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The Slip

"What a terrible way to start summer vacation," Tracy thought. Not only did she have to go to summer school, but it was the first nice hot day and none of her shorts fit. Finally with one last gasp she was able to button up a pair of cut-offs.

"Tracy, hurry up or you're going to be late!" her mother called.

Tracy pulled a t-shirt over her head and let it hang loose. She looked in the mirror, "Not bad, but I'm not going to be able to eat all day, unless I get some new shorts for until I lose my winter storage," she said, smiling as she patted her little bulge.

Tracy wasn't fat, not by a long shot, but only because she was very careful. She gained weight easily, but that wasn't the biggest problem: she loved to eat and she was lazy. It wasn't that she didn't like sports or anything like that; she just would rather get the walk than have to outrun the ball for a single. And once she had herself positioned comfortably on the sofa God himself couldn't get her to nudge over. She hated to admit it, but she knew it was true; sometimes she felt as if she could eat all day.

As she came downstairs her mother came out of the kitchen. "Tracy! Look at you in those shorts; you look like you're going to bust a seam! I told you you were putting on weight, what are you going to do now that it's summer? You can't go to the beach busting out of your swim suits."

Tracy rolled her eyes, "Thanks a lot, mom, real good for the ego."

"I'm just looking out for you, sweetie, I was a little heavy in high school, too, and know how guys can treat you."

"You don't know what you're talking about, mom." Which was true, She had just started seeing Dave about three weeks ago. For the first time she actually felt sexy around a guy and didn't feel like a pig when they went out to eat together. He even would ask her if she wanted dessert. She always declined, but it was nice to be asked.

"And don't forget, your father and I will be gone when you get out of school, so you'll half to get your own dinner. And no take-out! Maybe I'll make you up a salad before I leave and put it in the fridge for you."

Tracy went to the cupboards and opened a box of piptarts. She started eating one and left another on the counter when she put the box away. "You don't really need both of those, do you sweetie?"

"Most important meal of the day, mom," Tracy smiled as she stuffed the rest of the piptart into her mouth and grabbed the other. "See you later." She said quickly as she headed for the door, slamming it on her way out.

"The nerve of her. She pretty much called me fat, and tried to stop me from eating! Where does she get off? If she only knew... She's lucky I'm not four times the size I am right now." Tracy was so annoyed at her mom that she didn't notice the walkway was still wet from the morning sprinklers. Before she realized it she was flat on her back.

"Oomph," she gasped as she caught her wind. "What a klutz," she thought to herself as she struggled to her feet. She brushed herself off as she headed for the car. "No time to change; hope I don't look like to much of a disaster. So much for these shorts," she said as she was checking her self over. The top button had popped off. "Oh well, they're a little more comfortable anyway." When she got in the car she realized how hungry she was. "Damn, I should have taken that whole box. Maybe I'll get a chocolate bar at the corner."

She went in and grabbed an Oh Harry bar. "Better get a Slickers bar, too," she thought as her stomach grumbled, "they're supposed to fill you up." She headed for the counter and just her luck an old lady was trying to pay for her milk and bread with pennies. Tracy cracked open the Oh Harry bar and started nibbling. By the time the old lady was through Tracy had finished off both chocolate bars, two bags of chips a couple of handfuls from the penny candy jars, an ice cream sandwich and a bottle of Soda. She still had to pay for the five chocolate bars and 2nd bottle of coke she was going to take with her, along with all the empty wrappers.

"I don't know what's come over me today; I'm absolutely starving," Tracy said as she got in to her car. As she sat down the next button of her button fly shorts popped open. She looked down to see her stomach was a little swollen. "Whoops," she thought, "I think I well have to get some new clothes." She finished off her last chocolate bar as she pulled out of the corner store parking lot.

"I can't go to school like this; I'll have to stop and get some new shorts first. I can miss one class." She drove past the school on the way to the mall. It was only 8:30 so the mall wouldn't even be open yet and she was still hungry...

As if on cue a fast food joint appeared on the horizon. "I haven't eaten there in ages, and it was always so good."

"I'll have two bacon and egg combos with two extra orders of home fries," she told the drive-thru attendant at Burger Prince. She had time to grab another couple of sandwiches when she was done with her first order before the mall opened.

She headed in to WallSmart; she knew they'd have some cheap shorts she could fit into, plus they had a snack bar. She grabbed a milkshake and a large chocolate bar and headed for the cash. The attendant couldn't keep his eyes off of her belly. "I don't mean to be rude, but your fly is open." Tracy looked down and blushed. Her binge had forced another button open on her shorts and her growing belly was making the increasingly tight t-shirt ride up. She then glanced over at the mirror beside the check out and gasped.

She hadn't realized how much weight she'd put on over the winter. Her butt was bulging out behind her and her boobs looked like they were going to overflow her bra. Even her arms were getting fat. "Must be the unflattering light in here," she thought.

She tugged the t-shirt down and quickly walked to the ladies' section. She grabbed a pair of shorts the next size bigger and headed for the change rooms. She started pulling them up, but they were too tight. "I know I gained a little weight but, gees, I feel huge.” She looked in the mirror in the change room. With her new shorts around her knees and without the cut offs to help support her gut it really stuck out. She sucked on the last of her shake and watched as her belly seemed to fill out a little more. "What the hell!"

It was as though everything she ate today had shown up on her immediately plus more. She was wondering what could have started this when she realized she had absentmindedly finished off the large chocolate bar. She also realized she was still hungry!

There was a rap at the door. "Is every thing all right in there?" a voice called out.

"I'm not sure," Tracy responded, "just give me another minute." Imagine if her mom could see her now. She'd freak. And what about Dave? Maybe Dave would like it. Anyway this is probably only half the size she would actually be if she let herself eat like she wished. And she didn't look bad, just rounder, fuller. Her breasts were bigger, not that they'd been small before, but they had that extra big look to them now, especially in her now tight bra. Her belly was actually very comforting to look at. It felt nice to rub, although a bit small, she thought...

"How are you doing in there?" The clerk had returned, startling Tracy out of her stupor.

"Actually, I grabbed the wrong size," she called out as she threw the shorts over the stall. "Could you grab me a bigger size? Better make it a couple sizes bigger, just to be safe."

The clerk said she'd be right back and Tracy sat down on the little bench. She heard a sound that could only be her panties splitting. Her tummy rested on her thighs about 4 inches in front of her. She gave it a little pat and watched it ripple. A knock on the door announced the return of the clerk, "Here you go; holler if you need anything else."

She pulled up the shorts and they were a little big, but the rumbling in her tummy told her that wouldn't be a problem. She headed out in to the clothing area again and found a cheap t-shirt. The Clerk came over and told her the shorts looked great on her. "I put a little weight on over the winter, too," she said patting her little bulge.

"Well," thought Tracy, "I put on a little weight on over the last hour."

She went to the cash register, wearing what she needed to buy, except for the big bag of chips and box of ice cream sandwiches. Good thing she'd decided to get new underwear too; her new improved boobs would of bounced into her face as she hurried across the parking lot.

She ate as she drove. She didn't know were she was going until she got there and the food in the car was gone. She looked at the sign and her tummy rumbled louder than ever. "10:00 till 2:00 - ALL YOU CAN EAT!" She looked at her watch; she was a little early but went in anyways. No one else was there so she took a seat. When the waitress came by Tracy said she was hear for the buffet. The waitress gave her a look that said, "The last thing you need is the buffet!" Tracy ignored her and asked when she could start. She was positively famished. The waitress said they would start bringing out dishes any minute and she could start when she was ready.

Tracy was up as soon as the first dish came out. It was a beef stir fry and Tracy loaded her plate sky high and headed back to her seat. When she was done with that plate, the rest of the buffet was there. She loaded her plate at the next dish and returned to her seat. By eleven she had "sampled" eight of the dishes. "Good thing there are only 26 dishes here," she smiled, "I'd be here all day!" Then she saw herself in the mirror across the serving area. Her shorts were no longer too big; they were snug, starting to stretch a little, even. Her stomach was hanging over the top and the baggy t-shirt was clinging, especially the elastic cuffs around the sleeves. The cuffs dug into her fleshy upper arms. She also noticed how round her face had become - was that a double chin?

By noon she was on her 15th dish, Chicken Cordon Blue; when she finished that off and started to get up for more she realized her belly was almost to her knees when sitting and it was starting to push her legs apart, even though her thighs were now quite fat too. As she loaded up her plate from the next dish the manager came up to her.

"Sorry to bother you, but we are going to close early today, in about ten minutes." Tracy was disappointed as she finished loading up her plate. "Why, what's the problem?" The manager looked down at her overstuffed belly peaking out from under the skin tight t-shirt. "We're running low on food," he said, then quickly turned and walked away.

Tracy shoveled her plate down as fast as she could, She knew the restaurant wasn't closing; they just wanted her out of there. She grabbed a dessert tray and started popping the brownies and éclairs in her mouth as fast as she could swallow them. She could see the manager coming back so she made a huge sundae.

"I told you we were closing!" he said curtly, not worrying about embarrassing Tracy. Little did he know she was loving it.

"Just a little something for the road," she said as she walked past him. As she left the restaurant she saw her reflection in the glass and was again forced to gasp. The t-shirt was skintight, almost see through. It had slid up her belly which now stuck out almost a foot and half in front of her plus there was a large roll peeking out all around the top of her straining shorts. The top of those shorts had folded over letting her belly defy gravity all on its own. Her thighs bubbled out at the bottom of her shorts and met all the way to her knees. She couldn't see her butt, but could feel it straining against the fabric behind her.

She lowered her self into car and swung her legs in. Her stomach was up against the steering wheel and her side pressed against the closed door. "I can't believe I got myself kicked out of an all-you-can-eat place," she laughed to herself, staring at her belly and fattened arms. "Where to now?" she said to her belly as it grumbled, still asking for more despite the huge stuffing it had received all day.

Tracy decided she would stick to the fast food restaurants for the rest of the day. First, though, she thought she'd better get some new clothes again; these ones were on their way out. This time she grabbed the biggest sizes she could find. They were way too big, even though Tracy figured she'd gained at least 180 pounds. She was able to return the clothes she'd bought earlier, saying her younger sister had picked them out. "She always likes to make a point about my size," Tracy told a sympathetic cashier, who was quite plump herself. "She buys me clothes that you can see will never fit me, just to make me look fatter."

"Here's your money back, dear," said the cashier, "The new clothes look great on you."

And they did, thought Tracy; although obviously too big, her new body suit top and over all shorts looked pretty good. Maybe she should give Dave a call...But her growling tummy reminded her of where she needed to go.

First stop Artie's, "I'll have two of your 'Five for Five dollars' special, two chocolate milkshakes, five orders of curly fries and one of each of your desserts." The drive-thru attendant looked to see if there was a whole family in the car when he handed Tracy the bags of food.

Tracy ate about half the order before leaving the parking lot to hit stop number 2, Wendel's. She was stuffing the last of the food in her mouth as she pulled up to get her order - three spicy chicken, four burgers, four pitas, two large fries, two frosties, three cokes and a salad.

When she got to Burger Prince she still had a Wendel burger to finish in her fattened hand. "Thank goodness it's not the same server as I had at breakfast," thought Tracy as she ordered six Whompa combos.

When she pulled up to McDonnie' she was having trouble driving. Her expanding gut was pushing against the steering wheel quite a bit now, even though she had the seat back as far as it would go as well as reclined a bit. Not to mention that her fat thighs were pushing both her belly and the steering wheel up. Her arms, while still technically at her sides, were pushed straight out at either side as her waist searched for more room to grow.

It was also getting to be a challenge getting her huge bags of food in the car. There wasn't much room between the frame and her ballooning body. When her order of three Big Don combos, four chocolate sundaes, two strawberry shakes, three apple pies and two large pepperoni pizzas was ready, she had to ask for it to be brought out and to the passenger side of her car. She hoped this would be easier than explaining that she had simply gotten too fat to reach for the food through her window. But when the employee opened the door and was met by an avalanche of empty fast food and candy wrappers, it was still a little embarrassing.

She finished off the pizzas then headed for Dairy King. This one didn't have a drive-thru though, so she parked as close as she could and finished off the rest of the burgers, desserts and drinks. She pulled her door handle and felt it rip out of her hand as her side sprang out, no longer pressed against the door. It took her a little bit of effort to get out and no wonder. The overall shorts, once much too big, were now a perfect fit, although they were getting tight around her tummy. Without the car to contain her, she could see that her stomach stuck out over two feet in front of her. Her sides must stick out a foot each making her over three feet wide. She couldn't see behind her but could feel the weight of her ass as she walked. Her "oversized" top now fit like a glove. It showed off her massive breasts and clung to her huge belly. It was skin tight on her arms, which stuck out at her sides. Where the sleeves ended the elastic sunk into her fleshy wrists. Her exposed hands were covered in fat with the skin pulled tight.

She ignored the stares as she waddled to the counter. "I need three peanut busters, two ice cream pizzas, a fish dinner and two large snow storms." When the order came she realized she had left her purse in the car. She remembered putting some money in her back pocket but hadn't been able to get at it when she had gone through the drive-thrus. She tried to get the money out but couldn't reach the pocket. She strained to look around behind her; over her fat shoulder and past the rolls of her back she could see her back pocket. It was on the vast orb that was her right butt cheek. It stuck out a good foot behind her, way past the reach of her chubby fingers as she tried to reach around her bulk. She didn't feel like waddling all the way back to the car so she asked the employee to reach into her pocket for the money. She was a little embarrassed, but the male employee seemed to like it. And the bulge in his pants confirmed that he hadn't minded one bit.

She sat down at a table outside to eat her treats as they came. The employee, Gus, asked if she was concerned anything would melt; she just laughed and reached for another sundae. She had to straddle the bench because her immense tummy prevented her from getting too close. She ate all her order plus an extra brownie dessert that some how had gotten mixed into her order. A smile from Gus as she ate it let her know where it had come from.

When she got up the buttons on the sides of her overalls popped loose. She wanted to see if Gus noticed, but a clanging of dishes told her that he had. She headed over to her car, wondering where she would go next. She opened the door and checked first to see if the seat would move any farther back. It was definitely as far back as it would go. She turned around and lowered herself in butt first. Then she started to swing her first leg in but couldn't get it under the steering wheel. She was about to try getting in another way, one leg at a time, when she heard a familiar voice.

"Hey, beautiful!" It was Dave. What would he say when he saw her? She was about 135 the last time he had seen her. Now she was easily 500 pounds. She looked and smiled.

"Hi, Dave, what brings you here?"

"Well, I figured you'd be out of school by now so I was going to pick you up and take you for some pizza, I know school always makes you hungry. I noticed your car as I drove by so I guess you beat me to it," he said as he poked her in the belly. "Do you still have room for anything?"

"Uh, don't you notice anything different about me, Dave?" she asked.

"Sure! New outfit, and boy it looks good on you!"

"What was up?" thought Tracy. She was nearly 400 lbs heavier than the last time he'd seen her and he wasn't even noticing. Although, when she thought about it, even stranger than Dave's not noticing was the fact that she'd gained 400 lbs in about six hours. She was about to think some more on this when her stomach let out a grumble.

"I guess that means you still have room!" Dave grabbed a plump hand and helped Tracy to her feet. "Let's take my truck."

Dave's truck was king-size so there was more room than her car but it was still tight quarters. She covered most of the bench seat, pressing against Dave even though she was right up against the door as well. Dave drove to the little pizza parlor that they had often gone to in the evenings to talk. They usually sat in a booth but now had to use a regular table.

The waitress asked for their orders and before Dave could order a medium pizza, Tracy blurted out "Two buffets, please!" then headed for the warming trays.

She was starving as she loaded her plate up with a slice from each of the twelve different pizzas. They had usually gotten there later than this, about 9:00 or so in the evening. The buffet was always over, which didn't use to bother Tracy since she thought needed a buffet like another hole in the head; she could always smell it though and wanted to try it someday. Well today was her day. She didn't care about gaining one or two pounds any more, she was already fat and Dave wasn't complaining.

When she sat down, Dave mentioned that since tonight was their three-week anniversary he wanted to take her some place special, "So don't spoil your appetite," he smiled. As Tracy stuffed the last piece in her mouth and got ready for the next trip.

"Don't worry," she said as she heaved herself up, "Don't worry."

By the time Mario asked the two of them to leave Tracy had had twelve platefuls. It wasn't so much because of the food she had eaten that they had to leave; Mario wasn't like that. It more had to do with the fact that on her tenth plate Her shorts had ripped open when she sat down. When she got up for the twelfth, three buttons popped of her straining top, and this was a family pizza parlor.

"I'm sorry, honey," Tracy said as Dave helped her into the truck, "I don't think we can go out like this."

When she plopped down on the bench the braces holding up her shorts popped loose, and with out that extra support the rest of her buttons went too. Her gut surged forward, pressing into the dash.

"We'll just get you a new outfit, babycakes," Dave said.

"It's not that easy; I already bought the biggest stuff they had at WallSmart, and no other store in the mall has stuff this big."

"There's a new store downtown that has your size clothes," said Dave as he started his truck. "And it's right across from where I made reservations."

Tracy had Dave hold the overall straps up as she waddled to the clothing store. She couldn't believe how huge she'd become. She was at least four feet wide and probably closer to six deep after Dave gave her that box of chocolates. Her chin seemed to rest on her chest that merged into her beach ball breasts that were barely hidden by her busted open top. She could feel her earrings tickling her shoulders, even though they weren't a dangly pair, just small hoops. Her shoulders swelled up her neck (if she had still possessed one) and flowed into arms the size of her old waist that her mother had teased her about. The huge arms rested on the wide hips that swayed and jiggled with every step. Her forearms jutted out at almost right angles and the flesh was visible through the seams of the strained sleeves' material. Still, despite her incredible gain she still was as mobile as ever, though she wasn't going to try and touch her toes.

"Thank goodness for double doors," said Tracy as a plump lady helped her through. "I hope you can help us. I need an outfit desperately for tonight."

"What were you looking for?" asked the lady as she passed Tracy a platter of pastries.

"Well," thought Tracy as she munched, "right now I'd take anything that fits; what have you got?"

The lady showed Tracy quite a few dresses but none were really her style. Finally they came to a sexy spandex number that Tracy felt Dave would love. "Can I try this on?"

The lady took Tracy to the back where the change rooms were and left the pastries on the table. Dave had to help Tracy pull the tight sleeves and shorts off her swollen body. Before Tracy could ask, the lady had returned with new underwear and more pastries.

Dave couldn't believe his eyes when Tracy waddled out. She was a shimmering ball of fat, with arms and legs sticking out and a head on top. She was immense. Her belly stuck out before her, supporting her round breasts and defying gravity. "What do you think?" she asked as she finished off her third plate of snacks.

"You look great; ready to eat?"

"Does this material stretch?" Tracy asked the clerk.

"Oh yes, lots of room to grow; that's why I picked it out for you," smiled the lady.

"I guess that means I'm ready."

Dave and the dress lady both held a door open so Tracy could waddle through. Then the couple headed across the street to Monsieur Smorg. The biggest all-you-can-eat place in town. When they got in they were a little early for their reservation so Tracy had a waitress bring her plates while they waited. After about four plates their table was ready. Tracy had to sit on two chairs and sideways to the table. This blocked the other people trying to get to the buffet tables. The manager came out and asked if they would move to a table in the back corner. Tracy didn't like this at first because it meant farther trips for food, but the manager explained she would be right by the kitchen and the waiters would stop at her table first before filling the buffet trays.

This system worked out great for Tracy, except some times whole trays wouldn't make it to the buffet tables. Tracy was having the time of her life; she'd never seen so much food and it just kept coming. She could tell Dave was enjoying himself too, watching her eat so much. After about an hour the chairs gave way under her, making quite a loud crash. The manager was apologizing but Tracy assured him she had lots of padding. They brought out a four-foot solid bench instead of more chairs. Tracy's ass overflowed the sides as well as the rear.

Over the course of the evening she had had to move father and farther from the table as her butt and sides expanded from her gluttony. Now she had to put her plates on top of her swollen chest just so she could reach them. If she'd only put the plates on her belly she wouldn't of been able to reach around her boobs to get the food. By 9:00 the kitchen warned her that they were getting low on food. Tracy was the only person still eating by this time; some of the other patrons had stayed to encourage her. They wheeled the dessert tray over to her and Dave handed her cakes and pastries one by one until they were all gone.

"Well, I guess that's it," Dave smiled. "Check please."

Tracy needed a little help up but once to her feet she felt just as mobile as before and had no trouble waddling out of the restaurant, although they did have to move a few tables and chairs out of her way and even with both front doors open it was a tight squeeze. She was easily six feet wide now, a foot wider than her height. If you just counted from her nose to her belly button you would probably get that same measurement, but then you'd have left out the two plus feet of ass that jutted out behind her. Her hips were so wide now that with the added fat of her upper arms her forearms almost pointed up. And even with her arms stuck straight out she couldn't reach the tips of her hips; they were wider than her arm span. Thank goodness she had gotten this spandex material. Her waist measurement had probably increased eight feet since she'd bought it. It was nearing its limit though. She could feel the seams on her outer thighs staring to give, not surprisingly since they were probably eight feet around at their narrowest.

"I think we have a problem, honey," Dave said as he held the truck door open for her. "I think my truck is a little too small for you."

"Way ahead of you, Dave; drop the tail gate!"

It took a lot of effort to pull herself up, but she was able to slide herself all the way to the back of the cab. She found it quite comfortable actually, like an armchair, since she easily touched either side. Even though she was seated on an incline, resting on her huge balloon, butt cheeks and the thick rolls of fat on her back, her stomach still piled up in front of her, pushed higher by her fattened thighs. It rose about two and a half feet above the truck bed's sides and even hung a little over the edges. And with her massive boobs trying to stay on top of her belly, Tracy didn't get much of a view that ride home. Seated like this with her legs out stretched, she couldn't see her feet, only feel them hidden far back under her immense tummy.

She knew when Dave was braking because her whole body would be pulled to the front of the bed, and when they went around a corner almost a foot of stomach fat would flow over the side. She was glad when they made the next stop though; it was Bucket of Robins Ice Cream Parlor. She hadn't had anything to eat in almost twenty minutes and it had been hard, tiring work getting all of this dead weight in to the truck.

Dave ordered at the drive thru and then pulled up farther so the server could pass the food directly to Tracy. She server didn't know what to say when he started passing the 10-gallon pail of triple chocolate fudge ice cream out the window. He helped Tracy get it into the truck beside her, because it was hard for her to move around when she was almost pinned in between the beds. The server handed her a spoon and told her to enjoy. Tracy gave a big smile and assured him that she would.

Tracy couldn't get the large cardboard top off with only one arm and there was no way her other arm was going to reach over her unbelievable body so she had to get Dave to stop and help her. Dave pulled into a little park and opened the ice cream for her. But crammed and seated as she was in the back of the truck Tracy couldn't spoon the ice cream to her mouth very well so Dave ended up standing over her shoulder and feeding the bucket to her, spoon by spoon. When it was all gone the seams along her thighs burst open and a tear started around her midriff. At the sound of ripping spandex Tracy grabbed Dave by the waistband and pulled him down on top of her and kissed him. Dave could taste the chocolate on her lips, and feel the hugeness of her breasts and stomach; it was like being on an over filled waterbed. Her breathing was like waves pushing him up and down; he could feel her fat hand trying to squeeze down his pants, but it wouldn't fit.

"Maybe we should go someplace where it's a little more private," Dave suggested.

"My parents are gone; take me home," Tracy said as a new hunger filled her. "And hurry!"

Tracy could tell Dave was driving fast because her body surged farther with the turns and stops than before, tearing her outfit more and exposing her impossible body even more.

As Dave started backing up Tracy's driveway she started pushing herself towards the tailgate. Once parked Dave got behind her and helped push her out. When she finally touched her feet to the ground with a loud thud, her whole body shuddered, tearing the spandex more which let more of her spill out. She started walking up the walk, her huge body bouncing with every step. She was over 1200 lbs. Her seven feet of hips and eight feet of belly made an impressive site, balanced on thighs the same diameter as large barrels. The huge stomach and hips and butt stuck out from all around her like a cartoon fat woman. Only the farthest tip of her belly started to droop, but it was suspended almost six feet in front of her. Her boobs were perched on her massive gut, held in place by a bra that must be a wonder. It was impossible to tell where her shoulders began; her entire upper arms and shoulders merged into one huge roll of fat, resting on the bulging hips. Her tree trunk forearms stuck out uselessly, hanging over her hips that reached past her fingertips almost another foot on each side, bobbling along as she walked. Her fingers were all spread out though they still touched each other with all the fat they had accumulated. She could barely cup her hands, let alone make a fist.

As Tracy waddled down the walkway, she saw something glimmer in the starlight. She could only get so close before her body would eclipse it, so she strained her eyes as best she could. "Looks like my keys," she realized. "I must have dropped them when I slipped this morning."

She waddled a little closer then tried to pick then up. As she leaned forward she started to see the folly in her plan. Her weight shifted, pulling her forward. She thought that once her gut touched ground she could stop herself, but the weight of the rest of her stomach and her gigantic boobs carried her forward still. Then her momentum pulled her massive butt cheeks up, forcing her feet off the ground and her body up on top of the immense mound of fat that was her stomach. She stopped there, rocking a little but stable. Her belly had spread out in all directions pushing her boobs into her face and her forearms straight out. Even her thighs were pushed up. She felt like she was about two feet off the ground maybe more. She could just imagine what she looked like, a big ball of fat with arms hanging helplessly and feet kicking feebly behind her.

She was about to laugh when she realized she couldn't touch the ground. Not with her feet and certainly not with her hands. She was helpless, too fat to move, not simply because of her size but because she couldn't touch anything. "Dave!" she cried out, "Dave! Get over here quick I need you!" What was taking him so long?

"Sorry, Trace, are you all right?" Dave said as he came up to Tracy, "I was getting a surprise out of the passenger seat for you." Dave held the cake down for Tracy to see; she couldn't lift her head very high with the fat of her neck and back pushing her head down. It was a double size chocolate ice cream cake from Buckets of Robins.

"He must have gotten it while they helped load the ice cream in the back for me," thought Tracy.

"I thought I could feed you this in bed," Dave said sheepishly.

"If I can get to bed, I think I'm stuck," said Tracy as Dave set the cake down on a lawn chair in front of her.

"You snack on this while I see what I can do," Dave said as he walked around to the back of her.

Tracy could feel Dave trying to rock her back and forth as she ate the cake, knowing eating it wouldn't help matters any, but it was soooo good. Than Dave was at her side rocking her left to right. "You're going to be fine, Tracy; you're going to be fine, Tracy," he was saying over and over. The rocking and all of her exciting day plus Dave's soothing voice finally took their toll on Tracy, and she started to drift off - once she finished the cake, of course.

"You're going to be fine, Tracy; hey you're awake!" Tracy was startled out of her sleep by Dave's excitement.

"What? How long have I been asleep?" She could still feel her arms dangling uselessly at her sides and her feet suspended out behind her. Her eyes were having a hard time adjusting from the brightness, and her head ached, "Must be from all the ice cream," she thought.

"Only a whole day," Dave said. "I'm glad you're all right."

"A whole day! Am I still in the yard?" Tracy asked.

"Of course not, you're in the hospital; the doctor said you should make a full recovery."

"How'd they get me in here? A crane? And why am still suspended on my big fat stomach, are they afraid I'll waddle out and clean out the cafeteria?" Tracy snapped.

"What are you talking about? You've been here since your mom found you on your front walk. You had slipped on the wet stones and banged your head. You were unconscious so she called an ambulance. There was quite a bump on your head so they let you lay on your front," Dave said puzzled.

Tracy's eyes finally adjusted to the light and she saw she was in a hospital room but not "suspended on her fat stomach." She was lying on her stomach on a hospital bed. Her arms must have slipped over the side while she slept. "I guess I had a strange dream," Tracy offered, secretly wishing she hadn't awaken just yet. Not only because of the sex that was to come, but because of the sheer enjoyment she had gotten out of eating whatever and as much of anything she saw. And feeling her body grow and balloon was very exciting too.

Too bad it was all over...

"You'll have to tell me about it sometime," Dave smiled, "but first, are you hungry? Or are you worried about getting suspended on a fat stomach that you don't have?"

"But wait," Tracy thought, "it doesn't have to be over." This was her chance to do it all again. Maybe that dream was a message from her subconscious, telling her that it was tired of being denied and not enjoying life as much as it could. "Oh, believe me, I'm hungry," Tracy said with a devilish look. "And you'll be amazed at what I can pack away!"


"Tracy, Dave's here," Tracy's mom called up the stairs.

"Tell him I'll be right down," Tracy yelled.

She finished her make-up and popped another chocolate in her mouth. Tonight was the last day of summer vacation, so Dave was taking her out for dinner before they had to go back to school. She hoped he would like her new outfit; she had a feeling he would. She had a body suit top on and overall shorts. The top showed off her boobs and didn't hide the forty-five pounds she'd put on over the last four months. But even if they had been hidden, her mother would have pointed them out. They'd mostly gone to her belly and rear, though her boobs were fuller and her arms and legs a bit chubbier too. She could see her double chin as she chewed another chocolate. One last tug at the shorts to make sure there was room for her dinner. They were going to Monsieur Smorg's, and Tracy knew what a place like that could do to a girl's figure.