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The Promise
by B J Morris

I had been assigned to work in our Puerto Rico office for several months. I am a systems analyst for a multi-national corporation and I good at my job. Because of this I travel often ... and because of that I had not had any long term romances. Until I found Nouri.

She was the most beautiful girl on an island of beautiful girls. I find that Hispanic woman work very hard to look good for their men: makeup just so, tight alluring clothing, and very feminine walk and talk. The women of Puerto Rico especially looked and acted this way. My only gripe with them is that many were much to slim for my tastes. That's what made Nouri stand out in the crowd.

She was young and beautiful with full breasts, a large round ass, plump thighs, and a plush stomach. We started dating and soon became inseparable. Everything was great between us but you could see that there was always a question in Nouri's mind ... the question. One day, we walking down the streets of Old San Juan on our way to lunch. Somehow, Nouri had maneuvered the conversation so that she could ask me that question, interrupting me in mid-sentence. It changed everything for the better, as it turned out.

"You don't mind that I am so fat?" she asked, eyes searching mine.

"I don't think you are fat..."

"Not fat!" she interrupted. "I weigh three hundred twelve pounds!"

"...I think you are pleasingly plump," I finished.

"Plump, eh? Hhhhm. Perhaps you need new glasses; still, I like that better than fat, but..."

"Look over there." This time I interrupted her, pointing. A truly large woman walked across the narrow street. Her big breasts rode high on her ball of a stomach. Thick hips and a round ass bounced and rolled with each step. I guessed her weight to be near four hundred pounds and while she was not as pretty as Nouri I gave her a long, hungry look. I knew Nouri was watching my reaction out of the corner of her eyes. The woman disappeared into a storefront. I affected a sigh. "Now there goes a woman with a gorgeous figure."

Nouri looked back to where the woman had gone, then back at me. I saw her make a decision. She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the Baskin-Robbins. "Come! You will buy me a big, big sundae then we will go get something to eat. And then we will go somewhere else for a big, big dinner. If that is what you like in a woman, then I will get a gorgeous figure, too. I want you to look only at me that way."

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I teased. "There are women even bigger than her, you know..."

"Yes, I am sure. I will go from 'pleasingly plump' to 'very fat' if that is what you want." She grinned, entering the ice cream shop. "I love food and I will enjoy doing this very much. And I will continue to grow fat until you tell me to stop..."

"I may never tell you that," I whispered.

"Then I will grow very fat, indeed," she whispered, huskily, in turn.


Nouri kept her promise. She ate the huge sundae, three big sandwiches at a nearby luncheonette, and then polished off a stupendous dinner with two desserts. And that was just the beginning. During the day while I worked, Nouri would eat a big breakfast that blended into a large lunch that, in turn, crowded dinner. It seemed that she was always eating something. For my part, I made sure that she had plenty of groceries in the house. She made sure that each night there was room for the bags I carried in. Within ten days, her clothes were growing tighter and she had me buy her the 3XL t-shirt and size 50 jeans we saw in the store. At first she tied a belt around the jeans and tucked in the folds of the shirt but within two weeks she was filling them out nicely. And but a week after that, the jeans were snug and her stomach was creeping out from under the t-shirt.

I bought Nouri an enormous paella pan that was three feet in diameter. It was meant to feed eight or more people but Nouri immediately considered it her special pan. Paella was her favorite dish and she made sure she filled and emptied that enormous pan three times a week. After just six weeks Nouri weighed nearly as much as the woman I teased her about.

"Am I getting too fat, chiquito?" she asked after dinner one night. Before I could answer, she stood up and displayed her expansive form. "I weigh three hundred ninety four pounds. Is this too much?"

"No, Nouri, not at all. I have seen spectacular women who weighed over five hundred pounds...."

"Huh! I will weigh much more than them soon, if that is what you want!" She quickly waddled out into the kitchen and returned with a gallon container of ice cream and a serving spoon. She sat down and began stuffing spoonful after spoonful past her smacking lips. Within twenty minutes she had finished it all and sat back rubbing her distended stomach. If I had any doubts about her boast they were quickly dispelled an hour later when she ate a dozen doughnuts.

I had to go back to the states and Nouri was tearfully seeing me off.

"I will see you soon, my sweet," I said, kissing her.

Tears rolled down her plump cheeks. "When, chiquito? When?"

"Soon, soon." In truth I didn't know. It might be months before I would be called back to Puerto Rico.

She smiled, bravely. "Well, I will keep my promise. I will continue getting fatter. I will be huge when you return."

I looked at her double-chinned face framed by copper-colored hair. Nouri had continued to grow over the past few weeks until she tipped the scales at four hundred forty pounds but her expansion had slowed as this day approached. The thought of our separation was causing her enormous appetite to fade.

"You had better. I have been waiting for you to grow from plump to fat, you know," I said, teasing.

She lowered her eyes. "I am afraid you will find someone you will like better back home...someone with a gorgeous figure...." she murmured.

I lifted her face, my finger tucked under her chin. "Never, Nouri. Never."

My flight was called and I went on board. She waved to me as I entered the jetway, a tear running down her face.

I worked long and hard back at the office desperately trying to clear the decks for another trip back to Puerto Rico...to Nouri. But the work continued to pile up around me with no avenue of escape. Months slipped by.

I called her every night the first month. Then the bill came in and I had to cut it back to three times a week. She would be so happy at the start of each conversation, but sad at the end. I asked how she was and she always asked when I would be returning.

I didn't know and told her so. She always said good-bye the same

way: "I am keeping my promise, chiquito..."

Finally, things heated up again at the Puerto Rican office and I was needed down there. It would only be for a few days but I decided that Nouri and I would not be separated again. She would come back with me as my wife.

When I told her I was coming down she was very excited.

"When will you be here?"

"I need to be in the office on Monday but I'm flying down early...on Friday."

"Friday! Oh, I have so much to do! I must get my hair done and buy a new outfit....oh, chiquito, I am so happy!"

"Well, I have a surprise for you..." I said, mysteriously.

"What is it?"

"If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise, would it?"

"Ohhh...well, I have a surprise for you too..."

"You won't tell me?"

She giggled. "No. You must come here and see for yourself."

The flight down was uneventful but seemed twice as long as it actually was. I was quite surprised when I got off the plane and Nouri wasn't there to greet me. Concerned, I quickly rented a car and headed over to her place. I knocked on the door.

"Si! Come in!" I heard her call from inside. I went in.

And stopped dead in the middle of the living room.

Nouri stood there in her "new outfit". It was skin-tight, stone washed blue jeans, orange spike heel shoes, and a tight white woven blouse. But it wasn't her outfit that stunned me; it was her.

Nouri was huge. She stood with her hands on her hips, her swollen upper arms framing her now basketball sized breasts. The low cut blouse displayed two full feet of cleavage. The breasts rested on her rotund stomach, creased at the too-tight jeans and spilling well over the waistband. Her tummy hung down, formed into a lazy "U" by her enormous thighs. The jeans ended mid-calf and revealed her thick lower legs and plump ankles.

She smiled at the look on my face. "I told you I would keep my promise. I have been eating non-stop since you left three months, one week, and four days ago. When you left I weighed four hundred forty one pounds. But that was only 'plump'. Now I weigh seven hundred thirty eight pounds. Am I 'fat', yet?" Her eyes gleamed.

"Uh...yes." I stammered.

She quickly looked concerned. "I'm not too fat, am I?"

I snapped out of it. She was gorgeous! "No, no, not at all!"

Nouri flung her massive body into my arms. My hands began exploring new folds in her body.

"I was worried! I will stop now. I am fat enough..."

I pulled away from her embrace and smiled into her eyes.

"You promised to continue getting fatter until I told you to stop. Don't break your promise now!"

She giggled. "Very well, chiquito. Now, come feed me until I can eat no more..."

We got married as soon as we got back to the states. I booked us a last minute honeymoon at Niagara Falls. Nouri had never seen so much water before!

Once we got home and settled into normal life, Nouri kept her word and worked hard at packing on those beautiful pounds. She ate constantly, stuffing herself with food each moment of the day. And, true to her promise, she grew fatter and fatter and fatter. In barely a month she put on another hundred pounds and outgrew any clothes we could buy for her. So she started making her own clothes, all out of stretch material...my suggestion.

Nouri swelled bigger and bigger and bigger, passing nine hundred pounds and then a thousand. Her legs became enormous, dwarfing her own waist measurements at the start of this eating campaign. I tried measuring her one day: her thighs were each 67 inches around, her waist 135, her hips were 180 inches, but her breasts! Her bustline had grown to almost 200 inches and Nouri claimed that I had much more in store.

I decided that she was enough woman (and more!) for me. I told her so.

"You think I am too fat?" she asked, timidly.

"No, no. I think you are beautiful and sexy. You have become everything I thought you could be." I gave all the hug I could, squeezing every blubbery inch I could reach.

"But I am not too fat?"

"Not at all. You're perfect."

It was just a few days after we had this conversation that I had to travel again. I was gone for two and a half months in our Hawaii office; nice duty, but I missed my Nouri.

I burst in the door and called out to her.

"I am in the kitchen, chiquito!"

I walked into the room and stopped, thunderstruck.

Nouri stood in the middle of the floor. Her mouth, nose, and eyes were swallowed up by her puffy cheeks; cheeks which spilled down into her multiple chins. Rounded upper arms framed her gigantic breasts, breasts that looked like zeppelins. Her gargantuan stomach hung down past her ankles, almost touching the floor. She had dressed herself in some neon colored stretch shirt and pants. The material was straining at the breaking point, yet she dared to move ponderously towards me. The floor creaked under her massive load. My dick jumped up to full attention. Nouri wore an evil smile.

"You've gained weight..." I gasped.



She shrugged shoulders buried in fat. "You said I was beautiful and sexy yet you were going to Hawaii for two months...I read that Hawaiian women were big and beautiful. I did not want to lose my man to them." Nouri leaned out and gently kissed my slack lips. "Come see how fat I am," she breathed.

I followed her rolling boulder butt out into the den. Her extra- heavyweight scale sat there. When I stood next to her, Nouri heaved her massive body onto the scale.

The digital indicator flashed through the numbers....300...500..700...900...1000...1100...1200...1300...my god...1400...1450...1500...finally leveling off at 1648. Nouri had put on another 400 pounds while I was gone. One third of her enormity added in just two months.

She grinned at the expression on my face and patted her huge belly. "Mucho paella, chiquito..."

Mouth agape, I stared at her belly then at her. I couldn't say a word.

"Am I fat enough yet?" she asked. And before I answered, her stomach growled. She nodded, sagely. "My stomach does not think so, chiquito. Come feed me..."