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Where Are They Now?
by BW

I can hear my lovely lady lowering herself back into the sofa after she returns from a trip to the fridge. Her moans of pleasure tell me she found something good, probably that chocolate cheesecake I saw in there earlier. I would love go downstairs and watch her eat it, but there's something I have to get off my chest. And I know there will be plenty of other opportunities to see my lady eat.

This is not a bad secret that I'm telling you. If fact, I'm sure some of you will agree, it is a great secret. However, I did promise I'd keep it a secret. It's just that it is so awesome that I have to tell somebody, and I'm sure you will appreciate it.

It all started out innocently enough. Just a simple letter that I wrote and mailed. I couldn't have wished for a better out come than what followed. Now the person to whom I wrote is or was (still is) quite a popular and well know person so for this reason (and if she finds out about this story I'll be cut off) I will try to keep her identity from you.

Back to the letter. You see this person, let's call her Lanna Nicole, was a little down on her luck. I can't give all the details because that would give away her identity. Anyways she was being razzed in the press and such, quite often her weight was brought up, you see she had gained off and on.

Since I had always found her quite attractive and didn't like to think that she might start listening to the tabloids and try to loose weight, I thought I would drop her a little note of encouragement. This was over a year ago so I don't remember the wording exactly but it was something along the lines of: Lanna, you are an extremely attractive person no matter what others say of you, blah, blah, blah," This went on for about a paragraph then I wrote what was to become a life altering line. "If you ever feel the need to get out of the public's eye or just to get away for awhile, you have a place to stay."

I had written that line as an after thought, never dreaming what was to come.But about a month later there was a gentle knock at my door and there she was. When I opened the door she pulled down the scarf that was covering her face and held up my letter, "Surprise."

What a surprise. I immediately let her in. She told me that she had been touched by my letter and thought that if she could escape the press for a while and concentrate on herself, maybe she could get in shape and then get her career back in order.

I was a little disappointed that she was going to try to loose weight, she looked so good. And when she took off her over coat I could see the tabloids hadn't exaggerated about her gaining. She was every bit the 180+ lbs they had said, maybe closer to 200 lbs.

She said that she would pay me to stay here and cover all of hers and mine expenses. I said it wouldn't be necessary, but she said that she had stayed at some of the best fat farms in the world, been charged exuberant prices, hadn't lost weight and still been spied on by photographers. Staying in my house, in a secluded little town were no one knew she was would be the best thing for her.

It was almost supper time and since she was going to start a rigorous diet tomorrow she felt that her last "real meal", as she put it, should be a good one. Of course we had to have it delivered, since even in this little town she would be quickly recognized.

She opted for Kentucky Fried Chicken, a Mega Meal. I wasn't sure if it was her hunger, the thought of never eating like this again or just her appetite but she almost single handedly finished the whole meal herself, even the cake.

We talked over dinner about her situation and made some agreements, one of which I'm breaking now. Another was that she would turn my basement into a gym, all the best equipment, and when she was done she would leave it to me. Nothing was signed but we seemed to have an instant repour even though we had only met.

The next day while I was at work her equipment arrived and I returned home to a sweat soaked Lanna sprawled on the couch drinking a Perrier. She was wearing a spandex outfit that was a little to small for her, the top and bottoms didn't meet like they should, exposing a delicious roll of the sexiest tummy I had ever seen. The straps of the top dug into her soft shoulders and the cuffs of the shorts into her thighs.

"Well," she said, "the first day is the toughest. Soon this outfit will fit again, maybe even be too big and then I can be seen in public again." She heaved herself up and made a salad in the kitchen then went to bed.

That was how our relationship seemed to go for about the first two or three weeks although she would often be in the shower when I got home. Sometimes we'd stay up late watching movies or even just talking. She was actually a very nice person, and intelligent too, not at all what the press would have you believe.

Three weeks after Lanna had came into my life I went downstairs to see the gym. I had a membership at a local club but thought I could quit now, with all of Lanna's equipment in my own basement. She had added to it over the weeks and there was pretty much everything there that I needed anyways. I thought I would try a few reps when I noticed a layer of dust on the equipment. It was almost as if it hadn't been getting used. Then my foot kicked something, a paper ball? No, it was a cheeseburger wrapper from Burger King. Was Lanna cheating on her diet?

I didn't bring up my observations to Lanna, it was none of my business. But I did keep a closer eye on her "progress". I would often find fast food and junk food wrappers buried in the trash, more and more frequently. But since Lanna usually lounged around in sweats after her "strenuous" work outs I couldn't tell if she had been gaining weight.

That weekend I told Lanna that I would work out with her if she didn't mind. She seemed caught off guard and said "sure" a little too quickly. I was already down stairs when she came down in her work out outfit. I looked up from dusting off the obviously neglected equipment to see her literally bursting out of it. If she was 190 before she was easily over 200 now. I guess she noticed the look of shock on my face and embarrassingly offered, "I guess I'm a little off my schedule, I've been slacking a bit."

I was dumbfounded. I had never seen seen anything so beautiful, I just stared back at her. She finished coming down the stairs and then sat on the bench press across from me. Sitting, her pudgy tummy popped up and over her spandex waist band. She really opened up to me then. Telling how she had never really had to work out to stay "thin", although she admitted to never being skinny. Looking back she just thinks she was more active, and didn't notice the actual exercise that she was getting.

When she was "discovered," everything happened so fast for her. She didn't have to do anything, no grocery shopping, no yard work, house cleaning - nothing. Plus she could eat out and go to fabulous catered parties, drinking and drugs. She hadn't really even noticed the weight gain. She admitted her closes were all tighter, some didn't even fit, but she was comfortable with herself, she knew she was sexy. But then she started seeing the tabloids and gossip columns. All ragging her about her sudden expansion, her blimping out. This is when she started to get a little upset, angrily saying that she had only gained twenty pounds. Why did this twenty pounds change her into a different person. Why couldn't she enjoy her success as she saw fit?

Again I just sat in silence. I didn't know what to say, but she looked into my eyes for a comforting word. The question was past my lips before I realized the thought had crossed my mind, "Why do you even want to go back to that?"

She sat back and seemed to look into herself. She then got up and said she was going to shower up. She jogged up the stairs, her plump bottom giggling.

She was in the shower quite awhile, in fact it was almost two hours before she got out of the bathroom. I could hear her come up behind me and I turned around to see her in her disguise, trench coat and scarf, but she had died her hair as well. She said she wanted to see what this little town had to offer.

First we hit a McDonalds drive thru, then I showed her the sights. They were pretty corny, small town attractions, but she was able to see the quaintness of it all. We stopped for dinner at a small Chinese restaurant and had a wonderful dinner. She seemed so at ease that I totally forgot she was famous, she was just Lanna. We went to the late show after dinner, Lanna loaded up on buttered popcorn. We saw a romantic comedy, and with out even realizing we were holding hands as we left the theater.

Well to wrap things up, Lanna never went back to Hollywood exactly. She does work with the local theater group where she's often told she looks like a brunette so and so. She's quite happy and so am I, we're not rich but with my job and Lanna's savings were able to live without worry and enjoy ourselves at the same time. In fact Lanna's put on about eighty pounds and tips the scales a just under 300. That's mainly why I had to tell you this little secret, dream's can come true?

Any similarities to persons living or dead was purely intentional.