Weight Room Title Bar

From skinny to voluptuous and sexy
by Mangoman

(moderate weight-gain, tummy fetish)

Lisa was crying when her new roommante Maria came home. Lisa had just caught her boyfriend with another woman, and now they were definately through. Maria stayed up late trying to comfort her, and the two of them went through a six-pack. Lisa seldom drank, not so much because of the fear of alcohol but of the calories. She was an aerobics junkie and counted every calorie. Brad (her ex) had always bothered her about her weight, insisting that she stay super thin. SHe liked to show off her slender figure by wearing tight hip-hugger jeans and loose t-shirts that cover only about half the tummy, exposing her belly button and sometimes her ribs when she raised her arms above her head. At 5' 6" and 110 lbs. her stomach was flat, concave actually, with the ribs noticeably showing whenever she stretched. But now Brad was with another woman, and the funny part was that she wasn't nearly as slender as Lisa...

Lisa made an effort to not sit around and pout about things. In fact, she decided to go out with her roommate and try to have a good time, and meet other men. She partied heavily for few days, and skipped all her aerobic sessions. Somehow she seemed liberated now from all that enslaving exercise.

Just a few days after the breakup Maria decided to try to set Lisa up with her cousin Hector. Maria was a little worried because Hector's English wasn't too good and Lisa didn't speak any Spanish. Also, she didn't know what Lisa would think of Hector and his friends. Latinos can be a little forward sometimes with women, and a gringa like Lisa might not like it.

Lisa was introduced to Hector, under casual circumstances, at the party in the park. Lisa planned on dressing a little sexy, so she wore her favorite hip-hugger jeans and her loose cropped t-shirt. She had noticed when she put on the jeans that they had gotten a little tight... probably because she had dried them in the dryer.

Lisa couldn't believe the outfit Maria was wearing, and frankly she was a little embarrassed for her. Maria was just too fat to be wearing those kinds of things. SHe had on a tight little blouse, bare-midriff, that showed quite a bit of cleavage but also her thick upper arms and her soft middle. Her jeans were really tight; she must have worked hard to get them fastened. Her belt looked like it was digging into the flesh of her soft tummy. When she sat down she had a little pot belly sticking out over her belt.

Yet as the night progressed, the men were flocking around Maria and while they were courteous to Lisa, they just didn't pay much attention to her. Lisa noticed some of the other women at the party were also dressed kind of like Maria, and they were of various shapes and sizes.

When they got home from the party Maria asked Lisa if she had had a good time. Lisa said "yes" but she didn't think Hector really liked her.

--They guys didn't pay much attention to me. I even wore my best tight jeans, and they didn't seem to notice...

--Well,--replied Maria--to be honest, you're cute and all that, but... you're kind of skinny.

--Skinny?!! I'm in great shape!

--You might be in great shape, but girl, you ain't got no curves! Real men like women with curves--said Maria as she half-turned and slapped herdelf on the behind. --Here, I'll help you get fattened up--as she handed her a jelly-filled donut.

Maria worked in a bakery, and every night she brought home day-old pastries. She had offered them to Lisa before, but she had always refused them, being so conscious about calories. But now, Lisa didn't really care, and she was a little tipsy yet from the drinks at the party. She sat there, and with encouragement from Maria, ate seven jelly-filled donuts. She could hardly believe it! SHe felt so full from all the junk food and drinks at the party, and now she was stuffing herself even more! She was giggling as Maria sat next to her, edging her on. Maria reached over and patted Lisa's bare tummy, slightly rounded from all the food. Maria massaged it lightly, as if that would make more room in it. It felt really good to Lisa, even though the touch was from another woman. She reached down and unsnapped her jeans, which were about to burst open from the pressure of the expanding stomach. Finally, she had to retire to the couch, and she leaned back and sat there with her eyes closed, a smile on her face, as Maria gently caressed her stomach. It wasn't long before she fell asleep.

Lisa thought hard the next few days about her weight. Was it a Latino thing? She remembered the Latinas at the party. Some were thin, but a lot were kind of chunky, and generally the guys seemed to like the heavier ones better.

After a few days Lisa started missing her workouts. It was kind of a love/hate thing; she didn't really want to return to aerobics, but she wanted some kind of workout. She decided to lift weights. As she put on her two-piece spandex suit, she could tell that she had gained a little weight, but it wasn't too noticeable. That is, until she got to the weight room and sat on the bench to do butterfly presses. Weight rooms are notorious for mirrors, and as she pressed, her back arched, she couldn't help but notice the mirror in front of her. Her body looked different somehow; the ribs wren't as noticeable, and her upper arms seemed thicker, just a little. The stomach was slightly more rounded, and she felt more pressure than usual from her breasts pressing against her bra. She wasn't sure if she liked what she saw or not; it was just a little different, as if someone had spread a thin layer of body fat on every part of her body.

About two weeks later Maria invited her to another party. Lisa had been eating a lot during these days, and when went to try on her favorite jeans she found they were way too small; no way could she get them buttoned. She stood there and looked at herself in the mirror, with her pants open and in her bra. Her tummy was definitely rounder, and her navel looked deeper. Her chest looked bigger, too, and there was even a little cleavage. SHe turned from side to side, cupping her hands under her breasts, gently ligting them up and down. Yes, they had definitely gotten bigger. SHe needed a new bra, a bigger one. She sucked in her gut, held it in. She looked pretty sexy, she thought, with her new little curves around her belly button. But when she let her stomach relax, it was just a little rounder that what she wanted.

She dug around in her closet and found a pair of jeans that she had never worn becasue they were too big, and they didn't have belt loops for a belt. As she put them on, she was surprised to learn they now fit just right. She put on her baggy cropped t-shirt, and she looked pretty good, with her new deeper navel. But when she sat down, she felt a little fat. With her thumb and index finger she could pinch maybe a little more than an inch around her waist. SHe kind of enjoyed playing with her new body fat, like it was a new toy. She got brave and went over to the scale and stepped on it. She had gained 15 pounds in just two and a half weeks! She was shocked! She got a panicky feeling, but she remembered Maria's advice on how Latinos like more voluptuous women, and how she knew Hector would be at the party, so she calmed herself down.

At the party Lisa thought the men were paying more attention to her. Or maybe it was just her imagination... Hecotr and a friend were talking to her and Maria, and the friend really seemed to be coming on to Maria. Maria went to make a phone call, momentarily leaving Lisa alsone with the two guys. Since they knew she didn't speak Spanish, they talked about the women right in front of Lisa. She had taken a Spanish course years ago, and she was hoping some of it would come back. Unfortunately, she only picked up a few words.

Later, shen Maria returned, they both went to the ladies room to freshen up.

--Hey, I think Hector and his friend like us--said Lisa. --They were talking about us, I think.

--Well, what did they say?--asked Maria.

--I don't know, they spoke Spanish. When they looked at you walk away they said a couple of times 'la gordita" and "buena". I know "buena" means good, but what does "gordita" mean?

--It means, well, kind of like a little chubby.

--Oh, I'm sorry!--said Lisa as her eyes widened, hoping she hadn't offended her.

Maria laughed. --Girl, you don't understand. In Spanish "gordita" is a compliment!

--Really...--said Lisa with surprise. --Hmmm... when Hecotr glanced at me, he told his friend something like "la flaca" and "bonita". "Bonita" means pretty, right? And what's "flaca?"

Maria laughed again and shook her head. --"Flaca" means skinny--and she giggled again.

--Skinny!!! How can he say I'm skinny! I haven't felt so fat in all my life!

Maria just laughed and shook her head. --Don't worry about it. At least he said you're bonita. It's a good start.

Hector and his friend walked Maria and Lisa to their car. The friend planted a kiss right on Maria's lips, but Lisa just got a handshake and a smile. He did ask her for a date, though. But he was going to be out of town for a few weeks, and he promised he'd call her as soon as he got back.

For some reason Lisa felt herself getting infatuated with Hector. SHe thought about him all during the day, fantasizing about making love with him... maybe it was because she was on the rebound or something. Anyway, she decided that if he liked gorditas, she had a few weeks to make herself one.

Maria started bringing home cheesecakes from the bakery, and every night Lisa would scarf them down, and during the day she ate at the cafeteria where she worked, often going for seconds and thirds. Sometimes at night she would be so stuffed she would lean back and the couch and lift up her t-shirt and ask Maria if she was getting any fatter yet. Maria would come over and gently rub her tummy and give her kind words of encouragement.

--Don't worry--she said to Lisa--when Hector gets back you'll knock him dead!

As each day passed, Lisa found that ll of her clothes were getting too small, except for her loose t-shirts. She often stood in front of the mirror in her bra and panties, observing her new shapes, her new curves, the new depth of her navel. Her stomach, when relaxed, started to remind her of the old matress on her grandmother's bed, the kind that had several buttons on it that sink into the surface and hold the mattress together. SHe imagined a string inside her, tied at one end to her belly button, and as the layer of fat around her navel grew, the navel stayed in place, making it look like it was getting deeper. She laughed as she fondled it with her fingers...

Also, she had gone up in bra size, and her breasts were much rounder and fuller. She enjoyed the new cleavage in her new push-up bra. She bought some Salvation Army jeans, because she didn't want to waste money on new ones when she was outgrowing them so fast.

Finally one day Hecotr called, and he and his friend were coming over to take them out dancing. Lisa was anxious with anticipation.

--First let me help dress you--offered Maria. --You know, you always like those baggy t-shirts, but you'd look a lot better with something tight. You've got nice boobies honey, and you gotta show them off!

Maria gave Lisa one of her tight little yellow blouses, the kind which are low cut and on the bottom they end right below the bra line, exposing lots of bare tummy.Lisa had just bought a new pair of jeans (she had put 4 inches around her waist in less than two months!), and they weren't quite hip-huggers, but they came up right to the belly button, and they were really tight, accentuating every curve. They dug in a little into the soft flesh around her tummy, and she had to practice walking around and sitting down in them before she got used to it. She kept looking at herself in the mirror, from various angles, and Maria gave her signs of approval. When she lifted up her arms, her belly button would come out from hiding behind her waistband, but it was stretched into a deep vertical oval. When she sat it disappeared, of course, below the tender, pudgy little tummy which hung over the tight waistband. Maria gave her a shiny belt to wear, which seemed kind of gaudy, but it did give more attention to the bare skin of her sensuous bare tummy. Her chest was fabulous now, 36D's with lots of cleavage in the new push-up bra. Her hips and butt were curvier, and her thighs thicker, and her neck seemed smoother and her face slightly rounder.

--Girl, you are hot stuff!--drawled Maria, as she slapped Lisa on the behind and laughed.

--There's just one more thing I want to do--said Lisa as she walked over to the scale. SHe had been afraid to weigh herself during the past couple of weeks, still fighting the guilt feelings that society gives to curvy women, through the perfume ads, the fashion magazines... yet why should she let a bunch of gay fashion designers determine what size women should be?? She felt fine at her new weight.

She stepped on the scale and watched the numbers whiz past... it was an old scale with the rotating disk that shot up to 180, then down to 70, then up to 160, then down to 100... finally resting at... 149 pounds!!!!!!! She had gained 39 pounds in just a couple of months! She looked at Maria and laughed nervously...

When Hector opened the door to the apartment, his eyes nearly popped out of his head! He just stared at Lisa, he couldn't help himself. She led him on, of course, smiling at him with her hands on her hips, deliberately arching her back a little, making her chest more prominent. Her voluptuous tits were fighting against the constraining bra, the tight silver belt with the tight jeans digging into the soft tummy flesh, the smooth skin of her sensuous rounded tummy gently easing back and forth with her breathing...

--Que gordita tan buena!!--was all he could think of to say.

They had a fun night of dancing, and Hector especially liked the slow dances, because he had an excuse to gently caress her bare skin with his fingers, pulling her soft, voluptuous body tight against his, feeling the pressure of her chest and stomach against his...

When he gave her the first kiss, in the parking lot, he came up from behind her and gently placed one hand behind her head, gently turning her face towards his lips, while reaching with the other hand to her stomach, gently resting his hand there. She was a little startled, and still not used to the shape of her pudgy tummy, so she instinctively sucked it in a little. But as their lips met, she relaxed her tummy, letting it take its new natural curvature, as he gently caressed it. She had never felt sexier in her whole life.