richer. As soon as she finished it, she felt her insides tingle, a feeling that was followed by a ravenous hunger. She looked , perplexed, at her benefactors who in turn told her impatiently ;

'What are you waiting for ? Aren't you hungry ?...'

Helen knew better than to argue with them, and she started to eat. She ate until the sun was down, and far into the evening.

Every time she was finished with a platter of calorie-filled food, she would find some more in front of her. She pretty soon forgot all about her mission and her surroundings to simply become completely absorbed by the task at hand : Eating. In the middle of the night, she finally fell asleep, completely gorged. The last sound she heard was her loud burp that ponctuated the silence of the kitchen.

The following morning, she was awakened by Kisba who invited her to stand up to get to the scale. She reluctantly agreed, feeling too nice to be sitting in front of a heaping breakfast. As she got up on the scale, she was shocked to find that she weighted 240 pounds. 20 pounds in one evening ? Impossible ! But she got to think about her initial feeding session at the banquet hall two nights ago, and that could account for some of those pounds. Well, no matter, it's just as well. The more the merrier, she thought. This was bringing her closer to the goal and soon her sisters could go free. She went down at the table and stuffed a whole buttery croissant in her mouth. She silently continued her gorging, with a mental picure of her sisters back in the states, working hard on finding a way to get her out of this place through Amnesty International or some other organisations.

This went on for weeks, with Helen slowly growing out of her clothes and filling more and more space between the couch ant the table. She would at time grow tired of feeding herself, her arms sore and feeling quite heavier. Kisba would sit beside her at these times and feed her by hand. She could see that he was growing quite attached to her as she was growing herself fatter than she ever thought being capable of. She noticed that she never had to go the the toilet, and was assimilating all the food totally. Some of Bagga's magic she presumed. The same magic that prevented her from being painfully overfull. The whole experience was quite exciting actually, as she thrived on every new folds and every added pounds that showed on the scale. She marvelled at her now very round face, and her protuding belly that seemed to always bump on something when she walked around the house. She often stood in front of the mirror, admiring her inflating form. She like to turn suddenly to feel her flesh follow the motion a second later.

Then after a month of this intense regimen, she was ready. She weighed in at 375 pounds. She figured she had better be ready for anything, so she overshot her goal as insurance and proof of her good will. She was determined as she walked, er...waddled towards the palace's entrance accompanied by Kisba. She was wearing a ravishing silk robe that was showing every delicious new curves of her body. The sultan was in for a surprise.

Surprise there would be. But not for the sultan...


The sultan seemed genuinely pleased at Helen's appearance. He paced around her, patting her and there, sending waves across her dimply fleshed body. She tried to contain her disgust and rage towards the peverted chief of state and followed him to the scale-room. Before entering, she was blinfolded, which she accepted as part of the sultan's sick game. She was lead towards the giant scale and stepped on one of the plates. She then heard some sobs which she recognised as her sister's. She lifted her head in recognition and suddenly lost her balance. A tremor ? No. Her plate was being lifted of the floor, and quite easily at that. She removed the blinfold to stare in shock at her sisters standing on the opposing plates.

They were plumper than before. Felicia was around 200 pounds, most of the gain in her hanging tits which fell below her belly button. Sean was about the same weight, but had grown a formidable rear-end. Even her calves were plump. The whole lower part of her body giggled with every small steps she took on the platform. And Marla... Young Marla was over 250 pounds. Every inches of her body seemed to be thicker. Even her fingers were pudgier. In that way, she somewhat ressembled her older sister. They all seemed to be sorry for being this heavy. They looked pleadingly at a stunned Helen who couldn't believe she fell in such a trap.

'Well. It seems you haven't gained nearly enough weight...mmmh...let's see' The sultan checked out the reading. Why, you are 290 pounds too light my dear...Oh, I forgot to tell you, I still keep on feeding my hosts. Don't you find that they are filling out rather well...'

He then turned to the guards

'Enough of this waste of time ! Get this skinny bitch out of here...let here out amongst the commoners...where she belongs !'

Helen was brought back by Kisba, crying all the way to Bagga's house. Once inside, Bagga formulated a plan to win this battle of the bulge. Kisba would keep track of the sister's weight, throught his connections with the palace's workers and Alisha's inside informations. As for Helen, she had an unlimited appetite, which was no problem, and she could stand to eat a lot more than what she consumed in the last month. But Bagga's kitchens only contained so much food. Helen had already almost eaten her out of business.

She started to ask around for the neighbors' aid. Soon the whole block agreed to help out. They would contribute food for the cause. Helen sat back at her table and proceeded to eat everything that the contributors brought her. It wasn't unusual to see a line forming around the block, all leading to Bagga's kitchen. Dozens of people, all carrying heavy loads of fattening meals for Helen to devour. The constant eating was such effort that she didn't lift a finger anymore to do so. She just let the helpers feed her by hand. The continuous eating left her sometimes breathless. At these times she would nap for a few minutes while Kisba would massage her growing belly with oils to make her skin more pliable. When she woke up, she would immediatly resume stuffing her face with abandon.

She was gaining about 30 pounds a day, metabolizing about twice that amount of food daily. She was growing fatter so fast that she now rarely left her chair. But the table was now gone, since she didn't fit anymore behind it. Instead, the neighbors would sit in front of her expanding body, to get up one at a time to feede her their offerings.

They had to reach over her front to bring the food to her eager mouth, their hands sinking in the flesh of her massive breasts. Once two days, she would go to the scale to keep track of her progress. In two weeks, she had gained more than enough weight to equal her sisters' combined weight, making the apparatus groan at 755 pounds.

She was walking slowly back to the couch, covering it with her flowing mass and heavily perspiring. She put her arms on the shelf of her belly, barely joining her sausage-sized fingers. She stopped a moment to wonder at her present weight. At how her forefront was obscuring a whole portion of the world when she was sitting. Her dreamery got interrupted by a shocking news : her sisters had gained even more weight. They were, it seems being forcefed through tubes and were now over a thousand pound combined.

Helen looked stunned for a moment and with resolve reached out with her hammy hands, asking for help. Four brawny men, including Kisba, helped her to her feet, which were partially obscured but the flowing flesh of her fat calves. She took a couple of steps and looked in the wide mirror in the opposing wall. She was as wide as she was tall. A monument to amplitude, an ode to curves. She was three and a half times bigger than she was just months ago. Still this wasn't enough. Zahadum had her where he wanted her. She would just keep growing and growing, but never quite reaching her goal. She would lose while gaining without end. Unless she finds a shortcut to the arrival of this race. He wants me fat, she thought. Well I'll give him fat ! !

She turned towards Bagga and Kisba, the motion sending waves across her body.

'Can you make a machine where I'd be fed through tubes ?'

Bagga and Kisba looked at each other, wondering what this next plan was to bring...


While she kept eating with a new vigor the neighbors' offerings, Bagga and Kisba where hard at work in another room with the local carpenter. Two days and 70 pounds laters, they brought the 845 pounds panting red-head in the adjoining room. There Helen saw what would become her new quarters. A large bed covered with pillows was overshadowed by a towering machine from which protuded a large rubber tube. The carpenter proceeded to explain that the food was to be mixed with a liquid substance in a cavernous alcove on top of the machine. The food was then to be grounded to a pulp and pumped through the tube towards Helen's waiting mouth. The machine could contain over fifty gallons of food at a time and could be kept full in permance as long as there was food to be put in.

Helen almost jumped in the bed, assuming her semi-seated position and showed with great impatience her eagerness to start. A first load was already inside so they started pumping. Helen's jowls suddenly blew round, her eyes growing wide with surprise at the sudden flow of exquisite paste filling her stomach automatically. Concerned, Kisba stopped pumping and looked at her. Helen frowned, removed with some difficulty the tube from her mouth, letting some of the paste drip on her enormous breasts.

'Don't stop ! We have a schedule to maintain here ! Go ahead ! Pump baby, Pump !'

Licking her fingers clean from the food that fell on her boobs, she put back the tube in her mouth and began once more to feed. The sensation was orgasmic. The continuous flow of food was acting as a stimulant, making her extremely excited. She was moaning constantly throughout the experience, her eyes closed in ecxtasy. When she would open them, there would seem to be less to see than before. Except for the growing horizon of her paunch.

The whole town got to participate in this new enterprise. They were touched by the good heart of this foreign woman, ready to make the ultimate sacrifice to lose the thin body that outsiders seemed so obsessed about. Helen was being filled with enough food to feed a whole town, gaining over a hundred pounds a day. She rapidly grew to a point where any movement were becoming a hardship. One morning, she found it impossible to get up from the bed to go for the weigh-in. So a lift was brought in to install a moving platform under her bed. This platform had a built-in scale that confirmed her new weight of 1723 pounds. She was now fatter than that woman she saw a while ago on TV. That poor woman was sad and her health was poor. Helen, on the contrary, never felt better in her life. She felt full of energy and spirit. Bagga's magic was strong indeed. Not strong enough though, to bring her stubby limbs to move around the lava flow of flesh covering them. And still she ate, while Kisba stroke her moon face lovingly and three other men were massaging her body with oils and perfume. She could grow to like this.

All the while, her sisters were also going through greater rates of feeding, as the sultan had heard about the rumour of a woman being blown out to mountainous proportions. His new trio were getting too fat to move around anyways, so he definitely didn't want those beauties to leave him now. Marla, who now was over a thousand pounds, was the fattest girl he ever had in his harem. He would be damned before he would loose one such as she.

The race went on for weeks, the rising numbers on the scales getting closer and closer. But the will of the people finally got the best of the sultan.

The news finally reached him that he was now beat. But he had to see it to believe it. He went to the scale room to look at the now immense trio getting ready for the weigh-in. Each of the girls were sitting in a speciial portion of the scale, made to accomodate their blown-up forms. Felicia was framed by two mountainous breasts, flowing on each sides oh her buddha belly. She had a modest weight gain and now was 889 pounds. Her face looked somewhat placid in the middle of the ring of fat of her bloated neck and tripe chins. Sean was getting groomed by her assigned feeder, the top of her body somewhat small compared to the shapeless mass of her lower body and huge fore-arms that made most women's thighs seem puny next to her amplitude. Her relatively lean face looked resigned to her fate, her hands absent-mindedly stroking the mounts and valleys of her legs. At 996 pounds, she was quite an impressive pear-shape.

And then there was the young and lovely Marla. The sultan's pride and joy, who at 1456 pounds, was a ball of soft and jiggly flesh. Her flowing belly obscured her legs which were on their own quite massive. She kept trying to comb her hair, but could hardly reach her head with her fat-laden arms. She was crying softly while munching on candys that her partner was putting in her mouth every 30 seconds. If gluttony has a shape, hers would surely be it.

His thoughts were interrupted by the announcment of the arrival of the other contestant. Eager, he ran to the door to watch as Helen's group was approaching. He could hear that somebody was coming down the corridor, but something was hiding them. As the group approached, and the sound of squeaking wheels made themselves louder,

he realised that the thing that was hiding the group was ... no...it couldn't be... This mass couldn't be Helen. It was just too..too..too big to be human. Zahadum was shocked and terribly excited at the same time. The ondulating flesh on the huge orb making its way to the scale room was moving in an almost hypnotic way. The flesh seemed as soft as a baby's . He slowly got aside and got a good look at Helen. She was magnificient. Her enormous arms were sticking out parallel to the ground, supported by love handles big enough to hide in. Her belly was sitting majestically 10 feet in front of her, almost perfectly round, but dividing in a duo of folds as it rested on the platform. Her back was similar to the drapes in his bedroom, falling over a rear-end that would put his biggest elephant's to shame. Her legs were pratically completely covered by the flowing mass of fleh that was Helen. But her feet still managed to poke through the blubbery cushions of her ankles. On top of this monument was a glowing sphere surrounded by a mane of fire and illuminated by a face glowing with pride. Through the slits that had to be eyes, he saw a reflection in a pool of blue. A smile dimpled her rounded cheeks. Her fingers, as plump as they were, still managed to wiggle in his direction, as a form of salutation.


The words were few and far between. It was an effort even to speak properly through such a vessel.

Then began the process of putting Helen on the scale. It took over two hours, all throught which the sultan was in complete rapture over this gorgeous behemoth. There was something poetic about the way her flesh rippled with every slight movement. But throught the process of moving this much woman from one point to another, looking at her was like contemplating the surface of a raging sea. He almost lost consciousness twice while witnessing the transfer. When it was all done, the numbers races again as the hefty trio of womanhood got lifted from the ground with ease. 4009 pounds ! ! ! Helen was over two tons of feminity. She lifted her head ever so slightly towards the ceiling and let out a sigh of relief. Her sisters were free. Free to return to the world.

The sultan started applauding, approaching the scale.

'Bravo, You have surprised me. You have overwhelmed me. You are THE woman I had been waiting for my whole life. You are now, as everybody here can attest, my queen ! ! We will rule on the land with a new goal. This will become the fattest town in the world ! I want every woman in town to at least double their size within the next six months. The ones that fail will be executed. You have shown me the way, my queen. You are a vision of the future.'

'What...a-bout...my sis-ters...Can...they...go...now... ?'

'Are you kidding ? I'm not letting you girls out of my sight, you are far too precious.'

Zahadum started laughing, gleefully enjoying the way he tricked those foolish women. At the same time Helen started to accomplish the unthinkable. She started rocking back and forth, violently shacking the whole scale on its foundations. Then, one of the chain holding her platform snapped, sending her toppling on her side...right over the gloating sultan.


The doctors later said that he died a minute or two after impact. And he had the biggest grin that they ever saw. Helen was queen now, and had no intention of leaving. Kisba was her husband to be, and Bagga was her counselor. No longer were the women of Agroobar forced to be fat. They had the choice. Most of them still remained overweight, inspired by the story of the queen who ate a whole town's worth of food to save her family. The feeding rooms were condemned and the harem women were freed. Some remained with their queen, to keep her company in her day long feasts.

Felicia and Sean returned home and started a new group called a ton of fun (Well, they weren't terribly original)

who caught the nation by surprise with their hip music and fat-friendly lyrics. Their success never really reached their former glory, but they still had one long successfull career.

Marla stayed in the palace, lovingly taken care for by her former feeder, now husband. The heart of the palace remained for years a place where food was plentiful and flesh even more so. Some say Marla eventually got to weigh as much as her big sister had at one point. But Helen was always far ahead of her. It wasn't a competition. But she was always the fat one.