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What If ...... ?
Volume Two:
Alicia Machado Revisited

by Mason

Often times Fas thought it would have been neat if Alicia Machado had kept gaining during her reign as Miss Universe. No one ever really addressed what would happen to her after the ceremonies. I now give you the story of Alicia Machado's life after titles. Now, the second volume of WHAT IF ...... ?

As Alicia Machado proudly walked off the stage, she smiled at the sound of the audience. The crowd cheered her for multiple reasons. The first being, she had survived. Despite all that Trump had said, she managed to reign supreme as Miss Universe. Secondly, she had lost a great deal of weight. She was now at 125, which was large by Miss Universe standards. Alicia didn't care. Now she no longer carried the burden of Miss Universe's duties and she intended on living a little. As she was escorted to the back stage area, she met two agents. They both smiled at her entrance into the back.

"Hola, Alicia," greeted the first agent. He was a tall gentleman, 6'3'', and dark skinned man. By his greeting, Alicia assumed he was bi-lingual. "My name is Tisha," the other agent introduced. She was the same height as Alicia, but far heavier. Her coat pulled in the front, giving the appearance of a pregnant woman. Alicia simply greeted the two and began to head back out to her car. "Please wait," the two agents hollered simultaneously. Alicia turned to listen, but gave the impression she wanted to beat the cameras out to her car. "Sorry to bother you, but we would like you to return to modeling here in Amer ..." "No!" Alicia interrupted. She refused to model for anyone for a while, especially the American society where thin was in. "No, no, no, ... wait," the man shouted, following her in hot pursuit. She again paused, waiting to hear his excuse. "We are very different from your old agencies," he told. "I can promise that you won't have to worry about your weight." Alicia stopped rushing and began listening.

"We are looking for the most attractive woman on earth to model for us," Tisha said. Alicia, flattered, approached the two. "Can I just eat whatever I want?" she asked. "Sure, and we will pay you over a million dollars." She laughed out loud and jumped on them. She agreed and signed the documents they had on them. Alicia left a happy woman.

Two weeks later, Alicia had gained five pounds, and began to feel a little better. She enjoyed the overall softness to her torso. Alicia wished to be softer, but that could wait. She wanted to make a good impression for the agents. She walked into the building and approached the main desk. "Where is the model, .... uh, .... shooting area?" Alicia asked. The woman at the desk pointed to the elevator. Alicia got inside, and oddly enough there was a map. She went to the top floor, because it was labeled Studio. Alicia waited in the elevator anxiously, then finally it arrived at her stop.

"Hello, you called me?" Alicia said as she entered the studio. It was fairly plain, with no canvas up yet. All there was was a group of chairs and several bottles of water. "We've been waiting for you," the agents said. The tandem smiled and both stood up to shake her hand. She was glad they respected her, already showing more respect than her previous employers. "Here is the deal," the gentleman, whose name was Jeff, started. "We produce models for Lane Bryant, a prominent larger models company her in America." Alicia was not sure of their intentions, but listened intently anyway. "We would like you to eat whatever you want, without paying a dime, and then do some photo shoots for us. In two or three sessions, we will give you two million dollars, no questions asked." Alicia was breathless, completely surprised by the offer. She was offered her two favorite things in life; food and modeling. She smiled. "You have yourself a model!" Alicia said.

They gave her two weeks to get adjusted. Alicia got a head start, eating everything in sight for two weeks. Each day her clothes became more snug. She did not jump on a scale during these two weeks, but each night she would examine her body in a mirror. Alicia noticed her breasts sagging a little more, and her curves a bit more accentuated. She enjoyed it. Alicia was invited to a casual wear party, and she came in denim shorts. Her stomach was no longer defined with abdomen muscles, but a smooth mass of flesh. It hung over her pants more and more each day, until the day before she would model, her pants button undid itself. She sat there, feeling the freedom her stomach had outside of the confines of the shorts. Her button-up shirt was made to show off her stomach, but at the party all the guests made comments behind her back. Her stomach jiggled slightly with every step. The buttons on her shirt began to pull, with gaps in the material showing off her body underneath. She was happier. And then finally, the day came for her to go in for a photo shoot and diet program. Both made her smile a great deal.

Alicia put on her only dressy suit. The jacket would not button, so she didn't fight it for more than ten minutes. She struggled, pulling each side with all her might. It was to no avail, so she proceeded to put on her matching skirt. It would not zip up, so she used a clothespin. Her stomach formed a small roll all the way around the edge of the top of her skirt. Alicia didn't mind a little fat here and there, because her weight also went to her chest and her hips. She felt sexy. Though not dressed as best as she could be, she smiled and went to meet her challenge at work.

Once there, she was handed a print out by a random associate. On it there was a calorie quota and multiple lists of options for meals. She frowned, not necessarily wanting structure to her diet. But as quickly as she frowned, the agents joined her to get rid of her anger. "No, no, this isn't bad," Tisha persuaded sweetly, "You can still eat whatever you want for free. We just want you to eat more." Alicia smiled, because she liked that idea. She read it, scanning over the meal plans. Her favorite was the Heavyweight Plan. It had a setup where Alicia could have six meals a day and four snacks in between. "This is like eating a never ending meal," she said, expressing joy. "If you want, we will even have someone feed you if you get tired." Alicia smiled at the thought of that. She was then taken to a dressing room to be prepared for dressing.

The dressers gave her size 12 pants, which actually fit her properly. Her stomach did not hang over the edges of it. Her blouse fit tightly, but it was effective. Her breasts appeared even larger in the material she wore. After hours of shooting, she was tired so she went home to begin her diet. She had to eat a minimum of 5000 calories a day. So, she started working on a gallon of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. For good measure, she ate it while drinking weight gain formula. As she ate, Alicia could feel her stomach fill up, and bulge. It bulged, and bulged until she felt like her pants were tight. She forgot she had eaten earlier in the day and added up all the calories she had consumed. All in all, on her first day, she had consumed 8,000 calories. She couldn't believe it. But she said, "I am happy, so I don't mind some weight gain." Alicia continued to eat anywhere from 5,000 to 9,000 calories a day, mostly fat calories.

Another two weeks into her diet, she had gained 16 pounds. Her new clothes bought by Lane Bryant were becoming tight, but she didn't care. Her employers were happier every time they saw her grow. Each day she was measured and weighed, the only thing she didn't like. So, she decided to miss a couple of sessions. It made her employers mad, until they realized she missed the appointments so she could eat. They liked that.

Time flew by. It was now a month after she began. The Lane Bryant people felt it was time for Alicia to model. They had not refurbished her wardrobe in a month, and Alicia came in wearing clothing from two months ago. Though thought to be humanly impossible, her body squeezed into the size 10 denim shorts. Her belly swayed from left to right, right to left, a mesmerizing motion with every step. She had gained so much weight that she could not even zip up these shorts. Her top was only a bra, a newer one because her bras from two months ago had snapped off her body in a pool. It pressed into her soft flesh, revealing a roll of fat underneath her bra. It folded into a larger roll of fat on her stomach that gave ample evidence that she enjoyed the diet of Lane Bryant's. The photographer had an erection, and the two agents were pleased. "You are the first of a new breed Miss Machado," Jeff told her. "Never before have we used beautiful, large women in our promotions." Alicia was not used to being called large, but she still liked the food and the money too much.

"What will the media say?" Alicia asked, in the middle of a shoot. She was wearing a one piece bathing suit that accentuated her bust, now size 42 DD. "Who cares?" Tisha replied. Alicia thought, "Well, I guess the media can kiss my ass." She was happy with her life, and continued to strike poses.

Another month later, she noted her gain of 40 pounds. That rounded her weight off to 210 pounds. Alicia thought, "My god! I never thought I would weigh this much." She picked up a tabloid magazine with a cover saying, MASSIVE MACHADO'S UNIVERSE-SIZED BODY! She looked inside at photos of her, before she won the title, after the title, then now. As she looked at the photos, she felt a thrill slide through her body. Alicia felt like each photo showed her happiness grow. While reading, she noticed a gentleman also looking at the same tabloid. He looked at her and asked, "Are you ...?" Before she could answer, she motioned her index finger to her mouth, implying he should be quiet. She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. He showed his appreciation with a smile and an erection. Alicia laughed out loud, and he left red-cheeked. She then looked down the magazine rack at the section for BBW Magazine and MODE, both of which had Alicia's beautiful picture gracing their covers. She smiled, seeing that both had sold out markers in the empty slots. Alicia was finally happy.

Alicia went home and sat at her dinner table, forgetting she was again wearing her old size 14 jeans. Upon slamming down in the chair, the button popped off the pants and her stomach unfolded onto the rims of the pants. Her shirt's buttons in her chest region popped off as well, and she felt sexy as ever. With a mouthful of chocolate, admiring her latest paycheck of over three million dollars she smiled. Alicia looked at her wardrobe, and invited her photographer over to take pictures of her. He gladly excepted. She put on clothes from months back to the present, and he shot miles of film. She thought it would be great payment for him. Oddly enough, she married him. He turned out to be a feeder, and Lane Bryant had a model for life.