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  1. Immobile Kristin - by Wantsufatter (BBW, Lesbian Sex, Feeding, ~XWG)
  2. After Hours - by Wille (BHM, Dining, ~SWG)
  3. Taxi by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, ~~WG, ~Gay)
  4. GLBTQ Archive.
  5. Keep it Simple - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, Stuffing, ~Gay Sex)
  6. The Ride Home - by 360 Degrees (~BHM [Multiple], ~Gay ~sex)
  7. Secret Stuffing Society by Guhbone ~BBW (Multiple), ~Feeding, Lesbian Sex, ~MWG)
  8. Noah - by Lewis-spence (~BHM, ~BBW, Eating, Romance, ~XWG)
  9. Invitations - By Jimbob (~BHM, ~BBW, Force-Feeding, ~XWG)
  10. Amy’s Summer by the Observer (~BBW (Multiple), Relationships, Lesbians, Eating, ~MWG)
  11. "Spaghetti" by Ninja Glutton (BHM/FFA Love Poem)
  12. Encounter - by kamandi (~BHM (Multiple), ~Gay, ~Sex)
  13. Michael - by kamandi (BHM (Multiple), Gay, ~Sex, ~XWG)
  14. The Pastries Shop - by ItalianFa (~BBW (Mult), Feeding, Lesbian 4play, Romance. ~MWG)
  15. The Girl in the Green Apron - Pt1-2 - by Caloriequest
  16. Growing Up - by Kamandi (~BHM, ~Gay, ~SWG)
  17. First encounters of the BBW kind - by JennyRiot (~BBW, ~ Lesbian, Light Sex)
  18. Dr. BBw by FF.Rebel (~BBW, Eating, Lesbianism, ~MWG)
  19. Mama Latte by Anonymous (~BBW, Feeding, Lesbianism, Sex, Lactation, MWG)
  20. Fuzzy Logic – By Victim (SSBHM, Science Fiction, Explicit ~Gay ~Sex)
  21. Mandy's Story by Anonymous (~BBW, Lesbianism, ~Sex, ~MWG)
  22. The Feeder Within by Anonymous (SSBBW, Sex Change, Masturbation ~~WG)
  23. Karen by Anonymous (~BBW, Magic, Feeding, Bi-Sexuality, ~Sex, ~MWG)
  24. That Which is of Woman – By victim (~SSBBW, Fantasy, Magic, Explicit Lesbian ~Sex)
  25. Pig Pickin' - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM (Multiple), ~Gay, Eating)
  26. Dream Inc. - by Sam (~BBW, Male to Female Transgender fantasy, ~XWG)
  27. My Aching Belly - by Brenda ~BBW, Stuffing, Imagery, Lesbianism, ~MWG
  28. They Call Me “Juicy Gi” by Plumperbren (~BBW, Imagery, Lesbian Sex)
  29. Admissions - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM (Multiple), Gay, Romance)
  30. Val and Karla - by blackriderfae (Lesbian Romance, Feeding, ~SWG)
  31. Infatuation - by kamandi (~BHM, ~Gay, ~~WG)
  32. Bodybuilder - by SkinnyToChubby (~BBW, ~~WG, Lesbian)
  33. Game Night - by Nobody (~BHM, ~Gay, Stuffing, Romance)
  34. Silk Pajamas (~BHM, ~Gay, ~MWG)
  35. A Story of a Girl - By Da Games Elite (~BBW (Multiple), ~~WG, Lesbians, Eating)
  36. A Growing Star - by Growrnshowr (~BHM, ~XWG, Mild ~Gay ~Sex)
  37. The Bar - by TaciturnBadger (SSBHM, ~Gay, Erotica)
  38. FG Chronicles: Brenda and Peggy - by Fat Peggy (SSBBW, Eating, Lesbian Foreplay ~XWG)
  39. Cruiseliner / Waistliner by Runningsoft (~BBW, Eating, Lesbian, Feeding, ~MWG)
  40. Swallowing Success (SSBBW, XXWG, Lesbian, Sex)
  41. Mcdonalds Girl - by Kissy the Amazon ~(BBW, Explicit Lesbian Sex, ~SWG)
  42. Coming Out in the City - by Cheshire Grin (~BBW, ~FFA, Lesbian Romance, ~~WG)
  43. Backfired - by Snr6424 (~BBW(mult), Feeding, Lesbian sex, MWG)
  44. Sam and Leila by growinluvhandles (BBW FFA Lesbianism Feeding MWG)
  45. Fun Fat
  46. Sophomores - by Hugeasspanda (~WG, ~Gay)
  47. Ashley and Stephanie (~BBW ~Lesbian self-discovery ~SWG ~feederism
  48. A new day by Gignv (M-to-BBW, ~~WG)
  49. The Outliers by Xyantha ~Gay, ~Explicit
  50. Bigger is Better