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The Blooming of Yasmin
by Orso di Monte Ribelli

The exhibition was good, the ancient masterpieces were beautiful and the way the items were shown was superb. I already made a tour looking carefully and enjoying the show very much, but I had four more hours to wait for my plane. There was ample time for a leisurely and thoughtful second tour, the exhibition was worth it. Then I heard a voice calling my name. "MAX! How good to see you again!" I turned, Yasmin flung her arms around my neck and planted a kiss on my cheek. Her scent and the soft, warm pressure of her body against mine brought immediately back to my mind strong memories. I hadn't seen Yasmin for over two years and I was quite glad to meet her again.

Yasmin is a beautiful, intense young lady, with dark hair flowing down her back, a dark complexion, very large black eyes, a full mouth and a hourglass-shaped figure that is the paragon of all hourglass-shaped figures. A theater and cabaret actress, she is attractive, intelligent and very good company, fiery and temperamental, with a stormy professional and sentimental life. Three or four years before we had a playful and whimsical affair, then drifted apart (neither of us was ready for a commitment), she found another boyfriend and we saw each other every now and then, just as good friends. Yasmin is not her true name, but since her figure and her general appearance could be the example of a Middle Eastern beauty, I just chose for her an evocative Arabic name and we always used it.

"Yasmin, I haven't seen you in ages! I'm so glad! And you look even better than the last time we met!" I returned the kiss and made a suggestion: "I'm flying to Paris in four hours, so, if you haven't anything better to do, we could sit in a nice place and have a chat."

A few minutes later we were in a cafe, happily chatting away. We exchanged news: Yasmin's work was going well, she was playing in two different theaters and in three months' time she was going to play in a movie. "Yes, - I said - you are happy and you look wonderful, I told you, even better than two years ago!"

"I know what you mean - she answered gloomily - I put on weight in these years. Already when I was with you I was on and off diets, you remember, and wanted to lose weight. After we split I tried lots of diets, I did everything short of surgery, but to no avail, in the end I even gained."

"Nonsense, now you are much prettier. And will you tell me how much you gained?"

"Ten pounds, I'm now 215 on a 5'4" frame" was the sad answer.

"Wonderful, you were a bit skinny in those days. Felicitations, you deserve a kiss for every pound, or even better . . . " I stopped, I did not say what I thought but Yasmin understood perfectly.

"Max! You _do_ are a dirty old man! I love my boyfriend, although I just wish he had your same tastes. He loves me but he hates my body, he's always urging me to lose weight, he tries to starve me. He's right, he does it for my own good, but the result is that I can't lose weight, I feel miserable, we are under a lot of strain and our sexual life is getting worse and worse. I love him and he loves me, but I'm fed up with being loved for my mind and my personality only. I want to be appreciated for my body too, I need to be desired for my figure, I need a man who likes also full, soft me! Sometimes I even think . . . "

Yasmin too did not finish her thoughts, I also understood well. The air was tense and full of expectation as I leaned forward, took Yasmin's hand and said softly: "Two unspoken thoughts are stronger than two spoken ones. Love and sex do not always go together, Yasmin, and you know it well. Besides, I was around before your boyfriend. I'll be back in a month. Will you wait for me?" And I kissed her hand.

Yasmin pressed my hand to her cheek, smiled and answered: "Yes, you came first, so we'll just go back to the good old days. And I can wait."

Then, looking at Yasmin, I had some sort of inspiration: "OK, I'll be back in a month, but why do you stop here? Make me a present, put on five pounds more and get to 220 for my return. It's a nice, round figure and you'll be the sexiest woman in the world, you'll be an erotic dream come true!"

"Max, you are crazy! I need to lose weight, not to gain it! I'm not going to do it!"

"Don't be silly, five pounds is not much, you can always lose them later, if you really want. Just take it as a challenge against a sheepish way of thinking and as a test of your personality. And think of a month of blessed relaxation, of pleasure and of appreciation for food. A month in which you'll eat everything you want, you'll indulge and pamper to yourself and in the end you'll be appreciated for that."

Yasmin looked puzzled and doubtful as she mulled over the thing. "Maybe you're right. I dieted strictly for so long, and I like food so much! It would be a teasing perspective: challenge, self-indulgence, satisfaction and all sorts of pleasures. You know well how much I love these things and I have denied myself for years. Deep in the bottom of my mind I always dreamed of eating as much as I wanted, of growing fat and finding men who appreciated this. I always dreamed of eating and gaining weight for my own and other people's pleasure, for lovemaking and for somebody special. I sometimes fantasized about it, but I still can't do it, and fantasies are not reality."

"You can always try and see how you like it. We enacted some other fantasies, yours and mine, and you remember the fun it was. I am sure this will be even better. And the most important thing is that you won't need to feel guilty for the weight gain. I am the mind behind the plot, I am the tempter who makes you fatter, I am the one to blame. Of course I'll not weigh you when I'll get back, I'll never doubt your word. By the way, what are your measurements now?"

"My goodness, you are single-minded, aren't you? I don't know, I don't want to know and it's very indiscreet of you to ask these things!"

"OK, we'll check when I'll get back, it will be part of the fun."

* * *

During my stay in France I called Yasmin every now and then, teasing her about weight gain, asking her what and how much she ate and suggesting the most fattening delights I could think of. I got involved in the game. So, besides playful questions and suggestions, I began giving Yasmin advice, telling her of fattening and healthy food and suggesting all possible health check-ups. I never asked Yasmin her weight. I was very careful not to pressure her and I was always joking about the whole thing. I felt that neither I nor anybody else had the right to meddle with the relationship between Yasmin and her body, so I was always super careful not to say anything in earnest. She understood very well and she teased back, but she never gave any information, so I didn't know how she would be when I returned home.

I also began dreaming of Yasmin gaining more and more weight, her clothes getting tighter and tighter, showing sweet, sexy rolls of flesh and love handles all over. I fantasized about Yasmin gaining so much weight that her old clothes burst, revealing her wonderful body among burst seams and tears. And delightful fantasies they were!

When I came back we agreed to meet in one of my favorite places, a small Lebanese restaurant, good and quiet. Yasmin arrived beaming and happy, as hourglass-shaped as she was before. With a large smile she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me fiercely. Was she a bit more round? Was she a bit softer? I thought yes, but I was not sure and I did not know how to ask.

I didn't need to. With another kiss and a joyful face Yasmin announced: "226! I gained 11 pounds in a month, I'm six pounds heavier than you wanted and I'm happy for every ounce of them! You were right. Relaxing, forgetting all the stress about diets and just enjoying all the food I want is wonderful. Now I even find the feeling of a full belly sensuous and exciting, now I know that I was born for fatness and pleasure. I love the idea of gaining weight, now I see that many men like and desire me. And I love to challenge the prevalent idea of beauty! I'm feeling sensuous and desirable, I know I'm a funny, fat, fine, foxy, fabulous, free female! I AM LIBERATED!"

Yasmin was obviously exaggerating and playing, but I saw that she basically meant what she said. I could feel that she was happy for her freedom and for the appreciation she began to see around her. There was truth in her declaration of being born for fatness and pleasure.

We sat at a quiet table and I was confirmed in my ideas. Yasmin was happy and, more important, she was perfectly healthy, her increased weight did not cause any problem. When food arrived Yasmin took a fork, but I said:

"No, Yasmin, it's time you learn the proper way of eating hummus." I took a piece of the thin, pliable bread they served, folded it, used it as a spoon to scoop up the rich chickpeas puree and brought it near Yasmin's mouth. Without thinking, she opened her full lips and I delicately put the morsel in her mouth, something I never did before. I found this very gratifying, it gave me a sensuous and amusing feeling that I liked very much and I could see that Yasmin too appreciated it. So I went on scooping hummus with bread and feeding Yasmin, until by chance her warm lips closed around my fingers. I felt a sudden electric shock and I could see Yasmin's eyes enlarging with surprise and pleasure. Without a word I put down the bread and scooped up hummus with my finger while Yasmin opened her luscious mouth. Again I felt her warm lips, again I felt a wave of pleasure, but this time Yasmin's tongue teasingly played with my finger. It was a strong experience, sensuous and erotic, which excited both of us. Everything disappeared, Yasmin was the center of my field of vision, her sensuous mouth was an alluring beacon and I was oblivious of everything around. I went on feeding Yasmin with my finger, she continued her sensuous play and both of us were full of excitement and pleasure.

After the hummus I went on feeding Yasmin other kinds of food with a fork. Probably some customers looked at us, but we couldn't care less because we felt far from everything and everybody, enveloped in a cocoon of sensuality. The dessert was the most exquisite part of the meal, a decadent concoction of rice, milk, sugar, walnuts and rose water. Again I scooped the rice with my finger, again Yasmin's lips and tongue played with it, but this time she closed her eyes, smiled with delight and said:

"Ooh, this is pure sensuality! It makes me dream of a scented Oriental garden, where I could spend my days eating and gaining weight!" She opened her eyes and looked at me while going on. "Yes, I would spend all my time playing a lute, singing, eating, growing fat and making love. I would learn to belly dance and I wouldn't mind sharing you with a few girls. I would be the jewel of the harem because I know I am much better than most women! You know, I always fantasized of being in some Oriental place where fatness is appreciated, in a harem where I could eat at will and to my advantage the most delicious foods, as much as I could. I would become the fattest odalisque, winning the heart of a romantic young sheikh with my qualities and my fatness, I would be the favorite and eventually I would marry the sheikh and become the princess. In short, Rudolph Valentino plus food."

We finished the meal and we made for Yasmin's place, taking two more helpings of the dessert with us just in case. When we arrived Yasmin played the naughty girl to the hilt, teasing me all the way and made undressing a long and playful ceremony, provoking me and backing off demurely. It was great fun and I could fully appreciate Yasmin's new body, 21 pounds heavier than the last time I saw her in the nude. It was more round, of course, hips and belly were more enhanced and it was clearly more firm and juicier. It seemed a healthier and happier body to me. Yasmin insisted on weighing herself, so I could see for myself how much she gained, and then she produced a measuring tape.

"Now I want my vital statistics and I think that measuring them with your help will be much more fun than doing it alone!"

So it was, measuring Yasmin was an amusing and interesting foreplay, we needed quite a long time to wind the tape around her and to get the results and we had great fun. Then the foreplay evolved and I began feeding her the two portions of the dessert we brought along, alternating fingerfuls of rice with kisses and caresses. It was the most sensuous experience we had and that was a magical afternoon, the hottest and sweetest ever.

We laid close, drowsy. Yasmin's head rested on my shoulder, her big breasts were spilled over mine, I felt the heavenly feeling of the warmth and of the firm softness of her body. So she was 226 fabulous pounds, I thought, and she would be even more fabulous if she could reach 260-265, my idea of her perfect weight. Yasmin did not say that 226 pounds was enough and I felt that she was ready, even willing, to go on eating and growing fatter. I would have given her all the possible help and support, but I did not want to put the question.

It was almost dusk when Yasmin woke up. She was in a hurry because she had to meet her boyfriend in two hours, but she had still something to do. She produced a Polaroid and wanted to be photographed standing in the nude, front, profile and back. Then she wanted to be measured again and wrote down the figures.

"What are you doing, checking the changes through time?" I asked.

"Much better, look!" She led me by the hand to a bookshelf where stood two clay statues of nude fat girls, about one foot high. I looked closer and saw that both figurines were Yasmin's portraits, one of them slightly fatter than the other. The thinner one had a somewhat sad face, did the other wear a slight smile? Yasmin was good at sculpting and those self-portraits were her best work.

"That's me at 205 pounds - she explained - with the right sizes in the right places, scale 2 inches to 1 foot, and the other is me at 215 pounds. Two years ago my boyfriend took the shots and coaxed me into making the first statue. He wanted to show me how ugly I was and he wanted to keep it under my eyes, so I would be motivated in losing weight. Then a month ago, after we met, I coaxed him into taking other photos and I made the second statue just to check the difference. Tomorrow I'll do the third, at 226 pounds, with a big smile, so everybody will see how much more beautiful, sexier and happier I am! On the shelf there is space for a few more statues, so we can keep going." Yasmin evidently decided by herself to go on eating and gaining weight.

After that day I saw Yasmin quite often and we spent much time together. She did not talk about her boyfriend anymore and in a few weeks I had the feeling that she got rid of that man who did not appreciate her fully. I saw that she did not seem to have problems in finding time for me and that she was always ready when we decided to sleep together. Yasmin continued to eat and to put on weight, she was relaxed and happy. She was careful to choose healthy food, was checked regularly, did exercise that kept her in good shape and quickly acquired a lot of medical knowledge about the problems of fat people.

The more Yasmin grew, the more she felt confident and proud of herself, the better her professional life grew, as she was playing in theater and cabaret, in movies and in local TVs. She was often the guest of talk shows, where she supported the struggle of fat people and exposed their exploitation. Our relationship also went very well and, although it was as whimsical and carefree as it was some years before, we developed a strong sentimental bond.

Food, feelings and sex, not necessarily in that order, were very important to Yasmin. She told me that, after we split and before her liberation, to use her own words, she practically starved herself, so the sensuous pleasure of eating was very significant for her, after years of deprivation. The resulting weight gain was an added bonus, because she liked more and more her larger self and the idea of growing fatter for herself, for lovemaking and for me. Additional weight was Yasmin's symbol of her newly won freedom and of the sensuous pleasure of food and sex, so she was happy about every ounce she put on. Eating in bed was her ideal foreplay, especially if I fed her with my fingers. Yasmin was thrilled by this, she said that it was warmer and much more sensuous than a fork or a spoon. So every time we met I spent quite a long time feeding her the outmost, alternating food with kisses, caresses and the feeling of the skin of our nude bodies. She was especially fond of the rice pudding she tasted in the Lebanese restaurant and of a rich, rich chocolate and hazelnuts spread that she wanted to put on almost everything. I do not know if this relationship made us feeder and feedee and I could not care less. I just know that Yasmin led the dance, asking to be fed when and how much she wanted and that I was super-careful in avoiding any hint of coercion or forcing.

The result was that about a month after my return from Paris Yasmin weighed 235 pounds. She felt even more encouraged by this, so she went on eating and in two weeks she was 240 pounds, twice her "ideal" weight. Another statue was put on the shelf and Yasmin was happy and pleased with herself. Her body was even firmer and amazingly hourglass-shaped, she was the dream of any red-blooded man: her big, big breasts were high, proud and firm; her round, alluring belly was a prodigy, both invitingly large in itself and small if compared to other parts of her bountiful self; her hips, buttocks and thighs were a feast, the true essence of abundance and love. We celebrated the event with rivers of champagne, tons of the food Yasmin liked the best and a whole weekend in bed.

Anyhow her weight gain, 25 pounds in two and half months, astonished me. Sure, Yasmin was not starving herself anymore and her metabolism somehow changed in the last years, but the gain was remarkable. I wondered at what weight she would have reached her setpoint and, above all, I followed her health closely.

Soon after I left again for two weeks and when I came back Yasmin was not her usual, happy self. She was 242 pounds when I left and she counted on gaining eight more, because she wanted to surprise me by reaching 250 pounds by my return. Instead, despite a large consumption of her favorite food, she gained scarcely two pounds. I thought that Yasmin had reached her setpoint and I was certain of this when, in the next few weeks, she added only one pound to her score. Her appetite also had decreased, she was not eating as much and as happily as before, even if she disposed of a respectable amount of food every day. For quite a few weeks Yasmin's weight stayed around 245 pounds and she wasn't happy at all about it. She was now used to weight gain and she liked it, she wanted to go beyond 250 pounds, that stupid 245 was not a satisfactory, conclusive figure and she was quite vociferous about it.

I mulled over the facts. Yasmin was talking much, even too much, of going beyond 250, it had clearly became a kind of obsession. I thought of the possibility of a psychological, not a physiological, block. What if Yasmin, deep in her soul, were still scared of being over twice her "correct" weight and of the large, symbolic figure of 250 pounds, an eighth of a ton? What if she refused to grow any more and tried to hide the fact by speaking too much of gaining weight? Maybe this was the truth, so I doubled my care for Yasmin and she immediately realized it. I also tried to show her in every possible way that she was a wonderful woman from every point of view, most desirable and beautiful at her present weight. I thought that she needed something to take her mind off the problem, so I took her out a lot and promised her a week in a most romantic place she was very fond of as soon as both of us had some free time.

I had to leave again for two weeks and in this period I called Yasmin twice a day. She needed it and besides she had become very important to me, whatever her weight. I also needed to keep in touch with her and to support her. By telephone Yasmin did not speak any more about weight and weight gain, so I thought she had given up her attempts to go beyond 250 pounds. She was a wonderful woman I was proud of; she was intelligent, beautiful and sexy, she didn't need to gain any more weight, she was more than OK the way she was. But, deep inside myself, I had a point of regret. Pity, she would be astounding at my ideal weight of 260-265 pounds, but if one cannot, one just cannot.

I came back in the evening and I went straight to Yasmin's. She opened the door with a light in her eyes and happiness on her face. Inside there was mellow candlelight, a beautiful table perfectly set with china, crystal and silverware and a bottle of champagne in the ice bucket. I understood as Yasmin threw her arms around my neck, kissed me and smiled.

"I've done it, I've passed 250, I'm 253! It was all in my mind, I can still grow and I will do it! We must have the biggest celebration ever and I'll immediately make the statue!" Yasmin was full of joy and the week we spent together in the place I promised is possibly our best memory.

After this episode Yasmin went on gaining at her usual rate and in three weeks she reached my ideal weight. At this point her luscious, ripe body was a hymn to joy and femininity. Yasmin was so round, soft and firm, so hourglass-shaped and well-proportioned that she drove me crazy every time she came close. I was as happy as I could be, happy and proud of such a wonderful woman, so I showed myself around with Yasmin as much as I could in restaurants, theaters, exhibitions and so on. I often saw admiration and desire in the eyes of men who looked at her so I realized that queen-sized women are appreciated, openly or behind closed doors, much more than I thought. Yasmin realized that long before I did, just when she began her weight gain and, being a bit vain and coquettish, public admiration also helped a lot in boosting her ego.

Yes, Yasmin reached my ideal weight, but apparently she was still far from _her_ ideal and she went on growing. I did not try to stop her because again I felt that I had no right to intrude in her relationship with her body. Besides, I knew I could accept and appreciate a larger Yasmin even if she overshot my mark; over-ripeness too has its charms, you know. And I was also very curious to see her final weight. Meanwhile food and feeding became even more important to Yasmin, so we increased and enriched our food-and-sex sessions, she quickly reached 270 pounds and went happily on.

* * *

Time has passed. We are very happy together, I am more and more fond of Yasmin and our bond is even stronger than before. Every time I come back from a travel I find her heavier, softer and more round, unbelievably feminine. Yasmin does not have any problems, she is as healthy and fit as she can be, doing much exercise and dancing in her shows. She is an example of what a happy, beautiful and fat woman can be.

Because of this her professional life also got better. Yasmin now runs on a local TV a successful show helping fat persons and supporting them in their struggle for acceptation and respect. She and enlightened professionals expose how overweight people are mistreated and brainwashed in our thin-obsessed society and exploited by diet industries, unscrupulous doctors and quacks. They also reveal the fallacies of dieting and the dangers of weight loss surgery, speak about all kind of problems regarding health, rights or other issues, giving much practical, good advice and psychological support. The show gained nation-wide fame and the success is so great that a major TV network plans to take it over, with Yasmin, of course.

For the moment Yasmin's appetite has not subdued, our rich food-and-sex sessions go on regularly and she grows at the usual pace. Yasmin is now at 330 pounds and happy with it. She still likes the idea of gaining more weight, while I am caught in the net of my game and I cannot stop it. I always thought, based on my experiences and my sense of aesthetics, that a woman at my "ideal weight" was the top of sex appeal and desirability, and that the maximum acceptable weight for my taste was 340-360 pounds. But with Yasmin it is different. Contrary to all my previous experiences my "ideal weight" is not enough, the emotion and excitement of Yasmin's constant and regular growth go beyond any consideration of ideals, aesthetics or taste and I hope that Yasmin will grow much, much fatter. I fantasize of a Yasmin who is 450, 500, 600 pounds or more, I dream of diving in the warm, soft and scented sea of flesh of such a Yasmin and now the sky is my limit. I know that sooner or later Yasmin will reach her setpoint and she will not grow any more, I just hope that this will happen later rather than sooner, at a weight much, much larger than the present one.