Weight Room Title Bar

by Drew

Intro-this story is a merger of two of my favorite shows and my passion for bbws. This story takes place on an alternate earth where the image of the goddess was never corrupted into today's skin and bones supermodel look.

"Oh my god, what am I going to do about my weight? There are going to kill me," Pam said in fear of the Baywatch producers. They had been after her for months now about her weight.

"Pam can we talk to you for a minute?"


"Pam we have noticed that you really have let your weight go, and this is something that we just can't let happen."

"I have been so busy lately, I just haven't had the time to keep in shape."

"Pam we are really sorry, but if you don't get your weight under control again we are going to have to let you go."

"I will get back into shape I swear," she said sobbingly. What was she going to do, she wasn't naturally as fat as Yasmine, Traci, Donna, or any of the other Baywatchers. She knew that it was her cellulite implants that have made her the envy of every women in the country and the most desired women on the planet. She knew that her assets weren't natural like the others and she couldn't gain as easy as they did, it was her curse to be natural skinny.

"Oh Yas, I am so afraid. They said that if I don't get my weight back up that they are going to fire me, please tell me how you do it."

"I don't know Pam, I have always been big, ever since I was a kid. For a time I struggled with my weight just like you. When I was in high school, I never got asked out, and all my friends always used to tease me because I was the smallest, but now look at me," she said.

"Yas, if you were so skinny in high school how did you get like that?

"I took a long time, I was skinny for a long time, and let me tell you it wasn't fun at all. After I got out of college I weighed only about 140 pounds!"

"My god, how horrible, you were a toothpick Yas."

"Yeah, you should of seen me back then. I remember when I came out here a couple of years ago, it was terrible until I decided that no one was going to make me fat and that I had to do it myself."

"So what did you do?"

"I ate, took weight gain formula, and appetite stimulants, it was the most liberating thing I have ever done. I went from 140 to 200 pounds in almost 4 months.

"Wow," said Pam. When she had gotten her big break at the football game it was only cause she had that bulgy jacket. She remember how horrified the playboy people were after they contacted her and found out how skinny she was. She tried so desperately to pack on the pounds back them, she didn't do anything at all and just ate for weeks, and finally she gained a little weight about 130. This made the playboy people very happy, but they still suggested that she might get cellulite implants. After she got her implants it was like she lived in a whole other world. She now tipped the scales at about 220, she was big, but not big enough, but the men didn't seem to care. She really envied Yasmine because she was real, almost everybody knew Pam had implants.

"Yeah, it was pretty difficult for me at first. I was just about average now, but I still felt I could go bigger. That is when I got my private feeder Richard, he was the best thing that ever happened to me."

"Really, what did he do for you?"

"He was great he was my friend, chef, lover, and my support. He told me how beautiful I was and how much more beautiful I would be if I packed on some more pounds. He made me all my favorite foods, and made sure that I was always well overfed. He used to rub he hands down my stomach, and rub them up against my love handles. He would gently run his fingers up and down my virgin fat. He made me truly feel like a women."

"I wish that I could find a guy like that," Pam said longingly.

"Its really not that hard, they are everywhere, you just have to find the right now for you, and when you do it will be great. I am living proof look at me I went from a skinny 200 to a fabulous 800 in under a year and a half with Richard."

Pam looked at Yasmine, her tight red suit hugged 800 pounds of pure women. Her massive thighs, her jiggly arms, and giant stomach were barely covered, no wonder every men loved her so much.

"Yas, I am only 300 pounds I am afraid that if I don't gain and gain so that I will get fired."

"How much you need to put on?"

"About 500-700 pounds."

"That is not going to be easy, even if you find a feeder in time, but let me tell you there is a new drug out on the market. It is called cellugain, it slows down the rate for food digestion, increase nutrient extraction, and magnifies your appetite 10x."

"Where can I get that?"

"I have a friend who can get it for you but you are going to have to wait. You really should try and gain without drugs, but you are so skinny, so I will help you out because I know what it is like."

"Yas, you are the best, if you ever need anything just ask me, ok?"

"Sure, Pam."

It took a couple of days, but Yasmine eventually came through. She had gotten Pam a bottle of the highly experimental cellugain-2, which was suppose to be even stronger than cellugain.

"Here you go Pam," Yasmine said with a smile. This is the new and improved formula, so only take one pill a day, it will be enough."

"Oh thanks Yas, I owe you so much."

Pam stared at the bottle in her hand. All she needed was in this bottle, but as she thought about it. She thought if one pill would make her big what would two do, she decided to find out.

When she got home, she took off her work cloths and slipped into something a little more comfortable that showcased her many fine curves.

"Ok, Yas said take only one, but I need to gain now, so I will take two, what will it hurt?"

As she slept through the night, the drug began to have its effect on her. She woke up and run downstairs, she felt like her stomach was going to implode from hunger pains.

"Food, I need food, now," was the only thought racing in her head. She tore through her cabinets and ripped open every package of food she owned. She stuffed donuts into her mouth like they were M&Ms, smearing chocolate and powder sugar all over her beautiful double chins. She poured bags of M&Ms into her mouth, spilling them all over herself. She poured boxes of cereal down her throat, washing it down with a sea of chocolate milk.

"When is my appetite going to pick up again, I don't think I will ever gain any weight," she said as she poured the chocolate syrup into her mouth. "Hey wait a minute, I am eating, I have an appetite and I am starved," she said gleefully.

After about an hour of gorging herself on every food she could find in the house she had already gained about 10 pounds.

"This is great, I will be back to my old weight in now time now," she said to herself. "But I have eaten everything in the house, and I am still hungry. I had better get some groceries and now." She called up her personal shopper.

"Mel, its Pam, I need you to go to the store now."

"Will there be anything else Ms. Anderson?"

"Yes, I want triple the regular, Mel."

"Triple Ms. Anderson? Are you sure you want all that?"

"You are right Mel, I had better get more. I want five times my usual at the grocery store, send as much as you have to."

In about two hours Melinda arrived with over 25 bags full of the fattiest foods imaginable, snack cakes, ice cream, cookies, pastries, chocolate everything, candies, pieces of meat, and every other food imaginable was there.

"Will there be anything else that you need Ms. Anderson?"

"Yes there is Melinda, how are you at cooking?"

Over the next few hours Pam ripped through all the uncooked foods. Cookies, candies, pastries, snack cakes, and other foods disappeared rapidly from the bags into Pam's waiting stomach. She sat in delight as she stuffed herself, feeling herself expand with every bite. Her hips, thighs, breasts, arms, stomach, and butt all felt like the were growing. She measured herself and to her delight, she discovered she was gaining at the rate of ten pounds an hour. At this rate she would have to stuff herself for approximately 69 hours straight, but her cellugain was beginning to wear off and she began to loose her appetite.

"Wow, Pam you look great!" the Baywatch producer said. "What did you do to yourself, you look unbelievable."

"I just got back into shape," she said as she caressed her mammoth features. her large saggy breasts hung down to her stomach, her arms jiggled like jello as she moved them, her ass was soft and wide, and her stomach was increased to ssbbw status. She had gone from a sad three hundred to a beautifully bulging 500 pounds in under one day, her potential was unlimited now.

"Pam, you have done a great job getting yourself back into shape, but I think that you still have some work to do. You look great so fat, but you are not the old Pam. The old Pam was the envy of every woman on the planet, and look at yourself, you are only average now. We will keep you on the show, but we are going to give you less air time until you bring your weight back up."

What was Pam to do? Stay tune for part two.