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What If ......?
Volume One:
Anna Nicole Smith

by Mason

I am starting a new series of fiction called WHAT IF ...... ? The series will be based on actual people or events. This will be an attempt to rewrite some events in the optimistic gainer view. The first edition of WHAT IF ......? will be a tale of what would have happened to Anna Nicole Smith had she not necessarily lost the weight she gained. Here it is ...

Anna Nicole Smith wept as she read the headlines. The National Enquirer showed pictures of her allegedly private sessions of exercise at the LA gym she attended. She cried. Her whole life was falling down around her. Anna looked down at her breasts, which even at their now massive 44 DD size, did not cover the view of her gut. She heaved herself out of bed, still wearing her exercise attire. She stepped onto the scale in her bathroom, waiting for the audio scale to read her weight out loud. Anna paused, waiting to hear the horrible number.

"232 pounds."

The number sounded so large to her. She remembered her application to Playboy, about three years back. "I used to be 140," she said between sobs. "My husband dies, I am going broke, I'm so ugly ..." Anna listed off, waiting for solace from her woes. Her son had tried to be nice, but he burst into her room crying. "Mom, why can't you just pick yourself up and do something with your life!" he shouted. She could not even respond, he bolted out of the house with suck quickness. With her life in shambles, she thought the only way out would be through suicide. It was a disgusting thought, and she quickly shunned it away. Then she thought maybe she could lose some more weight and get another shot with Playboy. So she went to a different gym the next week.

At 3 A.M., she woke up and drove to the gym incognito. Hoping the paparazzi were not watching, she got out of her car and went inside. "Yes, I am Nikki Hart," Anna told the man at the desk, using her actual name as an alias here. "Well Nikki, I believe I have found the trainer to make you happy," the desk clerk said with a smile. Anna smiled back, not accustomed to having such courtesy directed her way. The desk clerk directed Anna to the back of the club, in a place with no windows to the outside world, safe from paparazzi. Anna smiled. "Hi," greeted a friendly man, "I am Steve, your trainer." Anna began to blush, because the gentleman before her was very attractive. "Well, I am ... uh... flattered," she managed to answer. He immediately pulled her over to a separate room.

"I am gonna take some measurements, so I can chart your progress," Steve said, pulling out a tape measure and scale. "Go ahead and step on up." Reluctantly, Anna stepped onto the scale. "230, not bad," Steve read aloud, smiling. This was a change of pace for Anna. Most of her other friends or trainers that saw how much she weighed either frowned or laughed. She was happy with that. "Okay, I am gonna take some measurements now." Steve stepped up behind her, caressing her stomach while measuring it. "Waist 38." Anna felt a sensation of pleasure throughout her body. "Now, let's measure the hips." Again, he pulled the tape around her hips, sliding his hands down from her stomach to the widest spot of her hips. "Hips, ... 46." Then he pulled the tape up to her massive chest. "Chest, ... 48." Anna felt shockwaves of pleasure all throughout her body, not knowing why or how they were coming about. Steve prepared her for exercise.

"Okay, we are gonna start with some sit-ups," Steve said enthusiastically. Anna did not respond well, just acknowledging what was going to happen. "Awright," Anna said, lying down on the mat. He put his knees on her feet. She put her arms behind her head, and put all her might into the activity. "Come on, you can do it," Steve coached, hoping to inspire Anna to achieve physical feats she had not. Anna slowly came up, her breasts quivering, stomaching folding. After about fifteen seconds of struggle, she managed one. Anna fell back to the mat, breathing hard. "Let's finish it up, you have forty-five seconds left, you can do it ..." Steve said, unaware of how much Anna did not want to exercise. Forty-five seconds later, Anna had done ... two sit-ups. Her top no longer covered the bottom edge of her stomach, as it spilled out from underneath. She looked at it, and began to sob. "Look," Steve said, realizing how unhappy she was, "I don't normally do this, but uh .... how about you come back to my place and we can talk about what we'll do.... uh, for you." Anna stopped sobbing, and hugged Steve. As she hugged him, she noticed that he had a massive erection. She smiled.

The two arrived at his house, in a very expensive neighborhood in Los Angeles. "How can you afford to live in these mansions?" Anna asked Steve. "Well, I invest money on the side and I have a small fortune." Steve led Anna inside into his massive living quarters. The room had a bed about twice the size of a king size bed. Anna glanced over at his nightstand, and saw a picture of an extremely large woman. "Who is that?" Anna inquired, not even thinking about how impolite that was. "Oh, its my ex-girlfriend," Steve answered shyly. Anna looked quizzical, wondering how a rich, healthy, sexy man like Steve would ever date such a large woman. "Why did you ..." "It is sort of my preference," Steve stopped Anna, knowing exactly where she was going. "Oh,..." Anna said, slightly disconcerted. She kind of liked the fact that another rich man liked her. She inquired further.

"So, what are we here to talk about?" Anna questioned, with school-girl-like innocence. "Well, with you being a big time model and actress, I don't know if I should even bother ..." Steve said, trailing off. "No, no, go ahead," Anna responded, attempting to coerce him into asking her out. "I was wondering if you would like to possibly have dinner with me." Anna ran towards him, her girth shaking with each step. She met him with such force she knocked him onto the bed. "Absolutely!" Anna yelled, smiling from ear to ear. Again he smiled back, unsuccessfully trying to stop his erection. Anna felt it again, and kissed him. Steve kissed her back, matching her emotions. "I guess we'll do dinner another time," Steve whispered into her ear.

The next morning, Steve woke up next to Anna in his bed. He had yet to tell her his intentions as far as her life. He woke her up, and the two prepared to talk. "Okay Anna," Steve said sternly, "Here is my offer. I have not told you that I am actually a multi-millionaire, and I do not need to work. The only reason I did was so I would meet the woman of my dreams." He paused, gazing into her eyes, hoping to convey his emotions that way. Anna stared back blankly. "I am with that woman right now." With that, Anna Nicole Smith smiled, and hugged him again. "There is one problem though," Steve said, preparing his ultimatum. "If you accept my offer, I want to live with you forever and you will never have to worry about the paparazzi." Anna thought for a moment, and agreed. The two spent the day in bed.

About four hours later, Anna stopped. She pushed Steve away. Steve looked at her inquisitively, waiting for an explanation. "I am hungry," Anna said matter-of-factly. He smiled. Steve reached behind him, and pulled a long chord. Seconds later, a waiter came into the room with a tray filled with assorted pastries. "Well, thank you," Anna said, but before she began eating, she paused and looked at Steve. "What about my weight?" "I don't care about how much you weigh," Steve answered. "As a matter of fact, I wouldn't mind if you gained weight." Anna smiled, and ravenously ate all of the pastries. Though slightly full, she said, "I could go for a little bit more," smiling at Steve. "Well, all right," Steve said, smiling back at Anna. He pulled the chord twice, and the waiter brought twice as much food. "I don't mean now silly," Anna replied. As the waiter turned away, Steve motioned to him to come back. "No, let's try eating it," Steve said, with an authoritative voice he had not shown Anna. She enjoyed it.

Steve pulled the tray onto the bed, and sat behind her. He wrapped one arm around her stomach, massaging it to create room. Anna was enthralled by it all, and relaxed. Steve began kissing her neck, working his way up to her mouth. Right when she anticipated his lips, she met a chocolate eclair. It was the greatest tasting chocolate in her life. He repeated this with all of the treats. An hour and over ten pounds of chocolate later, Anna fell back onto Steve. He smiled, and let her go to sleep.

About seven hours later, Anna woke up and Steve took her to her house. Her son had managed, so she was happy. She sat down and had a talk about possibly marrying Steve. Her son liked the idea of having a car when he turned 16, so he accepted it. Within one day, Anna moved in with Steve. The media jumped over this, scaring Anna. Headlines like, "Anna Nicole Smith moves in with Mystery Man!" Anna was initially scared, but Steve allayed her fears. The first night she was with him, they had passionate sex. Each time she came close to orgasm, he fed her sweets. This did to her psychologically what he had hoped. No longer did she care about her weight. Anna had even left drugs and booze behind. Steve's work had been a success. "Well Anna," he said to her, sharing a glass of wine in bed, "Are you happy?" "Yup," Anna replied. Then suddenly, she stopped smiling. Each time she stretched, she grimaced. "What's wrong?" Steve asked. "Well," Anna said, pulling the cover off of her, "My clothes are a little tight." As she finished that statement, he looked at her whole body. He noted that the black teddy she wore was supposed to cover more than it did. The straps dug into her flesh, to the point of flesh almost covering the straps. Her breasts poured out of the top, and her waist stretched the seams to the ripping point. Finally, when she bent over to pick up the cover in a futile attempt to cover herself, the middle seams ripped open, exposing beautiful rolls of fat on her midriff. He smiled, liking what he saw. "We'll see what we can do," he reassured her.

The next day, the two managed to stay away from the cameras and buy her some clothes at a local Lane Bryant store. At the register, their cover was nearly blown. The clerk asked, "Where have I seen you?" Anna said, "I don't know. I have never seen you." The clerk looked down at an older add for Lane Bryant, with a picture of Anna Nicole Smith modeling some jeans. As the clerk realized who she was dealing with, Steve reached over the counter and handed her a one hundred dollar bill. "We weren't here," Steve said, in a stern voice. The clerk agreed, and the two got outside without facing a problem. Once at home, Anna tried on some of her older clothes. She put on some olders shorts and an older bra. Steve was unaware Anna was doing this, and when he entered their room, he was taken by surprise. Her sensuous rolls of fat covering the top of her jean shorts. Anna's breasts stretched the bra top to its limits. Her rear peaked out from underneath the bottom of her shorts, and her thighs rubbed. Steve covered his crotch, and then Anna pulled him into bed.

Anna's days became similar. Every day she woke up next to Steve, and he ordered her a breakfast consisting of ten pancakes, ten eggs, ten sausage links, and a half gallon of whole milk. Anna splurged every morning. Periodically, she would go into his indoor pool in his mansion, and model. Steve had hired a photographer to not only take photos of her, but to keep a photo-journal of her progress for Steve's erotic delight. She would then eat a lunch that contained two pounds of choice steak. Sometimes in addition to that she would eat a whole bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Normally, she would then watch TV, and possibly munch on some candies. At around 5 P.M., Steve would arrive home from the gym and he would warm her up for dinner. Then dinner would often be only candy. But it would often be hundreds of candy bars. All the while, Anna Nicole Smith was content.

Two weeks after they lived with each other, Anna gained 25 pounds. But she was content. A month passed, and her weight continued to go up. But she was content. Two months later, she weight 300 pounds. But she was content. Finally, through the coaxing of Steve, she applied for a job modeling with Lane Bryant. They accepted. As the weeks went by, Anna Nicole Smith's picture began popping up in Lane Bryant ads, then magazines, like BBW and Mademoiselle. Her popularity became nearly more immense than it had when she first arrived in the media's limelight. Suddenly, she quit modelling for Lane Bryant, retiring to work with Steve. The only pictures that were ever found of her since she quit was one that she left behind in the mansion. Steve moved Anna and her son to a place in Europe where they could be alone. The picture left behind was one of the last shots he took in that mansion. Anna was wearing a bikini with the Playboy bunny on it, and a matching bikini bottom. It was hard to tell she wearing a bikini bottom though, because her stomach overlapped most of it. Her breasts had swollen to 50 EE size, and her rear had grown as well. It was dimpled, but still beautiful. Her thighs touched nearly all the way down to her knees. Her chin had grown a double. All in all, she was a different person. A happier one.