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Trick Or Treat
by D. Cigny

"Trick or Treat," screamed the group of ghosts, ghouls, goblins and other assorted monsters, as Peter opened the door. "My what a scary looking group you are, I think I better hand over this candy before thing get ugly." The children's eyes widen in delight when they saw the huge bowl of goodies on the table. Peter dug deep in the bowl pulling out mounds and mounds of candy and plopped a very generous amount in each out stretched bag. "Gee, thanks mister," said the children as they happily turned and hurried down the walk way. Peter was still like a kid. He loved the holidays, especially Halloween. The house and yard were decorated with lights, pumpkins and ghosts. A smile came to Peter's face as he remembered the thrill and excitement he felt as a child on All Hallow's Eve. He remembered planning weeks in advance what his costume would be. He remembered the cool fall air. He remembered the spookiness of wondering around outside and of ghost stories but what he remembered most was the feeling of joy he had when he finally got home with his treats! Oh, to be a kid again!

Just as Peter was shutting off the lights and getting ready for bed, there came another knock on the door. Boy, its kind of late for trick or treaters he thought as he headed to answer it. A smile came over Peter's face as he answered the knock for there in front of him stood ... perfection.

She was dressed as a black cat. A wonderful, plump, sexy black cat. She wore a skin tight one piece black spandex leotard jumpsuit. It showed every soft, sensuous roll, her huge bulging hips seemed to be about to burst the seams wide open at any minute. Her big, soft, drooping belly, it was a sight to behold. Amazing. Glorious. This was no ordinary trick or treater mind you, this was the love of his life; his dream come true.

Amanda was unlike anyone Peter had ever known. Not only was she fat and beautiful, she was intelligent, witty, and full of surprises. She stood about 5' 10" and weighs about 350 luscious pounds. Most of her weight placed on her belly, hips and thighs. Perfection. The fact that she was well aware of her beauty and extremely proud of her body only added to her attractiveness.

She extended her fat, wondrous arms with her bag and in the most sweet, yet sexy voice she said, "Trick or treat." Peter stood still for a moment just taking in this vision before him and she repeated it, "Trick or treat." Snapping out of it, Peter dug deep into the candy bowl with both hands and retrieved a heaping mound of goodies and placed them into the bag. Amanda looked into the bag, then looked up at Peter and said again, "trick or treat," with a sly smile. Peter happily obliged the fantastic feline impersonator reaching deep into the candy bowl yet again. She again looked in the bag, lifted her head and licked her chubby, red lips. She leaned towards Peter and lightly touched her plump, moist lips to his to his ear and slowly whispered, "I want more. I want it all. Give it to me, all of it." Peter's body quivered with excitement as he poured the whole bowl into her bag. She then pushed her way past Peter into the apartment, her thunderous thighs sliding over each other but never fully separating, jiggling with every step. She waddled right past him into the bedroom. Peter stood at the door momentarily, shaking his head in disbelief. I must be the luckiest guy in the world, he thought as he closed the door and headed for the bedroom.

In the bedroom she had dumped all of the candy around where she was resting in the bed. She sat amongst, Mounds, Kit- Kats, Hershey bars, Butterfingers, and her all time, absolute favorite, peanut butter cups. "Feed me" she said. He unwrapped a candy bar and slowly raised it to her lips. She bit into it, softly gently savoring every morsel. She finished the bar and seductively ate another and another, more and more moaning with delight. Peter had lost count of how many chocolate bars she had ingested. Judging from the pile of wrappers on the floor and the shrinking pile on the bed it was an impressive amount. "Feed me until I can't move, don't stop feeding me," she demanded. "Make this soft, flabby belly hard," she said as she slid her fat hands all over her stomach, delighting with every movement. "Feed me now!!" Peter grew hard with excitement as he sat next to her gigantic body. "Feel it," she told him as she grabbed his hand and slides it over the spandex. "Feel this fantastic blubber. Make me fatter"

"I'm so full," Amanda said. "I think I'm going to bust." She lay back flat on her back in bed. Her once flabby, drooping belly was becoming hard and stuck out for what seem to be the equivalent of miles. Again she rubbed her huge stomach, so did Peter reveling in ecstasy. "I can't move." Peter began peeling the black spandex jumpsuit off her. "Here maybe this will help," he said as he removed the suit. Flesh. Mound and mounds of tantalizing, beautiful, blubber. "I want more. I'm so full but I have to have more. Feed me, stuff me full, now." Amanda ordered. He furiously resumed unwrapping chocolate bars. "Hurry," she screamed. "Hurry." He brought a bar up to her mouth, she wrapped her fat mouth over more then half of it and he pushed the whole bar in. "More," she mumbled as she chewed. He pushed one right after the other into her mouth. At least five, maybe more. She groaned and sighed, breathing heavily repeating the word MORE over and over again as chocolate drool ran down her face.

Peter was ready to burst too. He couldn't stop touching her, feeling her. He grabbed hold of her bottom roll and shook it. All that movement, that glorious movement, jiggling everywhere. He took his face and plunged it into her gigantic, fabulous belly surrounding himself in her fat. Amanda grabbed her wonderful flesh and pulled it all up towards his face. He was suffocating in fat. He couldn't breathe, but he didn't care; he couldn't get enough of it. Just when he thought he might pass out he tossed his head back, breathing once again. "Give me more," she yelled and Peter stuffed more chocolate into her. She then rolled him over and mounted him. On her hands and knees she moved up his body, stopping only briefly to shake and jiggle. She draped her fatty apron over his face, wiggling it. Then as she moved down from his face she dropped all of her weight onto him, crushing him. Again, Peter couldn't breathe. She thrust even more weight onto him, pushing herself into him. He thought he might fall through the mattress. So much weight. "Am I heavy?" she panted. Peter couldn't talk. "How does it feel?" "Want more?" Again she tried to push herself right through him. She threw herself off of him as he gasped for air. Peter couldn't stand it any longer; he had to have her. Again they rolled over, he stuffed more chocolate in her mouth and then they made love.

They lay in bed. Peter resting his head on Amanda's fat, soft, stomach; they sleep. They sleep for hours. Peter is awakened by a soft, sexy meow. Amanda presses her plump, moist lips to Peter's ear and whispers "trick or treat." Peter smiled as he got out of bed and headed to the kitchen, in search of more treats. His eyes caught a glimpse of the calendar on the wall. He sighed, only twenty-five more days until Thanksgiving. I just love the holidays!