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  1. "Brisbane" - A short Story
  2. Story: Corn Fed Girl - 1
  3. Story: Converted - 1
  4. The Interview - 1
  5. Pamela Dumpling - by Anonymous (Both, WG, Dining, Dom, Sex)
  6. Addiction - 1
  7. Story: Itsy-Bitsy
  8. Story: Best Friends - by BBW-Elljay (BBW, Sex, Dining, WG)
  9. Story: For the Love of Food - 1
  10. Threesome - by BBW-Elljay (BBW, Sex, WG)
  11. High School Champ (~BBW, ~Sex, ~~WG)
  12. Betty And Tracy's Story
  13. Vinnie's Pizza
  14. Love at First Bite - by Bolder Boulder FA (SSBBW, Romance, Sex ~XWG)
  15. Story: Fantasy Pick-Up - 1
  16. Story: The Goddess & the Georgian, Ch. 01
  17. Take Me Out To The Ballgame
  18. The Beautiful Bbw
  19. Story: The Italian Job
  20. Story: Politically Incorrect - 1
  21. Growth of a Fat Blonde Piggy - by Big_Fan72 (~BBW, Funnel feeding, ~Sex, ~XWG )
  22. Story: Kara - 1
  23. The Nursing Robot Mixup - by Leenay (USBBW, Stuffing fantasy, Immobility, XXWG)
  24. Jason By Anonymous 21st Century FA (~BHM, ~Sex, ~MWG)
  25. Story: Pam's Pills - by Fatlvr (BBW, Sex, SWG, Dom)
  26. New guy (BBW/BHM/Food/~XWG/Sex/Explicit language)
  27. Exploring Self-Feeding - Phat Butterfly (~BBW, Dining, ~Sex)
  28. The Journal
  29. Boa constrictor
  30. Amazon by Portly Robust
  31. Student Teacher Reunion - by MadeFA (~BBW, Eating, Explicit Sex, ~MWG )
  32. Yellow part I (BBW, Very explicit sex)
  33. Date with a Plumber
  34. Welcome to the Erotica Archive
  35. Plumpening and Tickling Sally - by Lolly
  36. The Growth of a Military Spouse - by AlanFA (~BBW, Eating, WG formula, Sex, ~XWG)
  37. The Picnic - by Seavixen] (~BBW, Eating, Explicit Touching)
  38. Butterball - by Dirty Bird (~BBW, Very explicit foreplay and ~Sex)
  39. What You See: Kelly's Belly - by Mango Man (BBW, BHM, Eating, ~WGP, Sex, ~WG)
  40. Love, As She Gains - by BBWLVA] (~BBW, Eating, Magic, ~Sex, ~XWG)
  41. The Clinic - by Jeremy (BBW, WG aids, Eating, Explicit sex, ~~WG)
  42. Better than Glazed Donuts -by Thump (BBW, BHM. Explicit Sex, Erotic eating)
  43. Dinner Date - by Bruce Powell (SSBBW, Eating, Explicit Sexual Imagery)
  44. A Night to Remember - by Carolyn Owens (~BBW, Explicit ~Sex)
  45. Growing Into Herself - by Sam Casey (~BBW, Eating, Lesbian sex)
  46. Mexican Meal - by Waiter (~BBW, Erotic Touching and Fantasy)
  47. Bellysex - by Potbelly Pimp (~BBW (Multiple), Eating, very explicit sex)
  48. Encounter - Part 1: First Contact - by Dee Jortiz (~BBW, Romance, Explicit Sex)
  49. Be Careful What You Wish For - by AlanFA (~BBW, ~MWL, transformation fantasy, ~MWG)
  50. "In Praise of a Fat Wife" - by Andy aka Rick (~BBW, Erotic explicit sex, love ~MWG)
  51. Love Can Be Perfect - by Ghostly Spectre (~BBW, Erotic Lesbian Sex, ~MWG)
  52. Encounter III: Converted - by D Square (~BBW, Romance, Pedagogery, Very Explicit Sex)
  53. A Hard Lesson - By Doctor X ( Male to SSBBW, Lesbian ~Sex, Magic, ~XWG)
  54. Home Movies - by Jack Secret (SSBBW, Very Explicit Sex, Romance)
  55. Perfect First - by Jack Secret (SSBBW, Romance Very Explicit Sex)
  56. Jen's College Gaining - Parts 1-7 - by Mandylover (~BBW, Eating, Explicit ~Sex ~XWG )
  57. Pie in the Sky - by BBD (~BHM,, Eating, Sex, ~MWG)
  58. A Brief Moment - by Anubis (~BBW, Very expliit sex, ~SWG)
  59. Owning Felicia (Ch. 1-5) - by Scx (~BBW, Explicit ~Sex, ~XWG)
  60. Luanne I -by SCX (~BBW, ~~WG, ~sex)
  61. Luanne II - by SCX (~BBW, Eating, Explicit Sex, ~MWG )
  62. Luanne III: Off to Fat Camp? - by Scx (~BBW, Eating, Explcit Sex, ~MWG)
  63. Beware of Insurance Salesmen - by Arbbwlover (~BBW, Very Explicit Sex )
  64. The Fatsville Chronicles I - by Coop (SSBHM, SSBBW, Food, Romance, Sex, WG)
  65. Converted part 2 Addiction - by D Square (BBW; Romance, Explicit Sex)
  66. Andy's Change - by Anonymous (~BHM, Eating, Explicit Sex, Romance, Immobility)
  67. The Adult Book Store - by Anonymous (~BBW, Very explicit sex)
  68. Cakes and Innocence - by Caloriequest (~BBWs,Eating,Feederism,S&M,Lesbian sex,~XWG)
  69. Three Wishes - by Browniestuff (~BBW, Magic, Extreme Eating, Explicit Sex, ~MWG )
  70. The Breakfast Club -by Anonymous (~BBW (Multiple) Exteme Eating, Lesbian Sex, ~XWG )
  71. Between a Book and a Soft Place - by Anonymous (SSBBW, Daydreaming, Arousal )
  72. Gem Sisters - by BigLadyLover (SSBBW, Extreme Stuffing, Lesbian Sex,Immobility. ~XWG)
  73. She Was Asking For It - by Shoop Shoop (SSBBW, Fantasy, Suspense, Explicit Sex)
  74. Val (1-7) -by JBS60/Mollycoddles (~BBW, Eating Auto-eroticism, Sex, ~MWG)
  75. The Candy Queen - by Joseph Kimler (~BBW, Eating, Encouraging, Explicit ~Sex ~MWG )
  76. That Big Girl With the Green Eyes - by Anonymous (~BBW, Very Explicit Sex )
  77. The Big Secret - by Stuffa (~BHM, FFA, Feederism, Explicit ~sex, ~XWG)
  78. Boomerang - by MaxoutFA (~BBW, BHM. Eating, Sex, Romance)
  79. Friends again by Kronostar (~BBW. Magic, Lesbian Romance, ~SWG)
  80. Mariaís Passion (Parts 1-3) - by Spikes (~BBW, Fantasy, Romance, Explicit ~Sex, ~MWG)
  81. Gaining Confidence VII - by Charisa (~BBW, Eating, Romance, Sex, ~SWG)
  82. Getting Fat - by Dale71395 (~BBW, Eating. Inebriation, Lesbian Sex. ~XWG )
  83. Cheesecake and Man-boobs - by Zonker (~BHM/~BBW, Feeding, Erotic Foreplay, ~MWG)
  84. Projetto Rondo - by Lilo (~SSBBW (multiple), ~Sex, ~XWG)
  85. My Date with Panny - by Crazystef (USBBW+, Tube feeding fantasy, Romance, light sex,)
  86. China Doll - by Anonymous (~BBW, Explicit Sex, ~XWG)
  87. The Breakfast Club - by Anonymous {~BBW, ~~Bi, Explicit ~Sex, ~WG}
  88. Computer Gain - by Jake - (~BBW (Mult.), Magic, Eating, Revenge, Lesbian Sex, ~XWG)
  89. Cyber Vampire - by Dark Angel (SSBBW, Romance, Erotic Vampirism)
  90. Bath Time (BBW, EROTICA)
  91. House Call at Michelle's-by Sonic Purity (~BBW, Imagery, Romance, Explicit Sex, ~MWG)
  92. Absolutely Gorgeous - 1-2 - by MaryBethAntoinette (SSBHM/FFA, Explicit Sex, Imagery)
  93. The Ex-Girlfriend, 1-5 by Fatchicklover (~BBW, Eating, Explicit ~Sex, ~MWG)
  94. Gaining Confidence VIII - by Charisa (~BBW, Eating, Romance, Sex, ~XWG)
  95. Once More Into My Mind (BBW, sex, romance)
  96. Windy Beach - Part I - by Buck Lee (~BBW, Eating, Romance, Flatulence, Sex ~SWG)
  97. The Decadent Underground -by Caffiene (~BBW/BHM. Magic, Feeding, Lesbian Sex., ~XWG )
  98. Dating - by Koldun (~BHM/~BBW, Eating, Sex, Inflation fantasy, ~SWG )
  99. Life in the Round - by Lilo (SSBBW, Eating ,Domination ~Sex ~ XWG)
  100. Fat Day - by Iam Unknown (BBW, XWG, Explicit Oral Sex)
  101. Itís Just the Suit (Parts 1-2) by chillaxin (BBW, Sex, Fat Suit, Psuedo-Immobility)
  102. Starring Nora Kim - by Swordfish (~WG, BBW, Sex)
  103. Going Down in Size 1 - by Vader7476 (~BBW (Multiple), Eating, Romance, Sex, ~SWG )
  104. Slow Food - by Lardibutts (Eating Explicit Sex WG )
  105. Tummy Love - by Anonymous (~BHM, Mild ~Sex)
  106. Two Fat Friends, One Phat Night - by Anonymous (SSBBW, Stuffing, Lesbian ~Sex)
  107. Vast Tonnage - by Whopper 999 (3 parts) USBBW, Extreme Eating, Explicit ~Sex, XXWG
  108. Fat-Adore Parts 1 - 2 by Cammy (~BHM, Feeding, Love, ~XWG)
  109. The Perfect Marriage Chapters 1-8 by Elroy Cohen (SSBBW, ~~FA, Explicit ~Sex, ~XWG)
  110. Where Did The Time Go? - by Anonymous (SSBBW, Love, Mild ~Sex, ~XWG)
  111. Rose and Brandi - by Ernanim (~BBW, Fantasy Eating, Lactation, ~SWG)
  112. Interview with a Feeder - by lizzy (~BBW, Stuffing, ~Explicit Sex, ~~WG)
  113. Swollen With Pride - by Anonymous (SSBBW, Pregnancy, Explicit Sex, ~SWG)
  114. The Druid and the Nymph - by DionysusVoice (~BHM, Explicit Sex)
  115. (The Real) Snow White - by Sarah Barndt (SSBBW, Magical WG, ~Sex, ~XWG)
  116. Tyrants - by Koldun (~BBW, ~BHM, Explicit ~Sex, ~XWG)
  117. Unexplained Additions 1-10 - Mich/guhbone (SSBBW, Magic, Explicit ~Sex, ~XWG)
  118. Going Down in Size - Pt 3 - by Vader7476 ~BBW (mult), Eating, Introspec, ~SWG, ~SWL)
  119. Letters To Pow'R'Pump'R" 1-2 - by scx (~BBW, ~Sex, ~MWG)
  120. The Beginning - by Thump (BBW, Romance, Foreplay)
  121. Redefining Reality Parts 1-4 - by guhbone (SSBBW, Magic, Explicit ~Sex, ~XWG)
  122. Big Sisters 1-7 - by N van Laaden (SSBBW (Multiple) Feed Machine,Explicit ~Sex, ~XWG)
  123. Slumber Party - Parts 1-4 by John Doe (~BBW (Multiple), Stuckage, Sex, ~MWG)
  124. Jim's Big Problem - by Mandylover (~BBW, ~BHM, Sex Pills, ~Sex, ~SWG)
  125. Lady Anne Woodbridge, Chapters 1-5 - by Scx (~BBW (Multiple), ~Sex, Stuffing, ~~WG)
  126. The Hunt of the Fat Jedi I-V - by Taciturn Badger (~BHM, ~BBW, ~Sex, Adventure, ~XWG)
  127. Gaining Confidence IX - by Charisa (~BBW, Eating, Romance, Sex, ~XWG )
  128. Meant to Be, Part I-III - by Outside The Box (~BBW, ~BHM, Romance, Explicit Sex ~MWG)
  129. Jenna-Louise Coleman - by Id with Aftershow (~BBW, Romance, ~Sex, ~SWG)
  130. Going Down in Size 6-by Vader7476 (~BBW (Mult), Imagery, Triage ~sex, Stuckage, ~SWG)
  131. The Heavy Petting Zoo - by fa_man_stan (SSBBW, Romance, Heavy Petting)
  132. Larger Every Day - by Blame Picasso (SSBBW, Sex, Magic, Eating, XWG)
  133. The Worst Best Blind Date, Ever - by Amatrix (SSBBW, Romance, Explicit Sex)
  134. The Fat Camera - by Anonymous (~BBW (Multiple), Magic, Revenge, Sex, ~XWG )
  135. Angie - by Blame Picasso (~BBW, Eating, Romance, Heavy Sex, ~MWG)
  136. Cherry Forever by Blame Picasso (SSBBW, Eating, Romance, Sex, ~XWG)
  137. Five Bridesmaids - by Scx (~BBW (Multiple), ~Sex, ~~WG, ~XWG)
  138. Self Love - by Green Eyed Fairy (~BBW, Erotic Imagery, Self-touching)
  139. Cakes on a Plane! - by IrishBard (~BBW, ~Sex, ~XWG)
  140. ~Flesh~ - by Green Eyed Fairy (~BBW, Explicit ~Sex)
  141. Hike - by edx (~BBW, ~BHM, Romance, Sex, ~SWG)
  142. My Gelf-friend (Ch 1-11) by Irish Bard (~BBW-GELF. Sci-fi, ~Sex, Romance, SWG)
  143. Squish - by Neko (~BBW, Imagery, Romance, Sex, ~MWG )
  144. Tamara - by LuvFanny (SSBBW (Multiple), ~Sex, Flatulence, ~XWG)
  145. The Dance - by Anonymous (~BBW(multiple), Imagery, Domination, Sex )
  146. Pot Belly of Gold - by Ernanim (~BBW, ~~FA, ~~Sex, WG Powder, Stuffing, ~MWG)
  147. Jeepers - by YJ (~BBW, Romance, Explicit ~Sex, ~MWG)
  148. I Love Sundays Best by Jackoblangada (SSBHM,~FFA, Eating, Explicit ~Sex, Romance)
  149. Project G2, by Anonymous (USSBBW, ~~FA, Feeding, Stuffing, Inflation, ~Sex, XXWG)
  150. Conference Pears - by Lardibutts (SSBBW (multiple), ~BHM, Explicit ~sex, ~XWG)
  151. Going Down in Size 7 by Vader7476 ( ]~BBW (Multiple), Imagery, Conflict Res, ~SWG )
  152. New Guy by Green Eyed Fairy - (~BBW, Romance, Erotic Sex)
  153. Cyber Stimulation by Blackjack (SSBBW, Cyber Sex, Eating, Masturbation )
  154. Alex's Gain - by Softbelly (BHM, Feeding, Romance, Sex, ~XWG)
  155. Going Down in Size - Part 10 by Vader7476 (~BBW(Mult), Feederism, Explicit Sex, ~MWG)
  156. Visiting the parents by dmasked fa- SSBBW, Stuckage, Imagery, Sex
  157. Three Sweetmeats
  158. Victoria's Secret - by Victim (~BHM/~FFA, Fantasy, Explicit ~Sex)
  159. Going Down in Size Part 11 by Vader7476 (~BBW (Multiple), Drama, ~MWG
  160. Going Down in Size - Part 12 by Vader7476 (~BBW (Multiple), Drama, ~MWG)
  161. Alvredd - by Uriel (~BHM, Explicit ~Sex)
  162. Ariel and Goliath - by Hole (~BHM, FFA, Explicit ~Sex)
  163. Becoming by iluvitbig (~BBW, ~Eating, ~Sex)
  164. The Perfect Guest by Big Chris (~BBW~BHM, Drama, Romance, Explicit Sex, ~MWG)
  165. Broken and Whole - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BBW/BHM, Romance, Light sex, ~SWG)
  166. How Tammy Got Fat - by Casso & Runkle (SSBBW (mult), Stuffing, Romance, ~Sex, ~MWG )
  167. Saundra - by Luv Gaining Ladies (SSBBW, Extreme Eating, Domination, ~Sex)
  168. Ellen's Metamorphosis by BlueJay (~BBW, Fantasy, Mild ~Sex, ~~WG )
  169. My Summers with Carol by Anonymous (~BBW, Relationship ~Sex)
  170. Neighbors by Anonymous (~BBW, ~Sex)
  171. New Girl in Town by Anonymous (~BBW, ~Sex)
  172. My Fantasy Feeder Date by Alecks (~BBW, Feeding, ~Sex)
  173. Lori's Story by Anonymous (~BBW, Feeding, ~Sex, MWG)
  174. Thick by Green Eyed Fairy (BBW, BHM, Aggressive ~Sex)
  175. Maggie's Encounter by Anonymous (~BBW, Explicit Sex)
  176. First - a story by Flo (~BBW,Mild sex, XWG)
  177. Becky - by fatboygainer (SSBBW, Explicit ~Sex, ~XWG)
  178. Gemma's Jugs - by Id (~BBW, Lactation, ~~WG)
  179. The Feeding Lab by Anonymous (Feeding, Stuffing, Mild ~Sex, ~~WG)
  180. Jonathan's Epiphany by Anonymous (~BBW, ~Sex, Squashing, ~XWG)
  181. MIVILLE by undrcovrbrothr (~BBW, Fantasy, Romance, Mild ~Sex)
  182. The Fat Girl Agency by Anonymous (SSBBW, feeding, mild sex)
  183. Fat Cat by Anonymous (SSBBW, Mild ~Sex, Fantasy,~XWG)
  184. More - by CherchezLaFemme ~BHM, Stuffing, Feederism, Sex, ~~WG
  185. I Wish You Would
  186. The Jeanie by Anonymous (Both, Magic, ~Sex, XXWG)
  187. The Impossible Escape by JP (~BBW, ~Sex, Inflation)
  188. John and Laura by Anonymous (SSBBW, Stuffing, Mild ~Sex, Triage, ~XWG)
  189. Callie's Revelation - by Bellydreamer (~BBW, Imagery, Feederism, Sex, ~SWG)
  190. Lizzy and Dr Brown by Bloomingbelly (~BBW, Romance, ~Sex, ~SWG)
  191. Sofia - by unchienandalusia (~ BBW, Eating, ~Sex, ~SWG)
  192. One Big Morning by Anonymous (SSBBW, Mild ~Sex)
  193. Martina - by Borghen (~BBW (multiple), Stuffing, Lesbian Foreplay, Eating,)
  194. Getting to Know Miss Cheeky-by:Toni Lynn - (SSBBW, Stuffing, overeating,Lesbian,Sex)
  195. The Object of My Affection by Anonymous (SSBBW, Mild Sexual Content)
  196. Table Turning - by Maxout (~BBW, Imagery, Romance)
  197. Lady Anne Woodbridge ch 6 by scx (~BBW, Stuffing, ~Sex (lesbian, straight),~XWG)
  198. The Revival - by Irish Bard (~BBW (mult) SSBBW (mult), Sex, ~XWG)
  199. Kisses - By Vader7476(~BBW(mult), Sex, SWG)
  200. Big Heart, Big Love by Nexis89 and BedBendersInc(SSBBW, ~~WG, Sexual Themes, Romance)
  201. The Girl of My Dreams by BBWsRule (BBW, Eating, Explicit Sex ~SWG)
  202. Feeding Tana - by Mental17(SSBBW, Extreme Eating, Erotica, ~XWG,)
  203. New Guy Part II by Green Eyed Fairy ~BBW, Romance, Oral and Rough Sex
  204. Owning Felicia: Wrap-up - by Scx (~BBW, Explicit ~Sex, ~XWG)
  205. Justin and Trinity - by unfront (~BBW, Stuffing, ~SWG)
  206. Gourmet Tastes - by Anya (~BBW, Erotica, Romance)
  207. Abundant Alison - by auusiefa63 (SSBBW, Erotica, ~XWG)
  208. Chocolate Lovers - by Lardibutts (SSBBW (multiple), Explicit sex, lactation)
  209. Frankie Crooner - by elroycohen (~BBW, Eating, Erotica)
  210. Design Inspiration - by Naughty Fat Vixen (SSBBW, Explicit Sex)
  211. Introducing C & V by SweetTea (~BBW, ~~WG, Erotica, Domination)
  212. A Late Night - by Unfront (~BBW, ~BHM, ~SWG, Feeding, Stuffing, ~Sex)
  213. Possession - by LuvBigBoned (~BBW, Erotica)
  214. BBW Wife's New Black Boss - by Proxima (~BBW, Erotica)
  215. Christmas Fat - by jsa1111111 (~BBW, Erotica)
  216. The Spell - by Joel (~BBW, ~~WG, Erotica)
  217. Marriage Guidance - By Caleb (~SWG, Magic, Feeding, Erotica)
  218. Gluttony & Lust by Molly Ren (Feeding, Stuffing, Erotica, ~FFA)
  219. The Great Eatscapade - by runningsoft (~BBW, ~~WG, Erotica)
  220. Water (Stuffing, ~FFA, Erotica)
  221. Cupidís BIG Wish - by Caleb F (~XWG, SSBBW, Erotica)
  222. I Want You - by Blackjack ~(BBW, Explicit ~Sex)
  223. Curvy Cruising - by sassysteph (~BBW, ~~WG, Dinning, Erotica, Realistic)
  224. Piggy Whistle - by ronaldr (~BHM, Force Feeding, Domination, Erotica,)
  225. After Dinner Desires by AM (SSBBW, Erotic sensuality)
  226. Angel Blimp! - by BlimpEx (~BBW, ~~WG, Erotica)
  227. P'R'P'R Academy by Scx (~BBW, ~XWG, XXWG, erotica, machinery)
  228. To Be Filled - by Hedonistic Purity (SSBBW, ~XWG, Erotica, Helplessness, Immobility)
  229. Resonance - by Edx (~BBW, Drama, Mild Erotica)
  230. It started innocently enough... - by upto236 (Both, ~~WG, Erotica, Eating)
  231. Lose the Battle; Win the War by NKT - ]~BBW, Realistic, Mild Sex, ~SWG
  232. Bella - by Justamin (SSBBW, Romance, Sex)
  233. $10,000 Jelly Bean - WG, BBW, Imagery, Eating, Sex
  234. Beth - by Kissy the Amazon (~BBW, Imagery, ~Sex, ~MWG)
  235. The Girl On the Beach
  236. Wedding Cake - Chapter 1 - BBW, SWG, Sex
  237. Kelli's Big Belly - by Blame Picasso (BBW, Pregnancy, Extreme Eating & Sex, XWG)
  238. A Feeder's First Time
  239. PaperWeight Gain
  240. ChocolateFinger - by Runningsoft (~BBW, Lesbian, Sex ~MWG)
  241. Erica - ten years - by Allysa2220 (~BBW, Romance, Imagery, Sex, ~SWG)
  242. Rising Dough - by Takeda (~BBW, Gormandizing, Realistic, Mild Sex,~MWG )
  243. Chance Encounter - By Mollycoddles (~BBW, Eating, ~WG, FFA, Magic, Sex)
  244. Yolanda likes ice-cream (~BBW, ~sex)
  245. EIGHTY by FatManRocks (SSBHM, ~FFA, Romance, ~Sex, XWG)
  246. Nerd meets BBW (~BBW, Sexual fantasy, Adventure)
  247. Bathroom Fantasy (~BBW, ~Sex, Mild Flatulence)
  248. Bree's Summer With Mrs. Reese (BBW, XWG)
  249. Alice 27 - by Mollycoddles (BBW (Multiple) Stuffing, Sex, ~MWG)
  250. Alice 28 - by Mollycoddles (BBW (Multiple) Stuffing, Stuckage, Sex, ~MWG)