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The Bakery
by budgie

"The Bakery" is my first attempt at writing weight gain fiction. Please offer CONSTRUCTIVE criticism so that I can write better ones to send in.

My name is "budgie."

Anna Todd loved to bake. She helped her mother make cakes and cookies as a three year old child, and by the time she was twenty-three, she owned her own bakery. The problem with all of this was that Anna had trouble keeping her weight in control. She steadfastly worked out and tried to eat fruit and salads on her off-time, but tasting her own creations kept her twenty pounds overweight. This destroyed any confidence she might have had in herself. She was right: men weren't interested in her. But, her loneliness wasn't due to her weight. It was due to the fact that she walked with her shoulders slumped, eyes downcast, and wore baggy blah clothes to hide her soft curves. If only she'd known this!

Cindy Louis was Anna's salesgirl. They were roughly the same age, but their outlooks on life were totally different. Cindy was a very bubbly and positive person. She enjoyed wearing bright clothing to show off her slender body and all of the jocks from the local college watched her appreciatively. This made Anna very jealous. She hated to watch as thin girls like Cindy got all of the guys. Anna thought about firing Cindy, but she didn't want to lose such a hard worker. Time will bring along something better, Anna decided.

One day a spectacular mountain bike racer came into the bakery for a bagel and some orange juice. He and Cindy talked for awhile and seemed to really hit it off. They gazed longingly into one another's eyes and grasped each other's hands across the counter. As the rider got ready to leave, Anna heard him tell Cindy that he'd be back to see her in about a year. He had some career and training obligations to fulfill first, but he'd come back and see her. Cindy fell in love and began to act more confident than ever. It was the last straw for Anna.

It was Anna's policy to let Cindy eat whatever she wanted to when she was at work. Cindy often brought goodies home to soothe her parents who were hinting strongly that she ought to move out and start her own life. Anna thought of changing this policy to be mean, but she thought of an even better way to bring Cindy down. She knew that Cindy would never quit because she was hoping that the bike racer really would come back to see her. So, Anna told Cindy that a condition of her employment would be to eat constantly during her weekly 40+ hours. "But why?" Cindy asked.

"Because it will be good advertising. If people know you eat these pastries yourself, they will be more willing to trust your opinion and buy them." was Anna's answer.

Cindy agreed to this because she had faith that one day the man of her dreams would come back and take her away. She nibbled cookies, brownies, petit fours, fruit squares, cupcakes, eclairs, and donuts. After a month of constant snacking, Cindy had clearly gained twenty pounds. Anna considered letting her stop gorging, but it appeared that Cindy had begun to enjoy feeling full all of the time. She wore lower cut shirts to show off her bulging breasts and her short shorts showed off her soft jiggling thighs. She seemed prouder than ever, which really annoyed Anna. So, Anna hired an assistant baker to help her produce even more things for Cindy to eat while she waited for and on customers.

Three months later, it was October. Cindy had just finished eating an entire birthday cake when a customer walked in. Cindy bent over to get a box for his muffins and there was a loud ripping sound. She had outgrown her sixth pair of pants and was standing there with here cellulite covered rear exposed. The customer, a young man, became excited and asked Cindy out. She said "No." and thanked him. He shook her hand and her fat upper arms wobbled and shook like jello. She must have weighed 350 pounds--and she was still getting all the attention! She groomed herself well, held her head high, and drove Anna Todd to distraction.

About this time, Anna noticed the mountain bike racer's picture in the paper. He was evidently very famous and very rich. She was all the more determined that Cindy not win him. She told her salesgirl that she felt bad she was being pressured at home and offered to let her live in the apartment above the bakery. This worked out well for everyone since Cindy got out on her own and began sneaking downstairs at night to continue gorging herself. Anna supplied her with huge dinners of lasagna, meat pie, and fettucini alfredo, and by December Cindy became so fat that Anna had to help her find a seamstress to custom make her clothes. Her legs were six times the size they were when she met her bike racer, and she could barely waddle. Anna guessed she must weigh 600 lbs.

Anna hired two new girls to work in the bakery. One of them filled Cindy's position and the other was hired to keep bringing Cindy food and cream with weight gain powder to wash it down with. Cindy was situated in a specially made king size bed and told to just relax and eat. She was being paid a tremendous amount to be the bakery's official taster. By this time, she was used to eating constantly eating, and didn't seem to mind devouring four birthday cakes, three gallons of ice cream, three pecan pies, three meat pies, one gallon of mashed potatoes with one pound of butter, endless cookies and fudge, all washed down with the fattening cream drink. One March morning, Cindy got out of the bed to go to the bathroom, and found she couldn't even stand up. She crawled downstairs and got on the freight scale. She saw that she weighed 900lbs. Anna waited for a look of dismay and shame to cross the girl's features. It didn't come.

The gorging continued and continued. Anna hired more people to keep Cindy fed and groomed. Cindy became so fat that she couldn't move. Her breasts were the size of punching bags, her features were almost hidden by cantaloupe sized bubbles of fat, and her arms looked like flippers propped up on her Volkswagen size stomach-hips-butt. Cindy's body covered the king size bed and flab was beginning to hang over it.

Finally, the big day arrived. The mountain biker came to the counter to ask for Cindy. Anna took great pleasure in bringing him into the room where the huge saggy ball of fat was being fed ten buckets of KFC. He looked startled at first, and then turned red as a bulge formed in the crotch of his tights. He asked her to marry him and they both looked immensely happy (and in one case, happily immense). Anna Todd began to stuff her own face when a flat bed truck came to take Cindy to her husband's mansion. She just never got a clue that weight has nothing to do with love and popularity, and died a fat and bitter old maid.