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The Girl
by the Man

It was an early fall Monday Morning. School had just re-opened. "Boy," John thought, "What a year this will be! He had just added an appetite increaser to his ex girlfriend's Thermos. It was a special drug that his brother, who was a weight lifter, had.

Thank goodness it lasted for only ten months. Once in the blood stream it made a person ravenously hungry, and there was no antidote after 6 months.

John Savitine, a 9th grade boy, loved fat girls. He figured that a girl who weighed 120 pounds could be 260 pounds by the end of a year --- a gain of 140 pounds. He was very ecstatic. He had decided to test it first on one of the slenderest students in school.

Christina Carbona came in to the gym with a mad look on her face.

"Ohh, Jay dumped me!" she exclaimed. "But boy am I thirsty. I'll quench my thirst and just forget about him!

She went to her lunch sack and drank from her Thermos. By then end of the first period she was experiencing a strange hunger. She went to her bag and devoured her lunch. She was still hungry, so she went to the Cafeteria and bought a bunch of snacks. They rapidly disappeared and she wanted to buy more, but instead she had to move on to next period.

A week passed. Christina, who had been a picky eater before, found herself asking for seconds for dinner .--- which her mother willingly supplied. She had never known her daughter to ask before. She also began eating a heartier breakfast and quietly added two extra sandwiches to her lunch. For some reason she didn't marvel or wonder at her increased appetite.

By the end of the first week the effects were definitely visible on Christina if you looked closely. Her pants were becoming a little snug, her muscles not as well defined. This was because of the 3 pounds she had gained. John still couldn't detect a change but he knew she was eating more At 103 pounds, some had thought of her as attractive, but her parents had worried that she might have an eating disorder. They were happy at what they saw simply as an improved appetite.

By the end of the fourth week her hips were softening and gaining definition. She was eating more then she had ever thought possible ---and she felt good. And somehow it seemed that she was totally unaware of her increasing weight and food consumption..

By the sixth week, the change was undeniable. The twelve pounds she had gained were making her body fill out. Her breasts were swelling slightly, and her stomach muscles were starting to be lost under a roll of soft flesh. She still had no idea that she had gained any weight, and her friends didn't want to hurt her feelings. She had discarded wearing her jeans because all of them had become tight. She thought they had shrunk, not recognizing that it was really due to her swelling paunch.

It was now a week before Halloween. Her face had started to soften, and her breasts were slightly fuller. Christina was now 118 pounds. Her body was filling out dramatically. She had developed a nice, round bottom. Her improved appetite had really made it impossible to not gain weight.

And then it happened.

"Hi Christina, " her friend En called out, as they were walking towards school.

"Hi Jen. What's up?" she answered back.

"Nothing much.", Jen replied, "but I see your pants are ripped."

"Oh no!!", she screamed and ran home.

Her mother consoled her --- and that afternoon they went out and bought some clothes several sizes larger. Mom knew that with the holidays coming and Christina's improved appetite some growing room might be needed. She was too relieved over the change in her daughter to question the cause.

Christina, of course, was now aware that she had been getting chubbier. But she felt fine and somehow didn't care. In fact, she resolved to just keep on eating whatever she felt like and not even look at a scale. Then she thought better of it, and decided to keep a diary of how fast she was gaining.

The take on that year's Halloween rounds was excellent ---nearly ten pounds of candy and goodies. Her mother made her ration it over two weeks, but that didn't change Christina's other food consumption. She ate ravenously and continued gaining at the rate of nearly three pounds a week, even making a point of telling her friends that she was enjoying it and daring them to try it. John, having seen the results by now, slipped a little of the formula, into their lunch drinks as well.

By the end of Christmas vacation, with all the Thanksgiving and Christmas feasting, she reached 139 pounds. Her hips were curvy and swayed with each step. Her breasts were bopping up and down with every move. She was becoming a voluptuous woman and still eating with gusto. Her face was fuller, even beginning a bit of a double chin, and she had attracted a boyfriend. His name was Justin Smith.

Justin was, like John, a FA. His ideal was someone around 220-250 pounds. He had always liked her personality and now loved her gain --- he even liked her eating. But he was concerned about Christina. But from the glazed look she had while eating he suspected someone had done something to her. He knew that, the way things were going, she'd be 500 pounds by high school graduation.. He determined that he would find out what was going on put a stop to it.

Meanwhile, John was being turned on by the new Christina. He was always masturbating every time he thought of her; he was finding Christina irresistible. Part of the problem was that she was still wearing tight, form hugging jeans. She enjoyed her expanding rear. She always played with her rolls and enjoyed pleasurable massages from Justin. A radiant glow seemed to be about her. And now here friends were snacking too. But, since she also realized that her growing body was getting way too huge for basketball, she quit the team.

After the Christmas break Christina had put on so much weight that she was having trouble with her band uniform. Her mom, by now beginning to be a bit concerned, got her a new one in mid-January. She weighed 145 pounds. Justin and her were having a great time and John was shut out.

By the Spring break Christina's her food-loving friend Lisa Carolina had gained 20 pounds and was up to 160. Jen Heel had gone up to 180 and planned on gaining more. Danielle Waller, had put on ten pounds and now was the prettiest girl in the school. This made all the other girls jealous.

John loved it! He now went all the way, slipping a little of the potion into the milk dispenser in the cafeteria. By the end of January it seemed as if every girl was gaining weight. So were the men, including Justin and John, who began gaining as well!

All John had ever wanted was one plump girl for himself, and now there was no doubt that he would get one! It was fantastic.

Even his formerly thin girlfriend, Melissa Kanvan, was now putting on pounds rapidly! She had gained 12 pounds.

By the end of the school year the average girl in the school weighed over 150 pounds. One weighed 280. The average of the men was over 180. As the drug began wearing off and appetites stabilized Christina was pushing 200, where she leveled off much to Justin's relief. He never did find out the reason and, considering his own 35 pound weight gain, finally decided it must have been something in the air.

Her best friends, Jen and Lisa, were heavier to begin with and remained larger than her. Danielle was 235 and fell in love with John, who reciprocated therefore had no reason to use his potion anymore.

All the girls, and the guys as well, had a new beginning and viewpoint on life. Of course their parents and faculty were bewildered as to what had happened. But the side effects were unmistakable.

It wasn't just that none of the girls thought their fatness was bad. Or that the husky men on campus weren't complaining either It had become, for them, a way of life. And since sitting and munching is best accomplished when sharing studies together who could object?

The real news was that, for some reason, somehow, with full bellies and a more sedentary life style, the kids got into less trouble, grades improved, and everyone was happier.

The End