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  1. does anybody here actually support wls?
  2. Not to be Morbid, but how do they die?
  3. Death rate from WLS >200% higher than thought
  4. NY Daily News publishes article on death rate for WLS
  5. Pauline, 600lbs....needs to lose weight.
  6. Concerning WLS
  7. Dealing with Loss
  8. WLS I don't like it
  9. WLS "Champion" dies 8 years post-op after his entire bowel dies
  10. Santa has WLS
  11. Losing Weight?
  12. Docs say WLS more risky than orginally thought
  13. Disability After Weight Loss Surgery
  14. I'm confused - Al Roker just confused me
  15. Too much, too quickly?
  16. Sha-ZAM!
  17. The tummy tuck?
  18. WLS Can Cause Hormone Changes
  19. Gastric Bypass Malpractice lawfirm!
  20. What do mean when you refer to WLS?
  21. Scrummy pizza and local first tap beer
  22. Thank GOD for this board!
  23. First post, been reading all day. VERY LONG
  24. 1st post. I had Wt Loss Surgery and it was worth it
  25. I'm Being Pushed - And I'm Scared!
  26. Would like to hear different opinions...
  27. BBW seeking wisdom
  28. Eating Disorders & WLS
  29. Poll
  30. Is Dim a Fat Acceptance or Size Acceptance Site?
  31. Man Who Weighed 1,000 Pounds Down to 400 after WLS
  32. Researching WLS alternatives
  33. Weight loss.
  34. Have they gone too far?
  35. Doctors/Ins Companies Looking for Bypass Alternative
  36. Michael Berman & weight loss
  37. transplants
  38. Weight loss surgery reduces hypertension
  39. Going Blind
  40. Interesting link about hair loss and vitamins
  41. WLS from a Fitness Expert's Point of View
  42. Question to Tina.
  43. Do men lose fat easier than women?
  44. For those of you that have had WLS
  45. What Motivates You?
  46. Not about WLS--Exersize Video advice
  47. 1,200 pound man to get WLS
  48. WLS patients exposed to HIV
  49. Gastric Bypass Surgery
  50. Discovery Health Channel show on post-WLS issues
  51. Relationships Before and After WLS
  52. Removing Loose Skin After WLS/Other Weight Loss
  53. Why I like my WLS doc
  54. Questions.
  55. Pain Question about WLS
  56. The Scale of Things...
  57. need info
  58. Jolly Dolly Dimples - the first diet guru?
  59. Stomach Removal Surgery
  60. looks like there is some more info on WLS.
  61. Another reason not to have WLS
  62. Obesity surgery often leads to complications (ny times)
  63. Intestinal Bypass
  64. 34 stone teenager
  65. hello, a controversial opinion
  66. Thoughts about WLS Post-op
  67. 1200 pound Mexican man to receive WLS in Italy
  68. Post-Surgery Gift Basket/Care Package?
  69. Carolyn Owens and WLS
  70. PMS post surgey
  71. NIH funding a study of WLS' long-term effects
  72. Not WLS-related: fatmancycling.com
  73. Free WLS to County Employees?
  74. Anyone need a glucometer
  75. Study: overeating a form of addiction
  76. Gastric bypass and hernias
  77. My News
  78. Now they're talking about non-invasive.
  79. Just wanted to apologize.
  80. AP:Mrs. Ozzy To Remove Gastric Band
  81. Tues. Oprah: WLS Made Me a Drunk/Whore!
  82. GBS Rant
  83. Saint Bernards and Greyhounds
  84. Top NY Hospitals performing surgery on teenagers
  85. Dr Phil
  86. one year out
  87. Worlds heaviest man has lost over 300 pounds!!
  88. Buck Rogers has WLS
  89. Article on WLS
  90. Anger Erupts Over Insurance Company's IQ Test for Weight-Loss Surgery
  91. NHS raises BMI to 45 to qualify for WLS
  92. "Queues for teen stomach surgery"
  93. Woman dies after liposuction
  94. Defeating weight loss surgery
  95. Update?
  96. Gastric Bypass of an aquantaince
  97. Lawsuit in MA from Former Patriots' Coach
  98. 850 lb woman to get surgery
  99. Update: 850 lb woman (in locked thread) dies
  100. WLS=Brain Damage???
  101. Weighty Secrets
  102. Renee Williams' doctor also lost a WLS patient in 2005.
  103. Interesting Article in People
  104. Two years postop
  105. Ten years post-op
  106. Lap-Band 4 1/2 years post-op
  107. Pedalin' for pounds Duo sheds a few on 16,000-mile bike trek
  108. I gotta ask:
  109. TLC 13-part series: Big Medicine
  110. One of the bad things about Banding *a bit graphic*
  111. Wls?
  112. Rocky Tayeh
  113. My WLS Journey
  114. UAMS Study Links Gastric Bypass Surgery, Neurological Conditions
  115. Big Medicine - A review
  116. Obesity surgery for adolescents safe: study
  117. Gastric Bypass? Bypass The Booze
  118. Another story
  119. Star Jones admits to gastric bypass surgery
  120. Endocrine Doc
  121. Etta James Hospitalized in Los Angeles
  122. Good Article on JFS about WLS Risks
  123. Weight-Loss Surgery Tied to a Longer Life
  124. Man Resorts to Surgery to Adopt Child
  125. Long time Dimension guy... changing directions.
  126. Newspaper article: bariatric surgery + 10 years study
  127. I am looking for info about WLS.
  128. Has anyone had Gastric Bypass surgery?
  129. Feeling conflicted
  130. Another tragic WLS story......
  131. When accosted by a WLS cheerleader - what to do?
  132. StomaphyX
  133. The Marketing Machine - Dollars on our Heads
  134. Heart Deaths, Suicides Up After Weight Loss Surgery
  135. SSBBW on Dont Forget the Lyrics...buying WLS
  136. My WLS story
  137. Flip Flops
  138. lap bands?
  139. Another WLS death
  140. Those in the UK/with Channel 4...
  141. Heard of Amy Williams?
  142. SF Weekly Article: The Reaction
  143. I just saw Carnie Wilson on the Today show..
  144. Study favors WLS to treat diabetes
  145. Junkfood Science-Lobotomy & WLS
  146. Any reliable studies on WLS failure rate?
  147. 236 lbs. weight loss question
  148. Are we losing a war?
  149. Mo'Nique and GBS
  150. Weight Loss & Chronic Pain
  151. To the woman who shut herself off from the friends who are scared for her
  152. Chronic pain from WLS leads to trial
  153. WLS Topic on Daytime Soap
  154. Anorexia Nervosa After Gastric Bypass Surgery
  155. Damn you, Leslie Stahl!
  156. 34 stone teenager
  157. WLS and meds?
  158. When Did You Decide?
  159. WLS and PCOS.....
  160. Caitlin Van Zandt has Lap-Band!
  161. New member looking to talk with others who've experienced WLS &/or compulsive eating
  162. A drive-by propagandist?
  163. WLS alternative
  164. WLS, Natural wl, size acceptance
  165. Coping with emotions if you can't eat...
  166. 8/18/08 MSNBC long article re WLS (critical of)
  167. Trying to loose weight before university
  168. ssbbw goin under the knife?
  169. Positive side effects of bariatric surgery
  170. WLS on a budget
  171. Possible future replacement for WLS?
  172. Bariatric surgery, stress eating, marginal ulcer and PTSD
  173. Any unhappiness from WLS
  174. The plunge...
  175. Not Sick Enough! LOL
  176. Something new on the horizon.
  177. Does anyone have a pre and post Gastric Bypass diet outlined?
  178. Donni's WLS Journey
  179. Why do people chose bi-pass over band?
  180. Loose skin?
  181. Lap Band Commercial
  182. I need to ask this question of those who had WLS
  183. What i think of WLS
  184. Scared silly
  185. Whats up with me (T'Rina)
  186. New rules?
  187. Use of natural openings may ease weight-loss surgery
  188. Stomach Condom!!
  189. Its official, I am a WLS failure
  190. My WLS Journey Parts 1&2
  191. [medical news] Weight and Type 2 Diabetes after Bariatric Surgery...
  192. A Somewhat Disturbing Development
  193. post WLS and the flu
  194. Documentary about WLS - has anyone seen this???
  195. Had a Gastric Sleeve 11/4/09 or 4/11/09 for you yanks :P
  196. My problem...
  197. Bariatric Surgery Centers Don't Deliver Better Outcomes
  198. My trip to the Dr.
  199. Weight Loss Surgery/Higher suicide Rate
  200. Reconstructive Surgury After Weight Loss
  201. wls and the future of the fa/bbw community
  202. The biggest loser show
  203. Gastric Mind Band? It's all over now...
  204. Obesity surgery thins bones, but enough to break?
  205. STUDY: WLS increases fracture risks
  206. ACOG Guidelines for Pregnancy After WLS
  207. Keeping Friends After WLS
  208. Some questions.
  209. Women's cancer risk cut after WLS
  210. A rebirth for Rowan
  211. My Mom is having WLS
  212. Relationships after WLS
  213. Probiotics May Improve Weight Loss After Gastric Bypass Surgery
  214. DROP DEAD DIVA bashes WLS!
  215. Questions to ask Doctor
  216. Friends have had it..
  217. I wonder-
  218. WLS appearance?
  219. my late partner had gastric bypass
  220. Lap Banding a Dinosaur technique
  221. Lap band surgery in children.
  222. britain's "fattest teen" wishes she never had wls
  223. bariatric surgery advice - for loved one
  224. Realize versus Lapband brand bands
  225. Another WLS Tragedy
  226. Post Op and Pregnant?
  227. Life Isn't Perfect after WLS Article
  228. I had my surgery
  229. I made the difficult choice
  230. I'm booked in!
  231. Not a Happy GRRL
  232. Family Pressure about surgery
  233. I Am Getting The Lap Band Surgery Next Year. Advice?
  234. Follow-up to G.R.S. and W.L.S
  235. FDA considers lowering weight requirement for lapband surgery
  236. At last, DIY Gastric Bypass Kit!
  237. F.D.A. Approves Band Device for Less Obese
  238. 'Surgery can have consequences you might never have imagined.'
  239. My Sister had WLS
  240. Having my lap band removed
  241. WLS may kill my relationship but get me closer to my ex-wife
  242. Upcoming WLS
  243. Malissa Jones, formerly "Britain's fattest teen", ill, suffering anorexia, post WLS.
  244. Will RNY post-ops ever stop losing height?
  245. Getting the fat lecture after WLS
  246. Preparing for eventual WLS
  247. Talk about you experiences with WLS
  248. I'm terrified.
  249. Curious about LAP Band
  250. My Mom's WLS