Weight Room Title Bar

by Doc

"It's just not fair!"

That's my friend Kimber. Seems she's always pissed about something. This time, it's about our mutual friend Heather. Affectionately, Heavin' Heather. Not only in possession of a tremendous personality, Heather is the admittedly proud owner of a tremendous set of breasts. Pendulous yet firm, they are the object of any breast-man's desire.

Kimber, on the other hand, is your not-so-typical coed. Seems Kimber's body got stuck sometime in early puberty, much to the chagrin of the 21-year old. She's got all the parts, but none of the development. Nature had dealt her a cruel blow. The only attention she normally got seemed to be from guys who preferred women of her apparent age; not exactly pleasant company.

Hey, wait. I said Kim and I are just friends. We haven't been intimate, in part since my interest tends to women of the voluptuous stature. At 6'2" and 270 lbs I happen to be in the overweight category myself. However, I saw in Kim a potential for - shall we say - more.

"Doc, what am I gonna do? I'm so flaa-aaa-aaat!" she sobbed into my shoulder. "Relax, Kim. Nothing a baby or two won't fix." But she had set my mind to wandering. Could I perhaps help her with her underweight problem, and through the wonders of nature, gift her with a womanly figure? Kimber was the person who could eat a sundae a night for a week and not gain an ounce. Therefore, it seemed that initially, more drastic measures than simple appetite stimulants would be required.

Luckily, I have some experience in the overfeeding department. Downing a large pizza and a half box of Entenmann's chocolate chip cookies for dessert was the occasional evening meal for me. Perhaps my "talents" could be directed to help Kimber.

Truth be told, I was becoming a little embarrassed at the weight I've gained. Men unfortunately don't have any salient attributes that are enhanced by weight gain; they just thicken and get a belly. Not the most attractive prospect.

Perhaps this could work to the advantage of my little project, however. Part of Kimber's difficulty with weight gain was the small size of her stomach, and the fact that she didn't really like to eat that much, at least not to the point of feeling full and beyond. I of course had no problem with this, since it was the mildly orgasmic feeling of being absolutely stuffed that was part of the cause of my weight problem.

That evening, I worked feverishly in my lab. Oh, did I mention that I am studying biochemistry and physics? Like you hadn't figured that out. Scientists and magicians get all the size-increase fun. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I tinkered for a few months, and finally came up with a device that just might solve both of our problems. It would allow me to eat as much as I liked, thereby providing me the food pleasure I so enjoy. However, much of the nourishment would be sent to Kimber's body, which over time should bring her caloric intake over her basal metabolic rate a sufficient number of times to really fill out her figure. My goal was not to turn her into a grossly round ball, but to provide shape to something that had no shape.

I met Kimber after class the next day. She was talking with Heather on the plaza. They really did get on well, it's just that Kimber gets pretty jealous of Heather's obvious endowments. Heather doesn't really flaunt them, either; it's just that her superstructure is so, well, super, that you just couldn't help but notice.

After we said our good-byes to Heather, Kimber turned to me with that quivering lower lip that I find so attractive. She was obviously upset, and I could guess the cause. Before she could get a start on her ranting, I touched my index finger to her soft, slim lips and beckoned her to follow me. I found a bench in an out-of-the-way corner of the plaza and we both sat.

"I know what you're thinking, Kimber. I noticed you staring at Heather again as she left, and I know that you desperately long for a body like hers."

"Doc, I'm TIRED of looking like a pedophile's wet dream. I WISH there was some way I could look like a grown woman...."

"Well Kimber, you're in luck. I think I have just the thing to help you out."

"Don't make fun of me, Doc. Everyone knows there are no miracle answers for anything, especially for your body."

"True, Kimber. However, I have something experimental here that, if you're willing, we could try out."

I brought my hand from my pocket and opened it palm-up in front of Kimber to reveal a small conical-shaped plug.

"Behold the Trans-Fat device, my latest invention!"

Kimber looked curiously at the small, flesh-colored device.

"How does it work?"

"Simple. I'll show you." As it happened, Kimber was wearing a crop-top shirt that day (all praise the inventor of the crop-top!), so I reached over to her cute little belly button and pushed the Trans-Fat device in.

"OOoohhHH! That tickles!" Kimber squirmed in surprise. She looked down at her tummy, where, invisible to the eye, the Trans-Fat device was busy hooking itself into her stomach via a capillary tube.

"It's really not too noticeable, is it?" Kimber mused. "It just looks like I have an outie now. So what does it do?"

"I have the transmitter part of the Trans-Fat device in my belly button, and you have the receiver part. Anytime I eat, most of the nutrients that I consume will be transmitted to you. Allow me to demonstrate."

I got up, went over to the plaza hot-dog vendor, and ordered a half-dozen dogs. Kimber kept a curious watch on me from the bench, while rubbing her belly button gently with a forefinger. I took the dogs back to our bench and sat down.

"Just sit back and relax, and tell me what you feel."

I proceeded to scarf down the half-dozen dogs. Granted, this is no real feat for me, but the difference was that as I finished the dogs, I really didn't feel at all full. Kimber, on the other hand...

Kimber was leaning back on the bench, her hand rubbing her suddenly swollen belly. Her normally washboard-flat stomach had a cute little bulge. She was groaning softly.

By golly, it worked! I thought gleefully to myself. Now if she just doesn't get upset, and maybe even...

"Doc, what just happened?" Kimber exclaimed dazedly.

"Basically Kimber, most of the dogs I just ate ended up in your stomach. Since I can eat far more than you could in a day, the end result should be that you'll take in far more calories in a day than your body can metabolize, and finally start to pack on the pounds."

Kimber looked sidelong at me, still rubbing her belly.

"Doc, this is just too weird. I dunno if I should...."

"Kimber," I reminded her, "you're the one who wants a more voluptuous figure. You've tried everything possible, and you're still built like an ironing board. I think this device could really make the difference. Tell you what. We'll start out slow, and work our way up to large meals, so you won't feel so uncomfortable. We'll check your progress each week, and if after a few weeks we don't notice any change, we'll stop."

(I figured if I talked fast, maybe I could convince her. It really would be a breakthrough for my career, and the thought of my actions causing the gradual inflation of her body REALLY was a wet dream....)

Kimber sat on the bench, still gently rubbing her puffed-up tummy. "OOooHHhh... the pressure... well... maybe if you don't overstuff me like this to start with..."


Kimber got up slowly from the bench. "Doc... let me think about this overnight, huh? It's just really weird...."

"OK Kimber. Maybe if you sleep on it, you'll dream of yourself with a new, busty figure, and the idea won't seem so strange."

Kimber walked slowly away. I must say, I was slightly disappointed. Had I scared her by eating too much, too quickly? Hopefully, she would have pleasant, FULL dreams, and decide to give it a try. Little did I realize...



Boy, was I hungry. The evening of the day I met Kimber, I couldn't wait to grab some dinner. I stopped by the local Hardee's and grabbed a couple of their Monster burgers - I figure about 1000 calories apiece. Add large fries and a drink, I figure about 2700 calories total. A spare hour after I put them down, however, I was hungry again. It had been a long day, and I wasn't thinking too clearly. As it happens, I didn't put 2+2 together until later that evening. By that time I was watching a movie in my living room, downing a half gallon of ice cream.

As I was scraping the last bit of ice cream out of the box, it suddenly dawned on me that I had devoured the entire half gallon, something I don't often do, and that I was STILL hungry. Just as I realized the likely cause, the phone rang.

"Doc! Would you PLEASE stop eating?" Sure enough, it was Kimber.

"Kimber? I guess this means you didn't take the Trans-Fat device out, eh?"

"It was wedged in really good, so I was just gonna stop by tomorrow to have you take it out."

"So what happened?"

"I was taking a nap on the couch, when I had a strange dream. I dreamed that it was summer, and I'd brought my car over to your place to wash it, like usual. But halfway through washing, we started spraying each other with the hose. You had pinned me down on the grass, and then you stuck the water hose in my belly button and sqeezed the trigger. All of a sudden, I felt this strange bloating in my stomach. I looked down, and saw that my tummy was growing, like it was filling up with water. It just kept getting fuller, and fuller, and you were laughing! And then I woke up, ..."

"And?" (Against my will, this conversation was REALLY exciting me!)

"...and my tummy WAS swollen! Not as much as my dream, but noticeable. I feel like I've eaten a salad bar!"

"I don't find salad too terribly filling, Kimber..."

"Dummy, I didn't say a SALAD, I said a SALAD BAR!" Kimber shouted into the receiver.

"Sorry Kimber, I just assumed you would have removed the Trans-Fat, and I didn't notice how much I was eating until just before you called."

"Well STOP IT! I said I'd have to think about this, and tell you tomorrow. Now I just don't know...."

"Kimber, how do you feel, REALLY? Is it that bad?"

"I feel blOATed, like a really bad period." She paused, then said, "However... it IS sorta comfortable...."

I smiled. "Kimber, tell you what. Sleep on it, like we talked about. Stop by and see me tomorrow, and if you REALLY want it removed, I'll do it."

She yawned. "Gosh, even after that nap, I do feel really tired. OK Doc. I'll see you tomorrow." She hung up.

God, I couldn't wait 'til tomorrow...



The next day, I had just sat down in the commons area for a bite of lunch. Yes, just a bite, because I didn't want to upset Kimber any further. Kimber snuck up behind me and sat down beside me quickly.

"Doc! Guess what?! I stepped on the scales this morning, and I gained 1/2 a pound overnight! I haven't gained a 1/2 pound in the last year!"

I smiled to myself. "Gee Kimber, I guess my little invention is working then."

She got this really big smile on her face. "Doc, you don't know the half of it." She then proceeded to pull up her shirt a little ways, exposing her tummy. "I told you over the phone last night that my tummy had swollen? Well, take a look at it now."

I was already there, of course. Women disrobing tend to catch my eye.

"Seems pretty flat and tight to me, Kimber."

She giggled. "My stomach may be flat now, but other parts of me seem to be a little less flat than yesterday, if you can believe it! I swear, my jeans seemed just a little tighter this morning! Doc, ..." All of a sudden, she turned shy, blushed, and turned her head.

"Let me guess, Kimber. You'd like to keep the Trans-Fat for a while and see what happens?" (oh please oh please oh please...)

She turned back around and looked me straight in the eye. "Doc, I want you to fill me up."


I gulped, suddenly speechless, and looked down at my turkey sandwich.

"Gee Kimber, that's gonna be a little hard to do, with just this little old sandwich."

She got this little secret smile on her face, and said "I think I'll join you for lunch. Wait right here." She got up and went over to the pizza outlet.

I couldn't believe the luck. She actually seemed to be enjoying this! I guess there's no substitute for results. I was daydreaming heavily about the ramifications, staring off into space, when Kimber returned, carrying a Quantum pepperoni pie. This was truly a collegiate pizzeria - a 20" pizza for $15.

"OK Doc, go for it!" Gee, my own personal feeding cheerleader, name of Kimber. She grabbed a slice and started nibbling delicately; I grabbed two slices, made a sandwich, and started chomping.

I was about 1/2 way through the pizza, feeling like I had only eaten a couple of slices, when she got this really strange look on her face. I can only describe it as "painfully orgasmic surprise," and even that is inadequate. I guess the amount of food transferred from my stomach to hers must have reached some threshold, because Kimber exploded with a wonderfully loud belch. It was a head-turner, but she was too busy concentrating on the feelings inside her to notice the shocked stares of the passers-by.

<Mental note: the Trans-Fat seems to transfer air as well as liquids and semi-solids. Must double-check the equations>

She finally came out of her dazed reverie, her hand slowly cirling her tummy, rubbing gently. "Ooh Doc, my stomach isn't used to being this full. I can feel the skin *stretching* with every slice you eat!"

At this point, I was pretty much ready to soil my underwear. Talk about erotic fantasies! I was determined to milk this for all it was worth. "Just imagine Kimber, you might gain a whole POUND by tomorrow morning! You'll be well on your way to that perfect figure!" Meanwhile I kept shoveling in the slices.

She leaned back in her chair, trying to relive the pressure being placed on her waistband. Her shirt pulled tightly across her stomach as she slid down a little in the chair, and I could have sworn her belly looked slightly swollen.

"I don't think your tummy is quite flat anymore...."

Kimber gave me a sidelong glance, and pushed her butt out of the chair just enough to be able to pull her shirt above her navel. Sure enough, where there had been a smooth, flat surface before, there was now a smooth, gently rounded surface. As she looked at her stomach, her eyes got a little wider, then slammed shut. She eased back into the chair, unsnapped her jeans, and let out a sigh of relief.

"Doc, this is just TOO weird. I've just had one piece of this pizza, and yet my belly tells me I've had the whole thing! It's really hard to digest."

"Ha ha, very funny."

I eyed the remaining 1/4 of the pizza. The Trans-Fat was so efficient, I still didn't really feel satisfied. "Hate to tell you this, but you haven't had the whole thing yet. Here it comes!"

Her eyes flew open and she watched me grab 2 more slices and stuff them in my mouth. "Doc, I don't know... I think I've had enough for one sitting...."

Around a mouthful of pepperoni pie, and with a twinkle in my eye, I said "Srry Kmbr, bt <gulp> you bott me ths pza an <gulp> I'm gona <gulp> finish it."

As those slices of pizza made their way into her already stuffed stomach, her eyes began to glaze over. She lay back in the chair and closed her eyes again, and began moaning softly, while gently prodding her growing belly. I proceeded to finish the last two slices, and slurp down the last of my carbonated drink. As I slurped the last slurp, her eyes flew open again, and from her mouth burst a prodigious belch, louder than the first, and almost 3 seconds long! As she wound down, her face took on a satisfied, almost happy look.

"Much better," she sighed. A guy who was passing by our table and had stopped to admire the most unladylike sound, commented "It would HAVE to be better!" He snickered to his companion and walked away.

I reached over and patted Kimber's now surprisingly swollen belly. "Glad you're feeling OK kid. How does it feel?"

She grimaced and shifted her overstuffed belly slightly in the chair. "It feels like I'm about 3 months pregnant and bloated, that's how it feels! How am I ever gonna play volleyball in my recreation class this afternoon?"

I smiled a sweet smile at her. "I think you'd better call in FULL today."



I didn't see Kimber that afternoon, or the next day for that matter. I was beginning to get worried, but I had a project due so I didn't remember to call her the next evening. What I did remember was to eat.

Working on projects always gives me the munchies something fierce. Okay, I eat a lot anyway, but it's amazing how much money I pump into those damnable vending machines. You figure twice an hour, for 6 hours at a stretch, usually eating candy bars that weigh in at 300 calories apiece or so, and it adds up quickly. Of course, it was no longer adding very much to me, but as I found out the next day, it sure was adding up somewhere....

The next morning, Kimber showed up at my door! As friends we tended to hang out in the evenings a couple days a week, but for her to stop by before class was rare. I opened the door, and there she was. I was glad I was wearing loose shorts, because my interest in what I saw was immediately and painfully evident.

She has such a slim figure, that most of her wardrobe consists of little shirts, little pants, little shorts, you get the picture. She could wear pretty much anything and look good, or at least socially acceptable.

What she was wearing now, or rather, how she was wearing it, stretched the definition of 'acceptable' about as far as it would go.

I had seen her wear the little white t-shirt with her nylon jogging shorts before, of course. But she had never worn them quite as well as she was today. Where before there were planes and angles, there were now much more interesting geometric shapes. The gentle curve of her breasts (Breasts? Kimber doesn't have breasts. My God - Kimber has breasts!) was held tightly by the ribbed white cotton, her nipples capping those new, small, firm mounds like the point on a Hershey's Kiss. I had to guess that she was now an A-cup, up from an AA.

And her hips. (Hips? Kimber doesn't have hips or a butt. Oh Wow - Kimber has honest-to-god hips! And that butt!) Curving gently from her waist, where there had been almost no curve before, were hips that you could actually rest your hands on, and not slip off. She had to have gained an inch or so around her hips, and a little more padding on her butt, which protruded more than I remembered.

Stunned as I was, I did some quick mental math. Only 4 days into this project, and already we're seeing results? Her metabolism was running like hell to make up for those lost years.

(You may be asking yourself at this point, "So? We now have a girl with the body of a 14-year old. This is supposed to excite me? What kind of sick f*ck are you?" I admitted early in my story that I was attracted to voluptuous women. You must understand, that for Kimber, compared to how she looked before, this WAS voluptuous. The excitement I was feeling, looking at her in the doorway, was not for her current stature, but for the potential of changes to come. After years of having the same body structure, my invention had given her a hint of real womanhood in FOUR DAYS! My mind reeled at the possibilities for the upcoming months.)

Kimber was grinning like the Cheshire cat, while I was speechless.

"Like what you see, Doc?" she asked casually. "I'm skipping class today to buy a BRA! A real, honest-to-goodness BRA, because... I need one now! I've put on FIVE whole pounds since we started! And, lucky me, it's all going to the right places! Don't you agree?" She turned girlishly in the doorway.

"Uh - um - gahh..." was my gallant reply.

She grinned at me coquettishly. "I stopped by to see if you wanted to come with me. I figure, if I keep developing at this rate, I'll need a whole SLEW of bras of different sizes!"

Recovering my composure? Sure. Right.

"Umm... uh... uh-huh huh huh huh Duh..."

"I'll take that as a yes! Get dressed, and let's get shopping!"