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Susan Hits it Big
by William Charles

The sun was streaming through the bedroom window when Susan Bowles awoke. She rolled over at looked at the clock, and saw it was a little before nine. She rubbed her eyes and looked at the empty place beside her. It was Monday, so Bob had already gone to work at the high school. She sat up slowly and turned back to the bed table and poured herself a cup of coffee from the coffeemaker that Bob had placed there, and opened her small bedside refrigerator to have a small snack before arising. She selected a piece of cheese cake and munched it as she sat in bed, the crumbs coming to rest on her breasts and belly. She turned back to the coffee, added 3 spoonfuls of sugar and a big drollop of cream and slowly drank to down. Having so fortified herself, Susan swung her enormous legs over the side of the bed and struggled to rise to her feet.

This was no easy feat, because the bed was low, and it took a considerable effort to raise Susan's 450 plus pounds to a standing position, but she managed and grabbed her robe, wrapping it carefully around her swelling, jiggling, double hung belly. The robe was old, worn and too small for its task, but Susan had never gotten around to replacing it. Susan moved to the door of the bedroom, and squeezed herself through the door. She hated living in this trailer, where every thing was too small for her, but it was all they could afford. Bob did his best to make things nice for her, like with the extra large whirlpool tub he had installed by combining the spare bedroom and the old bathroom, but the fact remained that the place was just too small for a woman of her dimensions. Well anyway the bathroom was nice.

Susan waddled off to the kitchen, her belly undulating slightly as she walked. She picked up a plate of pastries and a couple of cans of Coke and headed off for her morning bath. Relieving herself was not an easy task for a woman of Susan's size, but the remodeled bathroom made that easier. Bob had created a raised toilet with an extra wide seat and handrails on either side. They had also installed a bidet to help with personal hygiene, but it had never worked right and they had given up on it, so now she just used a squeeze bottle of water to clean down under her belly when she was done.

Having finished with her personal hygiene, Susan moved to take her bath. She slowly lowered herself into the oversized tub and the water began to fill. The tub had cost them over $3,000.00 to install, and to fill it with hot water cost a small fortune, but her daily soak (or soaks, as she often took more than one) were one of Susan's favorite parts of the day. She leaned back against the tub and opened a Coke as the water slowly filled around her body. As the water filled Susan drank the coke, munched the pastries and thought about her day. It was Monday, and Susan had planned to go into town to visit her seamstress to be measured for some new clothes, as much of what she had was too small, and most of the remainder was worn.

Money was tight for her and Bob, and custom made clothes were expensive, but there was no way that Susan could wear ready made clothes, except for the most shapeless of tent dresses, and those she refused to wear. Susan was extremely fat, but she was determined to be well dressed, and though it was expensive, Bob supported her desires as best he could on a school teachers salary.

It wasn't just her 450 plus pounds (actually she was now close to 490, but hadn't been near a scale in months and didn't know it) that made Susan hard to fit, it was also the way it was distributed. Unlike many fat women, Susan was neither barrel shaped nor large breasted. In fact her breasts, although by no means tiny, were small in relation to her overall size and her hips and thighs, though massive enough were over matched by her enormous, immense, spreading belly. Although she measured 58 inches around the bust, her cup size was barely a C, and the breasts were lost on top of the huge mass of fat and gut that jutted out beneath them.

It began just below her shoulders, and fell in there successively larger rolls until it flared into her hips, the rear rolls laying on her buttocks and the front ones sagging downward supported by nothing until the made contact with her thighs. It was an unusual feature, but Bob loved it and Susan, although at first unhappy with it had come to like it herself and loved clothes that showed her body off. Her favorites were her tight, hip hugging blue jeans (made with double stretch material, and tight silk dresses that clung to her and showed off every ripple and roll. For ordinary wear she wore more practical clothes, but she still liked them cut to show what was beneath them (there was also her collection of swim suits, but that's another story).

Susan finished her pastries and her 2 Cokes, and then took the handshower and began to clean herself. She was extremely careful with her body, and carefully washed and rinsed each crease between her rolls of fat. It was difficult to clean well behind herself, but she did the best she could, knowing that Bob, who helped bathe her a couple of time a week would be sure and get them next time.

Susan loved Bob, and she was very dependent on him, financially, emotionally and physically. Bob loved her too, but currently they were not getting along all that well. In fact, they had fought all weekend, and although they had called a truce long enough to make love last night, they had settled nothing. The point of dispute was simple - Bob wanted her to go on a strict diet to try and gain another 100 to 150 pounds, and Susan wasn't sure she wanted to do it. It wasn't that the idea didn't interest her, it did, and she found the idea of being that fat exciting, but she wondered about the practicality of it. She already had trouble getting around, and that much extra weight would just make things tougher. It would also mean at least one, and perhaps two or three new wardrobes as she expended, not to mention the increased food costs. She wouldn't have minded it if they could hire domestic help to run the house, do the shopping etc, but there was no way they could afford that on what Bob made. Susan wanted out of this trailer - and could not imagine increasing her bulk by a third and remaining here. Then there was also the issue of children - Susan wasn't sure she wanted any, but she wasn't sure she didn't, and she was afraid that getting fatter would foreclose the possibility. Of she thought as she patted her stomach, I seemed to be getting fatter anyhow, if slowly, so it may not matter.

With that thought Susan pulled the plug and watch the water begin to drain from the tub. It was the day she got stuck in their old tub that led them to the decision to remodel the bathroom she thought. It had been so embarrassing - first the water dammed up behind her, and then she couldn't get out and had to wait until Bob came home to help her out. She had stayed there for over three hours, and that very night they began designing the new bathroom. If only they had the money - they could build the house they had dreamed of - the one built with a person of her size in mind. Well, Susan thought as she hit the button on the hydro lift that slowly raised her out of the tub at least I have the bathroom, even if it is stuck in a trailer.

Susan towelled off and dried her long, brown hair. Today she decided to wear it tied back, and fixed it in a pony tail. Then she carefully applied her makeup and selected her clothes, a red scooped neck tee shirt and khaki jumper. Having gotten dressed Susan moved to the kitchen for brunch before going out. She fixed herself half a pound of bacon, scrambled half a dozen eggs and put butter and jelly on four pieces of toast, and washed it down with a quart of milk and then headed out the door. Like the bedroom door, the front door of the trailer was too small for her, and Susan had to squeeze through it, but she did and went on down the steps to her car. Bob had rebuilt the steps for her - they were both wider and stronger then before, since the old ones had bent under her last summer. She went over to her car, a 1976 Cadillac two door and slid behind the wheel. Bob had fixed the car up for her, with a small steering wheel so her belly didn't get in the way, extended seatbelts so she could safely strap her self down and reinforced suspension so it didn't lean to one side. It was a nice car, but it had 120,000 miles on it, and was starting to show some wear.

She thought back to the argument that she and Bob had been having all weekend. She really wanted to make him happy, and the ideal thing to do would be to get pregnant, have the baby and then get serious about watching her weight increase. Susan knew that if she put her mind to serious eating she could gain between 10 and 20 pounds per month - her record was 22, but with their finances it just didn't seem possible. Of course Susan thought as she patted her tummy, I may already be pregnant. She had stopped the birth control pill because they had started to cause her problems, and her doctor had just said that's what you get for being so fat and had refused to give her any more, and Bob in the heat of passion had neglected his condemns more then once. Still she, wondered, where would we ever get the money?

With that thought Susan put that subject behind her and turned on the radio. On the way to see Barbara (her seamstress) she stopped for a dozen doughnuts and another coke. She ate two of them on the way and then went into see Barb. Barb was not only a great seamstress, she was a good friend and a fellow fatty. They ate the doughnuts (6 for Sue, 4 for Barb) and got down to business. Barb measured Susan (58, 66, 74) and fitted her for a pair of pants, a red silk dress and a new nightgown. The looked at a pattern for a new teddy, but Susan decided to wait on that. They decided to order lunch, so they had 3 large Pizzas delivered, along with 4 quarts of Coke and two large sub sandwiches. After they finished this (except for half a pizza which) went into the refrigerator) Barb told Susan about her new 500 pound capacity scale and they went off to weight each other. Susan was surprised to find that she was up to 487, and Barb although a bit thinner weighed in at 368.

Susan then told Barbara to call her when she needed to come back for a fitting and left. Weighting 487 bothered her a bit, because that was a 36 pound gain in 5 months. Now this was nothing compared to the way she had put weigh on when she was actively gaining, but she was trying to hold steady now, and was still picking up. Susan had always been heavy, but she had not really become massively fat until she had met Bob. Her weight had been steady around 450 for about 3 years, and now it was climbing again. The idea didn't exactly displease her, but the practicalities bothered her a little bit. Well, she thought, at least Bob will be happy with the news.

Susan needed to pick up some groceries and didn't feel like dragging her bulky body through the supermarket, so she headed off to the Midtown Supermarket. Midtown was her favorite store - they had a great selection and for 5% of the cost of the order they would pick it up for you and load into your car. They delivered too, but their trailer was not in their delivery area. Susan drove up and parked in the handicapped place (one advantage of the fact that doctors are fat bigots it that they consider being fat a handicap) and went inside. She went by customer service to pick up an order sheet, and then sat down in the deli restaurant and began to fill it out. Susan was thirsty after the Pizza, so she ordered a large milkshake to drink while she waited for her order. Susan was just finishing the milkshake when the boy brought her order. She gave him the keys to put it in the car, and headed off to pay for it.

Since all she had to do was to pay the tab for an order that had already been rung up, Susan headed for customer service. As she was standing at the counter, she noticed the sign advertising the state lottery, and saw that this weeks prize was $26,000,000.00. She thought, well its certainly a long shot, but it sure would be nice not to have to fight with Bob over money, so she decided to buy a ticket. But what numbers should she bet on? After a moments reflection, Susan bet on her weight, 4, 8, 7, her age 32, and her bust and waist sizes, 58 and 66. These should certainly be lucky numbers she thought.

Bob's car was there when Susan got home, so she left the groceries in the car and went inside. She discovered Bob already had dinner on, Quiche, green beans in cream sauce and biscuits, with an apple pie for desert. After Bob carried in the groceries Susan put them up. It was difficult for her to bend over, and even more difficult for her to get back up, so Susan always sat in a chair when putting things in the lower cupboards. She was done about the same time as dinner was, so they sat down to eat. When Susan declined seconds Bob asked her what was the matter - didn't she like the quiche she said no it is fine, but I'm worried about getting any bigger. She told him about having weighted herself and having gained 36 pounds. Bob just beamed with happiness but Susan started to protest, but only for a moment. Bob was up on her, his arms flung around her waist. He kissed her once, then again and again.. He reached under her shirt and undid her bra, allowing it to fall to the floor, and while rubbing her large free hanging breasts and belly began to guide her to the back of the house. They didn't bother to go all the way to the bedroom, but fell in a heap on the living room floor. Barely able to contain his ragging erection Bob peeled off Susan's jumper and underwear and began to kiss her belly as he licked and kissed his way down to her lovely bush, 3/4 concealed by the rolls of fat. With a practiced hand Bob lifted the rolls, slipped his face in and let them settle down on him, then after a while reversed position and laid on top of Susan.

Susan squealed with delight, and pulled up her belly with both hands as Bob slipped inside her thrusting for all he was worth against her. Suddenly he came and settled down on her with a look of exhausted satisfaction his face. After a moment they both realized the TV was on, and as Susan was kissing Bob and trying to caress him into another erection she heard the newscaster say that the winning numbers in today's state lottery are 4,8,7,32, 58, and 66. Susan yelled with delight and Bob asked her what was going on. With breathless delight she told him about the lottery ticket and told him now we can build the house we dreamed of and afford to hire some help to take care of it. Bob was excited to. They just cuddled on the floor a bit, thinking of all the planning the had to do. But the first thing they decided to do was pig out and then make love again. Bob led Susan to the kitchen, where she finished the leftovers from dinner while Bob placed an order for 5 large Pizzas and a case of beer. They came just as Susan was finishing the leftovers and Bob began feeding them to her piece by piece, washed down with plenty of beer until she protested that she could not hold another bite, but after massaging her bulging tummy they managed to cram in another half a pie. Then Bob helped her to her feet and led the way to the bedroom. Susan followed behind, feeling so stuffed that she could barely walk. While Susan went into the bathroom to freshen up Bob returned to the kitchen for the rest of the pizza and some more beer. Susan came out and laid on her back in the bed, and Bob climbed in with her. With one hand he gave a piece of pizza to Susan who muttered no, but then crammed it into her mouth anyway. Bob began to kiss and rub on Susan and he could not believe what he saw.. Her body was so stuffed with food that her belly seemed to be trying to stand up, at the same time its bulk tried to drag it down. Bob pushed it up to clear the way for him to make love to Susan again and she reached down with both hands to help. Bob slipped his throbbing organ into Susan and began to thrust. As he came once again he hugged Susan and whispered I can't wait until tomorrow. Susan hugged him back and said I can't either - and now all our dreams can come true To be continued ...