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It was a dark and stormy night. Really! Janet, my wife, and I were talkingabout her friend Becky.

When I was dating Janet it seemed Becky was always around. Back then, threeyears ago, Becky probably weighed a little over 200 pounds. It looked greaton her. She was very round and smooth, no cellulite at all, and she wasproud of it. I know, because she really enjoyed taunting Janet, who weighedaround 185, by showing off each pound as it was gained. She showed off whetherI was there or not, much to Janet's chagrin. Becky had a boyfriend thatliked her big and she was eager to please.

Janet on the other hand was trying to lose weight. Like Becky's boyfriend,I too liked my women big. The bigger the better. And Janet was built justlike Becky, she was about the same height. She put weight on the same asBecky, round, firm and smooth. If there were any differences between them,Janet was prettier, and she didn't weigh as much.

Janet's dieting didn't go very well, she would lose some and then gaina little more than she had lost back. This cycle continues to this day.She weighs about 230 now.

Becky on the other hand has steadily gotten bigger and heavier. In thelast three years she has not really stuffed herself with the objective togain weight, but has just been carefree about what and how much she ate.She put weight on easily and weighs around 350 now.

What Janet and I were talking about was how Becky looked now that she waspregnant. She was in her fourth month and her belly was really startingto get larger. She looked fantastic and I took every opportunity to suggestwe visit Becky and Bob just so I could see how much bigger she had gotten.We saw her at least once a week and each time we did, she was noticeablybigger. Janet never hesitated when I asked if she wanted to go over to seethem, because Becky had always been Janet's best friend. What Janet wasn'tcrazy about was the way Becky insisted on showing off how big her bellywas getting whenever we visited. She would pull her shirt up or sometimesshe would just be wearing shorts and a halter top.

One day recently Janet noticed my hard-on after Becky had given me a bighug, when we were leaving after one of our visits. She was acting kind ofcold towards me in the car and I didn't know why. I figured I had made someerror in conversation or something during the evening. I had no idea shehad noticed my boner. She didn't talk to me all the way home. When we wentto bed that night I made my normal move on her and she stopped me and saidshe wanted to talk to me about something. I guessed that I would finallyfind out why she was upset with me. I was right.

She asked me if I really liked the way Becky's body looked, if it turnedme on. Before I could answer she said she had noticed my hard-on after Ihugged Becky. I had to be honest, and I told her "hell yes, Becky'sbody turns me on. I have always liked big round women, that's why I marriedyou. You had and still have so much potential. But you are always dietingand if that's what you really want I don't want to interfere".

She was really surprised, apparently she hadn't caught any of my hintsat this since we were married. She began to cry and told me she had beendieting for me, that she wanted to make herself beautiful to please me andhow hard it had been. She said that she put weight on so easily that shebasically had to starve herself just to stay at her present weight.

I told her that I didn't want her to do it for me, but if she still wantedto diet for her own satisfaction it was OK. I also told her that if it wereup to me the word "diet" would be banished from our home. I reallywanted Janet to get as big and even bigger than Becky. Janet sagged intomy arms and said, she felt so free and relieved and that she had dreamedof a moment like this because dieting was so hard for her. She just feltthat I wouldn't be attracted to her if she got really big. I told her thatwas complete bullshit, and that I wanted her to become as big as she waswilling to get. With that she said "let the games begin", andadded that Becky was going to look anorexic compared to her. Then she gotout of bed and went downstairs and retrieved a new half gallon of ice cream,came back up to bed and devoured it in about ten minutes.

That's how it began, my dream come true. But little did I know, the monsterthat I had created. From that next morning on Janet ate like a woman possessed,and to say that she put on weight easily was an understatement. In the firstweek she had put on eleven pounds to 241 pounds, and grown almost two dresssizes. Our grocery bill was climbing daily as she was able to eat more andmore as her stomach expanded in an attempt to keep up with her ravenousappetite. She claimed she was always hungry no matter where we were or howmuch she had just eaten. She would just pat her belly and say junior ishungry again. That was her little joke about how all her life, when shegained weight, her belly seemed to get bigger faster than the rest of her.I had noticed this too, though her whole body was getting fatter, her gutseemed to grow slightly out of proportion with the rest of her. Not thatI minded, I've always loved big bellies. Especially the way Janet seemedto be gaining the weight. Her skin was still smooth, no cellulite, and shejust became more and more round and thick with each day. It really was adream come true.

Two weeks of constant eating, she hardly ever stopped, and another twentyone pounds later we went over to see Becky and Joe. Janet had gone up anothertwo dress sizes but really needed another size larger when we made our visitthat weekend. She looked like a tomato ready to burst out of its skin inher red dress. Becky and Joe both commented on it, and thought it was greatthat she was finally accepting who she really was and enjoying the excessesof food and pleasures that came with the acceptance of being a large woman.

Becky had gained weight too, and of course her belly was awesome. I couldtell Janet was jealous of the way I looked at it. Becky and Janet went into Becky's bathroom to weigh each other and I could see new determinationon Janet's face when they came back. Becky announced that her weight wasnow up to 370 pounds, and that Janet was up to 262 pounds. Becky then gaveus the disappointing news that her doctor really didn't want her to gainany more weight while she was pregnant, and said that she was now on a dietto control her weight.

We had dinner with them and I was embarrassed to see that Janet was eatingeverything in sight. She had been stuffing herself to the bursting pointevery day since this new diet had begun and was able to stretch her stomachmore and more each day and eat more and more each day. She had huge helpings,which included seconds, thirds, and fourths of everything. Becky reallydidn't eat much, Joe and I had served ourselves fairly large first helpingsand couldn't possibly eat any more. But Janet just kept shoveling, and Beckywas helping her! Becky was filling Janet's plate every time there was abare spot on it. Eventually Joe and I just sat back and watched. After eatingenough to feed a small army and there was nothing left, Janet looked updisappointed but then realized we were all watching her and felt embarrasseduntil we all applauded. Then she stood up from the table and took a bowand her dress split at the seams as she bent over. We laughed and applaudedagain.

Joe and I then went into the family room to watch the game and the girlswere in the kitchen cleaning up. I popped in to see if they needed any helpand saw that Becky was warming up leftovers of all kinds of fattening stuffshe said she couldn't eat while on her diet and Janet was gobbling it upas fast as Becky gave it to her. Janet had already eaten several nightsworth of food for two people at the table and was eating at least a weeksworth of leftovers now, I couldn't believe it! They were talking about howJanet wanted to become as big as she could as fast as she could and Beckywanted to help her do it, and maybe get bigger herself after the baby. Thenthey noticed me and shooed me out of the kitchen.

I told Joe about it and he said that was awesome. As I mentioned earlierJoe shared my lust of large women. He said he'd like to help too, maybechip in on groceries or something. Since he would no doubt benefit himselfafter the baby arrived and Becky could come off her diet. Joe was a lotmore successful than me, not that I did poorly or any thing, its just thathe had a lot more disposable income than me and had seen what Janet couldconsume in just one night. So a deal was struck and we began to split grocerycosts to feed Janet.

About two hours later the girls came into the room, Janet had on one ofBecky's old dresses, it was a little big on her but not much. Becky hadout grown it last summer. Janet lowered herself onto the couch next to meand said that she felt guilty about completely cleaning out Becky and Joe'sfridge. Becky added that the freezer that had had two new half-gallons ofchocolate ice cream had been cleaned out too. Janet's belly was noticeablydistended and felt almost hard to the touch as I caressed it. She moanedsoftly as I rubbed it, she was definitely experiencing some major discomfort.Her gut was nearly as big as Becky's in spite of their weight differenceand the fact that Becky was pregnant. Joe said "this girl has potential"and told the girls about our deal.

The girls had made a deal of their own too. Janet would spend her days,all day since neither girl was working right now, being fed by Becky atour house. So as Janet got larger she wouldn't have to travel as much. Beckyalso said she new some great, extremely fattening recipes. I couldn't believemy ears, we were going to build a mountain of a woman and that woman wasmy wife! I asked Becky and Joe why they wanted to be involved in this andBecky spoke first saying that Janet was her best friend and that this iswhat Janet wanted, and with a laugh added that she enjoyed cooking for anappreciative audience. Joe said honestly that he was turned on by the thoughtof all this effort going into fattening up one woman, and he hoped it wouldcarry over to Becky eventually.

So it was set, the game was afoot, as they say. Becky had practically movedin, she spent all day at our house from before I went to work in the morningright through dinner. Joe usually came over for dinner too, if only to watchJanet's progress. And she was making progress. She was eating from the timeBecky showed up in the morning non-stop through huge dinners and after Beckyand Joe left for the evening she would continue to eat an assortment ofdeserts until she was to tired to continue or I got her to stop long enoughto play with her ever expanding body. Sometimes she would continue to eateven while we had sex. It seemed to heighten the experience for her andif it helped make her even bigger I didn't mind at all.

Each day Janet would consume huge amounts of food, Becky really knew howto cook, and worked non-stop in the kitchen just trying to keep up withJanet. Joe and I would stop for groceries each night on our way home fromwork. We were each buying enough to feed a person for a week every night.Becky was even spicing everything she served with liberal amounts of high-caloriesupplements like you buy in the health stores for weight lifters. Speakingof weights, that's the only time Janet took a break from eating was to workout with heavy, free weights in our basement. She did this in anticipationof her massive weight gains so she wouldn't become immobile.

And gain weight she did, at first she was averaging around three to fivepounds a day, almost thirty pounds a week, and in just the first three weekshad gained 90 pounds. Janet now weighed in at 352, she now weighed abouttwenty pounds less than Becky, but had become Becky's equal in size. Janetseemed to add size to her body almost out of proportion to her weight gains.As I mentioned before, she put on a lot of her weight on in her belly andit was really becoming quite a sight. Her calves and thighs were growing,her butt was expanding very nicely, even her tits were filling out wonderfully,but her gut seemed to grow slightly out of proportion with the rest of her.It was already slightly larger than Becky's in spite of her being quitepregnant. Of course everything else was growing to, but according to Janetshe was still much too skinny.

Watching her eat was unbelievable. She just kept going and going and going.Her belly would begin to distend around mid-day and continue to stretchand expand throughout the evening until she would look ready to give birthto a large beach ball. We couldn't keep her in clothes, if it didn't stretchmuch she'd out grow it in a day or two. So she dressed mostly in large mumu'sor over size sweats with lots of stretch to them. She still went throughthem in about a week. Watching her outgrow her clothes that fast was oneof mine and Joe's favorite pastimes. She new this and would insist on wearingthe same outfit every day until it gave way to the onslaught of her everexpanding girth.

Another three weeks and she had put on another 113 pounds. She weighed-inon the doctors scale I had had to buy at 465 pounds. It was Saturday, Janethad topped Becky's weight by a considerable margin, so the four of us decidedto celebrate by going out to dinner at Mario's. Of course it was an all-you-can-eat place. Becky, Joe and myself were stuffed after about forty- five minutes.The management politely asked us to leave after Janet had been eating non-stop,of course, for three hours. They said they had no more food left to putout on the buffet and all their other customers had left two hours ago whenthey had officially closed. It seemed that the chef was an admirer of largewomen and had been watching Janet enjoy his cooking and that's why theydidn't ask us to leave until they had nothing left. The chef, Mario himself,came out to meet Janet and commented that he had put out his largest pigwhen they closed to see what Janet could do by herself. Needless to saythere was nothing but bones left. And the entire desert table was emptyas well. It had held several pies and at least five beautiful, large cakes.The dress we bought Janet earlier that day, that was slightly loose, wouldstretch no further and had split at the seams around her distended belly.She stood to give the chef a hug for the wonderful dinner and he was aghastat the sight of her vast girth.

He asked us to come back anytime, but call ahead so that he could planon having more food on hand. Privately, that evening in bed, as Janet rubbedwhat she could reach of her belly, she confessed that that had been themost she had eaten in a single day so-far and that she was in quite a bitof discomfort. But, she still wanted some ice cream before going to sleep.So I spoon fed her a gallon of her favorite, chocolate, as she moaned inpainful pleasure.

The next morning I weighed Janet privately before Becky came over to beginher Sunday cooking for Janet. Becky always went all out on Sundays. Janetstepped onto the scale to reveal that she had put on nineteen pounds justyesterday and last evening which brought her total to 511!

Another three weeks and three visits to Mario's and 130 pounds later shewas waddling onto the scale at 595 glorious pounds. Even with this vastpoundage she had no cellulite or sagging rolls of flab, her skin was smoothas silk. She put on the fat firmly. She had just continued to become rounderand thicker. She just expanded like an extremely over-inflated love doll.Of course her huge belly hung down in a single fold to conceal her lovenest, in fact it now reached almost halfway down her huge thighs when shewas standing. Her belly didn't divide at the belly button like some fatwomen's, it was one great big beach ball that extended out in front of herand to the sides several feet. Her now mammoth mammaries never had a chanceto become hangers, they rested on her huge stomach as if laying on a tablewhether she was standing or sitting.

She still took a break from eating in the afternoon to work out with theweights. I really think this was paying off, since she seemed to have verylittle trouble getting around, except that the doorways and stairways werenow becoming a little narrow for her. As for the weights, after four monthsof heavy lifting Janet was becoming quite strong. She had always been astrong woman, and the added weight gave her an advantage in any kind ofwrestling match, but she was really getting strong! She was squatting herown weight right from the beginning and had just increased the weights onthe bar as she gained weight. She could now curl 120 pounds with each armand could bench over 500 pounds! She took perverse pleasure in carryingme around, especially when she was ready for sex, she almost always carriedme into the bed room, sometimes under one arm.

Becky had had a beautiful baby girl. She still came over every day andcooked, but now she was cooking for herself and Janet. Becky brought herbaby and she and Janet both looked after her. Becky had joined in the questto become huge. She had a lot of catching up to do, and attacked the projectwith great gusto. However, she could never eat nearly as much as Janet andJanet continued to grow ever larger and heavier.

Another three weeks and Janet had put on 135 pounds and now crushed thescale at 730 pounds. We couldn't find clothes big enough so Becky made Janetsome outfits. Her weight and size made it difficult to go out in public,what with narrow doorways, small seats everywhere, and various other difficulties.But Janet didn't mind she was happy to stay home and eat, watch TV, andtalk with her friend Becky. They now worked out together too. And therewas always Becky's baby to look after.

Janet had become an eating machine at this point. Becky really didn't havea chance to put on much weight while she was at our house cooking. It wasall she could do to keep food in front of Janet. I was now staying hometwo days a week to help feed her. Janet had always been a fast eater, andwith her eating continuously, it took hard work and timing to keep foodin front of her. She tried to help when she could, as she always had, butwith her size no one else could be in the kitchen with her at the same time.So she pretty much tried to stay out of the way. Becky was really doinga great job and never seemed to tire of cooking for Janet. She never complained,in fact she really seemed to enjoy it. When I asked her about it she saidshe liked to cook, it was like having her own restaurant, but only havingto cook for her friends. Speaking of restaurants, Mario even came over tocook occasionally. Of course if Janet finished one thing while another wasstill in the oven or something, she would just grab some cookies, a cake,or a pie, or a bag of chips, there was always something within her reachto munch on at all times.

About three weeks later she had added another 140 pounds and was up to870 pounds. I had had to widen all our doorways, and reinforce what furniturehadn't collapsed under her tremendous weight. I made a bedroom out of myden downstairs because it had become quite hard for her to get upstairs.She didn't fit in the stairwell and if she forced her way through, whichshe had the strength to do, I feared the walls on either side would giveway to her bulk! She loved it! She seemed to take great pleasure in lookingat her huge body in the mirror, caressing what she could reach of her breasts,which were easily the biggest I had ever seen, and her huge belly whichwas beyond description except to say that it was mammoth. I took great pleasurein caressing all the parts she couldn't reach which was most of her at thispoint. I could hardly get my arms around her calves or upper arms, that'show big she was, and she showed no signs of slowing down either. I askedher about it, fearing for her health, and she just picked me up and laidme out on her vast breasts and belly and said does this look unhealthy toyou? She still had all her mobility, she had lost some of her flexibilitydue to her size and thickness, but she was stronger than any woman I hadever heard of and probably stronger that most men. It had gotten harderfor her to work out with the weights because of her immense size, but shehad just made allowances and changed her routines so that she still gota good workout. She now worked out in the bedroom I had made out of theden, the basement stairs being to narrow for her to fit through. She lovedto show off by carrying me, Joe and Becky around the house, she would holdBecky in front with her arms, most of her large body resting on Janet'sbelly as if on a shelf and Joe and I would ride on Janet's immense ass,which was about five or six feet wide and extended out behind her abouttwo and a half or three feet. She moved as if she didn't even feel our weight,which between Joe and I had to be around 750 pounds. Of course she was stillable to squat her body weight, so this really wasn't a great feat for her.It was still pretty shocking though.