Weight Room Title Bar

The Stripper
by MJM

David literally had to drag me in to the place. I fought all the way.There never had been a titty bar anywhere that pleased me and this one couldn'tbe any different. Boy was I wrong. After paying the ten buck cover chargewhich seemed a little steep, I noticed that the door girl was probably theplumpest door girl I had ever seen. She smiled broadly when she handed mechange from my twenty, naturally all in ones. On the counter was a halfa box of Twinkies that also contained about ten ones. A sign on the boxread, "Door girls need tips too!" What the hell, I pitched ina buck and turned to go in behind David but the door girl said "Hey,what about the Twinkie?"

"No thanks, I don't like them."

She laughed and said "New comer" as she unwraped and bit intoa Twinkie.

The place was incredibly dark. We took a table in the corner. The stagewas empty so the only thing to do was to try and get accustomed to the darknessand wait for our waitress. From behind me I heard, "Hi, I'm Sheryl.What can I get you boys." I turned to see the fattest titty bar waitressI had ever seen. She was a knockout. I was too taken aback to speak so Davidordered for us,

"Two beers, please."

"Cash or plastic?" she asked.

"Plastic" David said as he threw down his platinum card. Damnhe was proud of that thing.

Sheryl's eyes sparkled when she saw it, scooped it up and waddled off sexilyto get our drinks and start a tab. When she returned, she returned David'scard, set down our drinks and lowered her tray for David's inspection. Onher tray was an assortment of treats, Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Ho Ho's, etc.David looked up at Sheryl and asked, "What's your favorite?" Sherylgiggled, "I guess Ding Dongs but I just had one so how about Twinkies."David looked at our two beers and said "I guess this is a two Twinkieorder" and began to unwrap one.

I sipped my beer in amazement as David fed Sheryl that Twinkie. While shechewed and swallowed the last bite, David unwraped the second Twinkie whichhe then fed to her. As she chewed and swallowed she said, "God I'mglad you boys showed up. I thought I was gonna' starve to death. Some customerscan be awfully cheap." Sheryl waddled off seductively as the musicstarted.

The fattest stripper I had ever seen waddled out on stage and began tostrut her stuff. As I watched, too stunned to even get my beer up to mymouth, David rose from his chair and headed for the stage. He walked overto the edge of the stage. When the dancer saw him and the two bucks he heldin the air, she waddled over towards him. At the stage railing, she pusheda button which caused the stage to lower. When she was finally eye to eyewith David, he put the two dollars into a can on the table which was mountedon the stage. The dancer continued to undulate provocatively. David reachedfor and unwraped a couple of Twinkies from the assorted treats surroundingthe money can. The dancer opened her mouth, never missing a beat and Davidfed her the Twinkies.

After she had gobbled the Twinkies she kissed him on the cheek and pushedthe button for the stage to rise. David returned to our table. Sheryl cameback over to check on us. David ordered another round and asked "IsJill working today?" "Yes she is but she just finished four tabledances in a row so she's in the back resting. Do you want me to ask herto come over if she can manage it?" Sheryl replied. "Please"said David.

I continued to watch the dancer as one after another customer came overto "tip" her and feed her. Sheryl returned with our drinks. Sheheld the tray for David but he declined and said "It's his turn"while pointing at me. I nervously picked up a Twinkie and held it up forSheryl. She bit into it and smiled. Two Twinkies vanished promptly. Sherylturned to David and said, "You want me to put it on your tab too?""Please and bring me some "Dance Dollars" a hundred shoulddo." he said.

A beautiful big tittied brown eyed brunette butterball came over to ourtable and smiled broadly at David. He stood and kissed her passionatelyand pulled back a chair for her sit. He introduced me to Jill and we shookhands. Sheryl came over with David's "Dance Dollars" and countedthem out for him. She started to leave but David caught her arm and said,"What, no tip." Sheryl smiled and held out her tray. David pickedup five Twinkies and fed them to her one at a time. She thanked him andleft while getting Jill's order.

Jill eyed the small pile of "Dance Dollars" and said "Ihope those are for me but not all at once. A table of four assholes hadme do four dances back to back and I'm still about to explode." Sheproceeded to massage her big belly.

Sheryl returned with a tall creamy drink for Jill made out of 8 ouncesof pure cream and one ounce of Tia Maria. Jill began to sip her drink. Thedancer on stage was just finishing her last number. I had lost count butit looked like she pulled about twenty bucks out of the can before waddlingoff stage. The music died and Jill said to me, "Bobbi's up next. She'snew. You will not believe the ass on this girl. David's a boobs and bellyman so I'm not jealous." Then turning to David she said, "I thinkI could manage a table dance if you're ready for one." "Baby,I'm always ready." David replied as he counted out ten "DanceDollars" and handed them to Jill. She put them into her purse and wavedat Sheryl.

Sheryl brought over a cart loaded with goodies. Jill pointed at the boxof Ding Dongs. David picked up the box and tore into it. The music startedand a girl with almost the biggest ass I had ever seen waddled out on stage.David winked at Jill pointing a thumb my direction and said, "He'san ass man. That's it for him." And he was right. Jill began to dancefor David and he began to feed her Ding Dongs and the next thing I knowI'm standing by the stage holding a five dollar bill in the air for MissAss. I didn't even remember standing up.

She came over and lowered the stage. I dropped my money in the can andstarted to reach for some Twinkies but Miss Ass shook her head and said"The Pink Snowballs" as she held up her hand and showed me fivefingers. I grabbed up five of them and tore into them. She smiled as I fedher the first one. She closed her eyes and a far away dreamy expressioncame over her like she had just entered heaven. One after the other, I fedher the Pink Snowballs. She kissed me on the lips. Now I looked like I hadjust entered heaven.

I reached into my pocket for more money but a big bastard behind me said,"Hey, you shot your wad already. Now it's my turn." If I'd hada few more beers, I would have challenged the big SOB but instead I juststepped aside and went back to my table. David had just stuck the last DingDong into Jill's mouth. They both smiled at me and then at each other. Jillgave David another passionate kiss, flopped into her chair and began tomassage the sides of her bursting belly. Jill sipped her drink and said"Her name is Alyce. She likes you I can tell because she let you feedher Pink Snowballs. She's got a special thing for them and you're the onlycustomer that's ever gotten to feed her any."

My dick was rock hard; I was perspiring and nervous as a cat. I waved forSheryl. She came over and smiling largely asked if I needed anything. Ihanded her my corporate green card, damn the CPA and the IRS, and said,"We need another round for the three of us plus a drink for Alyce,whatever she drinks. I need two hundred "Dance Dollars" and atruck load of Pink Snowballs." Sheryl laughed naughtily and waddledoff.

The second song was just starting when Sheryl returned with the drinks,my "Dance Dollars" and a cart loaded with Pink Snowballs. I wasin such a rush to get back to the stage that I almost forgot to tip Sherylbut as I turned to her she said "Go ahead. Catch me when you closeout." I kissed her cheek and headed for the stage. I arrived just asa guy started to feed Alyce a Ho , at least it wasn't a Pink Snowball.

Alyce smiled at me as I stepped up and offered her the creamy drink I held.She accepted and took a long pull on the straw sucking down about half.I held up five "Dance Dollars" and put them into the can. I startedto reach for the Pink Snowballs and looked to Alyce for her approval. Shenodded and smiled and opened her mouth wide. Before I realized it, I hadfed her all five. She sucked down the rest of her drink and handed me theglass. As she kissed me, she hit the button that raised the stage and itstarted to go up. Our kiss ended with me on tiptoes.

I continued to stand at the side of the stage as the music faded. Alycethrew me a kiss and pointed at my table. I went back catching Sheryl onthe way, handed her Alyce's empty and asked her for another. I returnedto our table and found David and Jill in a lip lock that lasted forever.Eventually, their lips parted and I felt a pair of soft chubby hands onmy shoulders, it was Alyce. I rose and greeted her. We exchanged names andas I pulled out a chair for her I realized that she was too wide for thechair. Thank God for Sheryl because there she was with a much bigger chair.

I moved the little chair out of the way and held the bigger chair for Alyce.Sheryl set down Alyce's drink while asking if we needed anything. Everyonewas fine so before leaving, she pushed the cart of Pink Snowballs closerto me and winked at me. Alyce said, "Looks like my buddy Jill has beentelling tales on me." Jill started to apologize but Alyce cut her off."Hey, I'm not mad but it looks somebody's eyes and wallet are biggerthan my gut" she said as she patted her
more than ample belly.

Alyce did a table dance for me every other song with Jill doing one forDavid every third. The afternoon wore on and it was getting near quittingtime for both Jill and Alyce. I had way too many beers and Jill was alsoplastered. Only David and Alyce were sober enough to be reasonable. WhileDavid pulled at me to go, Alyce pulled at Jill. "Come on bud, it'stime to go, you're drunk and it's quitting time for the girls." Davidsaid. "But I'm not finished. I won't go." was my reply.

"Come on Jill, you're drunk and I need to take you home." saidAlyce. "No, I won't go. I love him." Jill protested. "Jill,get a grip on yourself. He's probably married to a skinny society bitchwith three kids. You know it's just for the afternoon." said Alyceas she pulled Jill away. David held me by the arm and kept me at the table.The girls vanished and Sheryl came over with our bar tabs. While David signedquickly, it took me awhile to figure out what to do. David had been smartenough to tip Sheryl as he went but I stared at a $300 charge and realizeda 20% tip would have been sixty bucks. What the hell, I added on the sixtyand signed my name.

Sheryl looked at the tip and smiled. She waddled off quickly and returnedwith the biggest cheesecake I had ever seen and set it on the table. I wastoo drunk to feed her so Sheryl dug in. Sheryl was still gobbling cheesecakeas David escorted me outside for some fresh air.

In David's SL, I ranted and raved about being in love and all. "Look,she's probably terminally married to a guy that bitches constantly abouther weight and pisses off her money on drugs and abuses their kids. Youknow what goes on in those places is not real. It's all just a fantasy.Don't you think I'd be just as looney as you if I thought otherwise. Jillis the girl of my dreams but I know it's just a fantasy and she's just anactress playing a part for the money. That's all." David said sharply.

God, those words stung in my ears and burned me in my heart. He was probablyright but I prayed he was wrong.

"You stupid bitch. Don't you know that guys who come to strip jointsare just in there for the fantasy and we're only there to provide the stimulus."Alyce scolded. "But I really do love him. And it's not just the boozetalking. He's the one I've been looking for all my life." sobbed Jill.

"If I thought there was a chance for me and Nick and well, you know.But it doesn't happen. Customers don't give dancers a second thought afterthey stumble out the door and return to their wives and families. That'sjust how it is. We're just an afternoon excursion into a fantasy and thenit's over. We do it for the money and the treats and the attention and thenwe go home to our families." Alyce said sadly.

"What fuckin' families. I don't have a family except for you and you'realmost as alone as I am. If it weren't for your aunt in the rest home you'dbe an orphan just like me." wailed Jill. "Hey, I got other family.We just don't get along" replied Alyce. "And never will untilyou get thin and that won't happen unless you get AIDs." Jill said.

"Yeah, I guess you're right but man Alyce is the girl of my dreams.Can you imagine how big that ass of her's would get on a steady diet ofunlimited Pink Snowballs." I said as the fresh air from driving withDavid's top down. "Or how big a gut Jill would get if there were anendless supply of Ding Dongs going into her." David retorted. We drovesilently in our fantasies.

David dropped me off at my office where my Jag was parked. He inquiredabout me driving home. I walked a straight line for him and recited a tonguetwister to his satisfaction so he drove away. I loved the sound of thosetwelve cylinders and wished that Alyce were beside me gobbling Pink Snowballs.The drive home was quick and I was greeted at the door by Carol. She hadjust gotten back from an aerobics class and was still perspiring.

She could tell I had been out drinking and the lipstick smeared on my faceand collar drove her insane. One of the best fights we ever had becauseshe was so upset that she blurted out the affair she'd been having witha guy from class who was also helping her to trim down. "Don't letthe door hit you in the ass on the way out!" was my last comment. Itdidn't take her long to pack her stuff and she was out of there like shewas shot from a cannon. As soon as I heard her tires squealing down thestreet, I called David.

David was not very sympathetic. "I told you from the very beginningthat it was a mistake lettin' her move in with you. I knew she was justplaying you. They're all like that. How many women have promised to becomeimmobile but just as soon as they get their pantyhose hung up to dry inthe bath tub they would start in on some fuckin' diet?"

I started to call out names from my past. David cut me off at ten "Itwas a rhetorical question putz." "Well, what's the answer Mr.Know-It-All?" I asked. "You got me. I guess we just have to keepjackin' off to our fantasies. Go to bed and forget about Carol. Call metomorrow." David said and hung up. I listened to the silence for afew moments and made my way to the shower and then bed.

Alyce and Jill waddled into their tiny two bedroom apartment and flippeda coin to see who got to bathe first. Luckily, Jill won because she wasstill quite blasted and would have passed out waiting for her turn. WhileJill showered, Alyce gazed at her profile in the mirror. Her gut was bulgingout bigger than ever from all the Pink Snowballs. Her huge ass made a shelfand as her ex ol' man used to say, "Damn, bitch, you could walk aroundwith a six pack on it" but of course today she could probably carrya case.

"You think Nick and David will be back tomorrow?" Jill calledfrom the shower still slurring her words a bit. "I sure hope so, weneed the money." Alyce replied. "We always need money" Ijust want to see David and I know you want to see Nick. How long has itbeen for you? I moved in after your ol' man moved out and that was a coupleof weeks ago. You must be about as hard up for a man as I am and I'm justabout to do the two finger waltz myself." Jill said in a vulgar tone."I wish you wouldn't talk like that. You know how Pink Snowballs effectme." Alyce responded.

Soon it was Alyce's turn in the shower. Jill went straight to bed and passedout. Alyce removed the Water Pik Pulsating Shower Massage and turned theknob to pulse. She lowered the nozzle and let the pulsating warm water stimulateher clitoris and began to squeeze one of her nipples. The pulsating waterbegan to work its magic and she began to fantasize about a giant Pink Snowballthe size of a car. Nick was there in her fantasy pushing the giant pinkdelight towards her and she began to gobble. She began to orgasm and silentlycalled out, "Oh, God, Nick feed me". Luckily there was a sturdyhand rail in the shower or she would have fallen but she held on for dearlife.

Alyce fell asleep quickly and dreamed sweet dreams that she did not rememberthe next morning.

"David, this is Nick. Did I wake you?" I said. "No of coursenot, I'm always up at, ah, oh God, 5:18 in the morning. What are you fuckingcrazy. Call me at the office." David growled. "Don't hang up.I haven't slept all night. I'm really wired. Do you think Alyce liked me?"I said beggingly. "You moron. Of course she does. She loves you. Yourmoney is the greenest she's ever had." David said. "David, stopit. I'm being serious. I'm in love and I'm gonna' have her with or withoutyour help." I said. "OK, OK. My help? What am I supposed to do?"David said. "I want you to go to the club today and talk to Jill. Findout Alyce's feelings and then let me know what she says" I instructed.

"I can't twist off another day at the club and...." David triedto say but I cut him off "You have more free time than I do. You'renot drillin', your royalty checks are deposited directly into your account.What do you have to do? Look at another bunch of bad deals just so you canturn them down. You can do that on your way to the shitter" "Whydo you think I could get better information from Jill than you could getdirectly from Alyce?" David asked. "Because Jill loves you andI know it because she told me and she told Alyce." I answered. "Youcan't trust 'em, any of 'em, but strippers are worse than the rest. Theyjust lead you along by your dick like a pull toy and then when they've squeezedyou for all they can, they break your heart and move on to the next poorbastard to fall for their bullshit" David said but finished with "But,for you, I'll make the big sacrifice and go to the club." and hungup.

Alyce brought Jill an Alka Seltzer which she gulped down and then belchedloudly. "What's for breakfast?" Jill asked as she handed Alyceback the empty glass and began to struggle out of bed. "I didn't feellike cooking so I went to MacDonald's" Alyce replied. Jill followedAlyce into the tiny kitchen and plopped down at the table piled high withbags. Jill dug in and so did Alyce. Few words were spoken. The girls justgobbled breakfast sandwiches until they were both quite stuffed. Alyce stoodup first and went to take a shower.

While Alyce showered, Jill gobbled a bit more and said "I bet Nickis at the club today." "Why do you think that?" Alyce asked."He's in love. I can tell." Jill replied. "He's in lust,not love and his wife probably kicked the shit out of him for coming homedrunk and then belittled him in front of the kids so the last thing on hismind is the club. We won't be seeing him again." Alyce said mattera factly. "Well, I hope David is back soon. I really do love him evenif there is no chance for us since like you say he probably is married withkids but I still love being with him." said Jill. Sheryl entered thedressing room at the club where Jill and Alyce were finishing their make-up."David's here and..." Sheryl began to say but was interruptedby Jill, "Tell him I'll be right out as soon as I finish my make-up""He wants to see Alyce" Sheryl responded reluctantly. Tears beganto well in Jill's eyes and she quickly began to dab her eyes with a tissueso as not to ruin what she had been working at for so long but it was nouse. The tears ran down her plump cheeks as Alyce waddled out to meet David.Sheryl comforted Jill as she sobbed.

David smiled broadly and offered Alyce an extra wide chair. Alyce smiledback meekly. "We don't know each other very well but I've got a seriousproblem and you can help me." David began as Alyce listened intently."Nick is my best friend and I don't want him to get hurt again. I can'tseem to convince him that this is all fantasy. He sent me here to talk toJill to find out your feelings about him but I'm talking to you." "Whatdo want me to do?" Alyce asked. "Look, over time, after you'vebled him for all you can, eventually he'll figure out the truth and he'llwind up with a broken heart once again. So just tell me how much money youwant to leave him alone." David said rudely.

Alyce stared at David as he pulled out his check book and said, "Everyfucking red cent to your name and then jam that check in your ass."David looked shocked. "Do you honestly think that I was just leadinghim on for the money? Yeah, we work for money and we don't turn it downbut we need the money and you and Nick have so much that you won't missit. Do you have any idea how much money it costs Jill and I just to liveand to work here. Breakfast at MacDonald's cost us almost forty bucks.Our outfits have to custom made and they're not cheap. Do you think weenjoy doing table dances for a bunch of prick frat brothers who say 'hey,lets go see if we can make a fat girl explode'? No we don't, we do it tosupport us so that we might meet someone like Nick. Jill is in the dressingroom crying her eyes out because you didn't ask for her not because shewants your fuckin' money, because she loves you. How many treats did shelet you stuff into her yesterday? Do you think she risked a ruptured stomachfor the money, you asshole? She did it because she loves you. She wouldlet you try to shove a Twinkie the size of a bus into her because she lovesyou, period." Alyce proclaimed.

David followed her into the dressing room with the bouncer on him likea tick on a hound dog. The head lock the bouncer had on David made it difficultfor him to call to Jill. Through her tears Jill said, "Let him go Bruno.It's OK" Bruno released his hold on David but did not leave. "Really,it's OK. We need a few minutes." she said. Bruno lumbered away. "Idon't know how to ever learn to believe your love for me but I'm willingto try." David declared. They fell into a long passionate embrace.Alyce cried happy tears for Jill and David but the moment was destroyedby the blinking light which meant she was up.

The music started but the stage was unusually dark. As she stepped outon stage, the lights came up. In the middle of the stage, sat a Pink Snowballthe shape and size of an Eskimo Igloo and across it was written in darkpink frosting "Will you marry me? All My Love, Nick". Nick steppedfrom behind the giant Pink Snowball and held out his arms. As Alyce quicklywaddled towards Nick, she slipped and together they fell into and sunk downinto the giant Pink Snowball. Between their kisses you could hear her repeatingover and over "YES. YES." Jill and David emerged from the dressingroom locked in a lover's embrace and headed for the EXIT.

The bartender owner manager, Phil, finished wiping down a bottle of Scotchand said to Bruno, "Hand me the Phone" which Bruno did withouta comment. Phil pushed the first speed dial button on the phone and waited."Hello, is this the Herald? This is Phil at Feed 'er Lounge. Yeah,I need you run my 'help wanted' ads again. Thanks, Bye." Phil hungup the phone and turned to Bruno saying "It's a damn good thing I'mnot in this for the money" Bruno grinned back his agreement and resumedfeeding a layer cake to a big bellied waitress named Stephanie.

Loosely based on an experience a friend of mine (who shall remain nameless)had with his feedee wife, who willingly went from 320 lbs. to 642 in only3 and a half years. Last I heard she was up
around 730 with no intentions of stopping. Lucky Guy - I can only dream!