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The Model
by K-Dawg

As Janice looked into the USA Model Company, she sighed at the fact she would never make it. She was a size 8, and they needed size 6 and 4. She was emotionally out of it, and went home and sulked over a pint of ice cream. Next week, she walked down the same block, only this time, the Agency said that it was closing, but another branch would be opening in a few months.

Janice got up and put on her nicest outfit. A blue blazer, and blue lightweight pants. She found they were a bit snug, probably because of her short term depression. She had eaten quite a bit, but not that much. She walked down the corner and was greeted by a good looking man. He was about 6-1, 200 pounds of muscle, and black hair. He had blue eyes, and was dressed in a black tux. He turned around and stopped her.

"Hello. And what is this beautiful lady's name?" asked Ron.

"Its Janice, and I'm not beautiful." "I'm fat." Replied Janice.

"Nonsense, I think you'd be great for this agency." "Matter of fact, we need someone like you." He said.

He then led her into the agency, and sat her down in his office, and showed her the brochure. He then told her that she was not too fat, and that plus sized modeling was a great profession. She said that she would never be able to stay that size, and would probably lose all the accesses weight, and that she wouldn't like it anyway. Besides, she was already too fat, and this wasn't her cup of tea. He said fine, and led her to the door. She left, and walked over to her house. She turned on the t.v, and saw a plump Anna Nicole Smith posing for a Lane Bryant commercial. Then, suddenly, she got a phone call. It was Ron. She had left her purse at the office. He then asked her out on a dinner date. She of course said yes, and they agreed to meet tomorrow night. She could hardly wait.

The next night, Janice opened her Honda CR-V and was met by Ron. He escorted her into the Italian Restaurant Alleto's. They were quickly seated, and the waitress came over.

"I'll have the steak, with baked potatoes, and sour cream." Said Ron.

"Ok, I guess I'll have the same."

Ron told her that she was gorgeous, and that she would be a great model. She sipped her wine, and listen closely, he told her that he wanted to date her again, and logically, she agreed. He then told her to have some more wine. After three glasses, and two steaks, and don't forget the two baked potatoes, Janice was stuffed, but Ron coaxed her into eating a piece of cheesecake. She unbuttoned her pants, and let her stomach expand. He drove her home, and they made love right on her living room floor. The next morning, Ron had left, but had done three things. He had told her that he had gotten called to the branch in Boston( she lived in New York). He also left a chart on how to maintain her weight, with a daily diet, and also breakfast. She looked at the chart. "Breakfast, muffins, bagels, cereal and heavy cream. Lunch, a hero, and ice cream. "Oh man, this is gonna kill my figure.

She knew that gaining weight would destroy her image, so she decided not too. Of course eating was fun, but not getting fat. So, she put the chart away for safe keeping. As the week was coming to a close, she had lost a pound, and was now 145 pounds. She was excited, and went shopping, but before that, turned on the t.v. to check the weather. Before the weather came on, she saw an add for a great Mexican Buffet. It said that every thing was ten dollars, and they had a special offer. She went to the nearest JC Penny's and bought some great outfits, and a dress that was made of satin, and another made of silk. She then saw the Mexican Restaurant from the commercial. She knew she shouldn't, but what the hell she thought, and went inside.

The aroma of the delicious food would drive anyone mad, and of course, Janice was no exception. She sat down, and helped herself to a tray filled with tacos, fajitas, and an enchilada. She ate these thing with much gusto. The waitress was stunned, and asked her if she would like more, she told her no, but the only tray she had was like two anyway. She got up, wiped her mouth, and left for home. When she got home, she turned on the t.v. again, wanting to catch Rosie O'Donnell. Rosie was making something divine, and it just happened to be on Ron's list. She saw that the guest on the show had just shown them the recipe, and Janice copied it down. Janice felt extremely weird though, and didn't make the cake that day. She had a strange dream though, that Ron had come, and he started to feed her tons of food, and she couldn't get enough of them, and finally, she became immobile, and then Ron made sweet love to her. Strangely enough, she found she liked the dream, but didn't know why. She thought it was silly, but when she looked on her sheets, she found them wet. She decided maybe gaining weight wouldn't be so bad.

So, after one week of bingeing, she gained four pounds,and her clothes were getting snug. She then received a call from Ron, who told her once he got back, they would start the photo shoots. She then realized she was a plus sized model, and that she had a job to do. So, she set a goal for herself. Ron would be back in another two months. She figured the way she was eating, she could gain about four or five pounds a week. So began her eating quest.

That was two weeks ago, and 12 pounds later. 161 pounds stepped on the scale and her bath room, and all 161 pounds jiggled their way to the kitchen for a celebration snack. Her body had changed in such a short span of time. Her breasts were round now, as well as her belly. It was starting to form a crease, and was becoming a fabulous pot belly. Her thighs now touched when she sat. Her hips were almost 40 inches, and her waist was about 34. Her measurements now were about 45-34-40. She sat into her leather chair, and put on a nice cooking show. She dug into her ice-cream, and thought I about being with Ron. Him caressing her lovely fleshy folds with one hand, and the other one exploring her nether regions. This only made her eat more. At the end of the first month, she was way past any of her wildest dreams. She was now another fifteen pounds pounds heavier, and up to 176 pounds. She hadn't changed that much, still fleshy, but she still had a long way to go.

She walked out of her house nine days later, so she could pick out some more clothes, in larger sizes. She was wearing a sweatshirt and tight jeans. She went into JC Penny's, and it turns out, they had some nice clothes from Lane Bryant that had just come in. She bought clothes from size 24 to size 28. She told the lady she was pregnant. The lady, a plump lady herself, told her not to worry, and if she out grew them, she could always return them for a larger size. Janice went to the local Sizzler, and of course ordered the buffet . She ate everything or anything that came in front of her face, which was a lot. She left the restaurant for one reason. Not because she was stuffed, but because her pants were ripping and tearing at every seam. She left with her coat over her torn pants, and returned home to order some pizzas.

There was only one more week before Ron would be home. She looked at herself in the mirror, and almost forgot who she was! She was now over 250 pounds, and very, very fat. Her whole day now was spent in front of the t.v. cramming everything in her now fat face. She wore nothing but panties and bras (Although her bra could barely hold her breasts in) . Her body was fantastic. Her face was double chinned ,as well as blemished( but she had been taking medication to stop this), large, globular breasts that were perched atop an even larger globular stomach. Her thighs were starting to be invisible thanks to her stomach. Her #####, however, had out grown every other part of her body by at least ten inches. It was now around 50 inches, and spectacular in ever mean. It wiggled when she walked, a real eye catcher to the men, and some lesbians. She was the best, and soon, Ron would find out first hand. Since it was the last week, she ordered from every place that delivered ,every single day. She washed all that down with a Weight Gain shake. Now, by Saturday's end, two hundred and sixty nine pounds made its way to the scale. She jumped up and down ecstatically, her whole body moving. She put on her largest outfit, ( a pair of jeans, that were stretched tightly across her massive #####, and a blouse that had burst at almost all of the buttons. ) She had seen an ad for this new restaurant that said if you could eat every thing on the menu, the entire meal was free. She knew she could beat it, but it still would be a tough task. They had over twenty selections of different foods. Janice headed out for the big task.

Janice was seated in the front right by the food. This wasn't smart on the waitresses behalf. Now, Janice dug into every thing. The steaks, the pasta, the fish, she even stoked up on the bread. After only one hour, she had eaten eight dishes. Her pants had unbuttoned themselves, and her blouse was not on anymore, but she put on her coat. When her thirteenth meal arrived( Veal Parmigan ), her face was smeared with sauce, and butter. When the last desert tray arrived, Janice felt and looked like a balloon. Her gut was now pushing out from underneath her coat. Her jeans were tearing at the thighs, and the V of the zipper had given way plates ago. She had every one in the restaurant cheering her on, but the manager was steaming. He knew this was not good for business. She took one look at the huge eclair, and stuffed it in her mouth, and swallowed it hole. With that, her pants and the chair gave way. She left the place, receiving a round of applause as she left, buns and thighs wiggling. She hailed a cab, and the cab driver was stunned.

" Hey babe, what's a pretty little thing like you waltzing around in her undeys?"

" Its a long story." She replied.

She spoke no more during the short trip home, and paid the man. When she got out, she added another tip, wiggling her fat laden rear, causing the man to beep his horn a couple of times. She got into her apartment, put on some underwear, and went to bed.

At 10 am., Janice was awaken by the gentle kisses from Ron's lips. He hadn't noticed the change yet. She turned over to kiss him back, and jumped on top of him. He tried to lift her off, but was shocked that he couldn't.

" Whoa, did you gain weight or something?"

" Something", she replied. "I am a little heavier."

"I think so, get on the scale." I'll close my eyes.

She got the scale, and got on. She was stunned at what it read. It said she was 274 pounds! Six pounds in one day! She called Ron into the bathroom. He finally got a good look at her. She was standing there, stomach hanging out on all sides over her underwear, and breasts bulging out of her bra. She was giggling due to her sudden movement, and Ron couldn't stand it. He ripped off his pants, and dove into her fat, and entered her, and that's when her dream of becoming a model was assured.