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One of the biggest myths perpetuated in the "thin" world, is that fat women don't have husbands, boyfriends, or a sex life. And...if they do manage to find a man to have sex with, it'll probably be "mercy sex", with no pleasure or playfulness to it at all. Well to that, we have just one word to say..."BUNK!"

I realize I am preaching to the choir here, but anyone who reads Dimensions knows that fat women are beautiful, intelligent, charming, and entirely sexy beings. We have husbands or boyfriends (and in some cases, both - no judgment here), and are capable of rocking the roof on a regular basis. Let our thin sisters know they have no corner on the market where hot sex is concerned.


One of the most delightful parts of sex is the visual image...and a woman, (especially a fat woman) when dressed in her sexy best is a true delight to behold. Nothing is more erotic than planning and anticipating an evening of fun, especially when you have something special to wear. And nothing can put a damper on that evening quicker than not being able to find that special sexy garment.

If you always wanted to buy beautiful sexy lingerie or find a garment to help fulfill a fantasy that you or your partner has, I'm sure you know it hasn't always been easy to find in plus and supersizes. Fortunately there are more and more companies willing to help you be your sexy best by bringing you lingerie and fantasy wear in larger sizes. I bring you here in this installment of Sandie's Fashions some great resources for lingerie and fantasy wear to help your sex life (and play life) sizzle!!

Here are our featured designers this edition...