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Thin Discrimination
Weight-Gain fiction by TR

The Verdict

Julia waited nervously as the jurors deliberated. They hadn't looked very friendly. The charges against me are pretty trivial she reminded herself. And at least I haven't been extradited back to the States.

After embezzling three million dollars from her partner in the modeling agency they had founded (he had screwed her over, albeit legally, so she felt he had it coming), changing her identity and sneaking into the small country of Adipor, Julia thought she had it made. It was a beautiful island populated mostly by American expatriates, and she was staying with her friend Cynthia in a terrific house on a secluded beach.

The only problem was the very strict law they had in Adipor requiring women to be fat.

"I thought you knew about that," said Cynthia, when she first told Julia about the law,"why did you think I moved here, anyway?"

"Well, I knew you moved here because it was a nice place to be if you were going to be fat," said Julia (Cynthia had started rapidly gaining weight after she had retired from modeling at age twenty-five),"but I didn't know they had a law about it."

"It's a very strict law, actually," said Cynthia,"you can visit for a week, but women can't immigrate unless they're fat."

Julia looked at her friend. Cynthia sure is law-abiding, she thought. She must be up to three hundred pounds.

"Isn't that awfully sexist?"

"Absolutely," said Cynthia,"but the women who founded this country wanted it that way."

"What for?"

"They--didn't want any thin women around making them feel inadequate--but thin men are okay. In fact, if you get really fat," she smiled a bit sheepishly,"they're better than fat men for sex. They...fit a lot better."

Julia didn't even want to think about that.

"Aren't there any loopholes?"

"Well, sometimes people are thin due to medical problems. You'd have to convince a doctor you had a medical problem and convince the authorities you planned to get fat as soon as you got better."

Julia almost got away with it. She bribed a doctor and sweet-talked a few officials. But a government doctor got suspicious and ordered some tests, and found her as healthy as an ox.

Also, they had found out she'd been a fashion model in the States. This really got people's attention. They didn't like American fashion models in this country. Before she knew it, Julia found herself defending herself in court.

Julia gloomily watched as the jurors trooped back into the courtroom.

"Didn't take them long," she thought sadly. Of course they would find her guilty. But what a ridiculous crime, "Commission of making fat women feel inferior, with intent." Okay, she had modeled for diet ads for products that she had never tried. She had made a few snotty comments about fat women in a couple of magazine interviews. But how was she to know that so many people would get mad about it? How was she to know she was going to wind up in this bizarre island country that was devoted to fat women?

Sure enough, they found her guilty.

The judge looked as grim as the jurors as he decided on sentencing.

"Let's see. Commision of making fat women feel inferior, with intent. Bribing and lying to government officials. And you're seventy pounds underweight. Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

Julia fought to keep from laughing. What a weird country. At five feet-seven, one hundred and twenty pounds, she felt a couple of pounds overweight. And they thought she was seventy pounds underweight? Nevertheless, she adopted the proper repentent air.

"Just that I realize my mistakes, your honor. I really didn't before...I had no idea fat women were hurt by my statements. I did try to cheat my way in here, it's true, but," she lied, "I really do plan to get fat as soon as I get a chance."

"Hmmm. I'll give you a choice. If you like, you may just pay a fine and be deported. Otherwise, I'll have to sentence you."

Julia was afraid to be deported--whatever penalty the Adiporeans imposed couldn't be as bad as a grand larceny rap in the States.

"I guess I'll take sentencing, your honor."

The judge looked surprised. Then he shrugged.

"All right. I sentence you to a fine of one hundred thousand dollars and three months of compulsory fattening."


The baliff grasped her arm to escort her out. Boos were heard from the courtroom audience...from the look on their faces Julia had to conclude it was because they didn't think the fine was severe enough.

"Fattening?" she said, stunned.

"Yes," said the judge,"isn't that what you wanted?"

The Clinic

Except for the heavily-fortified fence and the guards on patrol, the fattening clinic looked like a resort hotel. There was even beach access to a fenced-off section of ocean. Julia was greeted by a Sandra, a friendly woman (fat, of course, like nearly all the women on the island) who showed her her room. It was a very nice room with a private bathroom and a balcony with an ocean view.

"This isn't what I pictured at all," said Julia.

"This is one of the nicest rooms," said Sandra,"we've only got one other visitor here right now. Anyway, we really don't have any rules (except about leaving, of course), so do whatever you like until feeding time."

"Feeding time?"

"One P.M. every afternoon. You missed it today."

"What about dinner?"

"No dinner," said Sandra,"sorry."

Julia wandered around the building and the grounds. Eventually she found the other inmate, a slim young woman named Mary. Mary had heard of Julia, it turned out, and was fascinated with her. Mary had lived in Adipor most of her life.

"How can you be so slim if you've been here so long?" Julia asked her.

"Oh, the law doesn't apply if you're under eighteen," said Mary,"and the last four years I've been living in the States, going to college. But now I want to come back here. I've never been able to gain weight--I've got a really high metabolism. So I just turned myself in."

"But that's awful!" said Julia,"you have to get fat now? There's no other choice?"

"Oh, I could have stayed in the States. But I like it here. And I can't wait to get fat."


"Yeah. I look okay for the States, but here I feel really out of place."

The next day at one o'clock, Julia and Mary went to the feeding room. They were made to strip down to their underwear and then weighed and measured.

Mary was about an inch taller than Julia, and, a pound heavier.

"My, my. I haven't seen two such skinny ones in a long time," said Sandra,"Now who's first?"

Julia turned to Mary, who, to her surprise, looked rather nervous.

"I...I guess I'll go first," said Mary. She turned to Julia,"It's not really as bad as it sounds. Don't worry."

What was she talking about? thought Julia. She'd thought they would just be given a lot of food and expected to eat it.

But instead they were strapped into a couple of large semi-reclining chairs. Even their heads were strapped in. Julia fought them when they started strapping her, but the two strong male guards easily over-powered her. After that, tubes were inserted down their throats. Julia struggled as much as she could, keeping her jaw clamped shut.

"It's much easier if you co-operate," grumbled Sandra. She had to inject Julia's jaw muscles with an anesthetic to make them relax. Finally, she inserted the tube all the way down Julia's throat and into her stomach.

Sandra took the hose attached to the machine in the middle of the room and inserted it into Mary's tube. After adjusting some dials, Sandra turned the machine on. It promptly started humming. Julia watched in amazement as Mary's eyes grew wide and her stomach started slowly expanding, like a basketball being inflated. Finally the machine stopped, leaving her with a round little pot-belly.

"Five-point-two liters," said Sandra,"not bad for the first time."

Then it was Julia's turn. For a moment, it actually felt good--she was, after all, quite hungry, not having eaten in over a day. But then she felt full, then very full, then incredibly full...God! What if the machine didn't stop! She was going to burst!

But it did stop...she felt more stuffed than she'd ever imagined possible. And nauseous. In fact...

"I'm going to throw..."

"Shit!" said Sandra, removing the tube, unstrapping her quickly and helping her regurgitate into a bowl.

"You're slipping, Sandra," teased one of the guards.

"You must have been on a low-fat diet, is that right?" asked Sandra.

"Uh...yes," gasped Julia.

"Okay." Sandra went back to the machine, and adjust the dials,"a little less fat in the formula this time, a little more anti-nausea medicine..."

And then, to Julia's horror, she was filled up all over again. The urge to vomit returned, but it wasn't as strong this time, and Julia fought it. She didn't want to be filled up yet another time.

Then she was unstrapped. Sandra and the guards left the room and left Julia and Mary to recover. They lay in a stupor, too full to move, for some time.

Finally Mary moved her head a bit. She laughed.

"Look at us," she said,"it looks like we're pregnant!"

"You can joke?" said Julia,"this is outrageous! I'm going to tell Amnesty International about this as soon as I get out."

"Really? I didn't think it was that bad. Beats a lot of things that happen in American prisons, from what I hear. Anyway, I bet you could still ask to be deported, and they'd let you go."

Julia had no answer to that...of course she couldn't do that.

The next day went much the same. They had each gained about a pound. Julia was still furious and still fought when the guards strapped her in and when the tube was put down her throat, even though she knew it was hopeless. Their stomachs, stretched from the day before, expanded even more after their sessions with the machine.

A day later Julia watched in horror as the scale went up to a hundred and twenty-four. It renewed her anger and she struggled with the guards more than ever.

"Oh Julia, would you relax?" said Mary irritably,"just let them strap you in. You're wasting time. I'm hungry."

Julia looked at her friend in astonishment.

"You're looking forward to it?"

"I'm starting to like it," said Mary,"it's not so bad if you just relax."

So Julia let them strap her in and watched Mary as they filled her up. A beatific smile came over Mary's face as her belly expanded once again.

As they started filling up Julia, she had a hard time not smiling as well. It felt good, all her hunger just disappearing in a few seconds. And the incredibly-stuffed feeling didn't bother her so much anymore.

Two days later, as feeding time approached, Julia found herself checking the clock. As much as it still angered her, she couldn't wait to be fed again.

By twelve-forty-five, Mary and Julia were beside themselves with anticipation and went down to the feeding room to wait. They stripped down to their underwear. Mary weighed herself out of curiousity.

"This is wonderful!" said Mary,"I've gained seven pounds! Can you tell?"

"Well, I guess so," said Julia,"your ribs don't show anymore."

Mary felt her tummy experimentally. It was still pretty flat, but had gotten softer.

"I'm really going to get fat! I was afraid I might not be able to."

"You're out of your mind. You've got such a nice, trim little figure...why would you want to destroy it?"

"You Americans," Mary said, laughing,"so into skinny bodies. I think you're crazy."

Sandra walked in then. They weighed themselves quickly (Julia had also gained seven pounds) and eagerly got in their chairs.

"Let me go first this time," said Julia.

"No, me!" said Mary.

Sandra smiled broadly let Julia go first. And as soon as Julia's belly started expanding under the pressure of the fattening formula, she began to smile too.

That evening at about midnight Julia and Mary were still up, watching television. There was only one channel, the local island channel. Except for an occasional skinny villan, always played by an ugly actress, and now and then a sad slim woman who would always become fat and happy by the end of the story, all the women on all the shows were fat.

"I'm bored," said Julia.

"Me too," said Mary,"and I'm getting hungry."

"Yeah," sighed Julia, reflecting on how ironic it was that a place that fattened you up made you get hungry all the time.

"You know, I noticed they forgot to take the key to the feeding machine today. You think they remembered later?"

"I don't know. Why?"

"Let's take a look."

Everyone else having gone to bed, it was pretty easy to sneak past the guard at the front door and on into the feeding room. Sure enough, the key was still there.

"Oh goody!" said Mary. She sat on the recliner and stuck one of the tubes down her throat. She motioned for Julia to feed her.

Julia hesitated, then finally shrugged and did as her friend asked. Mary patted her belly as it expanded to its largest size yet.

When it was over she took out the tube and sighed happily.

"Let me recover a minute, then I'll do you."

"Oh no..." said Julia,"I'm going to get fat enough as it is without feeding myself any extra."

Still, it was very tempting. And it was an opportunity to defy the bastards...

"All right," she told Mary, inserting the tube down her throat.

Sandra gave them a lecture the next day about unauthorized use of the machine--apparently they hadn't tided up properly and she'd figured it out. Then she fed them as she usually did.

"You girls are doing well," she said,"your capacity is up to eight quarts apiece, and you can take a really high fat and sugar content."

"What do you mean?" asked Julia.

"I've been steadily raising the richness of the formula so you can tolerate extremely rich fattening food. That's the next phase in the fattening process, which we start tomorrow."

"Great!" said Mary. For while though they'd been machine-fed vast amounts of formula, they hadn't eaten since before their arrival.


The next day they were seated across from each other over a large lazy susan, heavily laden with food. All of it was exquisitely prepared, and, except for a small portion of fruit and vegetables, all of it was very fattening.

Mary was in seventh heaven, and immediately started stuffing herself . Julia tried to take it easy--since she was just staying here three months, the less she ate, the better. Still, it was hard. Not only was she hungry and the food delicious, but her body had been conditioned to expect a huge amount of food. Even after the vegetables, the fruit, a ham sandwich, some mashed potatoes and a piece of pie, her stomach felt quite empty. Still, she got up to leave.

"Not yet," said Sandra,"you have to stay for an hour."

"But I'm full!" lied Julia.

"You don't have to eat anything, but you have to stay at the table."

It was hard to hold herself back, especially since Mary was still eating lustily, but she managed. Mary hardly even slowed down until she'd been eating for thirty minutes, and continued nibbling until the hour was up.

"You're crazy girl," she told Julia,"this food is fantastic! Why don't you have some?"

Sandra walked back in.

"Okay," she said,"In your chairs, girls."

"What?" asked Julia,"But we ate already. Why do we need to be force-fed as well?"

"I just need to top you off."

She filled up Mary, who only took in half a liter.

"Very good!" said Sandra,"You're feeding yourself almost as well as the machine!"

Julia, however, took in five quarts.

"Wow," said Sandra,"you should eat more. You're going to get super fat at this rate!"

"What do you mean?"

"The formula is much more fattening than the food."

"You mean the more fattening food I eat, the less I'll weigh when this is over?"


"What a bunch of devious assholes!"

Really Eating

So the next day Julia ate as well as Mary. It was amazing. For the first time in her adult life she ate fattening food without feeling guilty. It was wonderful. She couldn't believe her appetite--it was one thing to be told you had an nine-liter capacity, and quite another to put away a fried chicken, two cheesburgers, a pound of french fries, two milkshakes and a chocolate eclair and still feel hungry.

She wouldn't admit it to anyone, but she was having a fantastic time.

When they hooked her up to the machine, she only took in a third of a liter.

Getting Plump

"Look at me," said Mary. It was about an hour before feeding time, two weeks of rapturous feeding later. She was looking at herself in the mirror, as Julia sat reading a magazine,"I'm really gaining weight!"

She was actually happy about it.

"Actually, you still look pretty thin to me," said Julia,"which is odd, because you've gained...what, thirty pounds?"

"I still am thin, silly," said Mary,"by Island standards."

"God! I must be starting to adopt these ridiculous standards!"

"I wouldn't be surprised. Everyone else here is fat (except for some of the men, of course), and we only watch fat-positive TV."

"I know," said Julia,"and all the magazines and books, and the paintings on the walls...I'm being brainwashed."

"Well, you were brainwashed one way before, now you're brainwashed a different way. And I have a real pot-belly." she patted it proudly.

"You've had that all week," said Julia.

"No, it wasn't a real pot-belly...I could still suck it in. When it wasn't stuffed with food, anyway. But now...look!"

It retreated a little bit when she tried to suck it in, but it remained substantial.

"Let's see you try," she said.

"Oh, I don't even want to think about it."

"Oh, come on!"

Julia sighed and got up, having to lurch slightly to get her extra poundage out of her chair. She stood beside Mary and tried to suck in her soft round belly without success.

"Good for you!" said Mary. She looked at herself in the mirror again, comparing herself with Julia.

"Wow, I'm getting nice and plump, but you're getting fabulous! Your hips are so curvy...and look at your breasts...mine haven't grown as much as I hoped they would, but yours are really something!"

Julia broke down and took a good look at herself. Oddly, she though she looked much heavier, she still felt she looked slim. Odder still, she liked the way she looked.

"Take your bra off a minute, I want to see," said Mary.

Shyly, Julia did as she asked. Her breasts were terrific. Sure, they'd always been nice--almost conical, slightly more convex on the bottom than the top but pert enough that they wouldn't quite hold a pencil underneath them. They had grown outward, sagging just a little so that now they could easily hold a couple of pencils. There was a sassy, sensuous fullness to them which startled her.

"God!" said Mary,"you're going to have every man in town at your feet!"

"But it'll be guys who like me fat," said Julia,"what do I want weirdos like that for?"

"There are a lot of great guys on this island, just you wait and see. Why do you think I was so anxious to come back? I just wish I carried the weight a little better."

"Oh, don't worry," Julia found herself saying,"you've got such an nice fat bottom. I'm sure that'll turn heads."

"You think so?" said Mary happily, looking at her big buttocks, which had only recently grown fat enough to droop slightly. She wiggled a bit and watched them quiver erotically.


The next day they were joined by another violator, Janet. Janet was fat, by most standards. Here she was considered ten pounds underweight.

"Why are you underweight?" Julia asked her.

"Oh, I went on a diet," said Janet,"I was hoping to lose more weight before they caught me. I think someone ratted on me."

"That's awful," said Julia,"but why are you living on this island if you don't want to be fat?"

"But I do want to be fat!"

"Then why did you diet?"

Janet gave her a puzzled look, as if she couldn't imagine anyone being so ignorant.

"Breaking the law is the only way to get on the machine, silly. I was hoping to lose more weight so I could be force-fed longer. It's so fun!"

Julia shook her head in amazement.

"Why can't you get machines on the outside?"

"Oh, you used to be able to. But too many people became addicted to them and became way too fat...they had to outlaw them."

"I didn't think there was such a thing as too fat in this country," said Julia.

"There is," said Mary, joining their conversation,"though it's pretty damn fat!"

Getting Fat

When Julia and Mary got up to around 180 pounds, they went to stage 3...unlimited eating. (Janet was long gone, having rapidly fattened up to the legal minimum.) They only had to use the machine if they didn't gain weight. Attentive servants fed them whatever, whenever, and wherever they wanted.

Some days they would have regular (albeit enormous) meals. Other days they would snack slowly and continuously all day, usually as they lounged around in the Rec room, watching TV or reading. By the end of the day, their bellies were as hard as if they'd been machine-fed.

Julia couldn't believe how lazy she was getting. Sure, she walked around the grounds every day for a little excercise, but it was more of a hassle now that her chubby thighs rubbed together whenever she walked. She found it easier to move with a kind of slow waddle. Still, she was getting more and more sexy and beautiful by island standards, her belly and breasts magnificently round, her hips wide, her ass large and curvy. She was wondering what it would be like, being the belle of the island. She only had a few pounds to go before she was released (her sentence had been changed to allow her to leave as soon as she was no longer "underweight").

Then one day Sandra summoned her to the front desk. To her amazement, Ryan, her ex-partner, the one she'd stolen three million from, was there.

"Apparently," said Sandra,"you're being released."

Ryan looked at her,"Don't worry," he said,"I arranged everything. Oh, Julia, you poor thing! Look what they've done to you!"

"I'm not going anywhere with you until we've had a talk," said Julia.

Sandra let them go into a conference room.

"I know about the money you embezzled," said Ryan,"but it's okay. I haven't told anyone, and I'm not pressing charges."

"Why not?"

"Because I need you! The agency is falling apart. We've still got assets, but the way business is going they won't last long. Anyway, I've finally realized how important you are, and how much I took advantage of you. Keep the money, just come back and help me run things."

This was perfect, a better way out of everything than Julia had thought possible...but her strongest feeling about it was that if she left now, she would miss lunch.

Anyway, she shook that ridiculous thought, called her lawyer to make sure Ryan was sincere and not setting some kind of trap, and then took off back to the States.

The Agency

"Were the models always this thin?" she asked Ryan her first day back. To Julia they looked like Dachau survivors. They looked at her with just as much astonishment, unable to believe that religiously slim Julia was so fat.

Ryan laughed, thinking she was joking.

"Okay," he said,"we'd better get to work."

She worked just as well as she always had, but there didn't seem to be any point to it. Why was she here instead of lounging around in the clinic, eating fattening goodies? Or cruising the singles bars in Adipor, where she was sure she'd be the top attraction? She tried to shake these thoughts, but it was hard.

Then when she went out to lunch with Ryan that day, she ordered a salad, a chocolate shake, a cheeseburger and french fries.

"Don't you think you ought to cut back a bit, Julia?" asked Ryan uneasily.

"I am cutting back!" she said, surprised. But then she thought about it, and realized this skimpy lunch was way more than she used to eat when she was thin. But how could she go back to salad with no dressing and a bottle of Evian for lunch? That was absurd. To Ryan's amazement, she asked the waitress to bring her a banana split for dessert.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"I've got to eat properly," she said,"I'm still five pounds underweight."


Mary had been right--now that Julia weighed over hundred and ninety pounds she was incredibly popular in Adipor (as soon as she had reached the legal minimum weight, and organized things at the agency so they could get along without her constant presence (she still helped out a little via e-mail), she had immigrated ). Though she was still too thin for a lot of men, when she wore a bikini and walked along the beach, her plump curves all a-jiggle, she always had plenty of admirers. Her friend Mary, now at two hundred and ten pounds (she had been going out with a feeder, and so had gotten ahead of Julia) was nearly as popular.

"What made you decide to come back?" Mary asked her over lunch a few days after she immigrated.

Julia took a long sip of her Kaluha-creme-de-menthe-chocolate milkshake before she anwered.

"You mean besides the eating, the sexual opportunity, the fact that I now hate New York, the fact that I feel beautiful here and obscenely huge there, and the fact that if I didn't come back here I was going to have to, yuck, diet?"

"Uh, yeah..."

"I don't know," she said smiling, starting on her second bacon cheeseburger, and flagging the waitress for a refill on shake, "call it a whim."

"I'd better warn you," said Mary,"a lot of women keep gaining weight after being at the clinic. They get a certain amount of momentum going. They usually gain as much as they gained at the clinic. How are you going to like it if you gain another seventy pounds?"

"Seventy? Is that all? I don't know," said Julia thoughtfully, after greedily eating half the burger,"but I have a feeling I'm going to find out."