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  1. Something's Gotta Give - by StrugglingWriter (~BBW, ~XWG)
  2. Xander - by Undine (~BHM, Intrigue, ~~WG)
  3. Beer League Season 1 (SWG Both)
  4. Cecilia's Deal (magic, WG)
  5. "Taking the Plunge" by Happily_Married ~BBW
  6. Energetic Expansions ~BHM, ~~WG
  7. The Ruby Ring
  8. Please Read: NEW Updated Library Guidelines
  9. The Loaner (SSBHM, XWG)
  10. Seasonal Expansion (BBW, WG)
  11. The Boxing Day Client (~BHM, ~WG, ~Magic)
  12. The Murmurs in Merablis (~BHM, ~BBW, ~XWG, ~Lovecraftian Horror)
  13. The Monstrosity (BHM, eating, stuffing, food)
  14. Waistcoats and Wainscotting ~BHM, Historical Romance
  15. The Case of the Perilous Potluck - by Marlow
  16. Take It All In- BBW, Dining, XWG
  17. On Thin Ice - by Ashblonde (~BHM, ~FFA, Romance)
  18. How to Stay Slender Forever - by Jerry Thomas (~FFA, SSBHM, fantasy, magic, ~XWG)
  19. Miscalculation
  20. Something Sweet -- BBW, FA, Romance, Feeding, Light Bondage
  21. How Kenny Got His Groove Back (BHM, XWG, Romance)
  22. A Daughter's Revenge (BHM to SSBHM and Beyond)
  23. You look hungry.
  24. Small Town Big Appetites (SSBHMs, SSBBWs, Feeders)
  25. Sisters
  26. Star Volleyball Player
  27. Borrowing a Cup of Sugar
  28. Adephagia Rises (~BBW, ~BHM, ~SSBHM, ~EXPLICIT, ~XWG, ~GAS)
  29. The Food Critic (BBW, WG)
  30. Reality Check - By Madeline Maple (SSBBW, Romance, Imagery, ~XWG)
  31. Planet XL - by Marlow
  32. The Fall of Madame Bigger (~SSBBW, ~SSBHM, ~XWG, ~FFA, ~GAS)
  33. The Sultan of Al Sarican - by rellis10 (~BHM, ~FFA, Historical Fantasy, Romance)
  34. Seb's Spare Tire (BHM, Gay, Stuffing)
  35. The Slowest Champion -Revisited- (~BBW, ~~WG, humiliation, role reversal, realistic)
  36. University life by Biglad [BHM, BBW]
  37. Preference (BHM, WG, Magic)
  38. And Eat It, Too (~BBW, SSBBW, ~XWG, Stuffing, Sex)
  39. Vignettes from a fat world - BBW (mult.), BHM (mult.), WG
  40. The Portal (Slow weight gain of both genders, magic and amateur romance)
  41. Security Detail Can Be Fattening (Formerly The Ruby Ring)
  42. The DC Life
  43. The Chocolate Princess
  44. Revenge of Gluttox!
  45. Divine Abundance: A Patchwork of the Plague Years
  46. Sideshow Attraction
  47. "No One Goes Hungry" by Coyote Wild (~XWG, ~SSBHM, ~SSBBW, ~IMMOBILITY, ~GAS)
  48. Early Risers -- (One Shot, BBW, WLW)
  49. A Small Technicality (BBW, WG, Romance)
  50. The Contract (Ch. 1-3, Ongoing) (BHM / FFA, WG, Romance, Domination, Stuffing, Sex)
  51. Flying on Up
  52. The Toy Maker
  53. Trial by Fire - by Xyantha (BHM, WG, Explicit)
  54. Hourglass
  55. On the Brink - by NoviceFA
  56. Experience by Ashblonde (~BHM, ~FFA)
  57. Matt Gets Fat (~BHM, ~XWG)
  58. Pink Cloud
  59. The Dance -- Part 3 of my Autobiography (revised)
  60. The Teacher - by drianmalcolmxx (~BBW, ~XWG, Sex)