Weight Room Title Bar

by Rebel

Part One

The shots had finally cured her headaches. CAT- scans and MRIs had found nothing wrong, and they weren't allergies or typical migraines. The fact was that the doctors had no clear idea about what was causing this thirty year old Hispanic female to present with this debilitating cephalgia, but that didn't keep the experimental shots from curing the headaches.

Lupe's last headache had lasted for more than a week, and had been worse than any before it. Nothing had helped it, not pills, not hot rags on her brown eyes, not chiropractors, nothing. The only thing that had given her any relief at all was sex. She begged her husband David to fuck her more often than she thought he'd be able, but it was the only thing that kept her from curing her headache with a bullet. And somehow, he had managed to keep up with her requests. Toward the end of the week he was getting it up for her six times a day, even when he was long past being able to ejaculate. It was like being married to a teen-ager who couldn't cum.

Finally, as a last option before exploratory surgery, her doctor agreed to try a new therapy involving a steroid and hormone mixture from pigs. She signed all of the FDA and AMA testing releases and was given the first experimental injection of "Pork Cocktail" that very morning. Leaving the clinic, she was still in pain but hopeful.

About an hour later, the first affect of the cocktail hit her. Her head still throbbed, but her appetite distracted her. She asked her husband to make her a bowl of chicken broth, then for some chicken soup, maybe with a sandwich. By the time she went back to the doctor for her afternoon shot, she had eaten four big meals and snacked constantly while David cooked her next meal. Although her stomach protested, her head seemed to feel better. That night, after four more meals, she got her first full night's sleep in over a week.

Doctor Mbullu was shocked the next morning when he discovered that Lupe had gained six pounds in less than twenty four hours. Still, her improvement was undeniable, so he continued the program. She received her injection at 10:15 that morning, ate all day, got another shot at 6:00, and ate all evening. That night she said that her headache was almost gone and she was able to sleep soundly all night again.

David had taken a few days of vacation so that he would be able to care for his wife, and so far that had meant nothing more than cooking for her. He loved to do it, and watching her eat so much was a tremendous turn-on for him. It pleased him that he was able to help her in any way, but he missed all the sex he had gotten the week before. That only got worse as he watched her sleek belly swell from the constant barrage of tacos and sandwiches and burritos and flautas and steaks and glass after glass of whole milk. David had always been a little bit of a feeder, and watching his little 5' 4" wife stuffing herself and growing right before his eyes was a fantasy come to life. He only wished that he wasn't such a nice guy so that instead of letting her eat and sleep he could force her to fuck him at least once. He curled up beside her in the bed trying to ignore her swollen belly and his aching balls.

On her visit to the clinic the following morning, she told her doctor that her headache was just a slightly uncomfortable buzzing behind her eyes. If not for the fact that the "Pork Cocktail" was slowly working, the doctor would have withheld this morning's injection. She had gained seven more pounds in one day.

That was not an easy day for David. Lupe's stomach was becoming more accustomed to being over stuffed, and she could now eat more than ever. They went to an Italian buffet near the clinic. He watched in awe as she ate constantly for six hours. Mostly it was lasagna, but also she ate fettucine alfredo and every thing she could find that had veal in it. It didn't help her poor husband out that she had finally noticed how much he was obviously enjoying watching her pig out, so she was now performing for him.

"Oh honey, would you please go and get one more plateful of spaghetti? I just don't think I could lift this huge tummy of mine right now." The teasing in her voice and that coy little pat on the top of her belly showed him just how much she was enjoying his discomfort. "And please don't forget some of those big garlic breadsticks. If I had to stand up to go over there, I just know that my pants would rip completely apart." The way he stood up slowly and sort of limped around the impressive bulge in his jeans showed his enjoyment as well.

The next morning, after another evening injection and restful night of sleeping without sex, she told Doctor Mbullu that her headache was finally gone. She did not tell him that it had been gone since the second morning because she didn't think that it was any of his business that she just wanted to keep getting those injections. The doctor said that he would continue to administer her injections for this day and the next, but that would be all. In just 72 hours she had gone from 192 pounds to 214. Then she ignored his advice to not eat so much, so that on the morning of her last injection she weighed 223 pounds. The weight had spread from her jutting belly to the rest of her plump body, and she swore that she felt great. She was also absolutely confident that her husband knew that she looked sexier than ever before. But of course after gaining more than thirty pounds, she now needed new clothes.

They spent the day in the mall, mostly in the food court. She'd get a snack, then buy a dress. He'd feed her, the buy her another new outfit. Then she'd eat some more. Cheeseburgers and french fries, greasy fast-food burritos, Chinese dishes in styrofoam boxes, foot wide cookies and chocolate shakes. It was a perfect day for her and her husband, ending with her last experimental injection.

David couldn't have been happier. After a solid week of being conditioned into a self-propelled dildo, he had suddenly been celibate while his beautiful wife ballooned in front of him. There was no way he'd be able to contain himself much longer, but the past four days had been the sweetest torture imaginable.



After Lupe's last injection of the "Pork Cocktail" that afternoon, they went home to get ready for a night on the town. They decided that they needed to celebrate the end of that horrible headache. "Yeah right..." they both secretly thought.

The water for her bath was already running when she asked David to go and make her a chocolate milk shake. By the time he got back with the thick over- sized concoction, she had her head under the water to rinse the shampoo out of her long black hair.

His dick reacted immediately to the sight of her newly rounded body floating in the tub water. Her fat heavy tits pushed her brown nipples at least six inches above the water. The greatly swollen arc of her belly dwarfed her boobs majestically. Soft flesh on the insides of her broad thighs touched nearly to her knees. In the brief time that it took for him to survey his suddenly expanded bride, his huge cock was rock hard.

She bathed slowly, sipped at her deliciously fattening milk shake, and generally dawdled around until David had shaved and gotten into the shower. She knew as well as he did that if he got his hands on her rounded body, they would rape each other right there on the bathroom floor.

He didn't get to see her put on her new white dress (size 26), but he did get to go make her another chocolate shake. "And this time," she said with mock seriousness, "don't be so skimpy with that weight- gain powder." He only grinned sheepishly at her. He didn't know that she even knew about that little secret of his. No wonder he loved her so much!

Lupe gulped that shake and made a third while her husband was getting dressed. When she saw him, she fell in love with him all over again. The deep blue silk of his shirt made his Nordic hair glow like a Viking God. His tight black jeans and clearly defined bulge made him look like every woman's favorite plaything. She felt a thrill every time his sapphire eyes danced over the generous curves of her body. Every part of his 6' 2", 200 pound build spoke volumes of his devotion and attraction to her.

Posing one way and then another, she teased him for compliments. Did he like the this large dress hugged her hips? Aren't the pearlescent sequins on her shoulders and around her deep cleavage pretty? Did he think that the skirt was slit high enough? Each answer he gave pleased her as much as the questions had pleased him.

As she jiggled out to the car, she was acutely aware of each one of the more than thirty pounds she had gained so rapidly. They affected her balance and forced her to constantly notice how fat she had actually gotten. She felt energized by the new layers of flesh however, and sexier than she had in a long time. Pausing at the door of the car long enough to softly grind one thickly padded hip into his ever hardening groin, she made sure once again that she wasn't the only one who enjoyed her recent growth.

Dinner, drinks and dancing at a first rate hotel in the city was the plan. They did get some drinking and dancing done, but she was still deeply under the spell of that "Pork Cocktail". If the food in the hotel restaurant wasn't so delicious and her partner so attentive, she might have been worried by the phenomenal amount of food she consumed. As it was though, she hardly gave a second thought to the number of empty plates carried away from her table.

Their public dining came to an abrupt end when they sat back down from a waltz, and a seam in her new dress ripped loudly. The sudden increase in lust on her husband's face made it impossible for her to be embarrassed. Just seeing that look on her gorgeous Viking made her pussy start to weep with excitement.

In the elevator he pinned her against a mirrored wall and crammed his narrow hips into the bulging softness of her full belly. She could feel her broad ass cheeks widen appealingly against the mirror, and heard the seam rip still wider. Their lips came together in blind passion while their hands feverishly explored each other's body.

It was torture to separate long enough to walk down the hall to their suite. Once the lock opened they stumbled into the room, kicking the door shut behind them. With animal haste he ripped the expensive white dress away from her voluptuous body to put his hands on her perfect dark skin. She surrendered to his lust while feeding her own. God how she loved his impatience!

She ended up on her back on the mattress. David fell onto her, kissing and sucking at her brown puckering nipples and groping at the handfuls of flab at her belly.

"No honey, I'm too full for that right now," she protested gently. His lips did feel good on her tits, but his passion was too much on her tummy. She ran her fingers through his long blonde hair to soothe and calm him a bit. "Bring your cock to me. Let me suck it. Please, I want to suck your big cock!"



He lifted his body off of her and quickly moved up to straddle her chest. Her massive boobs pressed against his hairy thighs, but they weren't enough to keep her eager mouth away from the pulsing meat he was shoving toward her. His tremendous dick was harder than she usually liked it when she gave him head, but she couldn't blame him. Lupe' knew that she was a goddess to him, and a stone rigid cock was just part of the way he worshipped her.

She managed to get one plump fist around his shaft to keep him from choking her with it. When it was this hard it was more than eight inches long, and almost as big around. If David got carried away he could easily bruise her throat with that big fucking battering ram.

With long, powerful strokes she brought him right to the very edge of cumming in her mouth. For a few moments she was tempted to make him do it. She liked the taste and the way his hot sperm splashed across her tongue, and she loved to demonstrate her mastery over him. But she stopped just as he started to moan and twist his fingers deeper into her raven hair. He growled and cussed, but he didn't let himself cum.

"Then let me eat you." His voice was deep and thick. He left her no room to deny him. She released his hard-on and he kissed and nibbled his way down the softly rolling landscape of his beautiful wife's obese body. At her belly, he was still passionate but mindful of the burden it still carried.

Finally he was down to her pussy. His fingers fumbled to open her swollen lips while his blunt tongue probed for her clit. She moved her hands down to help him, and was shocked for a second at the sheer bulk of her own flesh down there. "Oh Baby, my pussy is so fat!" she moaned breathily. "No wonder you couldn't wait to fuck your goddess."

The words excited him even further. He drove his face into her cunt and went straight to work lapping up her salty juices. She wanted to keep talking to him about how wonderfully fat she had recently become, and how much larger she was going to get. Instead, she suddenly started cumming. The thick slabs of flesh on her body started to wiggle and quake, the strong muscles in her flabby legs tensed, and she began a lyrical moaning as the orgasm swept over her. She squeezed and shook her giant breasts with her hands to build the force of her climax. As it finally passed, she affectionately stroked his golden hair, his head still poised between the twin columns of her wide thighs.

After a few seconds' rest, he rose to his knees and pressed his throbbing hard-on gently between the folds of her wet cunt. He entered her delicately, pushing into her just a little, then pulling back almost as far. Even though he was trying to move slowly, her pussy was ready and welcomed him quickly. Once he was all the way in he started using deep rhythmic strokes using the full length of his sizable dick. His strong hands were on the insides of her thighs, kneading the thick layers of flab that sheathed her powerful muscles. As he felt her body preparing for another orgasm, he would push out against her knees. Forcing her crotch open like that made it easier to fuck his voluptuous wife, plus it made her feel like such a whore! It was good for both of them.

Now her soft hands were in the deep crease of her belly. Seconds before she started to cum, she would squash that massive flab together and bounce it wildly against him. Just like forcing her thighs wide apart, it was a little "married trick" that made them both scream when they came together.



At the last moment she grabbed his hips and shoved him away. "No! Wait." she ordered as he began to force his way back into her. "Roll over. Let me sit on your face." Even though he didn't protest, she raised her voice a level. "I said I want to cum in your mouth, dammit! Roll over!!" Just to make sure that he was paying attention, she slapped his cock sideways.

He did as he was told, making sure to push himself a couple of feet down from the headboard. This is what he loved most of all, so he was taking no chances on messing something up. The instant he was in place, she was on him. She sat heavily on his chest, facing him. On the pillow next to his head she placed a large box of chocolates. She popped a candy into her mouth and chewed it noisily. "Talk to me, Dorado. Do you like my tummy?" Her hands jostled it provocatively.

"Oh God Damn!...Yes!" he gasped, struggling happily to breathe beneath her crushing mass. "Oh my sweet Goddess, it's the most beautiful thing I've ever felt." He drew another shallow breath, "I've never seen such a perfectly huge fucking belly!"

She reached for another candy, this time bending over extravagantly so that he could kiss her tremendous paunch. As she sat back, she looked around at her broad hips. "I wish that you could see how tiny you look beneath my giant ass," she said around a mouthful of chocolate. "I know I'm crushing you, but I love being this fat for you." She leaned over to grab a couple more bon-bons, this time pressing her yielding belly flab tightly against his face for a few seconds. Once she settled back onto his chest again, she said "Those shots really made me hungry, Baby. Don't you wonder how big I could get if I kept taking them?" She hefted her belly up with both hands and plopped it back down onto him. "I bet I could get really HUGE."

Lupe teased him like that until she had devoured the whole box of rich chocolate candy. Every so often she'd pivot around ready to slap his cock if it started to droop. It never did.

"Are you ready to worship your giant Diosa, little man?" she finally asked him.

"Please... You perfect obese bitch Goddess, please!" he answered with unexpected strength. "Give me your fat, wet pussy now. Let me please my giant Dark Goddess now!"

Slowly, gracefully, she raised her monumentally rounded form, and then lowered herself down onto his face.

His arms were pinned securely beneath the weight of her legs. Still his tongue cut a straight path to her clit and he ate that sweet pussy like his very life depended on it. He licked and sucked his wife's cunt with tireless zeal.

After a very short while, she felt her orgasm starting again. This time however, it wasn't going to be just a quick little shudder. This was going to be a full blown earthquake orgasm like only a big fat woman can ever have. Her husband could feel it coming too. His mouth attacked her dripping cunt with fresh energy.

The orgasm slammed into her like a plane crash. She forgot everything except the delicious radiation spreading from her crotch. She shrieked and clutched reflexively at nothing. At the same time, she crushed her mammoth thighs together and dropped the full weight of her 233 pounds onto her forgotten husband's head.

His tongue was short and blunt, but very strong. As his head was enveloped in a sweetly salty world of fat and pussy, he kept eating at the Goddess' pulsing clitoris. As she writhed and bucked above him, cutting off his air and trapping him with her extreme bulk, he felt his own orgasm starting.

She was only dimly aware of wave after wave of hot sperm splattering on her wide back as she fucked David's face. He was cumming in gallons it seemed. Never before had he ever even dreamed of anything so perfect as what his intensely orgasmic wife was doing to him now with her obesity. He was in Fat Lover's Heaven!

As soon as she finished, she hefted herself off of his face. She started to apologize, then noticed the puddles of warm cum on his stomach and her broad back. With love and amusement, and pride, she looked into the dazzled face of her lover.

"Thank you, my precious Dark Goddess," he grinned.

"Gracias, mi Dorado guapo," she answered.

They cuddled as close as possible to each other in the big hotel bed. In accidental unison, they said "I love you."


By Rebel