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It All Started...
by Rebel

This is just a little story that I hope is realistic, even though there is no true story behind it. It may or may not have any similarities to your or your mate, but I left the descriptions of the two main characters blank just so you might imagine yourselves in the story. I don't know if that's a good idea or not, especially since they eat pork and drink alcohol, and are married with kids, and they... Well, just try it!


He usually didn't have time to pick up her dry-cleaning. If he hadn't done it this time, it's likely that nothing would have ever changed. So when he looked back on it, he decided that it had been a good thing that they didn't have the money to travel during his vacation. Because that was when it all started...

He was checking the laundry marks on her skirts when he noticed the number fourteen on one of them, in fact all of them. Almost eight years ago, he was certain that he remembered his bride fitting comfortably into a size ten. She was a shapely woman, a statuesque beauty, very feminine in her curves. But he had always just accepted that those curves were still a size ten. He was still the same size after all this time. She watched her diet and exercised regularly, there was never any reason to believe that she had gone up four sizes... or was that two sizes?

He had never known anything about women's clothing, other than knowing that his beautiful wife always dressed beautifully for him. He knew what he liked, and so did she. But now that he had seen these "14's" on her skirt tags, he found out something new: He liked it.

He couldn't say why, but the idea that his wife was slowly growing as the years drifted by was exciting to him. For some reason it made him feel like he was having an affair. After all, if her body was different, then it wasn't really so far a stretch to believe that he was making love to a different woman. And best of all, it was a woman that he was already in love with!

When he got home with the dry cleaning, he decided to make sure that the "14" wasn't just some strange quirk of the mysterious world of Ladies' Fashion. He dragged all the old albums out of the fire-proof safe and began comparing the older photos with the newer ones.

He found his proof, even though she was becoming increasingly camera shy toward the newer albums. He found a picture of their first Christmas together, one taken from slightly behind and to the left showing her stretching to place an ornament on a high tree branch. The next one was taken last fall during a volley ball game. The angles were the same and her position was the same, but that was about all.

The newer photo showed a woman who was actually prettier than her younger self, with softer hair and a sureness that didn't come through in the older picture. But more importantly, her backside was noticeably wider, with a pronounced crease at the bottom of her right cheek where it had overlapped the thigh. The Christmas photo showed a cute little roll at the waist of her jeans, barely noticeable unless you were looking right at it. But by last fall, even the loose tee shirt she wore couldn't hide it.

He spent most of the afternoon comparing pictures in this way. The changes were subtle, damn near invisible, when you looked at pictures taken within a year or so of each other. But when you saw a ten year difference, the change in his wife's body was stark and unmistakable. And he found that that change was undeniably exciting.

He had never been a particularly doting husband, but he knew that he had never neglected or ignored his wife. He listened when she spoke, he asked her opinion and advice often, and gave his whenever she asked. They made love regularly and had tried some new things, although never anything really kinky. He knew how she liked her coffee and what her favorite songs were and a thousand other things that married people should know. So why hadn't he noticed her gaining two whole sizes? (He had finally looked it up in a catalog, and determined that there were no odd sizes in the styles that she wore. That was weird, men's clothes made more sense.)

That evening when she got home from work, he was much more attentive. All right, so maybe part of it was just that he was horny for this newly discovered new body. But also he was a little bit shaken that he hadn't noticed it until now, and he was feeling a little bit guilty for it. Whatever, she enjoyed the attention as much as he enjoyed paying it. Their two kids looked at them sorta funny as they giggled at silly little jokes. It had been a while since Mom and Dad had seemed this happy, but it made them feel warm and happy too.

That night, he took the time to get to know everything that he had overlooked about his wife's body over the years. There was a pair of cute little creases at the sides of her back if she didn't hold herself just right. They led around to where her tummy had begun to round out into a belly. He marveled at how large her breasts seemed to be, how had he missed them growing so full and fat? He kissed his way from her hard nipples down the soft curves of her belly to the furry mound between her legs. Her thighs and hips seemed to have gotten most of whatever weight she had gained, and now they made her pussy look fuller and tighter also. Gently at first, the way that he knew she liked it, he kissed and sucked all around her sweet mound. Teasing her, taking some extra time to get her ready for more, he explored the most hidden aspect of her new size. Her thighs had the most wonderful pockets of fat right up at the top. They were a little bit ticklish, and he could feel other parts of her soft body moving as she squirmed at his delicate nibbles.

Finally he pushed his face through her thick pubic hair and grazed her lips with his tongue. He used his fingers for a while to hold her moist labia open so that he could more easily lick her clit. Soon she was wet and open enough for him to just keep his face there and he was free to let his hands roam over the rest of her softer build. Her ass cheeks were so spongy now that he could really get a full grip on her. It was wildly exciting to him, all of this new flesh, and he couldn't begin to say why. Before he could go too much further with his explorations, she squeezed his head with her soft but strong thighs. She was starting to cum, and he could tell that this was going to be a good one.

Her fingers wrapped into his hair, urging and then clawing his face deeper into her wet bush. Her moans were muted by layers of fat as she kept his head locked into place with her legs. Next she was thrusting her broad hips against his face while he tried frantically to keep stroking her swollen clit with his tongue. He dug his fingers into the deep cushions at the top of each hip and held on to her fat as tight as he could to keep her from bucking too hard for him to keep his mouth on her pussy . She came with an unaccustomed abandon for almost longer than he could hold his breath. Now that he had noticed how much larger she was, he wondered if she would cum even harder for him if she was fatter.

Without resting, she began to pull him up onto her plush body so that she could take his hard cock into her dripping twat. He lay on her, noticing for the first time how luxurious she felt beneath him. Her soft flesh seemed to yield to him, cradling him in erotic softness like only a big woman could have. Her belly folded over itself where he lay on her, and he could feel it shifting with him as his thrusts became more and more insistent. Her tits did the same, until he rose to support himself on his arms and watch the way that they seemed to dance with each jarring impact of their hips. It was hypnotic, like silent ocean waves beneath her pert nipples. He could feel his throat and stomach tightening, the first warnings that he was about to cum.

Before that happened, there was one more thing he had to do. He leaned back down and asked her if she would roll over for him. She hesitated, they hadn't done this in a couple of years or so. But it was only for a moment and the she did just as he asked, even rising up to her knees and presenting him with a spectacular view of her ass. Now that he knew not to take it for granted, her broad ass was even more beautiful than he remembered. He fumbled around for a moment, trying to find her tiny pussy slit from behind, then slowly forced his rigid cock all the way in with one push. She gasped and choked back a cry as he did, but she also pushed her rear back against his hips. It hurt a little this way, but it must have still felt pretty good. He took longer, slower strokes now, enjoying the way he could completely fill her from this angle. Before long though, his steady thrust became faster and stronger. He used his hands to pull her hips up with every thrust, finally paying attention to the way his hands plunged into her softness. He was amazed at the way her fat rushed along her back with the crash of their bodies. There was a satisfying smack every time his bony hips slammed into the deep reserves of smooth flesh covering her butt. He only took a moment to be surprised at how excited he was over what he should have looked at as just rolls of flab. But when he saw how much broader her powerful ass was compared to his own body, he lost himself in the sudden gush of his own orgasm. He was only dimly aware that the chubby woman he was fucking was cumming right along with him. It was a moment of ecstasy that stretched out long after they fell asleep in each others arms.

They were still in the afterglow when the alarm sounded the next morning. He lay there silently, memorizing the way that he could trace the delicate fat stored in her upper arm. It was lovely, and somehow every bit as feminine as the swell of her breast or the curve of her hip. The snooze alarm distracted him, and roused her to crawl out of bed. He pretended to try to hang onto her, to keep her in bed with him. "Hey, somebody has to go off and earn a living while you're lazing away your vacation!" she said as she slipped away from him. He couldn't think of anything smart to say, so he just slapped her playfully on the butt for a reply. He was rewarded with a sweet little series of shivers along her naked cheek. It was wonderful, as was the way her body shook as she trotted into the bathroom and closed the door, giggling the whole way.

While she was taking her shower, he got up and went to the kitchen to start breakfast. First he put the can of biscuits in the oven, got the coffee dripping, then started on the bacon. He knew that she only ate a big breakfast like this on rare Sundays, but he was inspired by the events of the day before, even more so by that night's. Besides, she wouldn't object to celebrating a Friday just a little. Eggs fried to where the yolks were just starting to get hard, just the way she liked them, with lots of pepper but no salt. While the eggs were still in the hot frying pan, he set the table. Butter, three kinds of jelly, apple butter, orange juice, and two glasses of milk.

"Are you cooking out here?" Her voice carried from the bathroom. He answered in a teasing little hum to say maybe, and hurried to get everything arranged properly. He also popped four or five pieces of the kids candy, peppermints, into his mouth. They tasted nasty, but he had forgotten to brush his teeth.

He saw her as she came out of the hall. Her hair was dry but still not styled the way she liked it. Her face was shiny and clean from the shower, no makeup to cover it yet. He loved the way she looked with no makeup on, and he wished that she would go without it more often. She had already dressed in her work clothes. Dark colors for her blazer and pleated skirt, light colored shirt underneath. The suit was cut and styled to be slimming, an illusion that had fooled him for years. But if he looked closely, there were some clues that his beautiful wife was more than what she seemed.

"Oh Baby, you shouldn't have done all this," she said as she crossed the floor to hug him. This time he couldn't keep his hand off of that little fold over the waistband of her skirt. He didn't let it stay long, the last thing he wanted to do right now was to call her attention to it and send her off on some diet.

"Well I had to think of some way to thank you for last night, didn't I?" He kissed her on the side of her neck just below the ear. "And I figured that repaveing the drive would have been a little excessive, so..."

She sat down at the table, saying "...So you decided to say thanks by feeding me enough to make me the size of a Buick?"

He was glad that she wasn't looking at him when she said that. He froze, his brain was working too hard on what she had just said to waste any effort on moving just now. She had hit squarely upon it; that was exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted to feed her until she was the size of a Buick! It was the strangest thought that he had ever had. He wanted to watch her gain weight, and he wanted to be the one to feed her every mouthful of it. The thought was so strange to him, that if she hadn't said it out loud that way, he would never have realized it on his own. But now that it had been explained to him, he was certain that he would never be able to get the idea out of his head now.


Breakfast turned out to be almost as much fun as last night had been. She started with the bacon, and ate one whole slice before moving on to the next item. They talked about the mundane little things that only married people talk about while she ate, so she was never aware of the way he was studying her as she ate. She acted surprised that he had fixed her three eggs instead of just two, but even the extra egg didn't last long. She mixed up a second slice of bacon into it, and built a little sandwich with a biscuit. It was sloppy, running with egg yolk and butter, but it must have been delicious because it was gone too soon to make much of a mess. Next she added a little more pepper to what was left of the eggs on her plate and sopped it up on a second biscuit. He was enjoying her meal enormously, and was more than happy to get her a second cup of coffee.

"Aren't you going to eat?" she asked as she swallowed her third piece of not-quite-crispy bacon. There was a lovely little spot of yolk on her chin at the corner of her full lips. It made him grin when he answered her.

"Yeah, after you leave for work. I'll make some more for the kids and me and take'em to school a little late. I wanted to have yours done in time for you to be able to eat it." He wanted to go on and tell her how much he was enjoying watching her as she folded another slice of bacon between her white teeth, but wasn't sure if that was a good idea.

"Well I'm glad you did fix it early. Eating this much is probably going to make me late as it is anyway." Then she smiled and said "It really is tasty, though..." Her hand reached out for another biscuit as she asked him to pass her the apple butter. Her glass of milk was the next thing to go while she waited for the jar.

He opened it before he handed it to her, then nearly applauded as she spooned out a big glob of it onto the edge of her plate. This was spread onto the newly buttered biscuit, and that was followed by one more biscuit to soak up everything else on the plate. Finally she leaned back in her chair and drank her juice with a contented little moan of complaint about how full she was. When he stood to refill her coffee cup, he noticed how stiff his cock was. It wasn't really a hard-on, but it was well on its way.

Finally she rose and hugged him to thank him for breakfast. He imagined that he could feel a little extra cushion around her waist, and it made his dick twitch against her thigh.

"My goodness, aren't you just a teen-ager lately!" She grinned broadly and kissed him on the mouth. He didn't have to imagine that she pushed her hips against him extra tight when she did. It felt wonderful. She pulled away, grabbed another biscuit with two bacon slices in it and went off to do her hair.

Looking over the table, he counted up what her breakfast had been. Three eggs, five biscuits, six slices of bacon, loads of butter and apple butter, three cups of coffee with cream and sugar, milk, and juice. Easily enough food for two people, maybe three. He wondered how often he could get her to eat like that before she got suspicious. He wondered how much she might gain in a month as his hard-on raged.

He got the kids up, fed and dressed for school. It was actually just a daycare, but they liked the word "school" better because of how grown-up it sounded. His six year old daughter was born at the wrong time of year to be in first grade yet, and her kindergarten was in the same building as her four year old brother's day care. It made things easy all around.

There was a pretty young black woman walking out of the day care while he and the kids were walking in. They smiled casually at each other, then went on their ways. He just happened to glance at her as she walked to her car, and noticed that the rear seam of her skirt was starting to rip. It looked like a new skirt, part of her expensive suit. He didn't think that the skirt was tearing because of poor workmanship or cheap materials. It looked like it was just getting pulled tighter as her round ass got progressively rounder. Why would a beautiful, well dressed woman have bought a skirt that was so tight it would soon start to rip? It didn't make nearly as much sense as the erotic idea that her eating habits were responsible for the ripping seam. He wondered when his wife would do that to her fourteens.

When his kids got to the desk, they were greeted by Miss Trish. The redhead was especially popular with the children because she was in control of the candy dish. There was never any challenge to get her to share those little treasures, all it took was for a kid to say hello. All the kids said hello. He noticed with interest that she took a caramel for her self when she had handed the kids each one.

Last week he might have disapproved of this chubby young woman indulging herself that way. Today he was intrigued. It must have taken a lot of practice to unwrap those sticky candies as deftly as she did, and it showed on her curvy shape that she hadn't wasted much of that practice. Her skin was pale and sported a host of freckles, sharing her round face with a warm smile and glittering green eyes. All in all a cute little Irish lass.

As Trish spoke with his daughter, he saw that the buttons across her bust were stretched just to the point of popping. Were all of those candies still working their caloric magic on her body, too? How many caramels would it take before those big pale boobs sent buttons popping off all over the room? How many more to pop her sturdy bra? Was that what he needed to buy for his wife to get her to start ripping through her clothes? What kept his wife from being that size anyway?

More importantly, what the hell was he thinking about this sort of stuff for anyway?

He tried to calm down in the car. This was all just too fucking weird for him. All of his life, he had been a normal guy with normal tastes. Now he was ready to jack-off every time he saw clothes that were too tight! What was wrong with him, anyway? Had any other guy ever had these thoughts?

On the other hand, even though he was looking at other women, his thoughts had always turned quickly to his own beautiful wife, so that had to be a good thing. And besides, it didn't 'feel' wrong or dirty to have these thoughts. It was just unfamiliar. Maybe this was a completely normal type of desire, and he wasn't the only one who had ever felt this way about a couple of extra pounds. That would help explain why so many women gained weight after they had been married for a while. He started the car, deciding that he wouldn't worry about it any more.

He ran the rest of his errands, and only had one relapse. A woman at the hardware store was wearing a pair of really tight faded jeans with a cute little roll hanging over her belt. Her straight black hair ran down to the top of her back pockets in a single thick braid. She was ahead of him, and her plump ass cheeks bounced every time her cowboy boots struck the floor. It reminded him of the hypnotic waves he had watched last night as he pounded his wife from behind last night.

Before he started letting his thought run away with him, he stopped and tried to get interested in the door knobs on the shelf next to him. He couldn't do it, and he couldn't quite remember what he had come in here to get for a second. The image of his wife in those big faded jeans was just too powerful at the moment.

He almost made it to the plumbing section (he needed a new commode handle) before he saw her again. This time it was her red and yellow "Reservation Casino" tee shirt that caught his attention. It was stretched really tight across a series of curves and creases, her breasts and belly. It was a wonderful way too advertise gambling, he thought.

"Excuse me, I know you don't work here," she was saying to him, "but I was wondering if you could help me?" He looked into her square brown face and noticed how beautiful her Indian eyes were. She was maybe a couple of years older than him, but she didn't really show it very much. "Sure! I'll try." He was trying to picture his wife's face on her body. It was a nice match.

There was something about her smile that let him think that she knew exactly what he was thinking, and that she didn't mind a bit. "Oh thanks. I was looking for those little hook thingees like you screw into the ceiling to hang plants on, y'know? Do you know where those might be?"

He led her over to the aisle with the swag hooks and then bent over to get her a brass one from the lowest shelf. He tried not to notice how marvelously tight her old jeans were in the front, too. He failed.

"Here you go," he said standing. "Is that what you're looking for?"

"Yeah that's it." She stepped closer to see it better, and he could smell fresh soap on her skin. "Do they come in white?" A little grin at that comment traced across her full lips.

"I think so, how many do you need?" he asked as he squatted down to the shelf again. He could feel his dick starting to act up again, and all this up and down wasn't helping.

She told him four so he grabbed four of the white swag hooks. Before he stood up this time he made the mistake of looking straight at her waist.

He hadn't seen it before because her belly mostly covered it. Now he saw that she wore a silver belt buckle with a barrel racer on it beneath the word CHAMPION. She must have won it a while ago. Not many horses would be able to carry her voluptuous bulk around very quickly these days. Almost at the same time, he noticed a series of shiny spots along her belt. That silver buckle had been steadily moving to the far end of the belt. It was a clear record of a slow and steady weight gain across a number of years. The same type of weight gain his wife had experienced. His cock continued to swell at that thought.

"Did you find what you were looking for?" Her voice made him realize that he was staring. His cheeks burned as he stood up and handed the hooks to her.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare..." At least he wasn't stammering. He was astonished to see her smiling sweetly at him.

"Don't worry about it!" she said. "Some of us fat girls don't mind a little male attention, y'know?" She took her swag hooks from him. As she started away, she smiled back at him and said "And you don't have to be so shy about it. I think it would do us big gals a lot of good to know just how many good looking men really do like us!" She turned off the aisle and walked out of his sight.

He smiled for a moment to himself, partly out of embarrassment. But also because she had told him that he wasn't alone. There were a lot of guys out there who liked big women. So there had to be some out there who liked for women to gain weight as well. It made sense, after all...

He bought his handle and walked next door to the pizza buffet.