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Voodoo Wishes
part 1

by Rebel

Dawg and Katt had been to New Orleans several times, but this time was different. They had no plans at all, other than to just be together. There was no one to meet, nowhere else to go, and no schedule to meet. This time it was just for them.

They rode their Harleys into town at about noon on Thursday. Once they got checked into the hotel and suitably cleaned up, they headed down to the river. One thing they had never done was ride one of the riverboats, and this was the perfect opportunity. It took a while for the old stern-wheeler to push out into the wilder parts of the Mississippi. When they did notice that they weren't seeing any more modern buildings on the banks, Katt found a graceful peace sweeping over her. The October sun was warm on her face and ample cleavage. It was a pleasant warmth, unlike the oppressive swelter of the recent summer. Dawg, who had never been bothered by the heat, was glad to see his wife enjoying Autumn weather on the Mississippi Delta.

She spent her time looking at her husband and the old trees along the muddy waters. He spent his time looking at his wife and the wildlife they passed. They shared the experiences in a way that only the most happily married couples know. It was a beautiful time, one that they would always treasure.

A great many of the other people on the boat looked at the two of them. They were a striking couple, and drew attention naturally and unintentionally. Katt was a big girl, five and a half feet tall and close to two hundred twenty pounds. Her mass of hair was soft natural gold that waved and bounced with the slightest toss of her head. She had a face that could go from cheerleader pertness to warrior princess in a heartbeat. Her overtly voluptuous body was curvy and graceful, precisely engineered to draw stares of lust or envy. She was very aware of just how gorgeous her build was, and she never failed to dress in a complimentary and slutty fashion.

Dawg didn't draw attention to himself in the same way that his sexy wife did. He was dark and serious looking. He wasn't particularly large or menacing, he wasn't even six feet tall. But the confident and alert posture he maintained led people to take him as a threat. Then again, anyone who knew him could tell you that he was really a friendly and even silly guy. The contrasts in him matched the contrasts between him and his wife. His eyes were dark, like antique furniture. Her eyes sparkled like emeralds. She was impeccably groomed, and he could use a shave. He was all planes and angles, she was curves upon curves. They were both gorgeous people by any standard, and a perfect couple.

On the way back, the crew of the river boat served the passengers a gourmet feast. Every Cajun dish they had ever heard of along with lots that they hadn't. There was also St. Louis beef and Gulf of Mexico seafood.It was an excellent touch that the boat served only foods that would have been found on the Mississippi Floating Palaces during their heyday.

Katt had a a garden salad, a bowl of shrimp gumbo, dirty rice, and cayenne breadsicks to start. Then she had a filet mignon with pasta, red beans and rice, boudin, a bowl of duck jambalaya, more of the breadsticks,and a corn on the cob roasted in garlic butter. For dessert, she ordered a big slice of whiskey-bread cake al'a mode. Every dish was delicious, and she finished them all. She did suffer for it though. It was a good thing that the big riverboat cut a flat wake through the wide river. Katt was so bloated and uncomfortable that it wouldn't have taken much to make her badly seasick. She was glad that she had worn her biggest skirt. The elastic waist was gentler than a pair of jeans would have been.

She didn't want to stuff herself like that, no matter how good the food was. She had done it to please and excite her old man. With each new pound she gained, he would praise her and his hefty cock would get rock hard. She wished that there was a way to be his feeder fantasy woman without ending up feeling so bloated. Then again, his unabashed worship of her lush figure did help to make it all worthwhile.

Dawg watched her eat and eat and eat. Every time her fork slipped between her full lips, he felt the zipper of his jeans growing tighter. It wasn't just how much she was actually eating that enthralled him. It was also the fact that he recognized that she was doing it just for him. The combination of this gorgeous woman's appetite and devotion was like winning the erotic partner lottery. He wished that she could eat like this all the time. But that wasn't going to lessen his enjoyment of his wife while she was eating for him here and now.

Finally the old riverboat glided effortlessly up to the pier. He helped her down the gangplank and into a waiting taxi to go back to the hotel. She needed to lie down and rest for a while before they went out on Bourbon Street tonight. There was no way that she could drink anything at all with so much food in her tummy. So they gingerly made love and then took a little nap that lasted until after dusk.

Katt was feeling better when they left the hotel this time. They stepped out of the lobby right onto Bourbon Street and got a drink. Then they got a few more. It was a good crowd on the street for a week night, exciting without being crowding. Around midnight they wandered into a side street to find a dark little bar they had visited before. Instead they found an ancient woman and a ten year old girl selling voodoo souveniers out of an antique steamer trunk.

Dawg thought that it looked precisely like what he wanted all of New Orleans to be. He struck up a conversation with the old woman about this or that.She had a tremendously thick accent that made it nearly impossible to understand her. Her coffee-brown hands made it easier by weaving expressive gestures into her speech. Both she and the little girl had light brown eyes that recalled their shared Creole heritage, and the girl had tightly curled blonde hair. They also shared similar taste in clothes, flowing and brightly colored. It wasn't like the Hollywood gypsy costumes that so many of the fortune tellers and palm readers on Bourbon Street wore. These two looked like the genuine article. The little girl would do most of the talking, but the ancient clearly made all the important decisions.

"Wait juse a mint dare, bo'ee. Ah think Ant Ros'ry got smpin fah yew." the old woman drawled. Her black eyes glittered as she rummaged through a drawer in the trunk.

The little girl saw the confusion on their faces. "She said 'wait just a minute there, boy. I think Aunt Rosary has got someting for you'." She made sure the couple was staying. then started picking up anything that might need to go back unto trunk.

Aunt Rosary made a gurggling chuckle and the stood up with her hands clamped together. Then she displayed a tiny alligator claw with almost no color to it. It hung on an ornate gold chain. After she saw that both of the tourists were interested, she said, "Iss a Wishun Claw, took frm de wiyte gadeh jess azsoon as he brake out frum his eyg neeth de full uhde moon. Iss fer grantin de whishes dat yew done made wit yo hardt."

She looked up at her husband when Aunt Rosary finished. He caught the look and explained. "She said that it's a Wishing Claw, taken from an albino alligator as it was born under a full moon" Then he looked back at the little girl for the rest of the story.

"That Wishin Claw is for granting wishes that you've already made in your heart. It's really powerful voodoo, only a great priestess like Aunt Rosary can conjur something like this. Someday I'll be able to do it too." The girl and the ancient smiled at each other warmly for a moment.

"It's so cool!" Katt said. "Is it for sale?" she asked the girl, who then looked at her mentor.

The old woman said "Twenny dollahs, fuh yew too fokes." There was no bargaining in her sharp old eyes. That was the price, twenty dollars.

"Close enough.." Dawg said. He rummaged around in his pocket and found a ten. That was all the cash he had. "Baby..?"

His wife dug into her little purse and found two fives. They both handed their money to the girl. Aunt Rosary gave another little chuckle.

"Naw you bote gonn gidyo whishes!" the old woman stated brightly. The girl closed the trunk and rolled it onto the wheels that someone had nailed onto one side. They started to walk away from Bourbon Street.

" 'Bon Venture', y'all. She says that y'all are both gonna get your wishes." She said no more as the shadows of the alley covered them.

Katt looked at the little claw. "Well, it is cool.."

"Yeah, but that was the last twenty bucks we had on us. Oh well, I guess we'll just use credit cards until we getback to the hotel." He sighed.

"No problem!" She grabbed his arm and started back toward the lights of Bourbon Street. "But for right now, we need to get something to eat. I'm starving!" They giggled like young lovers as they walked arm in arm away.