Weight Room Title Bar

by Mack27

Don had to admit it was enjoyable being fattened up by his wife all those years. Still, there was some resentment at how she had given no consideration to his health. He was 850 pounds of nearly immobile flesh and according to his doctor, in danger of having a massive coronary. It had gotten to the point where he had to lose weight or face the very real possibility of dying at the young age of 30. His 28 year old wife Mandy had sabotaged all his previous efforts at dieting.

But now things were going to be different. Don's doctor had devised a new method for losing weight. A proto-metablolic agent had been introduced into Don's system. It acted on the fat stored in his fat cells as well as his sex organs. Fat in his fat cells would be de- stabilized to fill his scrotum and testicles. The fat would be released as a thick creamy substance whenever he orgasmed. With this method Don could control the rate of his weight loss. The more he orgasmed the more he lost. Wouldn't Mandy be surprised?

Don couldn't wait to try it out. That night Mandy fed him enormous amounts of food just like always, promising him great sex if only he would eat "just a little more". He ate for all he was worth. Plate after plate of fat-laden food went into his bottomless pit of a stomache. Finally, Mandy exclaimed, "Oh my God Don, you've really outdone yourself this time! That's it baby you've eaten everything in the house! And to think you've been worried about your weight lately. You've certainly earned a reward this time."

With that, she pushed him back on their bed, his fleshy folds jiggling uncontrollably. He grabbed as much of his massive gut as he could to pull it back so she could get to his ready cock. It was still a struggle for her to work her way under his belly to take his swollen member into her mouth. In less than a minute, he exploded into the most intense orgasm he had ever felt. What must have been a half gallon of cum went into Mandy's mouth, all over her face and dripped down her chest. She was covered in cum. After a second the shock of it wore off and she started to say something. But her mouth just formed an "O" as she collapsed in an utter total state of euphoria more pleasurable than she thought possible. The feeling was fleeting however and she soon got up.

"Don that was the most incredible thing ever." she said, gazing at his still jiggling body. "I've experimented with drugs in the past but that was the most intense rush I've ever experienced, a thousand times better heroin or coke."

Don didn't understand what was happening. Had this process turned his cum into some kind of drug as well as a bearer of destabilized fat?

"Lets try that again!" exclaimed Mandy as she grabbed his cock and began to suck. To Don's surprise he quickly became erect and came just as hard as before. He was so awash in his own pleasure that he didn't notice that this time Mandy swallowed every drop of his cum.

Mandy shuddered in ecstacy. This bigger dose made her pleasure transcend what seemed possible. Don watched as her washboard stomache disappeared under a thin layer of fat! The destabilized fat was going straight to her fat cells bypassing the digestive process.

Minutes later Mandy muttered "More, must have more.." and went for his cock again. The cycle went on for hours. Gallons and gallons of Don's altered cum went down Mandy's throat. She was ballooning into a bona fide plumper! Her waifish figure was replaced with one of matronly buxom plumpness. A double chin had formed, she actually had feminine hips now, and no more flat-chested wonder! She now sported a c-cup where once there was practically nothing. Her rump spread out nicely as well, her soft tummy sported a deepening navel and her sunken cheeks were filled out with a pleasing roundness.

Finally, they both sunk into an exhaustion-induced sleep. The next day Don got up and gazed at his plumpening beauty. "The shoes on the other foot now, eh?" thought Don. He waddled over to his freight scale and was shocked at what the readout said. 800 pounds! He'd lost 50 pounds in one night! One look at Mandy and it was obvious where all the weight had gone. He went to the front door and was happy to see that today's delivery of groceries arrived. He prepared a huge breakfast for himself. Mountains of pancakes dripping with butter. Cheese omelets with bacon. Muffins, sausages. He was already feasting when Mandy came in to the kitchen. Without a word she went under the table and between Don's legs and started sucking. He ate as she sucked.

Don was in heaven, he was eating more than ever and still losing the weight the doctor said he had to. Oh sure he'd miss his voluminous gut but now Mandy was growing one for him to appreciate. This arrangement had them both in nearly constant pleasure.

As the days wore on Mandy grew bigger and bigger. She just couldn't get enough of Don's cum. She wasn't in control. She was helpless before the euphoria it offered her. Part of her knew she was growing immense but she just couldn't bring herself to care. She just wanted more of that feeling.

2 weeks after they started, Don admired his new body. He had prodigous muscles. He had had to to support all his former fat. Unlike with most diets where muscle is lost along with fat, Don had only lost fat. A small paunch was all that was left of his former obesity.

Mandy on the other hand was bigger than Don had been. Don's eating had escalated to new heights and it certainly showed on Mandy. Mandy was completely immobile on their bed. Her smaller frame couldn't possibly carry all of Don's old fat and remain mobile. Her belly rose magnificently upward of 4 feet from her prone form and flowed over and between her legs hiding all of her legs but her plump calves and feet. Her beanbag sized breasts jutted proudly skyward. Her barrel sized arms were spread sideways from her body pushed up by the ample fat of her torso. It was all she could manage to wiggle her fingers. The slightest sigh sent quivers jiggling all over her massive body. She was over 900 pounds of magnificent womanhood. At 5'1 she was wider than she was tall!

Her health? Another strange side effect of Don's altered cum seemed to keep her in good health. Still the good doctor insisted that she must lose weight.

"I've only got a little bit of fat left for you honey." Don said as he patted his small paunch. "Want it?"

Mandy nodded emphatically sending waves all over her body as she said "Yes, yes give it to me please!"

Don climbed up on top of Mandy and straddled her head resting his rear on her ample bosom. He placed his cock in her mouth and she began to suck. Minutes later, it was taking longer and longer to come as Don became smaller, he ejaculated his paunch down her eager throat. Don's transformation was complete. He was a new man, lean and mean.

Mandy was still euphoric as Don said, "Doc will be here soon. He'll fix you up so you'll be like you were before. Too bad, I've enjoyed you this big."

The doctor gave Mandy an injection of a new batch of proto-metabolic agent. This one was designed to send Mandy's destabilized fat to her mammary glands. The more milk she gave, the more weight she lost. Don was equipped with a breast pump to help her on her way to trimness.

After the doctor left Don set up the breast pump. He had tubes going from the pump to a 50 jug on the floor. He placed the pump nozzle on her nearer breast and switched the pump on. Milk began to flow into the jug. Mandy began to moan with pleasure.

"Damn!" exclaimed Don as the nozzle slipped from her breast. He hadn't anticipated that her milk would lubricate the nozzle and make it slick. Her breast squirted milk all over him. Just the tiniest bit made its way into his mouth but it was enough.

"Oh....what a rush..." Without thinking Don began to suckle Mandy's breast.

Mandy laughed uproarously as Don's washoboard stomach disappeared beneath a thin layer of fat....