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  1. Would You Like to Be Super Sized? - by JP
  2. The Night Bear - by P. Kirk (~BHM, Transformation, Romance, ~VWG)
  3. Love at First Sight by BBW-Elljay (~BBW, Stuffing, ~XWG)
  4. Story: Computer Pals - 1
  5. Story: The Soccer Girl - Part Two
  6. Story: First Day of Work - Part Six
  7. Story: First Day At Work - Part Seven - 1
  8. Story: First Day at Work - Conclusion - 1
  9. The Wish Pool - by AlanFA (~BBW, ~XWG)
  10. CF1: Jessica Simpson - by Bulge (~BBW, Dining, ~MWG)
  11. The wish
  12. Story: From Another Land - Part One
  13. Story: Luxury Island - 1
  14. Sliders
  15. Story: The Incredible Kelly - 1
  16. Story: You're Home - Part One
  17. A bit more than 15...
  18. My date with Jenna
  19. Princess Heather
  20. Honeymoon in Belleville - by Coop (Both, Eating , XWG)
  21. Revenge of the Goth - various (Revenge, WG, Magic))
  22. The Adventures of Li'l Debbie, the Big, Beautiful Elf Who Saved Christmas
  23. The New Fat Girl - by Matt L. (~BBW, Eating, Magic, Romance ~MWG)
  24. The Doughnut Box - by Frank Castle
  25. A Full Moon, Chapters 1-5 - by Durin (SSBBW (Multiple), Space Travel, XXWG)
  26. Sara - by Tad E. - 1 - (~BBW, ~~WG, Magic)
  27. The New Scarlet Letter I - Earl Brown - Part 1
  28. Parity - by Atlas D Phase 1
  29. Shantar - Guardian of Paradise (Both, Realistic ~~WG)
  30. Station Beta Z! - by JP (~BBW, XXWG)
  31. High Stakes (~BBW, ~XWG)
  32. The New Scarlet Letter - II - by Earl W Brown III - (BBW, WG, Eating, Future Fiction)
  33. Welcome to the Fantasy and Science Fiction Archive.
  34. New Acquisitions - by JP (~BBW, Sci-fi inflation fantasy, ~XWG)
  35. Yoko vs Jennifer --by Henry Newton
  36. Dana's Dream (~BBW, Fantasy magic, ~XWG)
  37. The Belly Boards (USSBBW/USSBHM Fantasy Gain, romance)
  38. Sizable Family Secret (~BBW, Romance, Fantasy, ~sex )
  39. A Fattening Encounter - by FANed_Fox (~BBW, Magic, Eating, ~MWG )
  40. The Real Vampiress - Forgotten_Futures - (BHMs, BBWs, ~~WG, Eating, Fantasy)
  41. Watch Out for the Munchies (~BHM, Sci-fi Fantasy, Eating ~XWG)
  42. Her Weight in Gold - (~BBW, Romance, Intrigue)
  43. The Fat Cell -Sasha Steele (SSBBW, Sci Fi Fantasy ~Sex)
  44. Ashly's Growth Spurt - by Mind Melder (~BBW, Extreme Eating, Fantasy, XWG)
  45. Tasha and Tara - by HGee (~BBW, Extreme Fantasy Eating, ~~WG )
  46. Weight and See - by Nomdreserv (~BBW, Magic, Selective ~~WG)
  47. The Waitress - by BJ (~BBW, Magic, Inflation, Eating, ~XWG)
  48. Clothes Make the Woman - by AlanFA (BBW, Magic, Sex, XWG )
  49. Spare Change - by Seavixen (~BBW, Magic, Self-realization)
  50. Heavy Seas.- by ET Smash (~BBWs, ~BHMs. WG Formula, Extreme Eating, ~Sex, ~XWG).
  51. The Dietician -by Jersey-FA/Lizzy (~BBW, Sabotage, Romance, ~SWG)
  52. Ann's World - Sarah Barndt/Observer (~BBW (multiple), Eating, Special Drug, Romance)
  53. Enchanted Forest - by Machello (~BHM, Fantasy Eating ~XWG)
  54. The Slip - by BW (~BBW, Dream fantasy, ~XWG (not really))
  55. Zelda's Big Problem - by King Garlic VIII (~BBW, Intrigue, Fantasy, Romance ~MWG)
  56. At the Drive-in - by Derek Shane (~BBW, Expansion, ~SWG)
  57. The Files of the Vindicator: Burger Queen (BBW, XWG, Fantasy, Revenge)
  58. Candyland - by Forgotten_Futures - {~BBW, ~BHM, Fantasy, Magic, ~XWG}
  59. Candyland 2 - by Forgotten_Futures {~BBW, ~BHM, Fantasy, Magic, ~XWG}
  60. Megaton Bomb - by Henry Newton (USBBW, WG Formula, XXWG)
  61. Gain with Gum - by Mich (~BBW, WG Gum, ~MWG )
  62. Knights of the Round Table I - by KB (~BHM, Magic, Revenge, ~MWG )
  63. Knights of the Round Table II - by KB (~BHM, Magic, Revenge, ~MWG)
  64. Gremlins - by Moridin45 (~BBW, Magic, ~XWG)
  65. The Mad Fattener - by JP (~BBW, Magic Ray, ~XWG)
  66. Blue blood-green blood (BBW, Eating, Supernatural)
  67. Chocolate Surprise - by JP (BBW, Sci-fi Candy, ~XWG)
  68. Hypermeals - by JP (BBW, Sci-Fi, Feeding Machine, XXWG)
  69. The Weighty Wager - FArevolt (~BHM, Inflation Machine, Extreme Eating, magic, ~XWG)
  70. A WWE Related Story - by Mental17 (SSBBW, WG Potion, Eating, ~XWG)
  71. The Hungry Diner - by Growing Girl (SSBBW, Fantasy Eating, Stuffing, ~XWG)
  72. Spoiled Little Ginger - Th3_Ghost (BBW, Eating Fantasy ,~XWG)
  73. How I Got Fat (revised) - by Dale71395 (~BBW, Eating/drinking fantasy, rapid ~WG )
  74. Knights of the Roundtable III - by KB (~BHM, Magic, Revenge, ~MWG )
  75. She is Legend - by Iam Unknown (SSBBW, Fantasy, Gas, Vampirism ~XWG )
  76. Kerri (Ch. 1-3) - by CMMirodden/Observer (~BBW, Eating, Romance, ~SWG )
  77. Every Glance You Take - -Snorri Sturluson (~BBW, Magic, ~XWG )
  78. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - by Johnny Reb (~BBW, Magic, Romance, ~SWG )
  79. Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Bigladylover (SSBBW, Magic, extreme feeding, XXWG)
  80. Feedee's Revenge - by Anonymous (~BBW/BHM, Romance, Hypnotism, Eating, ~XWG)
  81. The Shop - by Subtlefeeder (~BBW, Hypnosis, ~MWG )
  82. Blueberry Pie - by Anonymous (~BBW, Inflation Fantasy )
  83. AR14: Fat Celebrities - Without Their Fame - by Matt L. (XWG, BBW, Magic)
  84. The Cake - by Happyguy (SSSBW, Magic, Inflation, ~XWG)
  85. Its Just Gum -by Machello (~Both, Magic Fantasy, ~XWG)
  86. Alien Abduction (v. 1) - by Neogenevieve15 (~BBW, Sci-fi, force feeding, ~~WG)
  87. Alien Abduction (v. 2) by Neogenevieve15 (~BBW, Sci-fi, force feeding, ~~WG)
  88. I Just Wanted a Quick Haircut - by Atilde (~BBW, Hypnosis, Chemistry, Revenge, ~MWG)
  89. The R.A.'s Revenge by PhilledUp (~BBW (Multiple). Revenge, Hypnosis, ~MWG)
  90. Alien Takeover (Parts 1-7) - by Jake (aka JMJ) (~BBW, Alien magic, Intrigue, ~XWG)
  91. AR I - Lynn's Story -by Matt L. (BBW, Romance, Self-realization, Alternate Reality)
  92. AR2: Jessica - by Matt L. (BBW, Romance, Self-realization )
  93. AR3: Caroline's Story - by Matt L. (~BBW (Multiple), Imagery, ~SWG )
  94. Carrie - by Big Lady Lover (USBBW, Extreme Eating Fantasy, XXXWG)
  95. AR 4: Vanessa's Story - by Matt L. (~BBW (Multiple), Imagery, ~SWG )
  96. The Sword of King Tutankhamen (1-7) - by Lpark435(~BBW, Adventure, Intrigue, ~MWG)
  97. AR5: Ginger's Story - by Matt L. (~BBW (Multiple), Imagery)
  98. AR6: Ursula's Adventure- by Matt L. (~BBW (Multiple), Magic,Romance, ~MWG )
  99. The Life Designer [P.1-4] by Phrozen (~BBW, Magic, Self-realization, ~MWG )
  100. AR7: Britney Spears - by Matt L. (~BBW (Multiple), Adventure, Romance, ~MWG)
  101. Marlena’s Charm -by Anonymous (~BBW, Magic, Romance, Feeding, ~MWG)
  102. AR8: Candace's Travels - by Matt L. (~BBW, Romance, Self-realization ~MWG)
  103. A Pound of Flesh - by Prime4347 (~BBW ~BHM Sci Fi, ~MWG )
  104. AR9: The Four Cheerleaders - by Matt L. (~BBW, Magic, ~~WG)
  105. AR10: Monica's Story - by Matt L (~BBW(Multiple), Magic, Romance, ~~WG)
  106. AR11: Toby and Serena - by Matt L. (~BBW(Multiple), Magic, Romance, ~~WG )
  107. AR12: Leah and Neala Together - by Matt L. (~BBW (Multiple), Magic, ~~WG)
  108. WG Screw Up - Three Chances - Part A-E (SSBBW, Magic, Parody, ~XWG)
  109. The Sponge - by Anonymous (~BBW, Fantasy, ~~WG)
  110. AR13: Janet's Scheme - by Matt L. (~BBW (Multiple), Magic, ~MWG)
  111. Stewart's Spell - by Anonymous (SSBBW, Magic Spell, XXWG)
  112. Amanda's Curse (by Ashboy - with revisions by Iam Unknown) - {BBW, XWG, Magic, gas
  113. AR15: Samantha's Story -by Matt L. (~BBW (Multiple), Magic, ~MWG )
  114. AR16: Misty's Adventure - by Matt L. (~BBW (Multiple), Magic, ~MWG)
  115. AR17: Giselle and Catalina – by Matt L. (~BBW (Multiple), Magic, ~SWG)
  116. Cube Course (part 1) - by Mr. Monopoly (~BBW, Sci-fi AR Fantasy, ~SWG)
  117. AR18: Misty and Ginger - by Matt L. (~BBW (Multiple), Magic, ~SWG)
  118. The Spell - by Anonymous (~BBW, Magic Spell, ~SWG)
  119. The Hourglass Changer Parts I-II - by Umbroboyum (~BBWs, Magic Spell, Romance)
  120. The Moonglade, Part I - by Umbroboyum (~BBW, Fantasy)
  121. Gaining for Love 1-3 - by Chubbyadmirer86 (~BBW, ~BHM, Fantasy, Magic, Romance, ~SWG)
  122. Nikki's Wish - by Matt L. (~BBW, WG Drug, Adventure, Eating, ~MWG)
  123. Rene - by Anonymous (SSBBW, WG Liquid, Explicit ~Sex, XXWG)
  124. Growing Cheerleader - by BX1 (BBW, Special WG drugs, Romance ~XWG)
  125. Sweet Revenge - by WasSlender (~BBW (Multiple), Romance, Eating, WG Powder, ~MWG)
  126. Blind Date by Matt L. (~BBW, BHM, Magic, ~MWG )
  127. The Cursed Queens - Chapters 1-3 - By Forgotten_Futures (~BBW, Sci-Fi, ~~WG)
  128. Winning Formula - by Melissa Boyd (~BBW, WG Formula, ~SWG )
  129. Fat Girlfriend - by Melissa Boyd (SSBBW, Magic, Romance, ~MWG )
  130. Potions - by Mithrandrir001 (aka Toby115) (~BBW, Magical Science, ~MWG, ~MWL)
  131. Samantha - by olly5764 (SSBBW, Magic Potion, Extreme Eating, ~XWG)
  132. Marlene's Absorption - by Anonymous (~BBW, Magic, Sex, ~MWG )
  133. That Crazy Old Man - by Rubarbstreet (~BBW (Multiple), Magic, ~~WG)
  134. Lizz'z Country Cafe, Part I-V - by Frankhw (SSBBW (Multiple), Magic, ~XWG)
  135. Forgotten for Later - by Irish Bard (BBW (multiple), XWG, Inflation, Ancient Magic)
  136. Form Transference - by Rubarbstreet (~BBW, Magic Spell, ~MWG)
  137. The Files of the Vindicator: Ms. Fitness - by Archangel (SSBBW, Magic, ~XWG)
  138. Blood Mother - by Irish Bard (SSBBW, Magic, Vampirism, ~XWG)
  139. The Joker Chronicles: Book 1, Queens - by Irish Bard (SSBBW, Adventure, Magic, ~XWG)
  140. Hypnoplumper - by 1FA and BTB (~BBW, Hypnosis, Eating, ~~WG)
  141. The Gastromancer: the Summer Solstice - by Irish Bard (SSBBW, Magic, ~XWG)
  142. Breathtaking - by Alexi Strigoii (~BBW, Magic, Inflation fantasy, ~SWG )
  143. Witches' Convention - by Jenrose15 (~BBW, Magic ~~WG)
  144. Jenny and the Genie – by Ruin (~BBW, Magic, ~MWG)
  145. Abduction - by Irish Bard (Alien Kidnapping)
  146. The Grand Princess Genevieve - by JP (SSBBW, Sci-fi, Force Feeding, Inflation, XXXWG)
  147. Gastromancer: Hunted - by Irish Bard (~BBW, SSBBW, Inflation, Magic, Intrigue, ~XWG)
  148. Clothing - By Gunbladius6 (~BBW, Magic, ~SWG )
  149. Claire Gets Cursed - by Ruin (~BBW, Magic, ~SWG)
  150. The Horrible Bulk (Pt 1-2) - by Kenster102.5 (SSBBW, Violence, Domination, ~MWG)
  151. Bewitched - by BX1 (~BBW, Magic, ~MWG)
  152. Spelling Sara - by edx (~BBW, Eating, Magic, Intrigue, ~SWG )
  153. Spells and a Friend - By Onyx Bullett (~BBWs(Mult), Magic, ~XWG)
  154. A Dream Come True - by Eager Eater (SSBBW, Magic Growth, Squashing, ~XWG)
  155. The Cursed Queens Ch. 4-5 - by Forgotten_Futures (~BBW, Sci-Fi, ~SWG)
  156. A Koi Sweet Mermaid - by Irish Bard (~BBW, Drama, Transformation, ~~WG)
  157. Wardrobe Changes - by Toby (~BBW, Intrigue, Magic, ~SWG -)
  158. Gastromancer: Demons (Pt 1-10) - by Irish Bard -(~BBW, Magic, Drama, ~SWG)
  159. Getting Out of Debt - by Blnk1215 (~BBW (mult), WG Drugs, Stuffing, Revenge, ~MWG)
  160. Dana's Dream - By Anonymous [~BBW, Magic, Transformation, ~MWG]
  161. The Diet Model By Anonymous [~BBW, WG Drug, XXWG]
  162. Lose To Gain - A Diva's Story - by Mental17 (SSBBW, WG Potion, Eating, ~XWG)
  163. Balance (ch 1-4) - by The Victim (~BHM, BBW, Adventure, Magic, Romance ~~SWG )
  164. Freshman 500 - by Coop (SSBBW (multiple), Eating, WG powder, ~XWG)
  165. The Mirror - by BX1 (~SSBBW, Magic, Extreme Eating, Tube Feeding, ~XWG)
  166. AR19: Excursion from Chaos - by Matt L. (~BBW, Magic, ~MWG )
  167. Mirrors - by FA Creature (SSBBW (Multiple), Magic, Inflation Fantasy, Revenge, ~XWG)
  168. The Fattening of Mary - by Anonymous (~BBW, Romance, Eating, WG Drug, XWG)
  169. Vindicator Files: Too Close to Home by Archangel (~BBW (Mult), Magic, Revenge, ~XWG)
  170. The Gastromancer: Samarkand - by Irish Bard (~BBW, IntrIgue, Magic, ~XWG)
  171. Jelena - by Deryk Shane (~BBW, Magic. Butt Growth, ~SWG)
  172. Interga-fat-ic Wars - by Flabby Abbi (~BBW (Multiple), Magic WG, ~XWG)
  173. The Witch Hunter Chronicles - by Elroy Cohen (~BBW/~BHM, Magic, Drama, ~SWG )
  174. A Growing Appetite - by Flabby Abbi (~BBW, Magic, ~XWG)
  175. The Balloon Behind Her - by Steatopygia (~BBW, Magic, Butt expansion, ~SWG )
  176. Hungry For Your Touch - by SoVerySoft (~SSBBW, Romance, Eating )
  177. Dr Armstrong's Institution - by Flabby Abbi (~BBW (Multiple), WG powder, ~XWG)
  178. Artistry, In It's Best Form - by JoeFA (~BBW, Magic, ~XWG)
  179. Flip of a Coin - by IrishBard (~BBW (Multiple), Magic, ~XWG)
  180. GC: Afternoon at the Mall (1-2) - by Matt L. (~BBW, Magic, ~SWG)
  181. Epona Resurrection: Fairy Lights (~BBW (Multiple), Magic, Intrigue, Sex ~XWG )
  182. Con-Man by Mac5689 - ~BBW, WG Drugs, ~MWG
  183. Gastromancer: Abura no Majin - by Irish Bard (~BBW (multiple), Magic, Intrigue, ~XWG)
  184. Kinesiology and the Cat - By Victim (SSBHM, ~FFA, Action, Adventure, Magic)
  185. Watches, Green Vodka, and One Silk Novels - by Tragdor (Sci-Fi)
  186. The Files of the Vindicator: The Power Shift - by Archangel (~BBW (Multiple), Magic)
  187. Woman Takes on 72 lb Steak - by Mangoman (~BBW, Eating Fantasy, ~MWG )
  188. Virtue Mafia: Take My Advice - by Irish Bard (~BBW (Mult), Magic, Transf. ~XWG)
  189. Gastromancer: The New Era - by Irish Bard (-BBW, SSBBW, Magic, Drama, Action, MWG)
  190. All Natural - by Dr Black Jack (SSBBW, Magic, Pregnancy, ~XWG)
  191. Luna: Larger than Life - by Dr-Black-Jack (SSBBW, Fantasy, Liquid Inflation, XXWG)
  192. Over the Edge by Maxout (~BHM, Autofeeding, Magic ~SWG)
  193. Cassandra's Confections by Dragorat (~BBW, Eating, Magic, ~XWG)
  194. World of Change -by Maxout (~BBW (Multiple), Fantasy, Imagery, Eating, ~SWG)
  195. Enjoy Gardens Chinese Buffet - by Guhbone (SSBBW, Magic, Eating, Imagery, ~MWG)
  196. Beauty and the Feast - by Suda Nym (~BBW, Magic, Romance, ~MWG/~MWL)
  197. A Human's Tale - by Irish Bard (~BBW, Adventure, Magic )
  198. Dream Goddess - by Lardibutts (SSBBW, Archaeology, fantasy, ~XWG)
  199. An Eternity of Days, By Victim (~BBW, ~BHM, Tragedy, Supernatural)
  200. Erotic Ruination - by Zosimos (~BBW, Smoking, Occult, ~XWG)
  201. On My Wedding Day - by Kilo Cal (SSBBW, Fantasy, Romance)
  202. Leopolds Divine Travels - by Irish Bard (BBW/SSBBW, Fantasy, Inflation, ~XWG)
  203. Gain Weight Fast by Anonymous (SSBBW, Fantasy, XXWG)
  204. A Lesson in Understanding by Anonymous (~BBW, Sci-Fi, XXWG)
  205. Lisa's Accidental Growth by Anonymous (~BBW, Weight Gain Formula, XXWG)
  206. Devotion by Arbitrary Point (~BBW, Magic, Romance, ~SWG)
  207. Sarah's Sudden Surprise - by The_Id (~BBW, Parody, ~MWG)
  208. A Big Choice - by ~edx(~BBW, Magic, Introspection)
  209. 4 Peoples and a Funny Situation - by Irish Bard (USBBW, Potion, Nanites, Magic, ~XWG)
  210. The Island by Anonymous (~BBW, Tropical Magic, ~XWG)
  211. AR20: Soul Mate Overture (1-6) - by Matt L. (~BBW(mult), Magic, Romance, ~VWG)
  212. The Last Will and Testament of Witching Ginger by Irish Bard (~BBW(mult), Magic,~XWG)
  213. Weight and See Pt. 2!!! by Felt Tip (~BBW (Mult), Magic, ~SWG)
  214. Dreams are an Extention of Reality by Da Games Elite (~BBW, Magic, ~~WG)
  215. The Eye of the Beast - by Irish Bard (~BBW, Reality Altering, ~SWG)
  216. Bio-Morph - by Irish Bard (~BBW, ~XWG, Alien Powers)
  217. Contest (12 of 12)-by Scott Guthrie (SSBBA, Contests, SciFi, Interspecies sex. ~XWG)
  218. The Wicked Gnome By Matt L. (~BBW, Magic, Personality Change, ~MWG)
  219. Subliminal Release by Petite09 (BBW, Romance, Science Fiction)
  220. The EoS Vignettes (1-8) - by Kilo Cal et al (SSBBW/SSBHM, Growth, ~XWG )
  221. A Growing Problem in the Wasteland - by Angelstryker (~BBW, Sci-fi , Preg, ~SWG)
  222. The superhuman Bake sale (BBW (multiple) Xwg
  223. Gift for a Very Good Mother by by Chubsixtysix (~FFA/~BHM, Fantasy, Magic, ~SWG)
  224. Beyond the Wildest Mind - by Irish Bard (~BBW, Self awarenes, ~~WGs)
  225. Fairy Godmother Enterprises: Growth Spurt by Anonymous (~BHM, Magic, ~XWG)
  226. The Application by Berry (~BBW, Alternate Reality, ~MWG)
  227. Menash: Master of Magic - by IrishBard (~BBW, Magic, Intrigue)
  228. Confectionary Castle Beta Run - by IrishBard (~BBW (multiple), ~XWG, Gaming, Sci-Fi)
  229. The V Club - by Archangel (~BBW, Magic Potion, ~XWG)
  230. The Gym by Berry (~BBW, Magic, ~MWG)
  231. The Troll's Wife - by J.P. (Magic, XXWG, SSBW)
  232. The Zoo - by IrishBard (~BBW, ~XWG)
  233. Feeding Time - by MaxOut (~BBW, ~MWG, Science Fiction)
  234. The Enchantress's Chair - by Phrozen (~BBW, ~~WG, ~Magic)
  235. The Contract (~BBW, ~MWG, Fantasy)
  236. The Mr. Night Chronicles: Choices (WG, Magic, Pregnancy)
  237. The Mr. Night Chronicles: The Ring - Prologue - by Toby115 (~BBW, ~~WG, Magic)
  238. The Beloa - By Irish Bard (~BBW, ~XWG, Aliens)
  239. Times are Changing [Rewrite] (~BBW, XWG, Magic)
  240. Research and Development (BBW, weight gain formula,XWG)
  241. The Fat Princess - by IrishBard (~BBW, Magic, ~MWG, Intrigue)
  242. A Change in Perspective - by Da Games Elite (~BBW, ~MWG, Magic)
  243. Bet You Can't! - by Qit el-Remel (Stuffing, Fantasy, Fan Fiction)
  244. The Polterwaist - by IrishBard (SSBBW, Supernatural, ~XWG)
  245. 2050 - By Quincy (~BBW, Eating, ~XWG, Science Fiction)
  246. Aunt Becky's Confections - by WeightyBabbling (~BBW, ~SWG, Magic)
  247. Flab to the Future - by IrishBard (SSBBW, SSBHM)
  248. The Hormone Remote - by elroycohen (~BBW[Multiple], ~~WG, Pregnancy, Sci-Fi)
  249. The World's Thinnest - by IrishBard (~BBW, ~XWG, Alternate Reallity)
  250. You'll like it, it's got aliens in it - by IrishBard (~BBW,~BHM, ~XWG)