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  1. Dear Suzanne - by Ashley (~BHM, Romance)
  2. Jack's Inspiration - by Charisa (BHM, WG)
  3. After Dinner - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, Dining, ~SWG)
  4. Steve's Mother - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (BHM, Dining, ~SWG)
  5. George & Jennifer - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (BHM, Dining, WG)
  6. Mom's New Cook - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (Both, Dining, ~SWG)
  7. Dream Vacation - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BBW/~BHM. Dining, ~SWG:)
  8. A Welcome Visit Home - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (Both, Dining, WG)
  9. Saturday Morning with Evan - by Lily (~BHM, ~XWG, ~Sex)
  10. Carl's Country Buffet - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (BHM, Dining, WG)
  11. Here Goes Nothing 3 - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, Eating, ~MWG)
  12. Here Goes Nothing 2 - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, Dining, ~WG)
  13. Here Goes Nothing 1 - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (BHM, Dining, WG)
  14. Just for Once (Dining, WG, BHM)
  15. The Inner Brendan, - a story in four parts
  16. A Little Excitement - by Big Beatiful Dreamer (BHM, Dining, WG)
  17. The Magic Touch - BlueEyedBanshee (WG, Feeding, BHM, FFA, FA)
  18. Flight - by One Shy Writer (BHM, Romance)
  19. Journey from Anorexia
  20. Architect of her Dreams
  21. Fifty Bucks
  22. Doctor's orders
  23. Growing Boy
  24. Turkey Day - by BBD (~BHM, Eating, Stuffing. Romance, ~SWG)
  25. Push-ups
  26. The Seven-Year Itch
  27. Meaning Well
  28. Love You Truly
  29. A Lucky Meeting - by Maribeth (~BHM, Eating, Romance)
  30. Marie - by Anonymous (~BBW, ~BHM, eating ~~WG)
  31. The Girl - by The Man (~BBW, ~BHM. Gaining Powder, Eating ~~WG )
  32. The Family - by Norseman (~BBF,Fat imagery, ~XWG)
  33. Wish - by Ashley (~BHM, Self-realization, Mild ~sex, Romance)
  34. Fat Family - by the Observer (~BBF, Self-realization and analysis, ~SWG)
  35. A Chance Encounter - by Anonymous (BBW, BHM, Romance, ~SWG )
  36. Shifting Gears Part 1 - by Browniestuff (~BHM Eating Romance ~SWG)
  37. Ivy^2 - Forgotten_Futures - {~BBW, ~BHM, Eating, ~~WG, ~Sex}
  38. Mike & Nicole -by FaxMachine1234 (~BHM, Eating, Romance, ~SWG)
  39. "Donut Temptations: Deciding to Fatten Up" (BHM, SWG, BBW-love)
  40. The Other Man - by P. Kirk (~BHM, Eating, ~MWG )
  41. Sympathy Belly -by Ned Fox (~BHM, Romance, ~MWG )
  42. Hanna - by Stew Borne (~BBW, ~BHM, Eating, Romance, ~MWG)
  43. Jennifer - by Mink, aka Ichida (~BBW, ~BHM, Eating, Romance ~MWG)
  44. The Long Journey Home - by Ashley (~BHM, Love Story. ~MWG )
  45. The New Job - by Ned Fox (~BBW, ~BHM, Romance, Eating ~MWG )
  46. Big in America - by Anonymous (~BHM, Sex, ~MWG )
  47. Jamie's Tummy at Christmas - by BBD (~BHM, Eating, ~SWG)
  48. Through the Eye of a Needle (~BHM, Imagery)
  49. Happily Ever After by SuoersizeWoman (~XBHM, Eating, Romance, ~XWG)
  50. The Journal and the Sketch Book - by PB (~BHM, ~BBW, Romance, Eating, ~XWG)
  51. The Night Carly Met Shane - by Ashblonde (~BHM, Romance)
  52. Dream Cruise - by Drac/BBD (BBW/BHM, Dining, Romance, ~MWG)
  53. A Day in the Life of Aaron Johns - by Iam Unknown [~BHM, Extreme Eating, Flatulence]
  54. Mrs. Chin - by Mindship (~BHM, Eating Romance, ~XWG)
  55. Roomie to Grow 2 - by Estrata (~BBW, ~BHM, Illustrated, Eating, ~XWG)
  56. The Fattening Pt 1 (~BHM, BBW, Romance, ~Sex ~WG)
  57. Next Station Please - by Snowy (~BHM, Romance, ~Sex)
  58. By the Book - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, Eating, Romance, ~MWG )
  59. Stacey And I - by Shylah (BHM, Dining, ~~WG)
  60. The Fruit of the Vine by BBD (~BHM, Eating, Romance. ~MWG)
  61. A Thanksgiving to Remember - by BBD (~BHM, Eating, Foreplay, ~SWG)
  62. Feed me, Father - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, Eating. ~SWG)
  63. The Coopers' Kitchen - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, Eating, Romance, ~SWG )
  64. The Feast - by Rachel (~BHM, Romance, Dining, ~SWG)
  65. Pancakes - by Rachel (~BHM, Dining, Feederism, ~SWG )
  66. Study Group - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM. Eating, Romance, ~SWG )
  67. When Your Eyes Are Bigger Than Your Stomach - by Rachel (~BHM, Eating, Romance)
  68. The Fattening 2 - by Ichida (~BHM, Eating, Romance ~SWG )
  69. But I know What I Like - by Big Beautiful Dreamer - (~BHM, Eating, Stuffing)
  70. Manifest Destiny - Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, Eating, ~MWG)
  71. TV Dinners - by Growing Girl (BBFamily, Entertainment, Eating, ~SWG )
  72. Officially Fat: A Tale of the Scales - Zonker (~BHM, FFA and a bit of BBW, ~SWG)
  73. 215 - by Pinkbelly (~BHM, Lifestyle, ~MWG)
  74. A Lovely Bride ch 1-6 by Subtlefeeder (SSBBW/SSBHM(Multiple), Eating, Romance, ~SWG )
  75. Great Expectations (1-7) - by Lizzy (BHM, Intrigue, Revenge)
  76. The Donut Contest - by Mr. Monopoly (~BBW/~BHM, Eating, ~MWG )
  77. As Time Goes By - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (BHM, Eating, Romance, ~SWG)
  78. Once and Future by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, Eating, Romance, Sex. ~SWG)
  79. Re-connection - by One Shy Writer (BHM, Romance)
  80. The Graduates - by Kattylee (~BBW, ~BHM, ~SWG)
  81. On the Beach - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (BHM, Eating, Imagry, ~SWG)
  82. Jamie's Tummy on Honeymoon - by BBD (BHM, Eating, Romance, Stuffing, ~SWG)
  83. Body Building - by Gentleman (BHM, Gormandizing, Imagery, ~MWG )
  84. Welcome to the Weight Fiction General BHM/Mutual Archive.
  85. Dinner for Two - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, Eating, Romance, ~SWG )
  86. A Pleasing Liberty by Bis Beautiful Dreamer ( ~BHM, Eating, ~MWG )
  87. Try, Try Again Redux - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (BHM, Romance, Eating, ~MWG)
  88. Love Bug -by Koldun (~BHM, WG virus fantasy, Romance?, ~WG)
  89. Viva Las Vegas - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BBW, ~BHM, Eating, Love, Sex, ~SWG)
  90. Family Reunion - by BigLadyLover (~BBF, Eating Contest, Fantasy, Explicit Sex ~MWG -)
  91. The Corps of Discovery by BBD (~BHM, Eating, Love, ~~WG)
  92. The Bench by Edx (~BHM, Romance, ~~WG )
  93. Turkish Delights, by Lizzy (~BHM, ~BBW, Force feeding, romance, ~XWG)
  94. Patrick and Lucy - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, ~BBW, Romance, ~~WG)
  95. Learning New Things - by Caffieneaddict6 (~BHM, ~BBW, Eating, Force Feeding, ~SWG )
  96. Charles and the Dragon's Curse, by Edx (~BHM, Adventure, ~XWG)
  97. The Menu - by Edx (~BHM, Stuffing, ~WG )
  98. Smoke - by EDX (~BBW/BHM, Romance, Introspectiom ~~MWG )
  99. Awakenings - by Artisanal (~BBW, ~BHM, eating, romance, mutual weight gain)
  100. Fat Habits - by Edx (~BBW, ~BHM, ~~WG)
  101. Austin's Diner Chapters 1-14 - by Elroy Cohen (~BBW (Multiple), ~BHM, Eating, ~~WG)
  102. A Visit of Discovery, Chapters 1-10 by Non Serviam (~BHM, ~BBW, Intrigue, ~SWG)
  103. Sherri's All Night Diner - by Anonymous (~BHM, Eating, ~~WG)
  104. Hogswatch Parts 1-9 - by Durin (~BHM, SSBHM, ~BBW, ~XWG)
  105. Good Company (Parts 1-9) - by BBD (~BHM, Stuffing, Romance, ~MWG )
  106. His Amazon - by Rebel (~BBW, ~BHM, Domination, ~MWG )
  107. Second Glance - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BBW, ~BHM, Romance, Eating, ~~WG)
  108. Lost and Found - By Molly (~BHM, Romance, ~Sex)
  109. Hunt of the Fat Jedi VI-VIII - by Taciturn Badger (~BHM, ~BBW, ~Sex,Adventure, ~XWG))
  110. Thanksgiving Nap - Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, Extreme Eating, ~~WG)
  111. Finally Me, Part I-IV - by Michelle (~BBW, ~BHM, Romance, ~XWG)
  112. A Long Thanksgiving Dinner - by Mandylover (~BHM, ~BBW, Explicit ~Sex, Stuffing)
  113. Missing You - By Molly (~BHM, Romance, ~SWG)
  114. Art School, Part I-III - by Non Serviam (~BHM, ~BBW, Intrigue, ~MWG)
  115. The Gym - By Molly (~BHM, ~FFA, Romance)
  116. Digging Into Pleasure - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, Eating, Romance, ~SWG)
  117. Freshman 15+ (Pt. 1-2) - By Mindovermatter (~BHM, Eating., ~SWG )
  118. Chocolate Syrup - by BBD (~BHM, Touching, ~Sex )
  119. Caramel Candy - by Koldun (~BHM, Domination, ~Sex)
  120. New Year's Resolution - Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BBW/~BHM, Eating, Romance, ~SWG)
  121. Yuppie Guts - by Bulging Gut(~BHM(multiple), Eating, ~SWG)
  122. The Marriage - by Taciturn Badger (SSBHM, FFA, Mild Intrigue, ~Sex)
  123. Tracey’s Steve Wins Belly Contest - I - by Samster (~BHM, BBW, Eating, ~SWG)
  124. Galactic Issues (Parts 1 -4) by DownSouthBellyLover (~BBW, ~Sci-Fi, Intrigue, ~~WG)
  125. Tracey’s Steve Wins Belly Contest (ch 2) - by Samster (BHM, BBW, Eating, ~SWG )
  126. Red & Reb - by RVGleason (BBW, SSBHM, Romance, Feeding)
  127. Candyland 2: Revisited by Forgotten_Futures (~BBW, ~BHM, Adventure, ~XWG)
  128. Tracey’s Steve Wins Belly Contest (ch 3) - by Samster (BHM, BBW, Eating, ~SWG )
  129. F-Stop 9 - by BBD (~BBW, ~BHM, Romance, Dining, ~SWG )
  130. Quite a Change - by Boston1 (~BHM, Explicit ~Sex)
  131. Cafeteria Girl - by Softness (~BBW, ~BHM, Romance, ~SWG)
  132. O'Malley's Bar - by Ichida (~BHM, Romance, ~~WG)
  133. Obe City in Oz - by Durin (~BHM, SSBBW (Multiple), Sci-Fi)
  134. Chemical Reaction - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, Romance, ~MWG)
  135. After the Honeymoon - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, Stuffing, ~~WG)
  136. Neighbours - by Ssaylleb (~BHM, ~BBW, ~Sex, ~~WG)
  137. When Tom Met Sarah - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, ~BBW, Romance, Stuffing)
  138. Jamie's Tummy for Two (or More) - by BBD (~BHM, Stuffing, Pregnancy. ~SWG)
  139. Sommersby - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, Romance, ~~WG)
  140. The Partial Life and Times of a South Texas FA - by Elroy Cohen (~BBW, ~BHM, ~WG)
  141. Paralyzed with Fat - by Ichida (~BHM, ~~WG)
  142. My Dream Come True - by HKOEPEEPFEURL (~BHM, ~BBW, Romance, ~~WG)
  143. Bearing Up - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, ~BBW, ~~WG)
  144. Spell or Curse - by Mariana (SSBHM, Magic, ~XWG)
  145. The Desire is Real - by Edx (~BHM, ~BBW, Magic, Gender Change, ~XWG)
  146. Voyeurcize - by Edx (~BHM, ~MWG)
  147. Raising the Bar Pt 1-2 - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, ~BBW, Romance)
  148. Soft Thrill - by Ashley (~BHM, Romance)
  149. Keri and Martin - the Chubby Couple - by Charlotte M (~BBW, BHM, Magic, ~MWG )
  150. Piercing - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, ~BBW, ~Sex, ~~WG)
  151. The Best Summer Ever - by Ned Fox (~BBW, BHM (mult), Eating, Romance, ~MWG )
  152. Halflings' Meal - by Irish Bard (~BBW, ~BHM, Fantasy, Intrigue, ~XWG)
  153. Zanarax by Perioc & Oji Ryojoji (~BBW/~BHM (mult), Intrigue, Mass ~MWG)
  154. Chasing Rachel - by Elroy Cohen (~BBW, ~BHM, Intrigue ~SWG )
  155. The Bet - by Anonymous (~BHM, Feeding, ~MWG)
  156. Fat Fresher's Syndrome by Non Serviam (~BBW, ~BHM, , Eating, Romance, Intrigue, ~MWG)
  157. Delightfully Delicious Delirious Delusions by BSFan (~BBW/SSBBW (Multiple), Magic)
  158. Chester's Weight - by Yoyoincali (~BHM ~Sex ~Romance, ~~WG)
  159. Authentic - by Ichida -BHM
  160. Melanie's Muse: Part 1- 7 - By Molly (~BHM, ~Sex, Romance)
  161. Laurel (Parts 1-5)- by Starling (~BHM, Romance, ~SWG)
  162. In Her Chair (Parts 1-15) - by Undine (~BHM, Romance)
  163. One Night (Parts 1-2) - by Ashley (~BHM, Romance)
  164. It Happened One Night (Parts 1-5) - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, Romance)
  165. Dancing in the Dark - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, Romance, ~~WG)
  166. Yes (Parts 1-7) - by Starling (BHM, Romance, SWG)
  167. Her Majesty - By Ashblonde (~BHM, Romance, Historical Fiction)
  168. A Taste For Rubens by Big Chris - (~BBW/!BHM, Dining, Romance, Sex, ~SWG)
  169. Vacation Belly Growing - by FANed_Fox (BBW/BHM (Multiple), Eating, ~SWG )
  170. Authentic - by Ichida (~BHM, Romance, ~~WG)
  171. Mutual Attraction - by Ned_Fox (~BBW/~BHM, Stuffing, Romance, ~SWG )
  172. Sweeter Disposition by Crinos (~BBW/~BHM, Magic, Personality Alteration, ~SWG)
  173. The Fattening of Dawn - by Anonymous (~BBW, ~BHM, Eating, Romance, ~SWG)
  174. Christmas Present - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BBW, ~BHM, Romance, ~~WG)
  175. Hills and Valleys - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BBW, ~BHM, Romance, ~~WG)
  176. To Tame a Thief - by Ichida (~BHM, Romance)
  177. Bastien and Georgia by Charlotte M (SSBHM/~BBW, Romance, Feederism, Imagery )
  178. The Dining Room Pt. II by Gordo (~SSBHM, ~FFA, ~Feeding, ~WG)
  179. Matt and Annie (1-8) - by Charlotte M (~BBW/BHM, Feederism, Romance, ~MWG )
  180. Fat Peter- by Treats for all (~BBW, BHM, roll reversal, dreams~WG)
  181. Gradual Students - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, ~BBW, Romance, ~~WG)
  182. Strange Lady - by Ichida (~BHM, Romance)
  183. Quarantine Protocols - by JP (SSBBW, SSBHM, Sci-Fi, XXWG)
  184. Yer Not the Ocean - by Rabbitislove (~BHM, Romance)
  185. Glutton Gremlins- by ec (~BHM (Multiple), ~BBW (Multiple), supernatural, ~~WG)
  186. Space Adventures of Kezia Fallah - by Jujuspice93 (SSBHM, ~FFA, Sci-Fi)
  187. Shut Up and Kiss Me - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, ~WG)
  188. Jeff - by Tad E. (aka Edx) (BBW, BHM, BBTeen Romance, ~SWG)
  189. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, Romance, ~~WG)
  190. Anna's Friend - by Starling (~BHM (Multiple), ~FFA (multiple), Romance)
  191. Rio Vista High.. (Ch 1-3, complete) - By Victim (~FFA, ~BHM, ~BBW, Magic, Adventure)
  192. The Roundest Knight - by The Fattener (BBW/~BHM, Extreme Eating, Romance, ~XWG)
  193. Thrill Prequel - by Ashblonde (~BHM, Romance)
  194. Bad Day -by NemoVolo (BHM, Romance, FFA)
  195. Christina and Evan - by Turgid (~BBW/~BHM. Romance, ~SWG/~SWL )
  196. New Size for the Season - by Nemovolo (~BHM (multiple), FFA, ~BBW, Romance, ~MWG)
  197. Double Booking by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BBW/BHM, Stuffing, Romance. ~SWG )
  198. Caroline and Georges - by Charlotte M (BHM, Eating, Romance, ~MWG )
  199. Mark & Kimberly - by Plussauvage (~BBW, ~BHM, Romance, ~~WG)
  200. Howl If You Love Me - by Jujuspice93 (BHM/FFA Supernatural Romance)
  201. XL by Victim (~FFA, SSBHM, Science Fiction, Romance)
  202. Young Men Gaining by Anonymous (BHM. Magic, XWG)
  203. Mandy and Tony by Anonymous (Both, ~XWG)
  204. Donna and Ben by The Fat Man (BBW/BHM, Introspection MWG/MWL )
  205. John's Ordeal by Anonymous (~BHM, ~BBW, Feeding, ~Sex, ~XWG)
  206. XY TRim - by Beefster (BHM (Mult)/BBW, Diet Pills, Romance, ~MWG )
  207. A tender moment (FFA, SSBHM, Cuddling)
  208. The Koi Pond by Anonymous (~BBW, ~BHM, Encouragement, ~MWG)
  209. Just Like His Father - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, ~BBW, Romance)
  210. Buy Local by ec (~BBW, ~BHM, ~~WG, URBAN LEGEND)
  211. The Surprising Tummy
  212. Liam and Anna: The Beginning - by Fireonthemountain (BHM (Mult), Romance, ~Sex, ~SWG)
  213. Amanda's Diary by Anonymous (~BHM. Romance, ~SWG)
  214. Transitions - Dale Cooper/Jenny Wren (~BBW/~BHM, Eating, Imagery, Romance, ~SWG )
  215. Fat Husbands Club - by Big Chris (~BHM (Multiple), Eating, ~MWG)
  216. Belly Batter (Chap 1-3) - by Mandylover (SSBBW, ~BHM Explict ~ Sex ~XWG)
  217. One Good Man by Ashblonde (~FFA ~BHM, Romance)
  218. Double Date by xxeell (~BHM/~FFA, ~Romance, ~Sex )
  219. Too Famous - by Watchfromafar (~BBW/~BHM, Romance, Eating, ~MWG)
  220. The Journal - by Tankgirl (~BHM (Mult) Binging, Gluttony, ~Sex, Realistic, ~SWG/~MWG)
  221. Kate & Jim / Jim & Kate - by Lardibutts (~BBW/BHM, Eating, Imagery, ~MWG)
  222. Love in Bloom - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, Romance)
  223. Ladies' Choice (~BHM, ~BBW, ~~WG, eating)
  224. Vermont Christmas - by Venjance (~BHM, FFA, Extreme Eating)
  225. The Ad Game - by upto236 (~BHM, ~BBW)
  226. Nice Guys Finish... Their Meals - by AK the FA (~BHM, ~XWG)
  227. From the Heart (land) - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~~WG, ~BBW, ~BHM )
  228. A day in the life of a feeder – by SomeFatGuy (~SSBHM, ~Extreme Eating, ~XWG)
  229. Stocking Stuffer - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, ~BBW, ~~WG, Romance, Mutual)
  230. The Old Suit - by BrokenCassette (~BHM, ~~WG)
  231. And Then It Hit Him - by Chubsixtysix(~BHM, Eating, ~~WG)
  232. Moving on - by agouderia (~BHM, ~~WG, Romance)
  233. The Best Years - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BBW, ~BHM, ~~WG, Mutual, Romance)
  234. Hey Tubby (~BHM, ~~WG)
  235. The New Normal (~BHM, Mutual, ~MWG, Romance)
  236. Brownie Points - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, Romance)
  237. Up There - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, ~MWG, Romance)
  238. Off Poydras (~BHM, ~MWG, Romance)
  239. Its Complicated - by FANedfox (~BBW/BHM, Eating, Romance, ~SWG)
  240. The Bucket List - by FANedfox (~BBW/BHM, Stuffing, ~MWG)
  241. Mom Gets Her Wish - by FANedfox (~BBW/~BHM Eating, ~SWG)
  242. Well Fed Witness - by FANedfox (~BBW/~BHM Eating, Intrigue, ~SWG)
  243. First You Make a Roux (in two parts)
  244. Late Night at the Grocery Store - By FFABoots (~FFA, SSBHM, Sexual Foreplay)
  245. Tilt (BHM~)
  246. What I do For Love by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BBW, ~BHM, ~~WG)
  247. The Baker's Boy - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~~WG, Both)
  248. I.q. - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~~WG, Both)
  249. Muffin Top - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, ~~WG, Romance)
  250. High School Jeans (Both, ~SWG, Feeding, Romance)