Weight Room Title Bar

by Drew

Prologue-NASA's first experimental asteroid mining satellite was due back today. It had been launched for the possibility of mining extraterrestrial sources of raw materials in Earth's orbit. The first target of this new technique was a recently discovered asteroid in lunar orbit, designated Asteroid X. This asteroid was suspected to be of extra-solar origin and contain many vital elements.

The mining of Asteroid X went as scheduled, and many samples were taken. Over fifty new elements were found in the core of the asteroid, and something else was also found. Something happened to the satellite and it exploded, shattering Asteroid X into thousands of pieces all heading for Earth, along with something special. The projected area of impact for these fragments was New York's Central Park.

It was another busy day in the life of Missy Spencer, her job at the restaurant had kept her so busy.

"I wish that I could get just one day to myself," Missy thought to herself. "If only I could have just one day to myself, just one day would be enough."

"Missy, is something wrong with you, you don't seem your usual happy self," Mr. Peters, the kindly manager, said to her.

"Its nothing, Mr. Peters. I just feel burdened down a little. I have been in New York for almost a year now and I haven't even really explored the city yet."

"My poor little Missy, take sometime off, enjoy the city, see the sites, and come back when you feel better."

"Oh thank you Mr. Peters."

"Missy, be careful, New York is very dangerous, and be careful tonight it is a full moon, the crazies are sure to be out tonight."

Missy was so happy she had all the time to do everything she had ever wanted to do since she came to New York. Where should she go first, there was so much to do, but then it came to her. All her life she had wanted to take a buggy ride through Central Park at night, and now this was her chance. She rushed home and took a long hot bath and dressed herself accordingly. It had always been her secret fantasy to be one of the story book princesses she had read about as a child. It was about 8 at night when she was finally ready, and she decided to call her friend Steve. Steve had been her best friend ever since they were 8 years old, had some with her to New Your to keep his eye on her , or so he said, but he wasn't home.

"Of all the nights for him to go out, he had to pick the one night when I could, but still I can't let that stop me," she said to herself as she got into the cab.

Central park was in full bloom, spring had just given way to summer, and it could not of been more beautiful. Missy got out of the cab and got into the most elegant looking coach she had ever seen in her life, she paid the driver and she was on her way, not realizing the strange light patterns in the sky above her.

The meteorite fragments of Asteroid X had been mostly destroyed upon entering Earth's atmosphere, but still one of these fragments made it all the way to the projected point of impact in Central Park. The fragment crashed into ground creating a gigantic tremor which overturned Missy's carriage and through her from it.

"Hey lady, it looks like you've fallen and you can't get up," one of the punks who emerged out of the bush said.

"Maybe you should help the nice lady out, what do you guys think?," the head punk asked his gang.

"No I don't think we should help her, but I do think that we should help ourselves, to her wallet, and maybe something else," another punk said as he scanned over Missy's fallen body. Her long black hair, deep jade eyes, ivory white skin, and soft and sexy body caught the attention of the gang.

"Good idea, I think that we might just do that."

"No," said the gang leader. "We have her money lets just dump her somewhere and get the hell out of her before the cops come."

"Yeah, lets throw her into that pit over there with that weird rock. We'll over her up with leaves and shit, maybe that rock's radioactive or something, maybe it will finish her off for us."

So the punks threw her body into the hole, hoping that radiation might kill her, but that rock was not radioactive. It contained a unique form of alien life, called a symbiant, a creature that bonds with its host organism and improves upon it. This creature was not like the simple symbiants of Earth, it possessed an intelligence all its own, but it needed a host and it bonded with the closest indigenous life form, Missy.

The next morning Missy was founded by a park cop doing his usual beat. He found Missy in ripped muddy clothing, and brought her to the closest hospital he could find. Over the next several days Missy lay in a deep coma, her vital signs fluctuating, her body was being altered and improved upon by her new companion. She eventually regained consciousness, made a statement to the police, and went home.

"Oh Missy, I was so worried about you, I didn't know what had happened to you, I was so scared. I thank God that you are alright, how do you feel?"

"I feel fine Steve, except I feel very hungry,"

Unknown to Missy or Steve the creature that had bonded with Missy had begun to take effect on and in her body. It was symbiotic which meant it takes from her and becomes a permanent part of her but it also gives back to her. The symbiant needed certain enzymes and nutrients from her body to survive, but it also increased her senses, agility, stamina, strength, healing, durability, intelligence, and many other aspects of her person, in addition to other abilities which no other human possessed. The symbiant could become any type of clothing, any material, it possessed chameleon like camouflage abilities. The symbiant could create objects out of its own matter, and it granted the person power over other people's minds and emotions. All of these were gifts of the symbiant, but it also caused an increase in appetite and the need for sensations.

"What would you like to eat?," Steve asked lovingly.

"Anything chocolate," Missy said. The words sprang from her mouth like they were from another person. All her life Missy had struggled to keep her passion for food in check. As a little girl she often felt a strange desire to gorge herself in late night eating frenzies. This made her gain a lot of weight as a child and the other kids used to tease her constantly about it. Her mother would often say to her that boys wanted to live in a house, not be married to one. So Missy starved and exercised herself into shape, eating only enough to stay alive, and denying herself the shear ecstasy of eating until she felt she would explode. Her job was torture on her, she was surrounded by mouth watering food, but she dare not give into her passion, or turn back into the house she was as a little girl.

"Alright," Steve said. "We have chocolate milk, chocolate ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate fudge brownies, and chocolate syrup. What do you want?"

"All of it," Missy said with a kind of forbidden delight in her voice. What did she just say was all she could think of. If she ate all this, she would surely balloon back up to her old weight. She was about to say never mind when she heard a calming voice coming from the back of her mind saying that she deserved this, it was ok, and everything would be alright.

"Are you sure about that Missy?," Steve asked remembering her fight with her weight as a kid.

"Yes, and hurry. I am so hungry," she said in an eerily sexy voice. Who was saying this was all she could think. It came from her mouth, it was her secret passions, but it wasn't her saying it. What was going on here?

"Alright Missy, if you are sure here you go."

The smell of the chocolates was heavenly for Missy, she flashed back to the midnight feedings of her past, and the simple pleasure of caressing her full bloated tummy when it felt like it would rip at the seems. The effect of the aromas and the feelings stirred in her by the feast of chocolate that lay before her was too much it overwhelmed her. The symbiant was in heaven also, Missy's mind produced massive amounts of neuro-chemicals to produce her emotions and the symbiant feed hungrily on them, and it couldn't wait to feed when Missy started to eat.

Missy dived into her food and started to gorge herself like in the past. She shoveled food into her eagerly awaiting mouth, smearing it all over her face as she literally plunged her face in the chocolate banquet that lay before her, licking and smacking her lips with her bite. Her symbiant was having a feast with the neuro-chemicals produced with Missy's brain and it intern increased her appetite, so it could sample more of her neuro-chemical banquet. The appetite increasing effect of the symbiant was unbelievable, it propelled her from being merely hungry into being a living vacuum, sucking up any and all food in her surroundings, and as she did this the symbiant gorged itself. Quickly Missy ate everything in the house, even the baking soda in the fridge was no safe from her appetite, and more she ate the stronger the symbiant grew and the stronger she did also.

"Steve, I am still hungry, isn't there anything else in here to eat," she asked seductively.

"Missy, I can't believe after all that, that you are still hungry. I mean, I knew you as a kid, and I know that you were on a liquid diet for the last couple days in the hospital, but this is getting ridiculous."

"But Steve, I am still so very hungry, won't you please feed me?'" she asked of him. "What did I just say," was all she could think to herself. In the past she had fantasies about being feed and about Steve but never like this. What was coming over her, it felt like her deepest desires were coming to light, and it felt good.

"Missy, I think that you need to calm down and get control of yourself, before you start to eat the walls."

"Fine I don't need you, I can find something to eat on my own," she said as she walked out the door. The symbiant was enraged because the negative emotions caused other negative neuro-chemicals to be produced, which were like rotten meat to the symbiant. It grew enraged and it tapped into Missy's brain to find other sources of food for her to gouge on. It continued to increase her appetite into a previously undreamed of level, every bite she took seemed to make her even hungrier, she became a walking eating machine. The symbiant probed her mind to find the next source of food for her to devour, the restaurant.

"Missy, I have missed you. Where have you been for the last couple of days?." the kindly old man asked Missy.

"Mr. Peters, I am so hungry, feed me, please," the voice of the symbiant was growing inside her and it demanded that she eat.

"Alright Missy, you pick anything on the menu, it is on the house."

"I will have everything," the voice said.

"Missy, are you alright, your voice sounds a little different tonight?"

"I am fine Mr. Peters, its just that I have been under a little stress lately and I am just getting back my appetite now, just give me the usual."

"Coming right up, Missy."

The plate before her consisted of dry baked chicken with no skin, white rice, and steamed broccoli, she ate it because the symbiant directed her to, but it did not produce the same neuro-chemicals as the previous meal had. The symbiant quickly realized that Missy needed eat things she denied herself, or to do things she denied herself to produce those same chemicals in her brain, so it came up with a plan and infused it into her brain, a plan that would make all her wildest dreams come true.

"Mr. Peters, on the other hand, bring me number 42 with extra gravy and potatoes."

"Missy are you sure that is what you want? What about your diet? Didn't you tell me that as a kid you struggled with your weight and that you didn't want to put it back on again."

"Bring me the food, old man, before I get angry," the strange voice said as she gripped Mr. Peters' hand with almost superhuman strength.

"Alright Missy, it is coming right up, just please let go of my hand."

"Oh Mr. Peters I am so sorry, I am not myself today, please excuse me I have to go now," she said as she ran out the door. She wandered the streets for hours, with every step her appetite grew. The smells of New York were overwhelming for her with her increased sense of smell, each and every part of the city had a distinct smell which the symbiant manipulated to make her hungrier and hungrier.

"What is going on with me," she said in despair. She was really scared now, her body felt like it was under the control of another force. Everything she did, smelled, or thought always had the same effect on her, it made her hungry. She felt like if she didn't eat soon that she would implode from the hunger building within her. Finally she got home and managed to fall asleep while her stomach cried out for food.

"Hello Missy, how are you tonight?," a voice called from the shadows.

"I'm fine, how are you, who are you?," she asked of the shadows.

"I am now a part of you. I have lived for among the stars for centuries, I have survived by bonding and merging with creatures of different species."

"What does that have to do with me? Are you a part of me now? When did we bond? How did you get here" What do you want with me?"

"It has everything to do with you, we are now both part of one being, greater than the sum of our parts. We have bonded and merged into one being now, you were hurt, dying when I found you, I brought you back to life. All I want from you is too be happy and enjoy life, and not to deny yourself simple pleasures," the handsome man said as he stepped out of the shadows.

"Who are you?," she asked the man.

"My race have no names, we are a part of a life force that has existed since the beginning of time. Our only goal is to explore and better ourselves by merging with the different species we encounter on each planet, and I have chosen you, Missy Spencer, to become part of that."

"What does it mean to merge with you?," she asked.

"It will give you powers beyond the dreams of any human, and it will give you the strength to realize your deepest dreams and desires. All you have to do is to embrace me, and everything you ever wanted can be yours for the taking."

"What will happen to me, if we merge will I still be the same person?"

"No, you will still be Missy Spencer, but you will be given the memories, experiences, and thoughts of countless beings that we have merged with, and all that was there's will be come yours. It is reasonable to assume that any human being wouldn't be the same after an experience like that."

"This sounds too good to be true, what do you get out of this deal?"

"I get survival, I will continue to exist as part of you until you die, and then I will move on, to another host. As I am part of you now I get to share in all that is your life, your hope, dreams, desires, fantasies, and ambitions will become mine as well, and I will give you the power to make these things come true for us both. Tell me your greatest desire and your most secret dream."

"I don't know really know, I guess they are the same as everybody else's. I would like to meet someone special settle down and raise a family."

"That sounds very beautiful, and I can tell you really want that. We are part of one being now and I can sense that there is something even further down in your mind that you desire."

"No, there is nothing that I can think of that I truly want or desire."

"Missy, we are part of one being now, you cannot lie to me. I know all that you do, and you cannot deny yourself. I am trying to get you to admit these things to yourself, so that you can be free and make them come true."

"I know what I want, I want to be fat."

"Now we are one being shall make that happen."

"Wow was that a weird dream," was all she could think. "I better not go to bed on an empty stomach again, that was a really weird dream."

"That was not a dream Missy Spencer, we have become one being now, and now we shall have all we ever desired."

"What do you mean?"

"Just do what you would do normally and I shall make all your dreams come true."

Missy was in awe, what did you do to herself? What was going to happen to her now. What was this thing that she had bonded with, and what was it going to do to her life? She decided that the best thing to do was just to do her daily routine and not stress about what had happened to her. She was really hungry, she looked all over her house but she couldn't find anything to eat, even the baking soda in the fridge was gone, so she decided she had better go to the store.

The store was packed, it seemed like half the city was there trying to buy all the food they would need for the rest of their lives. Missy was getting very impatient, for the first time in her life she felt strong and confident enough to indulge in her orgy of culinary delights. In her cart was everything she had ever wanted but denied herself, cream filled cupcakes, cakes of all flavors and sizes, gooey pastries, gallons of ice cream, bags of sweet candies, thick milkshake mixes, and many more foods to numerous to name, but her favorite purchase was the barrels of weight gain powder. She wouldn't just to fat, she was going to be huge, and love every minute of it.

"Oh man, I am going to be here forever. Why did I come to the groceries store when I was so hungry? I wish that I could have a little something to eat." Missy's symbiant interpreted, turning her wish into physical reality. It encased her in a protective layer of its material, ripping away her clothes, and replacing them with a form of liquid. The liquid quickly hardened around her, she was now incased in the symbiant's physical substance which had been hibernating in her waiting for the right moment. Tendrils of the symbiant's substance sprang out and ripped food off the shelves. It ripped open boxes, cans, and packages, and began to literally forced feed Missy, shoving the food down her throat.

The food flowed down into Missy's stomach, she was in heaven. She had not felt this way since she was a kid, when she would stuff herself until her stomach was rock hard and she felt like she would explode. The tendrils kept shoving food into her mouth, but she didn't eve have to chew it because the symbiant manipulated her mouth muscles to chew for her. Missy sat there with a never ending source of food before her and she could not be happier. All her life her appetite was reprised and she was told she could not do these things but now it was her turn. Creams, jellies, jello, chocolate, and other foods where smeared all over her face, dripping down onto her chest. Missy could literally feel herself expanding, thanks to the symbiant because it had slowed down her metabolism and slowed her rate of digestion. The feeling of the fat filling her body was heavenly and too much to handle, she began to feel something beyond eating and something beyond orgasm, something that shook her body with more pleasure than she had ever felt before.

"Oh my god, somebody call the cops," a lady screamed in terror.

"Better yet, somebody call the army," another guy said.

"What are we going to do? If the cops come how are we going to explain this to them?," she asked her symbiant.

" We may escape now if you fear these things called police," the symbiant told her.

"How are we going to do that, everybody in that store got a good look at me, even if we escape they will find us."

"Not so, I can change our outer appearance at will, we may literally become any person or anything that you can desire us to be."

"I don't care how it works just do it before the cops come," she said frantically to the symbiant. The symbiant scanned her mind and after finding a desired appearance it morphed itself into it. Gone was Missy's slim figure, and taught body, she body jiggled as rolls of fat and cellulite covered her body. Her arms were full of cellulite, her ass was gigantic, her breasts were mammoth, her thighs slapped together as she walked, and the stomach was a sea of quivering fat.

"What did you do to me?," she asked the symbiant.

"This was the most desired appearance in your mind, so I change our form into it to facilitate our escape. Are you not pleased with my choice?"

"You mean to tell me that I don't even have to eat to get fat, and that you can just make me so at will?"

"Yes, but you need to eat, and I sensed that it was something that you derived pleasure from. I must confess that when you eat so do I and that I have begun to like it."

"I am not going to stop eating, I like eating. You can make me fat, but can you make me thin as well?"

"I can alter your appearance into whatever style you choose it to be."

"So I can go from skinny to fat whenever I want, and I don't have to worry because I will gain or loose only as much weight as I want?


"This is going to be fun," Missy said with a devilish smile. "Look out Big Apple, Missy Spencer is going to devour you."

Stay tune for the further adventures of Missy and her symbiant to be continued at a later date.