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Stuffing Time
by TheSeahors

It was while she was getting ready to stuff her turkey for her holiday feast that she got the idea. The bird was a beauty, a 25-pounder that would prove to be just a wonderful centerpiece to her holiday dinner. She lived alone, and preferred it that way...at least, most of the time. She occasionally wished for some companionship, male or female, that could appreciate her for who she was, and her views on what excited her sexually. And then there was the feeding...she had always been comfortable with her body, and it fit her just fine.

At 5'5", short brown hair, blue eyes, she looked like a compact yet soft bundle of energy...except for her belly. That was her crowning glory, that which she took the most pride in. She found out early on in her life that, when she gradually began to put on weight in her early adolescence, it almost all tended to settle in her belly region. At first, she was not sure if she would like it that way, as she imagined problems fitting clothes, getting dates, and other worries of other normal teenage girls. But then, after a few relationships that went nowhere for her, emotionally or mentally, she decided that she was her own best friend, and could get along just fine without any personal attachments. Well, except for her cat, Ophelia, that is.

Her life and adventures as a feedee had always been a private issue for her, and, although it certainly became public when she went out into the outside world, her body shape was of her design, and the extremes she sometimes went to in filling it out were her business alone. She loved to get comfy at home, preferably in bed, spread her legs apart to allow for expansion, and then start filling herself with food. She currently possessed a 54" belly, almost all out front, and she loved feeling that familiar euphoria as the hormones would kick in as she would stuff herself, slowly, with each taste of food. Soon she would feel her tummy filling out, and it would be all pleasure from there. Ah, the life of a feedee...

Her attention was drawn back to her project at hand. She had been preparing the stuffing mix for her bird, and noticed that it used a new kind of bread for the stuffing. With everything going miniaturized and concentrated these days, like laundry detergents, it's a wonder it took this long to get to food, she supposed. According to the instructions on the side of the package, only a minuscule amount of the breadcrumbs were needed to stuff a relatively large turkey. It seemed that, when water was added to the bread crumbs, they would swell over twenty times their original size with water and turkey juices, producing a perfectly stuffed turkey with a minimum of effort. A small fire had been lit then in some dark recess of her mind, and she could feel the flame begin to burn into a white-hot pinpoint of sexual energy within her. She arched her eyebrow without really thinking about it, and kept looking between the stuffing box, and the turkey. Then the bread crumbs in the bowl, and the box. Absently, she rubbed her belly through the stretchy workout jumper that she loved to wear, because it provided form-fitting snugness with no constriction, allowing her belly to move where it wanted to. She left the turkey right where it was on the counter, along with all the fixings in their respective bowls, put her coat on, and left for the grocery store. Ophelia had all she could do to keep herself from devouring the turkey where it stood on the counter.


When she returned some forty minutes later, she had just about bought out the store's supply of the stuffing mix. She remembered the details only vaguely, as her sexual flush was beginning to dominate her thinking more and more. She did remember telling a distinctly nosy clerk that she worked for the local homeless shelter and that she needed all the stuffing mix to prepare meals for them all. She also vaguely swiping her ATM card through the reader at the checkout, and driving home with her new treasure. But now that she had returned home, the turkey on the countertop would just have to wait.

She quickly pushed all of her meal items out of the way, and took out the bulk family-sized boxes of stuffing mix out of her grocery bag. She avoided the requisite bags of seasoning mix, as she wasn't interested in any of the spice. She proceeded to place a few bags of the magic, tiny breadcrumbs in a mixing bowl, then beat them and mashed them and disintegrated them into a fine powder. She was amazed at how far she could actually reduce their bulk. What was apparently the amount necessary to stuff a 20-pound turkey ground down to only about a quarter cup when she was done. Oh, this would do just fine, she thought...just fine indeed. She kept adding bags of breadcrumbs, and kept grinding.


An hour later, she was prepared. What had been a flurry of activity, what with the tearing off of boxtops, and the grinding of the breadcrumbs, and the pouring into an ever-filling large mixing bowl, had now given way to a slower, more relaxed pace. She had the means of her journey...now it was time to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

She tidied up in the kitchen, putting the turkey back into the fridge, and putting all the chopped-up vegetables into little plastic bags, to be used some other time, and putting peeled potatoes into little Tupperware containers. She neatly stored all the half-emptied boxes of stuffing mix into the trash compactor, and threw the switch. All that finished, she fed Ophelia, gave her a new bowl of fresh water, then left the water at the sink running while she rummaged around in the kitchen cabinets until she found what she had hoped would be there -- a large, two-gallon water pitcher. She filled it under the tap with cool, but easily drinkable water, then brought it into her bedroom, where she put it on a night table by her bed. She then came back to the kitchen, and retrieved her bowl of stuffing powder. Enough to fill a one-gallon container dry. She took a loaf of bread out of the breadbox with her at the last minute. This meal's going to need a little more palatability.


Once in her bedroom, she shut the French doors that entered in on it, and secured them. Ophelia mewled once or twice at being left out of the fun, but she eventually gave up the fight, and went to settle herself by the patio door, to enjoy the last remaining rays of sunlight, and to perhaps catch a quick nap.

Now then, determination was key here. She knew that what she needed to do would take much concentration. She had to eat all of this breadcrumb powder dry if this were to work at all. That was where the loaf of bread would come in. She knew she couldn't drink any water until she was all done. She didn't know how her own inner body fluids would affect the powder. She would have to chance it, and see how it would go. She started at her task. She propped her pillows up behind her, sat up with her legs slightly apart, and then felt a small chill, so she covered up her legs with the topmost comforter on the bed. She meditated for a moment, massaging her belly for the work ahead, and its glorious conclusion. Then, she took a piece of bread from the loaf, poured some of the breadcrumb powder on it, then folded it in half. She took a big bite of it and almost gagged...how dry! For a moment, she thought that this might be a desperately stupid idea. How did she even believe that she could consume all this, and then finish off her plan? She sat there, with half of her sandwich in her mouth, feeling the bread soften up and become a little more sweet as the starch turned to sugar. She hesitated just a moment, then swallowed. Not so bad, not so bad...this is doable. After a moment's rest, she took out another piece of bread, and repeated the ritual. By her fourth piece of bread, she was on her way to her goal.


As she progressed, she found two things were happening simultaneously. She got to be better at stuffing more of the powder onto her bread slices as she went, which made for a quicker way to devour the powder, and she found that, about midway through her journey, she could feel a definite weight and familiar fullness begin to build within her stomach. Just a reminder to her that she was being filled. Her id, ego, and superego had all duked it out inside her head a while back, and now she as being driven on by the pure euphoria of filling her belly, of stretching it to the limit. Nothing less would now satisfy it but total, full capacity. She chewed more and more, wolfing down more of her impromptu mixture...then, after a while longer, she ran out of bread. Oof...rubbing her belly, she could tell that it was now beginning to get quite packed in there. But how would she finish the rest of the powder? No time to worry about it now...she took the bowl containing what was left of the powder, and placed some into her mouth. Working up a bit of saliva, she found she could get it down, although at a slower pace than with the bread. A half hour later, she had met her first goal.


With great anticipation, she rubbed her belly. She could feel the stuffing crumbs inside her, and with what little moisture was in her stomach, it must have caused the food to expand just a bit. It was definitely more than a little tight in there, and she tentatively moved to the side of the bed, and stood up to test her balance. When she arose from the bed, her packed belly groaned a bit in protest. She felt like a very solid mass had lodged itself right under her skin, and was waiting for its final command. She sat back down on the bed, and began stroking slow circles around her belly, and underneath. She continued this for a few minutes, then settled herself back into the bed, this time bringing the large two-gallon container of water with her. She parted her legs a bit again, got settled in the pillows, then leaned her head back, bringing the lip of the container to her mouth. When the first bit of water passed over her lips, it felt as if she had never tasted water before. The ritual of downing all those sandwiches and then the powder by itself had left her wanting and craving water more than she ever had in her life. The first few sips were tentative, then she began drinking in long, slow gulps. She felt the slightly cool water rush down her insides, heading towards her stomach to meet with its ultimate goal. She felt the familiar bloating feeling beginning to occur as her tummy began to accept the water, and move out to accommodate it. Usually, it would remain there, sloshing back and forth if she moved herself from side to side. This time, however, the water did not remain in her belly for long, as it began almost immediately to be absorbed by the bread crumbs. She paused for a few moments, savoring this new feeling. Then, she continued drinking more and more water, until she had almost finished the whole container. Setting the almost-empty container on the night stand, she then slowly moved herself back to her reclining position, parted her legs again, and began rubbing her belly. She didn't have to wait long for the effects to be felt.

The breadcrumbs went immediately to work, soaking up the surrounding water, and increasing in bulk. Twice their initial capacity...three times...four times. She felt the familiar overstuffed feeling beginning to really take hold now. She soothed her belly from outside, but could feel it being packed like never before. It felt as if every inch of space in her stomach was being found and overfilled simultaneously. She began really feeling the meal then, and if she looked closely at her stomach, she could actually see it growing out in front of her. It was rounding out wonderfully, and feeling so stuffed, so packed. Ooh, she didn't want this to end! Her mind began drifting to her favorite fantasies then, and she was lost in sexual paradise. She saw herself being asked to participate in a fertility experiment to test a new drug, and being given too much, an overdose of hormones and whatnot. Oh no, the doctors told her...you aren't going to have twins like we thought, but...10 babies! No, no...20!! Her eyes rolled back at this thought, and a small, secret smile formed on her lips. Bedrest at 2 months...nothing to do but lay there and grow...grow...grow...her belly would be huge, her belly button would pop out like a turkey thermometer!

She opened her eyes then, and was amazed at the sight. She had indeed been associating the right animal for what she was feeling now. Her belly had swollen out to where she must have been at least 60 " around, and it showed no signs of slowing. She felt a tremendous pressure behind her navel, and then, with a sudden POP, her belly button went from an innie to an outie! Oh my God, she screamed in sensuous, long moans, as the feeling of her stretching like this was almost too good to bear. Her pussy was soaked now, and reaching down to massage her clit, she couldn't believe the amount of lubrication she was producing. As she worked her hand and fingers over the spots she loved the best, she could feel her belly growing right over top of her hand, pressing it down, as her belly pushed her hand into her soft, swollen, wine-colored folds. Oh my...she then flashed to a crazy vision then, one that at once seemed both childish but highly sexual at the same time. She was the holiday turkey, being stuffed, fuller and fuller. Her legs parted more and more as her belly screamed for more room. The stuffing was expanding at quite a rate now.

She estimated her belly at 75" around when, some minutes later, she decided to try and stand up. She had lost sight of her navel now, and was unable to see her toes anymore. Her belly sat up high and tight on her, while also dropping lower between her legs. When she swung her legs over the side of the bed to try and stand, she found she was more straddling her own belly than she could imagine. Sitting there on the edge, her legs were almost as far apart as to be uncomfortable, and this huge inflating ball of a stomach was all in between. Slowly attempting to stand, she caught her reflection in the full-length mirror she had on one wall of the room. She almost fell back on the bed from the sight. Her belly was far bigger than she had even thought, and the blood rushed to her head when she stood. It took her a few moments to gain her balance, and then she looked in the mirror, turning sideways for the profile shot. There she was, a 5'5" woman, with a belly that started almost directly under her breasts now, and rounded out high and far, dropping almost down to her knees before disappearing in a big arc back up under her waistline. The workout suit was having all it could do just to keep everything intact on her without splitting. The fabric was stretched so much as to be almost translucent. She loved this feeling, and this look! She must have actually grown to about 80 or 85 " around! She arched her back a bit, and the spandex gave way from underneath with a long, popping, ripping sound. With the switch in gravity, she needed to sit down, as her belly came rolling out of the bodysuit.

Scooting her bulk back onto the bed, she slowly and cautiously inched her way back to a position where she could have her back against the wall. Then, at the last moment, she decided to see what it would look like to lie down on her back, and did that instead. Giggling lustily, she pulled the covers over top of her, and caught herself in the mirror again, now looking like someone trying to hide a small weather balloon under the sheets. She marveled at her new form, and could still feel the food in her stretching what more it could find to stretch. She literally felt ready to explode. She had never been this full before, this wholly packed. If she rolled off the bed now, that would be it for her. Her pussy ached to be touched though, and she arched her back on the bed, and angled around to where she could just reach herself under a corner of her inflated belly. She rubbed and rubbed, moaning in pleasure occasionally, and then would rest for a few minutes, savoring this feeling of being the world's largest pregnant woman, the largest stuffed turkey ever.

Her mind raced with pictures she'd love to take, men and women doing to her things that were almost universally orgiastic...but always involving stuffing her with food, while hands roamed over her tummy, stroking it, massaging it, rubbing it with lotion. Oh yes, this was her erogenous zone, and always would be. She felt the orgasms building now, and she began feelings the ripples of the first one starting its journey through her as she laid there, unable to do anything but roll her massive belly from side to side as she shook in ecstasy from the effort. She imagined clothes that she'd wear, popping off her at the belly button by delicious button, zippers popping, seams stretching then bursting. She felt every bit the Earth Mother then, wanting to be all-inclusive in her fertility, all-
filled, all one.

She got up enough strength to roll to one side, and through trial and error, worked herself up until she could roll onto the bed stomach-down. Her arms were on either side of her, but were far from touching the bed when she reached down. The inside of her legs near her knees were cradling the bottom of her belly now, and as she softly rubbed them up against the sides of her belly, she orgasmed again and again. She was up off the bed a few feet now, and the pressure on her stomach was tremendous. She felt ready to split apart, and her breath came in short, halting pants, especially as each orgasm worked through her body. She reached down with both arms now, and found her breasts, rolling the nipples with her fingers under they swelled with pleasure, becoming full and fat just like she now was. She then scooped down under her belly on the mattress, and just crouched there, hugging herself, both with her arms up top, and with her knees down below. She was now close to 100" around.

After a while, she grew tired of her position, and slowly rolled, first to her side, noting that she occupied almost three-quarters of the bed with her tummy sticking out so, and then, she made it to her back. As the fat settled around her, she was at last content. She was as packed as she could possibly get. There was no way she could move off the bed until the food took its course through her, though she would worry about that later. She knew that she could bring herself to a raging orgasm whenever she wished just by rubbing her legs against the side of her overstuffed middle, or by teasing her nipples, or even by just thumping her big bass drum of a belly now. Her skin looked shiny and felt stretched out to its limit. There was nothing to do but sit back and enjoy it while it lasted...

Until the thirst took her over, and as she reached for the container, she had somewhat of an idea what might happen, but she could no longer stand it. She tilted the opening to her lips, then drained the rest of the container. As she drifted off to her ecstasy-laden sleep, she could almost hear the doctors as they told her, my dear, we didn't tell you to take the whole prescription at once...how could we ever possibly deliver this many kids? She, the holiday turkey, was stuffed to the gills, and was about to explode in a rush of hormones and adrenaline. If she survived, she promised herself she'd never eat turkey again. Just then, her belly passed 110", and began surpassing her ankles...