Weight Room Title Bar

by Biggie

Rosie Beret sat uneasy in her chair, looking at the doctor with a certain amount of anxiety. The doctor finally comes up with the verdict, after having consulted his files.

Miss Beret, I'm afraid you won't be able to wrestle anymore ; your knees would not permit you to continue. If so, you risk never being able to walk again.

Rosie sat dumbfounded. Wrestling was her whole life ; she had been a successful bodybuilder for a few years before entering the world of professional wrestling. Having retained most of her strength and powerful figure (with a few added pounds to round out the forms a bit), she was known as the powerhouse of female wrestlers, even going against male counterparts at times...and winning ! Her multiple talents as a high-flyer, making risky acrobatic moves, was part of her claim to fame. But also the cause of her downfall. All this jumping from the top ropes had taken their toll on the 24 year old champ. According to Dr. Myers, anymore of that type of wrestling, and she'd never walk again. She was now ordered to take a 6 months vacations, which was to follow her knee operation.

She was devastated. But there wasn't any choices. Her career would have to end.

Two months after the operation, Rosie was sitting in her house on the outskirt of Tokyo (Where she had been wrestling for the last two years), watching an old Ultraman show on TV, and nibbling on some fries. The lack of exercise and her boredom led her to gain 25 pounds in those 60 days of inactivity. Still broad shouldered and massive looking, but somewhat softer looking. The doorbell forced her out of her lethargy, as she struggled up from her couch and walked a bit slowly to the door.

Konichiwa, Rosie-san the small Japanese man said.

Hello Haruo, came to see how your old stake-horse was doing ? As I told you before, I'm finished in this business. So don't try to cheer me up or anything, I'm not in the mood.

Oh but I do want to cheer you up ! You see, I think you can still wrestle for me. That is, if you are willing to.

Rosie was perplexed.

What do you mean ? You know I can 't wrestle, so why do you tease me ?

I'm not teasing. You are a strong lady, Rosie. I know that you can still perform well, and you still have a lot of years in front of you. The public miss you greatly...I miss you greatly.

Haruo stops for a moment, a bit embarrassed at his display of emotions. Rosie studies the red-faced manager. She was always fond of him in a way, and he was a good looking man, but she had never considered anything more than a professional relationship with him. This was getting intriguing. Clearing his throat, he continued ;

It is certain you cannot fight in the way you did before, it's too risky. BUT. But you can always change your style a bit, for one that demands less jumping around. Like being the strong woman ; the immovable force. A tank. Like Beefy Ayami.

Beefy Ayami ? She weights close to 280 pounds ! She looks the part of the 'immovable force', I'm just about 200 pounds myself. Not very impressive, you must admit.

The manager looks at her. Analyzing for a few moments the new curves that were showing on Rosie. Was that a gleam of lust in his eyes ? Looking back up at the wrestler's face, he tries to suppress his hopefully not-too-obvious feelings and carries on.

But what if. WHAT IF. What if you gained some weight. You could try to beef up a bit yourself, while working on your physiotherapy. In four months, we could introduce a new you to the crowd.

Yeah ! a fat, out-of shape Rosie. Sure. They'll eat it up.

But you forget, Rosie-San, about the honored sumo tradition over here. Fat doesn't mean to be out-of-shape as you say. It means POWER

You want me to train as a sumo ? ! You must be kidding. And these guys are pretty sexist anyway. There has never been a female sumo wrestler before. Nobody will accept that !

Don't worry, it's already arranged. It took a lot of persuasion, but I did convince an old friend of mine to take you in and show you the ropes.

He looks straight in Rosie's eyes, now.

THIS is the break you have been waiting for. Traditions changes around here all the time. This one is about to be broken. You'll make history as the first woman to be trained in the honored sumo technique. You'll be famous !

Hell, Haruo could be convincing at times. This was too good to pass up.

Agreed, boss. I was tired of loafing around anyway.


As they were driving towards the sumo training center, Rosie was a bit apprehensive again. Would she be accepted by the other sumos ? This was an historical first in the sport. And Japanese men are known for being a bit...conservative in these matters. It's all arranged Haruo said. With the trainer, sure. But what about the other trainees ? She was sweating slightly as she turned to look at Haruo. She envied him a bit. There he was, driving calmly, without a worry in the world. She turned back towards the incoming road. The scenery was breathtaking. They were heading for Mount Fuji, at the base of which was the temple where she would reshape her career, as well as her own body. Was she ready for it. She caressed her slightly rounded belly, and resolved that she had to do it. She loved her line of work to much to just quit.

Her train of thought was interrupted by the car slowing down. At the end of the road, fenced by rows of blooming cherry blossoms, she saw the temple. She had a sudden urge to ask Haruo to turn back but she fought it with all her inner strength.

As they pulled over in front of the huge gateway, an enormous man effortlessly walked their way. He was dressed in the biggest kimono she ever saw. He must have weighed over 600 pounds. He introduced himself as Kano, the headmaster of the school, and her personal trainer. Haruo explained to Rosie as they walked behind that wall of flesh that Kano was an ex sumo champion, who was a bit unorthodox and couldn't dream of a better opportunity than to introduce a woman in the sport to shake things up in a sport he felt was going stale. Rosie didn't feel comfortable in being this kind of pawn in a political game, but if her career could benefit from this game, well, why not.

As she got introduced to the other trainees, she felt a mixture of encouragement and skepticism. It was obvious that the sumos had been briefed on her arrival, and they welcomed her very politely. Some seemed actually thrilled to see a woman being in their midst, while others were obviously less than happy about it. Kenpachiro, a 400 pound giant, gave her a look of defiance that spoke volumes about his feelings about the whole enterprise. But as Haruo told Rosie, after witnessing that evil look, They are bound to obey their sensei, so don't worry and just get on with the training...I'm sur most of these men are more than honorable. Be strong

After the tour of what would become her home for the next 6 months, she embraced Haruo, displaying emotions that she was a bit surprised about. The surprise was shared by her manager who walked to the car, stopped before opening the door, turned toward her and smiled slightly.

As the car disappeared down the mountain road, Rosie faced the temple, took a deep breath, and joined Kano who was waiting for her some 20 feet away.

The die was cast. And Rosie's life was about to undergo it's most dramatic change ever.


The following months flashed by in a flurry of meditation, extremely rigorous exercises, physiotherapy for her knees (coupled with some ancient medicine Rosie never heard about, but seemingly quite effective) and a diet richer than she could imagine. To be able to be massive enough to compete with her comrades, she was eating twice the amount of a normal daily ration. To help her ingest that much nutrients, she underwent acupuncture and massage treatments, supervised by the ever encouraging Kano. Her appetite was prodigious as she would gain up to 2 pounds daily after having adjusted to her routine. Whenever she felt unable to finish her rations, her comrades would tease her, saying that the bird like appetite of a mere woman couldn't compete with theirs. She would stare back at them and gulp down the rest of her platter eagerly. After a month, she had gained close to 50 pounds. At 248 pounds, she was still paltry compared to her training opponent, and her smaller frame and bulk would always end up in her losing the match. But she got to stay a bit longer on the mat every day. While she retained her broad shoulders and strong biceps, her muscle definition was lost under inches of fat. Her breasts grew from small tight raisins to floppy grapefruits. Her belly and thighs were plumping up faster than her breasts, helping her in getting gravity to work for her in her matches.

At the end of the second month, she was pushing 300 pounds and was magnificent. She was starting to be threatening to some of the smaller sumos, some who were in their early 200 pounds, winning some matches over them more and more often. After a rough day of fighting, meditating and gorging, she would fall asleep in her private dorm, not before admiring her blooming form in the mirror. She had clear blue eyes that were lost in a multiple chined, moon of a face, crowned by a dark brown and wavy mane. Her breasts were full and round. Her belly was towering over her powerful, heavy legs. She turned sideways to see her huge back shelf of a butt. She could balance drinks on it, she thought. Hell, she could probably serve dinner on it. She trotted in place just to see her body giggle for a few moments, and she was surprised to find herself aroused at seeing herself that big. More surprising still, she found herself yearning for Haruo. It was part of her strict training rules to avoid contact with the outside world, including her manager. She was missing him. She found herself hoping that he was missing her too...

Two more months passed, and she was 430 pounds. Her rapid gain was caused by her growing appetite and her competitive spirit. She was now bigger and stronger than all of the other sumos...except Kenpachiro. He had kept up with her appetite and had grown to over 500 pounds. His lack of sympathy toward that intruder , that threat to the honor of the sport, was really what was keeping him from losing. The 5 foot 10 Rosie towered over him by 5 inches, which always enraged him when he had to face that fact. His sheer determination made him win all his matches against her. She started to sneak in the kitchen at night, in an effort to gain more weight by eating some extra portions of food. She would empty buckets of rice and dumplings, until she would feel too full to continue, and then sneak back to her room and snore the rest of the night away. As she would lay on her back after one of her raids, her stuffed tummy would rise up in the air and hide her view of the door to her room. She would fall asleep, dreaming of greasy burgers and pizzas.

At the end of the sixth month, Rosie had just passed 625 pounds. She was slightly bigger than Kenpachiro, who was crouching in front of her, snarling in defiance. Hadjime shouted Kano, and Kenpachro literally pounced at Rosie. But she didn't budge. Acres of flesh quivered as over half a ton of man and woman struggled to push with all their might. Rosie grappled Kenpachiro under his arms and steadied her fat-laden legs, which shook like untold mounds of jelly. And with a loud yell, she pushed her stunned opponent who fell heavily on the floor outside the ring. The room exploded in a mixture of laughter and cheers, as the other sumos had learned to respect and admire this woman who took on a seemingly impossible challenge and was able to surmount it. She steadied herself and saluted Kano, the crowd, and Kenpachiro, who was standing up slowly. He looked at Rosie for what seemed like hours, then finally smirked and bowed with dignity. She had proved to be his superior.

Haruo was leaning on the pick-up truck he had brought on the request of Rosie. Maybe she has a lot of souvenirs to bring back, he thought. He had heard that she had been doing well, but didn't know exactly to what extent. All he knew was that there was a first match scheduled in a week, and that he hoped she would be up to the task.

His train of thought was positively derailed by the vision that confronted him just then ; Rosie was waddling towards him, accompanied by a (was it possible ?) comparatively smaller looking Kano. Her bulk was more than impressive, all wrapped up like a gigantic Christmas gift in a colorful kimono and a silk belt that must have been over 6 feet in diameter. He was dumbfounded, but more importantly, also extremely lustful of so much woman. He tried as much as he could to camouflage his emotions, only to end up in the warmest, softest and fleshiest embrace he could ever imagine.

Haruo ! ! I'm so glad to see you ! Rosie said, as she lifted the 5' 4'' man from the ground and hugged him for minutes. She pressed her full face against his. He could feel himself getting aroused just by the soft caress of her full cheeks on his own sleek cheekbones, let alone by the swallowing mass of flesh engulfing his whole body. Seen from the back, you would never guess there was anyone else than Rosie. She finally let him down, and, after bowing to Nako, get in the truck, making the vehicle lean dangerously close to street level on the passenger's side. Haruo looks at the scene with fascination and still a bit of surprise. As he turns towards Kano to thank him, he finds the big man thanking him for giving him the opportunity to start something great.

I have a feeling, Haruo-san, that this sport is in for quite a revolution.

Haruo smiles and nod. Indeed, wrestling...and Sumo wrestling would never be the same again.


The years that followed saw outbreaks in many fields, all because of Rosie's amazing transformation.

After having reconquered the world of professional wrestling with her new act as the giant sumo woman, there was a flood of new female wrestlers fattening up to unheard of proportions just to keep up with Rosie as an opponent, and also to get on the bandwagon of popularity that shined on her. Young Japanese women would start plumping up to emulate this new role model. The sheer raw sexual power that Rosie was emanating was so strong that a lot of new FAs were appearing all over Japan. The Sumo wrestling tradition also changed dramatically as a legitimate female aspect developed rapidly, with the help of Rosie who made numerous appearances in galas and demonstrations.

After 10 years, Rosie retired at the ripe age of 37. She could still wrestle, but at 835 pounds, she just wasn't as fast and entertaining as she once was. And getting up from a pin was becoming more and more difficult anyway. She would concentrate on multiple television appearances on talk shows, and an ongoing role as a sexy temptress in a soap opera. More significantly, she was the owner of a training center for female sumo wrestlers. Haruo was her partner in this new venture, helping her out on the business aspect of it all. He also had been his husband for the past 9 years.

As the evening faded into night, Haruo and Rosie were alone in the great training room. All the girls had went to sleep after a very hearty meal, concocted by Rosie herself. Haruo stood in front of his mountainous wife. Both of them were naked and staring at each other in mock defiance. Rosie assumed the crouched position of attack, her belly flattening against the mat. Haruo imitated her. They both started stomping their feet down in unison, to chase away the evil spirits. Then Haruo pounced...and stopped suddenly, after seeing that his wife wasn't reacting. She smiled teasingly and said.

I'm ready when you are...c'mon, are you afraid ?

Haruo resumed his action and ran into the wall of flesh that was standing before him. His whole world became an undulating, quivering mass of soft flab, as he pushed with all his strength against his bountiful spouse. He grabbed folds of flesh, and pressed his head between Rosie's full breasts. The sweat that was covering her jiggling body was making it impossible to hold on. After what seemed like hours, she finally stepped aside violently, sending him to the floor, and sending waves across her body. As he looked up ar her, he could see every inches of her moving and shaking. She turned around, lifting her huge arms in the air in victory. Her enormous backside threatened to cover him entirely when it glided over him, but it was still supported by legs that were each bigger than his whole body.

He got up and went to her, gave her a long passionate kiss by literally climbing up on her belly. Then he slid back to the floor and invited her to the kitchen to celebrate her victory with her usual midnight feast. Since she had started this little routine, she had started gaining weight again. She didn't know if it would reach a plateau or not, but she was content, and was thrilled by the new possibilities a huge gain could offer. She smiled at the thought that she might get too big to walk, remembering her visit to the doctor, so many years ago. Things do come full circle she guessed. How delightfully ironic that the very thing that was scaring her at that time now seemed like an exciting eventuality.

She stopped her reverie as Haruo made her a sign to be silent. The light in the kitchen was on, and munching noises could be heard. They both made their way as carefully as they could, and both peeked through the open door.

Sitting on the floor was Mariko, a promising recruit. She was only 135 pounds, which was quite plump for a 5' 1'' Japanese young woman. But she had gained rapidly in her first two weeks, going from a svelte 105 pounds to her present weight. Her distended stomach was being filled by a huge vat of heavy cream that she was gulping down with passion. Beside her was a big bowl of dumplings already half-empty.

The couple watched the whole scene in a state of trance ; Haruo was finding the whole scene extremely erotic, but was trying hard not to show it to his wife. He looked at Rosie. She seemed to be as fascinated by the scene as he was. Her beautiful round face was lite by the moonlight in such a way that it made him forget completely about the plump woman in the kitchen. Rosie then looked back at him. Her smile was warm and loving. She grabbed his arm with her pudgy fingers and they both walked away from the scene. From her expression, Haruo could tell that Rosie was seeing something in Mariko that was somewhat nostalgic. He wanted to ask, but decided to respect her silence. He then got closer to his mate, feeling the hypnotic movement of Rosie's tremendous hips bumping into his. As they stepped through the extra-wide doors of their bedroom, he felt his neck being engulfed in the fat of her arms, as she led him to bed.

Climbing on top of her, he stopped for a moment and let himself be rocked by the waves of her belly. Rosie started laughing.

1-2-3. All right, you have me pinned ! Now what do you want to do to celebrate YOUR victory ?

Haruo, didn't answer. But by his wide smile, she could tell that they both would enjoy this celebration.

BIGGIE. 14/12/97