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The Watcher
by Io

Bob sat in the window of his apartment as he had sat every day since the accident, watching. A woman came in twice a day to see to his needs and to make sure he had food. He was expected to feed himself and do a few basic things around the place, but he had lost the motivation. So he sat and watched the world through his window.

It was on a Saturday that Bob noticed his neighbor Ted approaching their building with a thin, waif-like girl. She looked about 16, but she could have been any age.

Oh, no, he's got another one, thought Bob.

She was the fourth one Ted had brought home since Bob had started watching in earnest. Bob knew what to expect. It was always the same. He wished he could warn her.

Early the next day Ted went out. The girl must have remained behind in the apartment. About an hour later, Ted returned with about 8 bags of groceries and several bags from local carryout restaurants. "He certainly isn't wasting any time with this one."

Later, after Ted had gone off to work, the girl came out. She was older than she had appeared from the window. She had pale blond hair and a small face with big blue eyes. She had small flat breasts and no hips to speak of, exactly as Ted liked them. She must have weighed about 90 pounds.

Bob couldn't resist. He wheeled his chair to the door of his apartment and opened it. She was standing there on the landing.

"Hi," she said.

"Hi," he responded. They were the first words he had spoken to anyone but his caregiver in what seemed like years.

"My name's Jenny. I'm staying here with Ted for a while."

"I'm Bob. Where are you from?"


"Well, I'd better get back inside. Talk to you later."

Bob had almost lost the power of conversation.

A few nights later, Bob rolled his chair to the glass door leading to the balcony of his apartment. He couldn't get his chair over the sill, but he opened the door anyway. He sat breathing in the fresh evening air. Then he realized that he could just see into the dining room of Ted's apartment and that the drapes were open. He moved his chair as far to the right as he could, so he could see better. Ted and Jenny were sitting at the table. Jenny's plate was mounded with food and she seemed to be picking at it somewhat dispiritedly. Ted spoke to her and then walked around to her side of the table. He kissed her and then began to fondle her frail body. Slowly, he filled a fork with something from her plate and put it into her mouth. Jenny ate from the fork, deliberately at first, then with increasing relish. This continued for some time until Ted rose and went into the kitchen. He returned with a bowl of something, which he began spooning into Jenny's mouth, one brimming spoonful at a time. Bob felt like a voyeur, but he couldn't tear himself away. He watched in fascination as Jenny's small tongue licked the sweet substance from the spoon in Ted's hand. He couldn't see it, but he could picture her flat belly swelling against the tight fabric of her jeans. He felt an odd stirring in his loins, something he hadn't felt in years. It was torture, but he finally forced himself to close the door and pull the drapes.

He did not see her again for several weeks. The change was remarkable. The hollows in her cheeks had filled out. Her hip bones were a little less prominent and her breasts were slightly fuller, although still small. There was a glow of health in her face.

Some time later, he saw her again. This time her jeans were actually becoming a bit snug. There was a slight curve to her derriere and her breasts were unmistakably rounder. She was still slim, but there was definitely more substance to her.

He opened his door as she reached the landing. The waif-like appearance was gone now. She was much prettier.

"Hi," he said. "I haven't seen you in a while. What have you been doing?"

"Mostly eating, I think. Ted said he thought I looked unhealthy, so he's been feeding me lots of rich, healthy food. I'm afraid I'm getting fat, though. What do you think?"

"I think you look a lot healthier than before. You must be doing something right. And you definitely aren't getting fat."

"I'm relieved that you don't think so. Thanks. My clothes are all getting so tight, though. Yesterday I actually popped a button. These are my biggest jeans and I can't fasten them."

She raised her tee shirt, which he now noticed was pulled tight across her hips, to show a little mound of soft flesh between the two halves of her zipper. Much to his amazement and delight, he felt himself growing hard. It was the first time since the accident. They were right, only his legs were damaged.

"Have Ted get you some new clothes. He'll know how." Bob knew that Ted must have piles of clothing in ever increasing sizes around the place. "I've got to get back inside."

"Here, let me help you." She started to take the handles of his chair.

"No, I can do it myself."

"At least let me get the door for you." As she reached for the door handle, her tee shirt rose slightly, so he could once again see her delicious little belly peeking out of her zipper. His erection was painful. He had to get back inside before she noticed.

He didn't see her again for several weeks. My god, what was Ted feeding her. The change was again remarkable. This time she was wearing loosely fitting pants of some soft fabric with an elastic waist. The little belly he had seen last time had grown into a fabulous pot belly. Her hips were broad now, with no trace of the bones. There were love handles above her hips. She was plump all over and the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. How he longed to touch her, to run his hands over all of her luscious curves and folds. Once again he grew erect, a painful reminder that the doctors had, indeed, been correct about his condition. He opened the door to the landing as he heard her reach the top of the stairs.

"I haven't seen you in a while. What have you been doing?"

"Eating and getting fat. Look at me."

He did, again. The pain in his groin was almost unbearable. He hoped he didn't embarrass himself.

"I think you look wonderful. Healthy and beautiful. What has he been feeding you?"

"All sorts of delicious foods. Lasagna, fetuccini alfredo, fried chicken, potato salad, lots of tapioca pudding, and more brownies than I have ever eaten in my life. He doesn't like to let me go out much, so he also brings home big bags of burgers, fries and milk shakes. Sometimes he brings me banana splits with loads of whipped cream. He also makes me some kind of special milk shake which he said is good for my health."

Bob wondered exactly what was in the milk shake. It was just like Ted to do that to her. It must be the milk shake that was accounting for her rapid weight gain.

"How do you feel?"

"I feel remarkably good. I never thought I would be fat. I've been thin all my life. Ted says he likes me this way. I probably shouldn't tell you this, but the sex gets better and better the larger I get."

No, she shouldn't tell him that. "Do you really think I look okay? I mean, just look at this." She raised her shirt to show him her belly and love handles. How could she not see what this was doing to him? Could anyone be that naïve?

"I really have to go now," he gasped and managed to cross the threshold of his apartment before he came.

That night Bob rolled his chair to the balcony again. He positioned it so he could see into Ted's dining room. Jenny sat at the table alone, a plate in front of her mounded with food. She was devouring the fried chicken enthusiastically. Then she started on the potato salad. She rose from the table, moved to the counter and returned with a pie. He watched in amazement as she inserted her fork into the pie and began devouring it directly from the pan, the juicy red cherries occasionally dropping from her fork as she moved it to her lips. Then, she walked to the refrigerator and returned with a container of ice cream, which she mounded on top of the remaining pie and began attacking it with obvious delight. He could hardly contain himself as her small pink tongue captured a bit of juice which had trickled down the side of her mouth. When she had finished the pie and ice cream, she pushed her chair back from the table, lifted her shirt and unzipped her pants. Her magnificent belly thrust its way into the opening. Very slowly she began to stroke the distended flesh. Before he was aware of what was happening, he felt the wetness in his lap. Yes, things were definitely working again!

The next day she came to his door. She seemed even larger, her figure more lush than ever, but it must have been just the effect of her outfit which was one or two sizes too small. The fabric stretched taut over her belly. The seams at her hips were straining and her breasts seemed about to burst from their confinement. What was she doing here?

"I've come to take you out for a walk."

"Ted won't like it."

"I don't care and besides he never has to know. I am losing my mind sitting in that room day after day doing nothing but watching TV and eating. Besides, you look like you could use some fresh air yourself. How long has it been since you've been out?"

He couldn't remember the last time he had been out. He didn't want people to pity him, the poor cripple in the chair.

"I can't go out. I never go out."

"Why not? Is there a reason? Is the air bad for your condition?"

"No, it's not the air. I just don't go out. Period."

"Well, you're going now." She took the handles of his chair and rolled him out the door toward the elevator.

Their walks became a daily thing. The fresh air did make him feel better, more like life was worth living. Life did seem better now. He was sure that was it, the fresh air. At first she pushed his chair, but he didn't like that because he couldn't see her. He began to roll the chair himself so he could watch her. He liked the way her hips undulated as she walked and the way her plump thighs rubbed together. She had really grown quite large now, but she moved gracefully and she was so beautiful.

Sometimes he bought her ice cream on their walks just so he could watch her eat. He wondered if Ted liked watching her eat. It was so sensual, watching her tongue lick the sweet ice cream from the cone. Once some dripped down the side of her mouth.

"Jenny, there's ice cream running down your face. No, lean down and let me wipe it."

He took his handkerchief from his pocket as she leaned over his chair. As he wiped her cheek and her chin, her breasts rubbed against his arm. How he longed to touch them, to suckle them. He couldn't stand it any longer.

"Jenny, I've got to get back to the apartment."

Without question, she helped turn his chair and walked beside him as he rolled it toward home. They both moved in silence. When they got to the apartment building she helped get the chair through the door and into the elevator. Silently she took his keys and opened the door for him. She started to follow him inside.

"It's not a good idea, Jenny. Ted won't like it if he finds out we're spending so much time together."

"I don't care about Ted. All he ever does is feed me and have sex with me. I used to think he loved me. Now, he never even talks to me. Sometimes I think he can't remember my name."

Bob knew this was true. That's what Ted did. He brought home the waifs and fed them. He was like the witch in Hansel and Gretel, fattening them up for the kill. Bob had watched them over the years, growing bigger and bigger, until they could hardly move. Then, when Ted tired of them, he turned them out. He had watched two of them leave, moving their immense bodies toward the bus stop. The third, Barbara, had had to be transported in an ambulance because she could not walk.

At that moment he knew he could not let Jenny go.

"Jenny, stay here with me. Please." She bent over and kissed him, first with such tenderness that he thought he would die and then with increasing passion. She rolled his chair over to the bed. "What do we have to do?" He suddenly realized that he had no idea. He had been so depressed after his accident that he hadn't paid attention during the information session on sexuality for the disabled. Well, they would just have to improvise. They would manage somehow. He shifted himself from the chair onto the bed.

"I'll take care of myself. I think you will have to get on top, though."

"But I'm so big. I'll crush you." The thought was tantalizing, but he knew it wasn't true.

"No you won't. Take your clothes off."

He wished he could do it for her, one article at a time, but this first time it would be better if she did it herself. She turned her back and started to disrobe.

"Jenny turn around. I want to watch. I can't take your clothes off, so at least let me watch."

"But I'm so fat..."

"No, you're not, Jenny. You're perfect. I think you're the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. All those luscious curves. I can't wait to start caressing every one of them."

She finished taking off her clothes and climbed into the bed with him. He wanted to hold her and kiss her and caress her for hours, but he knew he couldn't last that long. Not this first time. The next time he could take things more slowly.

She mounted him slowly, easing her body over his. Her large breasts rubbed against his chest. Her big, soft belly spread over his flat one. He penetrated her as her massive thighs settled around him and he came almost instantly. He felt like a sixteen year old school boy. But one thing he knew for certain, he loved her as he had never loved anyone before. And he knew, too, that he had finally come home.