Weight Room Title Bar

by Rebel

As a fireman in a mid-sized city, I get to travel around and see different parts of town on a regular basis. Once every twenty-seven days, I go out to Station Fourteen, or Fourteen's as we call it. This station is in an upper class residential area with several businesses scattered around just for the sake of convenience. One of these businesses is a veterinarian's office, and I drive right by it when I leave in the morning. I drive by it very slowly.

It was December the first time I drove by there, and I noticed a woman wearing medical scrubs walking a collie out in the front yard. She was a medium sized white lady, about five-six and maybe one-fifty or so. She had shoulder length dark reddish hair that was pulled back into a loose ponytail. I thought she was pretty, but I was driving by to fast to be sure. It was just a casual passing glance.

The next month, I wondered if I would see her again as I left Fourteen's. If she took the dogs out for a little potty break at the same time every morning, I probably would get to see her again. I did, and this time I did get a little better look at her. I saw that she had fair skin and high cheekbones, with delicate yet defined eyebrows. She was about forty feet away, same as the first time, but I was paying more attention this time. Now I was certain that she was in fact very pretty. I thought that it was just looking closer, and that was why her scrubs looked a little tighter that morning as she took a bony old tan dog out for his morning business.

Two months later and I wasn't so sure that it was just my powers of observation that was making her scrubs look tighter every time I saw her walking the clinic's dogs. The fifth time I saw her, I was convinced. She was gaining weight. Those medical scrubs are designed to be kind of baggy. That's how they were the first time I saw her, but she was filling them out quite a bit better now.

I thought about requesting a transfer to Fourteen's when I realized that she was steadily adding pounds. I have had fantasies about women gaining weight since before puberty, and her was this anonymous woman living out those fantasies. It was just too good to be true! Of course on the other hand, I already had a wonderful girlfriend. Looking at a pretty woman is a very different matter than taking steps to meet her. Besides, this was too good a situation to mess up. It was like time-lapse photography, I was able to see how much weight she had gained every month. So I contented myself with seeing her once a month or so.

I worked at Fourteen's twice in May, and so I saw her twice that month. The first time, it was raining and I couldn't really see her at all due to her raincoat. But the second time, while she walked a Doberman with a cast on his front leg, more than made up for that. The turquoise scrubs she wore were pulled tight around her broadening hips. She was easily up to one-eighty by now, maybe more.

The heat of June slowed down her eating habits a little bit. She didn't gain any weight that I could see, but I don't think she lost any either. In July I missed seeing her because we were fighting a grass fire at shift change. In the meantime, I had begun to think about her more and more between my visits to Station Fourteen. I took to calling her Louise, after Louise Fletcher in that sexy nurse's uniform from "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest". I wondered if she had a boyfriend, and then envied this imaginary guy for getting to feed her. I wondered if she liked the way her body was growing sexier and larger as the months went by. I decided that she did, because I don't like for fat women to feel unhappy inside such attractive bodies. I made up fantasies about what she ate, the way that her clothes would fit differently, and how heavy she might eventually get. All the usual things that FAs dream about, you know.

The last Sunday in August was wonderful. When I saw her this time, she had traded in her scrubs for a pair of shorts and a sleeveless shirt. It may have just been the change in what she wore, but suddenly I think that she was close to two hundred pounds. I decided that July and August had simply been very good months for her instead. Her round thighs were very smooth, with the most delightful little waves when she stepped. She had two Labrador puppies out in the yard, and playing with the little furballs gave her voluptuous body plenty of opportunities to bounce and jiggle. I had never really noticed just how large her breasts were until seeing her in her ratty pink tee shirt, but I'd never fail to notice them again. There was no bra to confine her big tits this morning, and watching the way they swayed beneath the material was damn near hypnotizing. I know that her boobs were at least distracting, because even my truck was watching her. The silly thing ran both tires on the right side up onto the curb! There was no damage, but I was embarrassed to see that she noticed my accidental detour. The sight of the way that her plump little tummy rounded out the front of her shorts when she stood straight made it all worthwhile.

September had her back out in her scrubs, and proved that it wasn't just the shorts that made her look fatter. Her scrubs were baggy again, but it was because they were a larger size. It was kind of a bummer to miss seeing her plump round ass cheeks stretching that pale green material to it's limit. Then again, it was a sign that she didn't plan on dieting any time soon, so I decided that it was a good thing. I couldn't complain too much anyway, her old scrubs would not have reached around all two hundred and ten pounds of her.

She wasn't out there in October, I don't know why. But she and a huge gray mutt were out in the yard in November. I noticed as I drove slowly by that her roomier scrubs were getting just a bit tighter, and we hadn't even gotten to the Holiday Feasts yet. The thing that I remember most about this time is that it was the first time I had ever seen her eating. She had one of those big long fruit-filled things that you get at donut shops, I can't remember what you call them. There wasn't anything at all unusual about the way that she was eating the pastry, but it struck me as exceptionally sexy at the time. So much of my fantasy life with Louise involved her eating that to finally actually see her doing it was the next best thing to having her squeeze her awesome breasts together and blow me a kiss.

I thought about it in December, and realized that I had been watching her for right at one year now. Of course, any figures that I have on her are based on wild guesses, but fantasies are gullible that way. By my best estimation, my little doggie walker had gained seventy pounds during the past year. No one accidentally gains seventy pounds, so she must have a feeder at home. Some lucky guy who gets to rub her tired, abused feet. Gets to cook her breakfast with gravy and biscuits and eggs and sausage and milk. Gets to help her buy bigger and bigger clothes. Gets to take her to nice restaurants and watch her eat Italian or Mexican or Japanese food. Gets to fondle every new roll and crease every night. I didn't know this guy, but I hated him. The thought that her feeder might be a woman had occurred to me, but that just seemed too good to be true.

I wish that I could tell you that we met one day, and over a few months fell deeply in love. I'd like to say that I became the feeder that I was so very jealous of. But of course, real life just isn't like that. The truth is we've never spoken a word to each other. I still don't even know her name. I do know that she's never lost an ounce in the year and half that I've known her. She's still my favorite fantasy, especially since my girlfriend finally broke up with me because I kept trying to fatten her up just a little more. My real life feeding is nothing compared to the fantasy feedings that I've shared with my imaginary Louise.

By the way, I'm certain that she's well over two-fifty now. Her scrubs are new and baggy again, and that is making me horny again. I saw her this morning walking a one-eared Cocker Spaniel, and I can guarantee you that her beautiful round body is only getting better and better.