Weight Room Title Bar

The Waitress
by bj


Kathy looked at the scale again. 123 pounds! To any other woman this would be ideal, however after years of maintaining her weight at exactly 120, Kathy knew something was wrong. It must have been that strange old woman last weekend. She was colorfully dressed and probably weighed about 300. Kathy had been surprised that she could even squeeze into one of the booths. Normally Kathy tried to at least pretend to be civil, but she hadn't gotten much sleep the night before and was feeling particularly grouchy. She had joined in with the other waitresses in making fun of the lady in the break area with comments like "the human hippo" and "we'd better call the grocer for a resupply of food".

Returning to the table her face burned when the look the gypsy woman gave her told her that she had heard every word. Even so Kathy had to say "So, want any dessert?" with a smirk on her face.

The gypsy lady glared and leaned forward. "You may think it's funny to make fun of me and that you will always be slim and beautiful, but beware. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!" She then mumbled something under her breath that Kathy couldn't hear and stomped out.

That had been 3 days ago and Kathy really hadn't thought of it much since then, but now that extra 3 pounds made her wonder. She decided to eat a little less and exercise more. By the end of the week, Kathy wasn't wondering any more. The scale now read 129 and yet she was eating less than ever!

She redoubled her efforts, cutting her already meager meals down to 500 calories a day and increasing her jogging to 3 miles. A week later, despite all her efforts, she had added another 6 pounds. Worse yet, she knew she couldn't keep it up. She was constantly hungry and was so weak that she actually got light headed. She would have to eat more just to keep from passing out at work.

Kathy gradually relaxed her vigil. She found however that even her normal meals left her feeling empty like she hadn't eaten in weeks. However, the scale showed the increase as her weight jumped to 150. So far, the weight wasn't too obvious since it was spread around. But as she struggled to button her uniform, she knew it was beginning to show.

Actually, it was rather nice at the moment. Kathy had always been flat chested and embarrassed by it, however the extra weight seemed to favor her breasts over the rest of her body. They were now beginning to bulge out of her 36B which had been to loose only a few days previously. She learned that the word around the restaurant was that she had had an "operation" to enhance things and that's why her uniform was so snug on her now. Evidently they hadn't noticed that Kathy could no longer zip the skirt up all the way. She had no choice but to go to Jen her boss and ask for a larger one.

"Are you eating our profits up, or have you gotten yourself pregnant?", Jen had asked.

"It's just a temporary weight build up.", insisted Kathy. "I'm sure I'll lose it in a few weeks."

Things may have gone better, but 2 weeks later came her downfall. A family with their small boy had eaten at one of her tables. After they had gone, she noticed the boy had left a still wrapped candy bar at his place. She surreptitiously slipped it into her pocket as she went by. At her break time, Kathy pulled it out and quickly ate the whole thing in a few bites.

The effect was astonishing. A feeling of well being came over her and for the first time in 4 weeks, she felt full. This was odd since she always hated sweets in the past. After a few hours the effect wore off leaving her craving more. She began sneaking out to her car at every break to eat a candy bar or two. The effect on her figure was swift and dramatic. She was already beginning to look plump at 165 and then in one week she added 12 more pounds.

Kathy was now wearing a size 18 uniform and Jen had made it quite clear that this was the largest. "If you continue to blimp out, I'm going to have to let you go.", she had said.

She meant to eat less, but by now her appetite was completely out of control. Her last day was a week later when she could no longer stuff her expanding figure into her outfit. The scale now read 197. Almost 200 pounds!

"You can come back when you finally learn to control your eating.", Jen had said. "I don't know what's happened to you. You've become a disgusting pig."

Now that she didn't have to go to that rotten job each day, the pounds seemed to accumulate even quicker. Kathy found herself spending more time in front of the TV eating ice cream, cookies, and candy.

Then she received Tim's letter saying that he was finally coming back in a week. She looked at herself in the mirror and thought, "What will he say when he sees what's happened?" Her breasts had swollen far beyond her once wished for size and could barely be contained in her 44FF bra. Her waist had thickened and developed a tummy bulge. But her hips had really blossomed and were now up to 58 inches. Plump arms and thighs completed the picture. Her face was slightly rounder, but maybe with the proper outfit, Tim wouldn't notice. He had always had a fondness for women with big chests, she would just show hers off in a low cut top and hope he would ignore the rest.

She felt too embarrassed to meet him at the airport, so she just waited in the apartment. When she heard his knock she held her breath, pulled her sweater down a little in front to show off a little more cleavage and opened the door. Tim stood there for a full minute, mouth open in amazement.

"Oh, I knew it.", Kathy cried. "I know I've put on a few pounds, but I promise I'll diet."

Finally Tim regained his composure. "Diet? But you look fabulous just the way you are!"

"Do you really think so?", Kathy stammered.

"Definitely!" Tim smiled. "I've always thought you were a great person, but just found you too skinny to turn me on. I'm afraid I rather enjoy more full-figured women."

He hugged her tight, squeezing the forming rolls round her middle.

"Are you sure I'm not too fat?", she said as she kissed him.

"Not at all. In fact you still look a little on the thin side to me."

"Mmm. Well, maybe we could work on that.", she smiled as she popped another chocolate into her mouth.

After that, her life seemed to be perfect. Tim was loving and caring, always catering to her every whim especially if it happened to be high in calories. Her weight rose rapidly over the next few months with Tim loving every new pound. But then, just when things were going so good, a new problem began. The curse seemed to be wearing off. She just wasn't that hungry any more. She tried her hardest to force down the large amounts of food Tim cooked, but it was too difficult. He tried not to show it, but she could see the disappointment in his eyes. They had talked about having her grow to about 600 pounds, and she was really enjoying it. Now here she was just a little over 300 feeling like Kate Moss.

She sat in the chair picking at the box of candy in her lap when the doorbell rang.

"Probably Tim home from the store.", she thought.

Standing up, she had to tighten her belt to keep her pants from falling down. Tim had enjoyed watching her grow out of her clothes and kept buying her new ones. These were a size 40 and were still too big for her even after the last two weeks of trying to grow into them. It made him happy though to imagine she was still putting on weight so she wore them anyway.

Again the doorbell rang.

"Coming, coming.", she said.

She gasped in surprise as she opened the door. Instead of Tim with the groceries, there stood the gypsy lady with a gold box in her hand.

"You! Look what you've done to me. You've ruined my figure, you made me lose my job. Now you come to gloat? I wish you had never come into the restaurant that day."

"I think rather than to yell at me, you would be thanking me.", the lady said in a heavy accent.

"Thanking you? For what!", Kathy replied.

"For making you happy as you should be. For giving you your boyfriend back. For getting you out of job that you hated."

"Well, maybe."

"Maybe you should thank Katerina that she done a good thing to you."

"Well, thanks I guess."

"Well, you're welcome I guess.", the gypsy lady replied.

"Next time don't be so quick to judge others. Here these for you. And don't use them all up at one time." She tossed the golden box to Kathy and stomped off.

"Hey! Thanks." as she caught it. "Wouldn't you like to come in for some..."

But the gypsy lady was nowhere to be seen.

Kathy closed the door and sat back down. She carefully untied the ribbon and opened the box. Chocolates! These had to be the expensive kind too, they tasted so rich and creamy. If only she wasn't so tired she thought trying to keep her eyes open. Sex twice a day with Tim was great, but she did get tired. She woke as she heard Tim come in the door carrying the bags from his trip to the store. Trying to get up and give him a hand she found it impossible. "Tim. Could you come over here? I seem to be stuck in the chair."

Tim came over and extended a hand to help her up. She couldn't figure out what happened, but as she stood up with difficulty she could feel her massive hips bounce as they were released from the confines of the easy chair. "What's happened to me." she gasped. Her 'too big' pants were now skin tight and starting to tear from trying to contain hips and thighs that were almost double the size they were just a few hours ago. Enormous breasts jutted out over a round tummy. Her face was round with a large double chin. Even her arms had grown soft and bigger around than her thighs had been before.

Tim just stood there in amazement with the prominent bulge in his pants, signaling that he heartily approved. Kathy waddled ponderously over to the counter by the bags. "Well, I seem to have my appetite back", she grinned. She told him all about the gypsy's visit and showed him the box. When he opened it, she was surprised that only about 4 chocolates had been eaten. "Well," she said as she popped another in her mouth.

"Here's to a big future."