Weight Room Title Bar

Tammy Got Fat
by H. Runkle

"I liked her better back when she used to be a little chunkier and had a little more meat on her bones," said Steve as we both sat in the booth eyeing his girlfriend Tammy, who was standing at the bar waiting for her light beer, and would soon return to sit with us. "Yeah," I said, "I remember the way she looked a year ago, before she started working as a receptionist at that health spa."

As we sat down I thought to myself, "Boy, has she ever slimmed down, she must have lost at least 20 pounds in that year since then!" Tammy had lost 30 Ibs. since she started the diet that the spa had recommended for her. It was not required that she had to lose weight at her job necessarily--she had simply thought that losing weight would make her look sexier to Steve whom she loved dearly. But lately he seemed kind of distant and didn't seem as interested in her as before.

Steve looks at her at the bar, and then over at me and says in a low voice, "You know, this may sound kind of strange to you but I used to have this dream about Tammy: I dreamed that we got married and that she got fatter and fatter". "So," I questioned, "what's strange about that?" "Well", he replied, "the thing is in my dream I loved her that way, don't you think that's a little strange?" "Of course not," I said, "there are lots of men in this world who like hefty women, including me, for instance." Then Tammy came back and sat down so we got no farther into it.

One evening about two months later I was sitting alone in a booth in the same bar room. I had been there about three hours when in walked Tammy. She ordered herself a light beer and walked over to my table. "Do you mind if I sit down for a while and talk?" "Not at all," I said, "What do you want to talk about?" As she started to slide into her seat I couldn't help noticing that she had lost even more weight since the last time I'd seen her. She was certainly a lovely girl by today's slim fashion standards. She is 20 years old, about 110 lbs., blond, with blue eyes--that are just the least bit slanted in the most delicate facial features that I had ever seen--below a perfect nose were a lovely set of perfect teeth. She still had nice round boobs (although smaller from loss of weight) that still made the men look twice from their seats at the bar.

"Steve has left for Colorado for several months on business and he wants to give our relationship a rest."

"I don't understand what happened, but he said that you do?"

With tears streaming down her face she said, "Please tell me what's wrong. I have tried to get him to, but he wont tell me."

After much thought I finally said, "Its your appearance that bothers him."

"My appearance?" she asked.

"Well, yes," I said.

Then she went on with a puzzled look on her face, "I've changed my hair, my makeup, and I even went on a diet and lost forty pounds of ugly fat for him. Can you tell me what I did wrong?"

After some hesitation I told Tammy about Steve's fantasy dreams and how her weight loss was just the opposite transformation that she needed to turn him on. "Well", she growled. "I won't get fat again, even for him," and with that she got up and stormed out of the bar.

It was about a week later and I was watching the six o'clock evening news on the TV when I heard the door bell ring. It was Tammy and she had tears in her pretty eyes and a letter in her hand.

"What's the matter Tammy?" I asked.

"I got this letter from Steve today."

I took the letter in my hand and read it. Steve told her about his fantasies and how he wished things were different. He said he was sorry, but that he just knew he couldn't be satisfied sexually with her in her present slim state. He ended his letter assuring that he still loved her and that he would like to see her when he came home in about two months to gather his things for his final move out west.

"So what do you plan to do about all this?" I asked.

"Well, with your assistance I'm going to make myself as fat as I can get in two month's time. Will you help me?"

Needless to say, being the nice guy that I am, I agreed to help fatten her up without batting an eye.

Tammy wanted me as her personal couch in this matter and allowed me full control (at my insistence) over her whole life for the next two months. It was decided that she would quit her job at the spa as working there would be detrimental to her progress and wouldn't allow her to spend all of her time eating. She had enough savings available to pay for the large amounts of fattening food that it would take to get the desired amount of lovely body fat that I (did I say "I" I meant to say "we") hoped to pile on her. Also, I volunteered two large unused rooms to be used as the eating room for the many ultra large meals I planned for Tammy to put away and the other room for sitting, sleeping, and snacking in front of a TV set.

Tammy stood at the door of the eating room, staring at the table loaded with the first of many eight course meals she would put away. She was wearing cut-off jeans and a T-shirt that was pulled up onto her perfect breasts exposing her flat tummy and shallow belly button around which I could see faint stretch marks from when she was plump before. I thought to myself, it won't be long before I have those stretch marks splitting at the seams.

She walked over, stood by the table, examined the feast I had laid out for her, and said, "I don't know if I can go through with this" starting for the door. Quickly I countered, "Do you want Steve back forever or not? Don't you love him?"

"Yes, Yes," she said, with tears starting to run down her slim model-like face.

"Then come back, sit down and enjoy. There are worse things in life than a good meal!" As Tammy walked over to the table and was about to sit down she pinched and patted her flat tummy and looked down at her feet and sighed, "I guess before long I'll be back to my old chubby self again."

That first day was not as productive as I had hoped, but I couldn't complain too much ­ after all she had eaten quite a lot considering the shrunken state of her stomach. During the first night night I brought her snacks, a large bowl of short cake and a large chocolate malt. After much pushing and some quite unladylike belching (which kind of delighted and shocked me at the same time) she finally got it all down and complained: "I feel completely bloated. Why do I have to eat so much?"

I replied, "Because tou want to put on as much weight as you can by the time Steve comes home."

By the second week, Tammy was starting to get into my increasingly strict "diet" plan with more vigor and I was helping her become more efficient in her eating habits as well as feeding her myself. I got up in the morning to prepare a large breakfast of six eggs and 18 slices of bacon. After this was consumed, I would then assist her in eating up as many pancakes as could be stuffed into her face. I would soak them in butter, shove one in and then pour in a few ounces of rich fattening maple syrup, taking care not to choke her. This usually lasted about three hours, giving her time to make room between gorgings. Then before I'd leave for work, I would make sure that plenty of fattening goodies were at hand to tide her over till lunch time.

About noon, I'd go down to the local Wendys fast food and get several double cheese burgers, large fries, and two or three large frosties. Then I'd head for home to feed her as much of these as she could handle. Tammy would usually lay around the rest of the afternoon, nibble on sweets and cookies, and digest to make room for a good, solid supper. When I got home at night she was always asleep in her private room and the thought of her laying in bed while her ever expanding, stomach processed burgers and pancakes into succulent mounds of body fat always gave me a instant hard-on.

"Dinner is ready Tammy!" I announced.

"0K, I'm coming" she replied. As Tammy stepped through the door into the feeding room on the Monday evening of the third week, she yawned and stretched her arms upward. It was becoming more and more obvious that all of the many thousands of calories that she had been ingesting over the past two weeks began to show. Her flat tummy had become a pudgy roll that along with her increasing hips was pushing out over the top of her cutoff jeans that had begun to split the seams. As she started towards the food-laden table she noticed my looking at her fat rolls and crooned in a mocking little girl voice: "You like Tammy's little plump tummy?" Then she patted a small handful of tummy fat, laughed at my obvious embarrassment and sat down to eat. Supper was a large scale event and she let me take care of her every bite as she laid back in the overstuffed chair and allowed me to shovel and pour in the poundage-adding food like a bird feeding a hatchling.

"Have some more dressing Tam!" And how about a little gravy to wash it down?" I'd urge her on. And she would grunt, "Yes! More!" As I poured in gravy, it ran down her chin. When she wiped it away I noticed that she had started a second chin.

"Now I would love some of that chocolate cream pie!" she crooned.

"Of course, my dear" I agreed. As I began to spoon pie into her mouth I gathered my courage and then announced, "I'm taking the next three weeks off from my job to work on you full-time, and, frankly, I intend to keep you so stuffed you won't be able to move. You will become so fat, Steve won't know who you are when he sees you."

As I set the empty pie plate aside and began cutting another loaf of bread to soak in a bowl of butter, she said, "That'll be wonderful to have you here all day long." Then she did something I never expected: She touched my face with her hand, looked into my eyes and whispered, "I 'm going to do real good for you. And at the same time she lifted up her T-shirt and poked at her little two week old fat roll, "Real good..."

My time off started the next week and she went at that food as if there was no tomorrow. Her appetite seemed to increase by the day and her face was constantly being stuffed. Keeping her fed took up all of my time and she was really starting to put on some serious layers of fat. On the last morning of my vacation I called for her to come to breakfast. At 160 lbs., Tammy had now grown to be a real plumper. Since she had started gorging herself six weeks ago, she had put back the 40 lbs. she had lost and added 10 more pounds of bulging, shimmering lard to her once slim and trim frame.

"Here I come," she announced as she walked through the doorway and towards my chair. When she got within a few feet she stopped and looked at me in a rather seductive manner. Then she slowly opened the zipper of her pants, looked up at me and seductively remarked she was doing this "to make room for all that good food you're going to make Tammy eat..."

Then she began to play with the fat on her now jello-like tummy, looked deep into my eyes and whispered "There's something I want to tell you.... This..... is all for you, my darling!"

I was stunned and got an instant hard on. She continued running her fingers over the expanding fatness of her stomach as she walked past me to the food-laden table. When she stood up against it, facing the three chocolate cakes, two dozen eggs, slabs of bacon, a large plate of jelly donuts, and the many other calorie-filled items she was expected to eat for breakfast, she complaintively pouted: "That's all?"

"For mm..me?" I stammered unbelievingly while the bulge in my pants got bigger and bigger. "What about Steve?"

"I don't think he cares about me anymore" she answered. "And besides," she said, "you make me very hungry.... and not just for food." With that she turned her head towards me and motioned for me to come to her back. As I approached her from behind I found myself becoming more and more turned on by the sight before me. Although she had outgrown several pairs of cutoff jeans (and had only yesterday popped the button and zipper on her biggest pair) she had this morning put back on her original T-shirt which ­ to say the least ­ fitted more than just a little snug on her now. Of the 50 lbs. she had gained, a lot had gone to her breasts, which now pulled the formerly loose-fit half T-shirt up and tight against her back causing a sort of see-through effect. Tammy's sides and back, which had been sleek and fit, had not escaped the effects of too much overeating either, as evidenced by the way her bra strap ­ stretched to capacity ­ was fast disappearing within inches of soft, tanned flesh. I put my arms around her plump waist and then, at her coaxing, grabbed a hand full of soft, bronzed belly fat, and began to knead it.

"Feed me! Feed me till I pop and then make love to me!" Tammy crooned at me. I noticed that her once delicate and well defined facial features had markedly softened. Then she leaned to the table and grabbed a gigantic chunk of chocolate cake.

"Allow me" I said with mounting excitement and helped her stuff the cake into her wide opened mouth, "I love your plump body, Tam, it really turns me on."

"Oh yea?" she said to my delight. "If my eating and getting fatter turns you on, then little Tammy is going to become BIG Tammy for you real soon".With that she grabbed a 2-liter Coke bottle and began to gulp it down in big swigs.

"Glub, GLUB, GLUB, ... BELCH.." emanated from her and she reddened. with embarrassment.

"Excuse me honey," she said as she sat the empty pop bottle down and reached out with plump fingers for another one, getting ready to down it as well in just a couple of swigs. "I'm getting kind of full, but do you think that banana cream pie would fit if I take my time eating it?" Without waiting for my reply, she put the cake away in no time and I awed at her gargantuan appetite. To my delight, after a brief struggle to get out of the chair, Tammy waddled over to the fridge for more. After five additional weeks of constant overeating, Tammy had now added another 50 lbs. to her already ample figure and it definitely showed. But that was just the beginning.

"CRUNCH, SLURP, WHEEZE, CRUNCH, CRUNCH, BELCH!" "Well," she said with a mouth full of sweets, "I'm going out to work on my tan."

"Dinner will be ready in an hour, baby, will you be out long?" (I knew she would come in as soon as she smelled the huge calorie-laden fiest I had planned for her.) "I'll be in the minute you're done. You know I can't resist your cooking, honey." As Tammy ­ now a potbelied young matron of 240 pounds ­ waddled out of the bedroom in the bikini I had gotten for her just two weeks ago, it was obvious that she had put on quite a bit of weight since then.

As she passed by me towards the patio outside, it turned me on to remember her the way she looked when she first moved in. I recalled her at a svelte 110 lbs. in her slight little outfit at that time and her nice tight ass, silky smooth legs; slim, tanned arms and tiny waistline. Then I delighted in the fact that over the course of just a few months I had been able to bury that once slender figure under over 100. lbs. of undulating, gelatinous, quivering, delicious blubber. As she waddled along the patio towards the chair I couldn't help but notice that her bulging tits and ass kept falling out of her slight bikini outfit. Tammy's legs, although still tanned, were now fat and dimply and her arms fat and round.

"C'mon in Steve. I'm sure that Tammy would love to see you again!" After two years Steve had finally come back east to visit and dropped by to see his former girl friend. He was definitely not prepared for what he saw when he walked into the patio area. When he hadn't showed up, Tam had continued eating and she hadn't stopped since.

"BELCH... Hi Steve.., CHOMP, CHOMP, WHEEZE, BURP," the now gargantuan Tammy wheezed over a large chili dog with a triple portion of sauerkraut and boiled potatoes. "How've you been... GLUB, GLUB, SLURRRP.." and down went a quart of soda pop.

Taken totally by surprise, all Steve was able to come up with was, "Ahh.. Ah, I'm.. just fine, Ah..A, Tam." Naturally, he couldn't believe his eyes as he stared down at the bulging 500 pound woman he used to hold in his arms as a slim and fit girl just two short years ago.

Tammy, determined to get back at Steve, sat there in the sun with a contented look on her her round, bloated face, nibbling on her goodies and knowing full well the impact she had on her ex-boyfriend. "How do you like the new me??"

After Steve managed to compose himself, he stammered, "You were so slim before, what happened?"

"I'm still the same girl I was before, but since Carl thought I was too skinny I fattened up a bit for him. He really helped me fill out." Steve's jaw dropped and he started towards her. But Tammy just brushed him off matter of factly "If you will excuse me, I think that I will go for a swim! It's the only thing us big girls can do for exercise."

After a lot of grunting and a little help from me, Tammy got to her feet and waddled to the pool, jiggling all over. She made sure that Steve got a good look at all of her blubber as she paraded before him. With a giant splash she then disappeared into the pool and began paddling around.

Steve was totally befuddled. He realized that he had screwed up royally, but that there was little he could do. I had taken over and Tammy was my whale of a girl now. Shaken to the core he stayed for a few more minutes and then left.

Tammy looked into my eyes with that look that she always gets when she's horny. As her fattened body broke the surface she patted her fat-swollen, stretch-marked belly and said with a smile on her delightfully bloated fashion model face, "All of this exercise has made me hungry dear, would you mind bringing me a small poolside snack?"

"Sure" I gleamed, and quickly returned with a footlong submarine sandwich. It didn't last a moment.

"That's it? You call that a snack for a growing girl?" she teased. "Go back and get me some more, and this time don't skimp on the mayonnaise!" I happily complied and returned with a plate that would have fed a small platoon. As she wolfed down several more subs and a shakes I remembered the time when one sandwich would have easily filled her up. I was glad those days were over. As her skin had stretched to meet the needs of a rapidly increasing body, so had her stomach as she went from slim to plump, to fat, to fatter, to gloriously obese.

As she sat there by the pool, stuffing her face she said, "You know, this is all for you babe.... CHOMP, CRUNCH, BELCH...," patting the ample expanse of her belly as far as she could reach, "all for you, all of this fat and all--BELCH--of my love, and I will get just as big for you as you like, baby.... CRUNCH, SLURP, CHOMP, BELCH...."