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Author's note: I posted an early draft of the first parts of this story on the private writer's forum, years back, and got some useful feedback. Still, it took me this long to figure out how I wanted to write and present the whole thing. In the end it turned into more of a creative writing exercise for myself than anything like a standard weight gain story. It is essentially all written, but my intent is to post segments frequently, giving me a last chance to read them one by one and make final edits. So you'll be seeing a lot of updates to this story.....if you hate serials, you might want to wait for a month or so.

Author's note update, 13 Dec 2016: Back in 2013, part way through posting the story, I realized that I had a structural problem in the story, which was going to require quite a bit of re-writing. I got discouraged, procrastinated, and then forgot about the story entirely. Recently I unearthed it, finished the re-work, and am now returning to posting it. Today I inserted one chapter (bumping the last chapter previously posted into a new post), then added another new post after that. All but the very end of the story are now finished, so I hope to complete posting this over the next week or so.

Cecilia Valentine barked into the phone “That you’ve added more interviews is your problem, not mine. We can run ten hours of interviews on Friday, I’m willing to do that—I’m not willing to leave some of the interviews until after the holiday weekend. Friday is the end, full stop, period.” She listened for a moment and said “I don’t really care what you studio publicity people want. Friday is my last day of promo requirements for ‘Queen of Hearts,’ and by Tuesday I’m on a beach sipping margaritas. I’ll see you on Friday, then I’m gone.” Without waiting for a response she jabbed the off button, and for good measure slammed her phone down on the hotel room desk..

Then she threw herself onto the bed and sobbed. She hated coming across like such a prima donna, but there was no way she would do interviews on Tuesday. Friday would be bad enough but she’d picked an outfit that would work. By Tuesday though....none of her clothes would fit.


From Cosmo magazine

We’ve all seen the trailers for Queen of Hearts, and your guy is probably already bewitched by Cecilia Valentine and her smouldering eyes. We’re betting that Queen of Hearts is one movie that couples will be able to agree on seeing this Valentine’s Day, but you can make him your love slave before then by getting those eyes yourself! Get her look with these four easy steps:

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Great to see you've taken up writing again! :-)

Although you know I love serials - could you please be a bit more size positive about the segments you post? Like really making them a lot bigggggger than this one???

Looking forward to reading more!

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Fair criticism, Agouderia--that first segment was awfully short. They do vary in length, but here is some more to get things rolling.

Cecilia woke up while it was still dark outside. She was puzzled for a moment about why, she had woken so suddenly and so early, then her stomach hit her with another sharp hunger pang. She marvelled aloud“Oh, I’m hungry! It’s been a while...no, I’m more than hungry--I’m ravenous!”

She turned when she heard a noise, then she saw a smouldering light in the air and smelled smoke. He was here already.

Reflexively she snapped “No smoking.” as she reached for the bedside light.

“Of course, my apologies.” The light revealed a classically tall, dark, and handsome man.

“You’re here early; what time is it?”

“Five in the morning. I did let you sleep for a couple of extra hours, you know. Your year was done at three am.”

“Fine, thanks for the extra sleep. So, how does this work?”

“Well, I assume that you sign this one sheet of paper, then go back to sleep, and I don’t get the pleasure of your company for another, oh, fifty or sixty years most likely. Tomorrow you go do your interviews for Queen of Hearts, and next week you start negotiating for an even bigger film.”

“No, that isn’t happening. Ever! Like I told you last year--this was the last deal I’m signing with you. I’m willing to pay the price we’ve agreed on. Let’s do it, let’s get started, since I’m awake anyway.”

The handsome man quirked one expressive eyebrow and asked “Are you certain? Those twelve stubborn pounds that you could never lose, that always held you back....are you really willing to go into the interviews tomorrow with those porking out your figure?”

“Yes. And I’m assuming you have some way of making that happen, so let’s go.”

“Well, if you insist...you do have a lot of making up for lost time to do.”

Cecilia suddenly bent over as an even more fierce hunger pang hit her. Through gritted teeth she growled “Just get on with it, will you? I’m assuming you brought food that will somehow put those twelve pounds on me today?”

The handsome man reached out around the corner into the vestibule, and rolled forward a loaded room service cart. “Indeed, here is food that will do that. And if you insist on taking this route, then you will eat it all, and will gain that weight. But look at how much there is...I can make certain that you’ll eat all of this today, but do you really want to be that much of a pig? Look at all of this, can you imagine it all smeared as fat around your body.”

“Just shut up and make with the food, the hunger is killing me.”

“If you insist...why not start with some bacon wrapped scallops, this bowl full will be a good beginning.”

Cecilia reached towards the large serving bowl, but at the last minute he held it away from her grasp. “Are you sure you don’t regret this rash choice?”

Cecilia forced herself back under control, composed her face, turned on her million dollar smile, and cooed “I regret nothing and am not asking out of our deal. Now, if you’d pass me that bowl?”

Still he held the bowl just out of her reach. “You know, all you will be gaining back today is the ‘principle’ of twelve pounds, and little though it was, it was enough to keep you from success in this city. The ‘interest’ has grown to be.....well, you know. You say you are ready to face the media as heavy as you’ll be by tomorrow? But would you do it this time next week?. What will you do in a few months? But give me the word and all of that can be wiped out, you’ll be your true, skinny, self again forever.”

“Whatever gave you the idea that I ever saw the skinny me as the true me? I already feel more like myself just for being hungry”

The faintest smell of brimstone drifted through the room as the intruding snapped back “And how will you be feeling in six months?”

Cecilia’s eyes widened innocently, and she purred “Why, if you are true to your word, I imagine I’ll feel incredibly hungry, just like I do now. So if you’d pass the food, please?”

His chuckle rung in Cecilia’s ears as she grabbed the bowl and started devouring the perfectly cooked treats inside it, lost in the impossibly perfect flavor.

From the blog of Michael St. Jean

I have the opportunity to interview Cecilia Valentine, star of the soon to open “Queen of Hearts.” I admit up front that I’m not generally on the entertainment beat, but I received a call from the Middleborough Reporter--they had somehow arranged a time slot, could I go do the interview? There is a good chance that they’ll also be able to syndicate the article, if I bring an interesting angle. I’m a freelancer, I’m in the area, so I took the job.

Like I said, like you know if you are one of the few readers of my blog, entertainment is not usually my area, so I’m just approaching this like any other story. In other words, my first step was research.

I had only a vague awareness of Ms. Valentine, and in case the same is the case for you, I’m putting the highlights here. Do I want to inform you? Of course. But more, I want you informed enough that you are interested in reading the final article, and will go give some traffic to the Reporter’s web site to read it. Readership leads to more work, more work is good :)

Not quite three years ago she appeared in a televised lingerie ad, for a Valentine’s Day sale. The original campaign was shelved at the last minute when it was deemed to overly promote under-aged sexuality, and Ms. Valentine was picked for the quickly arranged replacement campaign. The campaign was a smash hit, and it was quipped that she had just become the most dreamed about woman in America, due to her good looks and come-hither gaze.

From there she appeared on several talk shows--drawing good ratings--and was soon cast in a low budget independent movie “Pinnochia,” playing a college cheerleader who receives the Pinnochio curse of having her nose grow whenever she lies. Despite its independent status, cheap special effects, and often wooden script, Ms. Valentine sizzled and the film became a surprise hit in the Christmas season.

By the time the movie appeared, she’d had bit parts on three popular television programs, and was in talks for two major movie roles. After the success of Pinnochia she agreed to lead a big budget movie “Queen of Hearts.” The movie was changed to suit her talents, and release was held back so that it would be out for Valentine’s Day this year. Since she finished filming that movie she has also filmed supporting roles in two other movies, appeared as a love interest in six episodes of “Life’s Complicated,” and was in an advertisement that just aired during the Super Bowl.

Quite a whirlwind three years for anyone. All the more so because that televised lingerie ad three years ago was her first substantial appearance, anywhere. Before that she worked in a diner, and had one gig modeling bras for a department store. The general consensus seems to be that she was just at the right place at the right time....but I’m curious as to whether there is more to the story.

In fact, as I did the research I became more and more curious to meet the woman herself. Tomorrow I’ll finally have the opportunity. If you want to read the interview itself you can arrange to subscribe to the Reporter, or pay just to read the article. You won’t read about it here--go give your support to The Reporter--newspapers need all the support we can give them these days.

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Cecilia slumped back on the couch after the latest reporter and photographer team left, and asked the publicity flak “How many more?”

“Five,” and you know these could have been done on Tuesday. You could have been fresh and rested, maybe hit a spa over the weekend…”

“I’m fine.” Retorted Cecilia, sitting back up straight and trying to suck in her gut. Not that she had what almost anyone on the planet would consider a gut, but she was not almost anyone else on the planet, she was a super star model and actress, and she was already a dozen pounds heavier than she’d been when filiming “Queen of Hearts.” Her loose and casual sweater provided a bit of camouflage, but she knew how prying the camera lens could be. She mused that with any luck the speculation would be that she was pregnant, which would be convenient for what she was planning next.

As Cecilia brushed her fingers through her long blond hair the publicity flak tried one more time “At least do "Entertainment Tonight" next week! The buzz on the movie is good already, the opening weekend should be strong. If you can help support that into the second week, the odds of a sequel do go up, and you know that would be….remunerative.” He smiled, confident that he’d offered the ultimate bait.

“Such big words! But you know, I really don’t think I’ll be doing a sequel.” Cecilia felt some tension drain out of her shoulders at the admission.

Then the next reporter entered.

From the pages of the Middleborough Reporter

“Your rise to stardom has been rapid indeed, a classic overnight sensation.” It was only after I made that comment that I really felt that Ms. Valentine was really in the room with me. Then I asked “Why do YOU think you think things came so quickly for you?” and suddenly I saw the intensity that has made her such a star.

Don’t get me wrong, she is a very beautiful woman, in person as well as on the screen. In fact I was a bit surprised, many stars of the screen seem less glamorous in person, but that day Ms. Valentine reminded me of the bombshells of a bygone era, practically oozing sexuality and hard for a man to take his eyes off.

I was the last interview of the day. When I walked in, I could see her fatigue for just a moment before she got her game face on. Even then it seemed like I was getting rote answers about the movie, the director, the other actors. Even the question about whether the movie promoted sexual promiscuity got a bland answer. I’d come to think that this would be a bit of a bust of an interview, so I abandoned my script and asked the question I’d come to wonder about, and she came alive. I could see her studio handler stir, whether from my question or her change in body language I don’t know, but he didn’t intervene before words gushed out of her in that toe-tingling voice.

“Why did things come so quickly for me? Pretty simple, really. I was a beautiful and talented young woman trying to make things on my own terms. All my life I’d been told that I was beautiful and talented, and trying to be as objective as I could I agreed with that assessment, so I thought I should be able to find success in Hollywood--the way that I was. I finally realized that wasn’t going to happen, and I did what it took to meet the industry’s demands. I don’t think of myself as an overnight success, I’d been trying for my break for FIVE years before I....changed my approach.”

The studio handler--I never did get his name--made some noise at that point, but Ms. Valentine shot him a look and he closed his mouth on what he was going to say. I could see that he was getting agitated, however.

Ms. Valentine continued “Then I got the ad, the talk shows, the cosmetics endorsements, and all that. I went non-stop for that first year, knowing that might be my only chance. But that hard work paid off. Have you ever looked at how quick Pinnochia was filmed? I worked sixteen hours a day preparing for and shooting that film, allowing it to stay on its budget and come out when it did. I’ve continued to work hard these past two years, too-- not least on Queen of Hearts. To what do I attribute the speed of my ascent? Hard work. But to have the opportunity to put in that hard work? To get that I had to make my, well, deal with the devil.”

“Deal with the devil? That is an interesting phrase, could you explain some more, please?” Yes, I’m a reporter, I couldn’t resist jumping on that turn of phrase.

But this time the handler was not to be put off. “I’m sorry Mr. St. Jean, your time is up, and Ms. Valentine has had a very long day.”

I was positive that my time was not up. I protested, I may have begged, but I was dismissed. I had no choice but to leave the room.

However, I’d been recording the interview, of course. And it happens that I have very good quality, very sensitive recording gear--many of the interviews I do are under much less ideal conditions than a hotel room. My allotted interview time was clearly NOT up. So when I stepped through the door I didn’t close it quite all the way, and I dropped my notes and had to stop to pick them up.

It took a bit of post-processing, but I managed to catch most of the conversation that occurred immediately after I left the room.

Handler, angrily: “How could you say ‘deal with the devil’? You know that will get out to the press! That is not the image we want associated with Queen of Hearts, don’t you know that your sound bytes?”

Ms. Valentine: “He was the last one, right?”

Handler: “Yes, of course, but I’m not done! I”

Ms. Valentine, cutting him off “I am done. Done with today, done with promoting the movie, done with you and your tribe.”

By this time I had my notes gathered, and security was glaring at me, so I headed to the elevator. Just as the doors shut on me I saw Ms. Valentine come out of the room carrying a gym bag, and heading come towards the elevators.

My elevator was stopped a couple of times on the way to the lobby. When I got out I saw Ms. Valentine walking out of the hotel and waving at a waiting taxi. I hurried after her to try and ask some more questions, but she closed her door before I got there. There was another taxi waiting so on impulse I jumped into it, and asked him to follow her taxi.

As we pulled away I saw her handler come running to the door and look around, but there were no more taxi’s available and he was left behind.

Ms. Valentine travelled only a couple of miles before she got out--now sporting sun-glasses, a baseball cap, and a sweat shirt, but she immediately got into another taxi. She took that one to the airport, where she got out now also wearing baggy sweat pants. On on a whim I had my driver cruise by the taxi pick-up area and sure enough we caught her getting into another cab--now with the hood of the sweatshirt up, but I recognized the sweatshirt and pants and caught a glimpse of her distinctive mouth and chin.

We followed that taxi to a suburban mall. There I finally lost her--I hesitated about whether to follow her inside or cruise around outside, and by the time I chose the former and paid my driver, she had disappeared into the crowds shopping weekend's sales. I scouted the mall for some time, but I never caught sight of her.

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Cecilia removed the curly black wig from over her self-cropped hair as soon as she let herself into the dingy motel room. Physically the motel was only twenty miles from the luxurious hotel where she’d received the reporters; socially it was much farther removed. She was about to toss the wig onto the sagging bed when she stopped cold.

The handsome man was there, dapperly dressed and holding the desk chair out for her. The desk itself was covered in what could have passed from a feast served up at a fourth of July barbecue--burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, strawberries on biscuits topped with whipped cream, all in copious quantities.

Cecilia glared at him and his smugly raised eyebrow, but sat down and started eating. Only after she had managed to eat nearly all of the food, had showered and dressed in a t-shirt and stretch pants did the other figure speak. “So now what? You’ve finished all of your contracts. Do you really expect me to believe that you can walk away from the publicity and the attention and all of that so easily?”

Cecilia smiled, and said “You are a silly Lucy-Goosy, aren’t you? It may not be easy in some ways, but the situation that I’ve gotten myself into-- it makes the choice easy.”

“Oh come on, you can’t really think that continuing being a top star would be such a bad life? The glamour, the money, the attention, even the men if you wanted, or women, up to you really. I don’t judge about things like that.” He leered at that last comment.

At that Cecilia broke out in a full-fledged laugh, finally gasping “Oh, but don’t you see, I’d never forget about the cost. I was never going to give in and offer you my soul. I know you thought I’d keep going, and keep going, until I was unwilling to pay the stated price and barter my soul instead. But I never made those deals blindly. I knew what I was agreeing to, and that I was willing to pay the price.”

The man’s features had gone thunderous. “A pound a day for a year? You are really willing to gain that much? You know what weight you’ll end up at?”

“You forgot that first dozen that you helped me lose, I’ve already gotten those back. Believe me, the number has been engraved on my brain since the last extension on the agreement. I’ll end up at, four hundred and eighty-five pounds. I may not have been a big fan of math class, but I can add.”

“That is enormous. You’ll be the fattest women most people ever see. You’ll be a freak! Instead of being the object of adoration you’ll be the object of scorn and derision.”

Cecilia shrugged “I suppose. But don’t forget you have to get me there.”

The man’s features were no longer remotely handsome, and increasingly seemed almost bestial. “Do you doubt my ability to make you do it?”

“Not at all! You would not have made the deal if you couldn’t enforce it. I admit I was a bit surprised when you offered me the deal for the third year. I mean the first year’s was almost natural: the first dozen pounds back, and a pound a month extra for a year. Enough to thoroughly ruin my modeling career. The second year maybe I could have eaten enough by myself, if you’d made me magically hungry, to gain that pound a week for a year. I would have been pleasantly plump at the end of that, no doubt. But this third year, to make me gain a pound a day? That will take some, well, devilishly tasty and magical food.”

Cecilia rubbed her stomach then gestured at the few remains of the feast she’d just devoured, then continued “I’ve been loving what you’ve provided so far! Obviously that first day, to gain 12 pounds, was ridiculous eating, but you made it easy. And today, ugh, between interviews and had ‘food’ like I’ve been living off for the last three years, and it was insipid and totally unsatisfying. After that to come back to this feast was wonderful. So I’m looking forward to the rest of the year--it has been SO long since I’ve let myself enjoy food!”

The creature stared at her with red eyes. “You really don’t think this is going to be bad! I gave you your heart’s desire, and now you think you can walk away from it--become the exact opposite--and that it will be enjoyable? You are such a fool!”

“Oh please, easy on the brimstone smell. I’ve got the room booked for a week, and I don’t see how you can expect me to have an appetite if the room smells of sulphur.”

Recorded by Michael St. Jean

"You’re asking about Cecilia Valentine, the actress? My wife is begging me to take her to see that movie of hers."

"Yes, that is the one. Did she check into your motel last Friday? I know her last cab ride was in this area, but I don't have her final destination."

"A star like her in a motel like this one? Are you crazy? Anyway, checking in on Friday, let me see, I had a couple of salesmen, a family that had a house fire, and oh yah, that crazy weed-head chick."

"What do you mean by crazy week-head chick?"

"She booked for a week, but just stayed for one night, and that's good or I would have kicked her out anyway. Went into the room Saturday and I couldn’t miss the smell--and she ain't supposed to have been smoking in there or nothing. And it must have been some wicked shit, because the room smelled kind of burnt, you know? Didn't even smell that much like weed, but it must have been because it looked like had the wicked munchies, was a big pile of remains of food table. I call it wicked, people mess up a place like that."

"Wicked sounding indeed"

"Anyway, are you like a reporter or something, one of those papperatso guys stalking stars?"

"No, I'm not paparazzi, but yes, I'm something like a reporter."

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continue on sir!

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“Going for a run? Why do you bother? You’ll gain the weight anyway.”

“I have no choice, now--I chose to have no choice--about getting fat. But that doesn’t mean I can’t stay in shape.”

“Did you hear about the farmer and the calf?”


“There was this farmer, and one day a calf was born on his farm. He lifted that calf up over his head ten times. The next day he did the same, and the next. And by the next year he was able to lift that full grown bull up over his head. Not. A tall tale, of course. Just because you are running now doesn’t mean you’ll be able to keep it up. By the end of the year you’ll have a hard time just standing.”

“Maybe, but it doesn’t mean I won’t do what I can to stay in shape. Besides, it helps work up an even better appetite--I might as well make you work to put the weight on me.”

Recorded on the smart phone of James “Big Jimmie” Nelson, college football running back and secretly serious Film Studies major.

The video starts off showing a muscular young man in a tight t-shirt behind a bar. Then it pans to pick up a curvy young lady with black buzz-cut hair, heavy black eye-liner, and black lip-stick, dressed in a black t-shirt and black jeans. She’s clomping her way from doorway marked as washrooms, past a neon “Oakland A’s” sign, and to a bar stool. In one smooth move she sits down, back to the bar, as she is still moving, and swings around with a kick of her legs to face the bar, and pick up her half-finished beer.

The bartender wanders in the frame, and comments “You’re gonna ruin your image.”

The woman freezes momentarily, then warily asks “What do you mean.”

The bartender waves in her direction and says “All the black, the tough girl posture....then you pirouette on the bar stool, you know?”

She visibly relaxes, then takes on an almost coquetish body posture and says “Maybe I’m not so good at being tough. I used to work in a diner with stools like these, I couldn’t ever resist playing with them.”

“Used to work there. So, whadda ya do now?” inquired the bartender, posing himself to show off his muscles.

The woman takes a moment to appreciate the view, then quips “Break hearts.”

The bartender chuckled. “Like in that ‘Queen of Hearts’ movie that was big a few weeks back? You do kinda have her look.”

The woman sighs “I get that a lot." After a short silence she adds "But I do break hearts you know. I’m working on breaking someone’s right now, actually--well, depending on your definition of 'someone' and 'heart.' Maybe I'll break yours too, if you’ll be upset about me getting fat.”

The bartender grabbed at the end of her statement “What, why you gonna get fat? That’s stupid!” He peered at her suspiciously “You pregnant or something? That's your third beer, you shouldn’t be drinking like that if you are pregnant, ya know?”

“No, I’m not pregnant. Just….free.”

“I don’t get it, a real looker like you, why would you get fat? You lost a few pounds, I bet you could model.”

“True, well almost. I’d have to lose more than a few. Thirty six as of the morning should do it. Well, maybe as little as twenty-six for local stores, but believe me, for the top accounts, it would be thirty-six.”

“What? You crazy? You aren’t that fat!”

“I never said I was fat. You know, once I was twenty-six pounds lighter. I moved out to LA. Tried for acting jobs, modeling jobs, but I couldn’t get them. I wasn’t quite thin enough, and I couldn’t lose those last dozen pounds that my agent said I needed to shed, no matter what I did.”

“No shit. So what did you do?”

“Worked at a diner--weren’t you listening? And speaking of which, I’m due for dinner.” With that the young woman drained the last of her beer, saucily swung around on her stool, and sauntered out, rounded hips sashaying back and forth, body language totally different from her previous walk across the bar.

The video pans back to the bartender catching his leering expression at her departure, before he wipes it off his face and turns toward the viewer. He calls out “Hey Jimmie, that sounded like a good one. That gonna be good stuff for your “slice of life” project?”

A voice, unseen, replies “Check youtube on Monday and you’ll see.”

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Author's note: This chapter inserted 13 Dec 2016. Original post 8 is now in post 10

“How appropriate,” drawled the handsome man, “The Queen of Hearts has love handles. Maybe you should take a picture, post it to your site. You know people are beginning to wonder where you are, what you are doing. You could show them what you’ve been up to.”

“What I’m up to? Let’s see, about now I should be up to about 185.”

“Nice to see you can still laugh at your situation. You know you are getting a double chin?”

“I do--she’s cute. I’m thinking I’ll call her Mae.”

The handsome man glowered, then changed topics. “How’s the running going?”

“Slowing down for sure. Double sports bra to cut down on the jiggle, and going up the river bank this morning I had to walk the last bit. But in some ways it is an even better workout as I get heavier. I may not be as fast or go as long as a while back, but I’m actually working harder. It feels good, and is helping to build up the muscles I’m going to need.”

“Speaking of which.....Hungry?”

“Always these days--you know it. Maybe the hardest part about going for a good run is that the whole time I’m thinking ‘If I go back now, he’ll be there with that amazing food.’ But resisting is a good willpower workout, too.”

The first post on the HuntingForHeart web site

I’m Michael St. Jean, a reporter. In fact, the last reporter to have talked with Cecilia Valentine as far as I’ve been able to tell. You can read that story over on the Middleborough Reporter’s website.

I left that encounter feeling like there was unfinished business, like there was some weight Ms. Valentine had been carrying around that she wanted to put down--but we were cut off. This feeling has kept me paying attention to the stories of her disappearance. However I’m not a detective, I have other work to do, so I didn’t really see how I could investigate in any serious way. All the same, when I could I’ve been trying to learn more about her.

A few weeks ago, I found out the name of the diner in which she first worked when she came to L.A.--she later worked at another one, and if you are interested in her story you’ve probably seen interviews with her former co-workers there. But she’d not mentioned where she first worked, and it took some investigation to find the name.

When I got there, the phrase that came to mind was ‘greasy spoon.’ This place is every run down grill from every detective story I’ve ever read, right down to being wedged between a pawn shop and a strip bar in a run down part of town (more details of the location I won’t give out, they don’t need to get inundated with gawkers). Walking inside didn’t change my impression much-- along one side a counter with spinning stools, right out of the 1950s, down the other side one row of cramped booths. Two old TVs, one at each end of the place, and a fairly elderly waitress sitting behind the counter reading a harlequin romance novel. The newest looking thing in the place was the 20-something hispanic guy manning the grill.

I’d seen a sign in the window that they offered a 24 hour breakfast, and while it was mid-morning I’d not had much besides coffee and a donut, so I decided to start with getting some food, then I could get into the questions. Or maybe, mostly, I was trying to figure out how to ask about someone who worked here eight years ago, without seeming too much like what I was being; a nosy reporter.

By the time I’d finished my scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast, I was coming to like the place. The food was decent, and the waitress, well I’m sure she is the star attraction of the place. Like I said, she’s getting on, although a drug store dye job hides the grey hair. She’s built kind of like a pyramid, so when she’d been sitting behind the counter it wasn’t apparent how big she is. That she can move her hips through the cramped quarters was impressive, that she works on her feet all day even more so. But her personality, man did it shine through. I was laughing and calling her ‘Helen’ before I finished ordering my meal By the time I was on my second coffee I’d accepted that she would tell me as much as she wanted, or didn’t want, to tell me about Cecilia, no matter how smooth or not I was. I had no doubt that she’d known Cecilia, I suspected (and later confirmed) that she’d run this place since she was young herself.

While I’d been eating a couple of cops had popped in, exchanged some small talk, and left with coffee, but then I was the only customer. I was about to just blurt out my question, when I looked up at the TV, and caught Cecilia’s name on the screen. I called out to Helen to turn on the sound. She shot me a look that said “We’re going to talk later,” but did so.

The impossibly thin announcer’s annoyingly cheerful voice suddenly blared from the TV "...no word from the studio on whether there will be a sequel. Word is that Cecilia Valentine is not talking to the studio, or anyone else for that matter. Her representatives will only say that she is taking an extended vacation after a busy few years. Surprisingly there have not been any confirmed sightings of her since she finished doing publicity for the movie. But speaking of sightings, come back after the break to find out who was caught skinny dipping last weekend!"

I called out that I’d heard what I want, and she turned the sound off again, and gave me a level look. I wandered over to the bar, and she asked “Is that why you are here?”

I admitted that it was, and she said “I’ve been wondering how long it would be before someone tracked us down. Who are you with?

I explained about being the last reporter to have talked with her, and how I’d felt like there was more Cecilia had to say, that she had regrets she wanted to confess. About this point I thought to ask if I could record our conversation, and she said no, but I could take notes. It isn’t often that I need to brush off my short hands skills, but it seemed to please her that I did have a notebook and could keep up with the conversation. It went like this.

“Sure, Cecilia worked here, six months and then she graduated.”


“Yah, I hire a lot of girls who, well, look like they need a break. I don’t pay them that great, but I teach ‘em how to be a proper waitress. A lot of ‘em think all you need to do is wear a low cut top and show some cleavage, but it’s a real job, needs real skills. Busy day, you’ve got a lot going on at once, got to keep it all straight, bring out four meals all at once because there’s no time for multiple trips, and make the customer feel welcome all at the same time.”

“Sounds like they should be paying you for the training.”

“Ha, if only! The number I’ve trained over the years, I could retire! But nah, the ones I hire, they mostly don’t have much to their names. A lot come in here, thinking of going to the strip club next door to look for work, because they’re broke and don’t know what else to do. Sometimes others come in, five in the morning, because they’ve been out all night and no place safe to go home to. Sometimes working girls looking to sit down for a few minutes. Some of them, they just have this look, saying they are willing to do what it takes to change their life.”

“Sounds like you are really taking a chance on them.”
“Someone has to, hey? They don’t all work out. First week all I ask they do is show up on time, be clean, sober, not high, and handle the coffee. make a new pot when the old one is low, ask customers if they want a refill. They can handle that, I start adding more. Some don’t last three days, more don’t make it a month. They make it to six months they’re a real waitress, at least a beginner but better than most out there. A year and I kick them out, if they haven’t already left--they can find some place better, leave a spot for someone new.”

“And Cecilia Valentine was one of these?”

“She was Cecilia Javere back then, but yeah. She was one of those almost desperate enough to go ask for work at the strip club, but came in here to give herself one last chance to change her mind. I could see it in her. She’d have probably done OK as a stripper--a lot of them girls come in here too, they’re mostly good girls, you know? But I could tell that really wasn’t what she wanted, so I gave her a chance.”

“You said she stayed with you for six months?”

“Yeah, she learned quick. Good memory. Found a better job, with better tips, after six months. Wasn’t good at small talk at first though, kind of shy, so I taught her some stock lines to use, and to hold onto others that she heard. Not that she’s stupid, just, and I know this is funny when she’s a big time movie star now, shy with people. Kind of silly that she wanted to be an actress, but her mind was made up, and I guess she managed,eventually. I was never sure it would make her happy or not.”

“That’s an interesting observation, when my feeling was that she had regrets she wanted to confess.”

"What regrets could she have? She's made millions, right? And what does it matter to you if she does have regrets?"

"I think it matters. Look how many people go to confession in church. Knowing when you made a mistake, regretting it, I think that matters."

“Pshaw, you a priest or a reporter?”

“Actually I did a year in seminary college, but I decided that celibacy wasn’t for me.”

"If you ever find her, are you going to interview her or ask her to do confession?”

“I never heard of her being Catholic, so I guess I’d settle for an interview.”

“Well, she never made no complaints about working Sundays, but she was religious. At least she’d talk about would god approve of what she was doing, of avoiding the devil’s temptations, all that sort of thing.”

“Fascinating, thank you! If I get to talk with her, another thing to talk about.”

“Do you think you’ll catch up to her?”

"I don't know, she's really dropped out of sight. That evening, I tried to catch her outside the hotel where the interviews were, but I lost her. She changed taxis as least three times, so yeah, she was trying to lose anyone following her, I think she meant to drop out of sight. I tried to track her, I think I found the motel she stayed at that night, but since then, nothing. I think she ran pretty quickly and is probably staying light on her feet, not to have been pinned down."

“But you’re going to try, aren’t you? Just finding me must have been some work, and you don’t look like you’re from LA, too pale. That is a lot of work for an interview. Or even a confession.”

“I guess. It’s just....I feel like I failed her. That maybe something was about to come out, because it needed to come out, and I was her last chance to say it. If I’d managed to keep her handler at bay, or ended up in the same elevator as her, or something. But I didn’t. So I feel like it is in part my fault she never finished with where she was going.”

"Have you tried the internet?"

"I use it all the time, nobody else has found her either.”

"I mean, have you asked on there if anyone has seen her? I remember hearing on America's Most Wanted one time about how this family set up a site for clues on tracking this one guy, and they got stuff even the cops didn't. Not like “I definitely saw this guy at this time and place” but more “I saw someone who kind of looked like guy, I think, last week at a gas station.” But they put the information together, got leads the police didn’t have, led to his arrest"

I tipped her very well, let me assure you. And what she said, that is the mission statement of this site. Gather anything that made you almost feel like you could be around Cecilia.

Of course they won’t be easy, confirmed sightings, that would be too easy. But the woman with her eyes, the voice that sounds exactly like hers. The person who says that is who she is, but doesn’t look like her. The woman with the entire script to Queen of Hearts memorized. Finding something she has signed for sale in a flea market. Knowing that once she stayed in a cabin up the road from you. Anything that could touch on her.

I’m positive that the vast majority of these won’t amount to anything, but who knows which ones will. Hopefully over time we’ll get enough data, and get good enough at shifting through it, to locate her.

10-09-2014, 04:27 PM
This is great! Can't wait to read more!

12-13-2016, 12:49 PM
Author's note: this was originally post 8, moved to make room for a new chapter.

The handsome man was waiting as Cecilia entered her motel room. “Do you see staying in these run down motels as some sort of penance? Because I really don’t think that anyone is going to feel sorry for you, when you are doing it by choice.”

“I have a long list of motels that will accept cash only, no need for a credit card. This sort of place doesn’t usually look at its guests too hard. Both good things when you are trying to hide from the world. But I’m getting fat enough that I think I can relax a little bit, stay in one place for longer. I admit that I’m pretty tired of highways and motels.”

“And having a proper table, dishes, and cutlery--it should enhance your dining experience.”

Cecilia laughed “Yah, I’ve thought of that too. It is the same pound I gain either way, so I’d rather have the food in a more civilized setting. Yah, it will be good to stop running soon.”
“Speaking of running, did I just see you walking across the parking lot back to the room, rather than running? Getting too fat to run already? And you have so far to go....are you sure you are willing to get that fat? There is such an easier solution.”

“Keep trying; I’ll keep saying ‘no.’ And anyway, not too fat to run, not really, but I was starting to draw more looks for running at my size, and I don’t want the attention. So, down to power walks, but I’m still putting in a good few miles each day, it just takes a bit longer. Probably for the best; keeps me out of the motels more, and keeps me from giving in and saying ‘feed me’ too early in the day.”

“But you are ready now?”

“For sure. Just let me get this fanny pack off....great disguise element, but the last thing I want right now is a belt around my waist!”

Sent in to the “HuntingForHeart” web site by “pikachuforpresident”

This story is from my older sister. She didn’t want to send it in, but I thought she should, and finally I’ve decided to send it. She works in a Walmart here in Boise, usually in the electronics department. This happened Tuesday last week, in the morning. It was pretty quiet, she said, so she noticed a woman about her age and size approaching, coming from the plus size women’s clothes section (my family IS active, but we are all kind of big. My sister’s an 18, no matter what she tells anyone else).

So, sis is bored, and the woman is her age and size, so sis was all like “Hello can I help you?” and “I don’t think I’ve seen you around before?” and “Really quiet in here today, lots of room to move around” (that last one because it can be hard to squeeze past people in the aisles when you have like a real butt).

So at first the other girl is sort of friendly, but a bit odd--like she nodded at something my sister said, then stopped and poked at her double chin! But she was like “I’m glad I won’t be here on a busy day. I find it hard enough not knocking into things as it is.” Which is friendly because its sort of like secret code saying yah I’m a fatty and you’re a fatty, we both know what it is like. And then she’s like “I’m stocking up today, then I’m going to hole up for a while, teach myself to play poker online and catch up on watching DVDs.”

That was also kind of weird, right? So my sister looks into her cart and sees she has like a mountain of clothes there, and she’s still being all friendly, so she’s like “And new clothes, it looks like!” But looking more closely she thought she could see a tag showing a size 24, but like I said, she felt the shopper was more like her own size (18).

The other girl doesn’t say anything about the clothes--hello, more weird, girl not taking a chance to talk clothes? Instead she’s like “Movies. Got any suggestions? I was too busy to watch much over the past few years. What did I miss that was good?” Then it was something like

“Oh, did you see ‘Queen of Hearts’ this Spring? I loved that movie, you should get that!”

“Oh, that one I don’t need, I have it pretty well memorized.”

“Me too! What’s your favorite part?”

“Probably the ending.”

“Really? I loved that part in the middle, where she was working her way through those guys? OMG! Can you imagine having all those hunks falling all over you? I would love to be her, wouldn’t you??”

“Been there, done that. You know, maybe I should check the prices out at Future Shop.” Then she turned her cart around, and left. Just like that, just totally kills the conversation, turns her back, and gone. But it was quiet, so my sister had time to think about how weird all that was, then she realized that why she probably said Queen of Hearts was the other girl had eyes were totally like Cecilias!

We talked about it later. I totally thought she should write in here, in case it really was Cecilia, but she was all "Are you crazy? I told you, she was as fat as me!"

" Maybe she put on weight for a role, or maybe she was wearing a fat suit."

"Why would she do that? And anyway, she had a double chin, and full cheeks and stuff."

"They can do that sort of stuff, I saw something about that on TV! And you did say she had Cecilia’s eyes."

"Yah, she did, and her face was kind of the same, but that was no fat suit."

"I still think you should tell someone."

"I’ve told you, and I’m already regretting it.”

At first I was all like “My sister is being stupid, but her decision” but then I was like “She didn’t say I couldn’t tell anyone else, she just kind of made it my responsibility” So I’m writing here.

Oh, and my sister is 23, but I don’t think she’d want to tell her story on TV or anything, especially the part where she’d have to talk about how fat she is.

12-13-2016, 12:50 PM
The handsome man dangled the cheeseburger in front of Cecilia's face. "You know" he teased "the TV is reporting that your studio is offering a six million dollar advance to you if you do a sequel. So far your disappearance is just adding to your market value. All you have to do is give me the go ahead, and you'll be thin, ready to return to sight, and go on to be one of the biggest stars Hollywood has ever known."

"All I want you to give me is that damned cheeseburger, and you don’t really have a choice in that matter.”

"Such language! You'd think a woman with your figure challenges would at least compensate with good manners."

"I wasn't swearing, just describing. Anything you give me is damned, just by definition."

"My dear, if you insist on staying in this dowdy and drafty old house, the least you could do is be nice to me."

"We’re staying here because it is private, and it gives me lots of space to exercise, as you well know. And I haven't forgotten who you are, so I have no intention of being nice to you. You aren't nice in the least. Again--by definition."

"Keep it up and you won't be nice at all. You are already morbidly obese--add in a nasty attitude, and you'll end up a bitter, fat, old woman. And I really don’t see why you bother with the exercise, you know it doesn’t matter because you’ll become fat anyway."

“You still don’t get it, really? On the one hand I need to become strong and fit to carry the weight around--I have no intention of being trapped in bed. And on the other hand, the more energy I burn, the more I have to eat to gain per our agreement.”

“You are deliberately making yourself have to eat more of my ‘damned’ food? That sounds like gluttony to me!”

"I'll take my chances. now give me that damned cheeseburger--I know it will taste divine."


Recorded by ‘Gabe’ for HuntingForHearts, using a cheap cell phone, which only clearly caught the words of the man it was pointed at.

"Yah, yah, that's me, who are you?" The man peering out the door looks like he might have seen sixty years, but a tough sixty years.

"You tracked me down from my posting on the internet? How'd you do that?"

"That easy hunh? I guess my cousin was right about that stuff after all. So yah, I posted on that web board, about the woman who sounded like the one in the movie."

"It was basically what I wrote. I’m no Hemingway but it seemed important somehow, so I took my time and wrote it proper. My wife got the movie on DVD and watched it like three times, so I know the voice, and I got a good ear for voices.. I deliver oil, for heating, you know? So I fill up the tank at this old farm house. Must have bad insulation, I have to go every six weeks all winter."

The man coughs wetly, then carries on. "Anyhoo, one day I was dropping off the bill, when I hear this woman's voice yelling, and I listen, thinking maybe someone's been hurt. Then I recognize a scene from that movie, where she is telling that one guy how he'll never own her heart, you know? And the funny thing was I swear it sounded exactly like in the movie, except a few of the words were changed, so I wasn’t just hearing the movie being played. Then she laughs, and it is the same laugh too. So I peak in the window, but the only person I can see in there is this woman, who is fatter than my wife....and that means county fair prize winner big."

"Harold C. Mackenzie, how fat did you just call me?"

"What, honey, I didn't see you there. Look mister, I got to go, don't bug me again." The door shuts in front of the camera.

12-15-2016, 02:49 PM
“I haven’t noticed you using the treadmill much lately” commented the handsome man, after appearing from nowhere, as was his wont.

Cecilia grunted as she pulled down on the bar of the universal machine. Holding it down she panted “Thighs rubbing together too much to use it for long.” She allowed the bar to slowly rise, then pulled it down with another grunt “Still use it some, and walking laps around the house. But more weights now.”

The handsome man raised one eyebrow improbably high, and asked “Walking laps around the house? Are you sure it isn’t waddling your fat ass from the couch to the fridge and back? Because fat as you are, this is surely what people will believe.”

Cecilia did another rep, then replied “They can think whatever they want, so long as they don’t think I’m Cecilia Valentine.” Another rep, then “I may be waddling some, these thighs.” Another rep, then “Done! Food would be good now.”

“You don’t want to go to the table?”

“I’m good here on the bench, and impatient. If there is pie, I’ll have dessert first, thankyouverymuch.”


Hi HuntingForHeart people! I don’t know if I’m the typical Cecilia Valentine fan, given that I’m a retired lady, but I loved her two movies, and I bought them on DVD as well as seeing them in the theatre. Why I’m writing isn’t really about finding Ms. Valentine, but I thought this story shows how she’s become such a big part of our culture.

I volunteer doing gift wrapping down at the mall, raising money for UNICEF. Last Tuesday was pretty quiet, even if Christmas is approaching, so I noticed this one woman struggling her way toward a bench next to our area. She was carrying quite a few bags, but she was also carrying quite a bit of weight on her body. I was feeling sorry for her, being so large when she is still quite young--at my age moving as if each step hurts a bit is normal, but it is sad to see in someone still in their twenties.

Anyway, she made it to the bench and sat down. But just then a group of teenage girls came from the other direction. A right gaggle, you know that type that look so nice and act so mean? We had them when I was a girl and we have them now, and I’ll never understand why girls who have so much have to be so mean. But back to my story! One of them said "Oh my god, if I got that fat I'd kill myself." Exactly those words, and loud enough that I saw heads turning quite some distance away. I felt horrible for that fat woman, everyone turning to stare!

BUT The woman on the bench shot back "That would be taking the easy way out!"

The mean girl stopped, looking shocked that her victim had fought back. She snapped "Get your ugly ass out of here, you're making the mall gross."

The fat woman laughed, one of those really nice, warm, laughs, and then she says "Darling, this ass is worth millions. And you know even fat people have family to buy Christmas presents for."

The mean girl did that eye rolling, hair tossing thing that they do, and she tries to have the last word, saying "Get out of my reality.” I recognized it right away as the line that Cecilia says to that awful Blaze McCauley in her movie, and really it seemed pretty hard to respond to, I was cringing thinking the mean girl had won.

BUT the woman on the bench had an answer! "Queen of Hearts was just a story darling, and that was the worst line in it, believe me." After that the teens flounced off, and I thought the show was over. The fat woman kind of sprawled more on the bench, trying to get comfortable to rest better probably, which was hard because her derriere was large that she couldn’t really fit her entire fundament on the bench. She’s busy with this, so doesn’t notice one of our security guards approaching, who had also seen this whole thing, and he’s holding a piece of paper.

“Excuse me, ma’am?” he said, just as respectful as that, which shows that some younger folk aren’t so bad (and he really is quite young by the look of him, but quite sweet looking in his uniform. I’d have been happy to have him talk to me when I was that age! Oh I was a well behaved girl, but what girl doesn’t appreciate a cute young man paying attention to her?)

The fat woman looks up at him, and he hands her the piece of paper, and says “Don’t let those girls get you down, everyone has every right to be in here, especially at Christmas. But this is a big mall to be walking around, if you ask at customer service you can get a scooter. And if you ever need help with stuff, call this number.”

She looked quite puzzled. I don’t think she recognized flirting when she saw it. Which makes sense I guess, when you think about it, fat as she is. Anyway, she asks “Sorry, are you like a handy-man on the side, looking for business?”

Well doesn’t he just get all flustered! Stammering and blushing and all, but finally he manages to say “I don’t think you are grotesque, at all! Quite the opposite. But I know you don’t know me, so I thought that maybe I could help you with some stuff, we could get to know each other, and see what happens.” Which really is very nice of him, better than most young men these days I’m certain. And her without many offers, I’m also certain!

But instead of saying thank you or anything like that she draws herself up straight, like the Queen of Sheba or something and says “I’m flattered that you are interested in me, but what makes you think I’m interested in you?” And she said it exactly like in the movie, I swear it was exactly the same.

Then she hoisted herself to her feet, it took two tries which quite ruined her hoity-toity airs, and then waddled toward the exit as quickly as she could.

The man called after her “That wasn’t one of the better lines in that movie, either!”

So two people using quotes from the movie close together, and both times to someone who knew the movie well enough to comment on the quote!

I’ve not seen the fat woman back in the mall since then, so I don’t know where she finished her shopping. But wasn’t it odd of her to stand up to the mean teenagers, but run away from a nice young man? Still, one of my good friends has a granddaughter who was always on the heavy side, and then at college she really added a lot more weight, quite to the despair of her mother and grandmother. She’s not the size of the woman I saw that day, but I am going to tell my friend to bring her shopping at the mall when I’m volunteering and I will introduce them to the security guard, so maybe some good will come from that odd encounter yet!

12-15-2016, 03:26 PM
“What?” asked the handsome man, while Cecilia gorged herself on pizza. “After all that time setting up your home gym here, we are leaving?”

Cecilia finished her slice and took a moment to comment “Disturbing encounter at the mall today, helped me realize that I’ve stayed here for too long. Anyway, I’m moving--I assume you will just show up uninvited as always.”

“My dear, you wound me. Of course I’m invited, you gave me an open invitation when you signed our deal. And what happened, did you get oinked at? Called a fat cow? Get stuck in a door?”

By this point Cecilia was devouring her next slice, so the house was silent for a few moments aside from the noises of her eating and breathing. Then she explained “No. Well yes I was insulted -- but that I expected. The problem was that I was hit on.”

“Ah, you weren’t ready for that type of man, the type who loves to see a woman so out of control that she is eating herself to death.”

“That wasn’t the vibe I got off of him, but I’m not getting involved with anyone until this year is over.”

“You really think anyone would want to get involved with you once you weigh nearly a quarter of a ton?”

“Don’t you get the internet where you are from? I know all about fat admirers. There may not be a lot of people who are going to like my new size, but there will be some.”

The handsome man was looking less handsome again. “Perverts, all of them!”

“Tsk, you’d want me to believe that, want me to believe that I’m doomed and have no options. But believe me I did my research long ago, before our first deal. They exist, they are real, some of them are nice people.”

With brimstone laden words, the red man demanded “You signed our deal knowing all of that? You told me that getting fat was your worst fear!”

“What, YOU have never lied a little bit? Anyway what I said was that ‘Getting fat is my greatest fear as a model and actress.’ There has always been more to me that being a model and actress. If I hadn’t been able to swing the deal we made, I would have given up and gone on to other things. I’m still going on to other things, just with the satisfaction of knowing I’m a good actress, and of course with a couple of million socked away, even after paying for this year.”

After a pause she added “You know, there is getting to be a lingering brimstone smell around here anyway, it was probably already past time to move. But don’t panic, it will be a week or so before I’m going anywhere--I’ll need to clean away all traces of me being here, and and doing that much scrubbing of everything is going to take me a while at this size.”

From: AIDLACK921
Message: I’m not naming names, and I’m not giving my name, let’s get that clear first, and I just made up this email address so I don’t think you can trace it back to me, so maybe you won’t even believe me, I don’t know.

I sell hand-made jewelry on-line. I got a big order a few weeks before Christmas, for delivery to a few different addresses, to be signed ‘From CC.”. I had to really rush to get it out. It was only when I was shipping that I noticed one was going to a talent agency office in LA, and another was going to a “D. Javere.” I knew Javere was Cecilia’s name before she changed it, and it isn’t so common, and that her sister is Danielle. I checked the agency, and they are Cecilia’s agents! There was also some going to an address in the small town where Jay Stone, the director of Pinnochia, is from. The fourth was just to post office box at a UPS store in North Chatanooga, I couldn’t figure the connection on that one--and it was a bit different, that order had extra-long posts -- usually that means they are for someone so fat that even their ear lobes are fat.

It could have been Cecilia, or at least someone buying presents on her behalf. I don’t know, but somehow I believe that it is.

12-16-2016, 10:14 AM
As the panel truck bumped its way down the dirt drive and turned onto the narrow county road, Cecilia locked the door, slumped on her trusty, sturdy, kitchen stool, and started removing her disguise. The blonde wig first, then the green contact lenses, finally the hideous, shapeless, floral dress came off once she was ready to stand up again. She piled all of them into a garbage bag, then looked around one more time to make sure she wasn’t leaving anything incriminating behind.

“Ready for one last meal before you flee again? You know you could stop hiding, stop disguising yourself, if we just made one more, more permanent, deal.”

“A meal here, before driving off? Sure, so long as it doesn’t need dishes. Those have all been donated to Goodwill. Sell you my soul? Never. Any other questions?”

“With how paranoid you have been, I’m surprised you let those people into the house to take away all your precious, but sadly outgrown, exercise equipment.”

Cecilia chuckled “That was a statement, not a question. But I posted the equipment for sale on an online classified ads site, and chose the response that seemed most likely to try to rip a lady off. I gave him the classic pathetic fat woman as the image of who he was ripping off. I expect he’ll be selling those within a day or two, for quite a bit more than he paid me. I think he’ll want to move it quickly, in case I change my mind or realize that he ripped me off, and try to get it back.”

“Of course I’d rather not have dealt with him at all, but leaving all of that in the house might have gathered more attention. I did rent this place through cut-outs and all, but that isn’t to say someone might not link it back to me if they dig hard enough.”

Perhaps she might have said more, but the handsome man handed her a double cheeseburger, and she was soon absorbed in devouring the start of the latest in 365 feasts.


From: Mike-your-Moderator
Message: Hello Heart Hunters. I’ve an announcement to make, and hopefully it is good news.

Early in this site’s existence I’d said I was planning on keeping it going only until the first anniversary of Cecilia’s disappearance. My logic at the time was that the trail would be getting increasingly cold, and if she still avoided all attention after that long we should respect her desires and move on.

I’ve decided to keep it up at least a little longer than that. Two reasons for this:

First of all, some changes in my personal circumstances have given me some extra time to work on the site, and clean up some of the random pile of reports, comments, tips, and so on. That should make the site more viable going forward
Edited to add: I’ve had a lot of messages of concern. To be a bit more open, my employer is shutting down. I did get a severance package and I’ll probably be putting together contracts and freelance work, but for at least the next while I have some extra time on my hands

Secondly, a real community has grown up around this site. Both with some of the amazing collective sleuthing -- like the group that figured out one identity that linked back to Ms. Valentine -- and more socially on the “Heart to Heart” discussion board. Did you know that at least four couples have gotten together as a result of that board, and at last count seventeen cities had groups working on plans for a Valentine’s Day screening of Queen of Hearts as the culmination of get togethers for her fans.

I just can’t kill off this community. I don’t know what to do longer term, perhaps this becomes just another fan site? But for now the focus is on cleaning up all the accumulated clutter. And who knows, maybe in going through all of that, I’ll make some connections that were previously missed? (Nah, you all have been so all over this that I doubt I’d pick up on something that everybody else missed, but at least the clean up should make it easier for people to sort through everything.

12-16-2016, 11:19 AM
The SUV with heavily tinted windows continued to roll through the Kansas dusk without even dipping on its suspension when the handsome man appeared in the passenger seat.

“Aren’t you going to stop to eat?”

“No. I figure you’ll manage to get the food into me as we drive. Got a long way to go tonight still--too cold to sleep in here, and the motel I’d been planning on staying in is out of business. Got a ways to go before I get to the next one that I’m pretty sure will take cash.”

“Come now, you always say--and show--how much you love the food I bring. Surely you could check into a decent hotel and we could do this properly.”

“Mmmm, not so much. That one crazy reporter is still running that web site for tips about me, and they broke one of my false names months ago. I only have one more back-up, so I really want to avoid using this credit card if I can.”

“Do you really think anyone will associate the waddling, panting, ball of flab that you are now with thin, glamorous, Cecilia Valentine? Maybe this is why you haven’t accepted my kind offer yet--you are in denial, you think that maybe it isn’t so bad.”

Cecilia didn’t answer in words, but did stick out a hand, which was promptly filled with a boston cream donut. As she ate it, he taunted “But it is that bad, you know. How much you eat, people expect that of a porker like you. Look, your belly is almost resting on the steering wheel, even in this big car. How many tries did it even take you to get up onto your seat? When we get to the motel, what if you have to walk down a long hallway, would you even make it?”

The only response was an extended hand again, this time it was promptly filled with a burrito.

“You have three chins, three rolls to your belly, two rolls to your thighs, no visible ankles at all. It takes you two times rocking back and forth to get out of a chair, you can’t get up off the floor without something to lean on, by the time you have a shower you have to sit down and rest. And you aren’t even done yet.”

Around a mouthful of burrito, Cecilia replied “Only thirty-one more days, only thirty-one more pounds. I’m almost there, and I’m still on the go. No regrets, no change of heart. If you want you can leave now, I’m sure I’m capable of stuffing my own face enough to finish things off.”

“You would dismiss me? Hardly! After all the time that I’ve poured into you, I’ll be here until the end. And after, when this is done and you’ve tried living your life imprisoned in all this lard, you can still call on me, I’ll come. You can be free of this prison with only a word.”

“I’ll accept the physical prison, thanks, compared to the spiritual one. And I’m not totally imprisoned, and I can lose some of this.”

“Oh dear, perhaps your memory is not as good as you thought. We did agree that this new weight would be as hard to lose as those dozen pounds that you just couldn’t quite seem to get off to get your career going.”

“Ah, but the problem there was that I didn’t really like being skinny, even as skinny as I was. I wanted to model, I wanted to act, to be famous, and all of that. But starving myself down to a rack of bones, it made me feel sick, made me feel panicked, and I’d eat.”

“I think you are telling pretty lies to yourself. If that was what it was, why would you have made a deal with the devil?”

“Shouldn’t that be obvious? With the original deal I would be skinny, but only for a year, and after I’d have an excuse in my own head for why I couldn’t stay in that horrible, bony, place. As I got comfortable with that I got comfortable with being fat, and eventually with being massively fat. Part of me had always wanted to be fat, I’d just never dared go after it. I was always told that I was so pretty, so photogenic, that I should be a model, be an actress. I wanted to prove that I was that good, but I didn’t want to be that person who was obsessed with diet and workouts. And after we are done this year, without you feeding me, I don’t think I could stay this fat without obsessing about how to eat so much food, especially if I can push through the pain and keep working out.”

“You think you can work off hundreds of pounds of fat?”

“Of course not. But I don’t want to get that small anymore. But after carrying this much, and another thirty one around, any lighter should be a relief. Maybe I’ll get back under four hundred, maybe not, but I’m pretty sure I can drop enough to make life a bit easier.”

Silence reigned in the vehicle for a while, until Cecilia reached out and turned on the CD player. “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” came spilling out of the speakers, drawing only a brimstone stench in response.


Posted to HuntingForHeart by BlackAndBlue190843

The thing about this hunt for Ms. Valentine is that you must be making life miserable for any other Cecilia Valentines out there, or even any woman with Valentine in their name.

I pulled over a Lexus SUV for speeding yesterday, and inside was one of the fattest women you’ve ever seen. I mean, you could see it was a bit of a challenge for her to get her license out of her purse in the console, and give it to me, the twisting around all that fat was hard. And then I look a the name, Cecilia Valentine. I just looked up at her, she met my eyes and said “I know, right? At least nobody would physically mistake me for a movie star.”

I just felt so sorry for her that I let her off with a warning. If she’d really been burning up the road I probably would have busted her anyway, but it was pretty marginal and I’d only chosen her because of the fancy wheels. Hard enough being that fat, that much worse being stuck with such an infamous name that is so associated with glamour and mystery. Only mystery with this chick would be how many candy bars she has stored in her belly button.

12-19-2016, 11:49 AM
“What kept you, starving here!”

“Did you know that in the next room over a couple are having an adulterous affair?”

“How would you even know that? Never mind, stupid question. Food please; I did a lot of walking and I’m feeling pretty shattered and starving.”

“What, not even a passing thought for the slim, nubile, bodies sinning on the other side of the wall? No thoughts that once many men would eagerly have broken their vows to be with you, that you could have had your choice of lovers. And now, well, I’m afraid I can’t help but spying on you, but I do believe you were having trouble properly applying a sex toy, due to the amount of belly in the way. Will you really be willing to live as someone too fat to be fucked by anyone else, and too fat to even pleasure yourself? Think about that before you insist on rejecting my offer.”

“Oh please, I just need to get a longer handled wand instead of a little bullet, and I’ll be fine. I just chose the bullet to bring along because it is easier to pack and more subtle to have around. And as I said, I know that there are men who will happily take care of any sexual needs that I may have. And now, make with the food--there was emergency water main repairs going on in front of the post office, so I had park four long blocks away and walk both ways. My hips and knees are aching and my stomach is screaming.”

“My so eager for my food. If you insist on wanting to be a big fat blob, I could offer you another deal. I keep feeding you. You keep gaining, although not so fast. I take away the pain, but the rest of your health is up to you.”

Cecilia hesitated, but finally asked “And the price?”

“Your soul, of course--but that doesn’t change the rest of your life, I collect at the end only, of course.”

“No, no more deals. We have 21 days left. Twenty-one days and I’m done with you.”

“Think about it. I could make it so that you get even more food, so that you can spend all day eating, but gain only slowly. You could spend all day in blissful pleasure, taste buds dancing for joy, stomach full and happy, feeling no pain.”

“No. Just....no. Give me today’s food, please, then leave me alone.”

“Come, come, Cecilia, as you yourself said we only have twenty-one days left together, I’ll want to make the most of it, I’m hardly going to leave you alone much now.

“Fine, but I hope you like mice.”


“Give me the food, and I’ll explain.”


From: MIke-your-Moderator

I’m not posting this to the public board, just messaging a few of you who have put in a lot of work here and who I believe can keep quiet. So please justify my faith in you all and DO keep this to yourselves -- I don’t even really know what it means yet, but I’m sure it could make a small media storm that would really not help.

Before I go on, I want to thank ‘Gabe.’ He suggested that when I reviewed all the reports and so forth that I should keep Cecilia’s acting background in mind, and look for arcs and stories that connect things, rather than categories or boxes that divide things up. That is, that Cecilia wouldn’t be likely to disguise herself and go to ground and keep everything the same over a year, but that she would build character development and plot into whatever it was she was doing.

I tried doing things both way, actually. It is too easy to draw constellations from clusters of stars, and I didn’t want to end up chasing too many chimeras born out of my imagination getting over-heated. I guess I’m still more of a reporter than a novelist. It was in doing both that I noticed something.

When I made boxes, one was ‘reports that are unexpected.’ In other words, there are lots of reports corresponding to things people expect Cecilia might be doing -- covering up a pregnancy, cancer treatment, moved to a tax haven, etc. And of course there are plenty of reports that claim “She looked exactly like Cecilia, I swear!” But some items people felt compelled to send in, even though they were sure it couldn’t be her, but someone had something about them that compelled them to submit. This was one of the smaller ‘boxes’ of reports, and in reviewing it I saw a possible arc, pulling in a couple of items from other boxes once I looked more thoroughly.

Take a look through the attached items (and even one video link an anonymous poster sent in). To me it tells a story of that could be interpreted as Cecilia running away from the movie business and getting really, really, fat. One of the last supposedly solid links we have is that the manager of the motel I traced her to complained that she’d been a huge weed head, leaving the room smelling of smoke. Crazy amounts of munchies could possibly explain the massive weight gain?

Now, I don’t think this is what actually happened. That first day, I saw her go into the airport, I saw her come out of the airport--but what if who I saw was a decoy? Say Cecilia found a young woman, maybe down on her luck, who looked and sounded a bit like her, then gave her an itinerary and a lot of money to pretend to be Cecilia in hiding? That decoy could have been intended to lay down enough clues to help confuse the trail.

And the decoy might not actually have gotten fat. Movies use fat suits all the time, and surely Cecilia knows enough costumer makers to arrange to get some made. All the decoy would have to do is appear in suits of various sizes at various times and say enough things to stick in people’s minds. The smell in that motel room could entirely have been a ruse to suggest a week habit. Although I can’t dismiss the possibility that the decoy wasn’t stable, is a massive pot head, and has used Cecilia’s money for all the week and food she can consume.

Either way, the custom earings seemed so blatant that is was almost certain to be part of the misdirection, and it wasn’t that long of a drive and I had the time ….

I headed down to North Chatanooga, and sweet talked one of the post office employees, and checked into a motel nearby. The employee texted me today, and I was able to get there in time to see a truly enormous young woman painfully waddle her way to a black Lexus SUV (note: matches the vehicle in one of the attached reports, from a highway patrolman) I followed the SUV when it left, and to my amazement it went to the same motel at which I’m staying!

I do realize that she is probably a decoy, but hopefully she knows something. It is hard to stake a person out on your own, but I’m waiting to see if she goes out to buy food, or if she leaves the motel. I’m hoping I can get a chance to talk with her, without spooking her. More once I get something.

12-20-2016, 01:59 PM
“Pretty shameless, I’d say” suggested the handsome man, “bringing your bloated flesh and our relationship to such a family friendly place.”

“I really don’t think it matters where we are, with regard to me dealing with you. It isn’t like there is a brand on me, or a wave of corruption following me around.” Cecilia made a moue of displeasure at the mere thought, then continued “I’ve always wanted to visit here, but my family never came and then I never had time once I was a success. And perhaps most key of all, it is actually one of the most fat friendly places on the planet. I may not be able to go on almost any of the rides, but there is plenty else to take in.”

“I noticed that you’ve accepted the inevitable, and rented a mobility scooter. Finally realized that despite all your efforts you are too fat to walk?”

“I’m not too fat to walk! But for sure I’m too fat to walk all around the massive parks here. I knew I’d reach this stage, and planned for it. That is why I had a heavy-duty scooter reserved. With that, I can cruise around all day. Which is good, because they have food everywhere! I fully intend to fulfill fat stereotypes and be eating as I roll around on my scooter. If I don’t manage to pack away enough calories each day, feel free to top me up at night. But I’m hoping that I can be enough of a pig that you don’t even need to visit.”

“Oh don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll come and visit. I can’t wait to see the tears of humiliation on your cheeks once you’ve realized that even here you are a fat freak, a beached whale, something that everyone is embarrassed to be around.”

“I’m sure you’ll be disappointed on that front, but I admit that I do love the food you bring, so maybe I’ll save a little space for you. Actually I do intend to do a lot of swimming each day--great exercise that should be more fatty friendly. That was part of why I booked this, over a year ago.”

The handsome man raised one eyebrow impossibly high “You booked this? Could someone look up in the registry and see that the elusive Ms. Cecilia Valentine is staying here?”

“Of course not, I booked through cut-outs, under a false name. Different cut out and different name than the house in Idaho, thankfully. I had no idea that you would cause it to burn down and bring down a detailed investigation, but I guess I was just generally paranoid.”

“Now, now, you don’t know that I caused that fire! The investigation suggested drifters or local kids broke in.”

“And I wonder who gave them that idea?”

“If you think I’d do that, do you really want to see what ideas I might give others if you don’t sign a new deal with me? Your choice, really, back to thin or painless feeding and fatness, either way simplified and pleasurable life.”

“I’ll take my chances. I’m pretty sure you don’t get free reign to terrorize people who have refused you.”

“You certainly are stubborn. I like that, it will be all the more delicious when you break down and beg me to offer you a deal again.”


From: Mike-your-Moderator

As I reported earlier, I lost the SUV in Tampa traffic -- it really is hard to trail someone all by yourself. But big thanks to the community here; 97radios suggested the most size friendly resort hotels, and Imawombat suggested checking out mobility scooter rentals. It took a few days, but I found the Lexus SUV in a parking lot, and I scouted the routes a scooter would take to the various features. It took another couple of days, but I got visual confirmation--unfortunately she was just heading back into her hotel.

I did follow, but the delay of finding the guest parking made me miss the elevator doors shutting on her, again! But I watched, and it only stopped at two floors, so I’ve narrowed down where she is staying to quite a degree.

I’m working on booking a room in this hotel, so I’m hoping that I can become a familiar face and get a chance to talk with her -- I doubt she’ll recognize me, out of context. I’m also trying to find information about who paid for her booking, but my press credentials aren’t getting me far with the high levels of corporate supervision here.

12-20-2016, 02:02 PM
“About time! I stayed at the pool today, didn’t eat much--none of the resort food is as good as yours anyway. But I did a ton of swimming and water walking. I feel like I could eat a moose, it takes so much energy to move this much body through the water. In short, if I’m gaining a pound today it is going to take an epic feast tonight.”

The visitor eyed Cecilia’s bulk, not hidden in the least by the two piece bathing suit she was wearing. With a sneer he asked “Any trouble getting out of the pool? I’m sure all that blubber floats you nicely when you are in the water, but when you try to leave it must pull you down so cruelly.”

“They have a ramp, I can manage it. I admit the top bit, when I’m mostly out of the water, is a struggle, but I can do it....and only ten days left!”

A hint of sulphur flavoured the air as he demanded “Is that why you are in such a good mood?”

“Mostly. Also a guy has been kind of flirting with me the last couple of days. I’m still not going to do anything about it, but maybe when he leaves I’ll get an email and follow up later.

“Well then, to celebrate your budding romance, perhaps it will be a fancy feast tonight. Butter poached lobsters, for starters, and we can go from there.”

Cecilia gave him a suspicous glare for providing such a supportive comment, but in only seconds she broke down and admitted “That sounds amazing! I am crazy hungry, I feel like I could eat two pounds worth right now. Not that I’m going to, one only please, but let’s get started.”

After a few bites of butter infused lobster she added a bit wistfully “I’ll miss this food when we’re done. At least it should make it easier to lose weight, when other food seems so ordinary in comparison.”


From: Mike-your-Moderator

Again sending this just to the very limited list of you, please continue to hold this in confidence.

I haven’t found the connection with Cecilia yet, but ‘Sally’ seems to have quite a story of her own. I got talking to her yesterday, and got her to agree to drinks tonight. Just got back from the bar. I recorded most of the conversation so I can go through it tomorrow, but a few quick highlights.

- I all but got her to admit that she was in Idaho until recently.
- She admitted to having gained a lot of weight, and being right near the limit of what she can handle physically.
- I pushed on that a bit, and she said it was deliberate, that she has someone who has been helping (maybe making?) her gain. But she says she’s about done, just a few more days and she’ll be rid of him. I wasn’t clear on why she is waiting, but she seemed to have a definite date in mind.
- She seems accepting of the weight, not like this was coerced by anyone, but at the same time wants to lose some of it so she can get around better.
- For sure she knows Cecilia well, I brought the subject to the missing actress and slipped in a couple of bits of background that I know are not widely known, and she didn’t blink. Mind you, she was pretty drunk by then.
- and I’m pretty drunk now. I’ll replay the conversation in the morning and try to make more sense out of it.

--Mike, your moderator

12-21-2016, 03:30 PM
“I hope you can do hangover food, else you might have to feed me several rounds, as I may puke the first couple up.”

“My food will soothe you. I can always make sure that you can eat my food, as much as is needed for our agreement.”

“Useful, I guess. Can I have some NOW, please? Especially if it will soothe my stomach.”

“Celebrating the imminent end our deal?”

“Something like that. Or it started out that way, I thought. But this guy, I think he’s investigating me, but I’m not sure if he’s investigating the super fat me, or Cecilia Valentine fugitive actress. When he was pushing harder, I was already pretty drunk.”

“Maybe the press has finally caught up with you. Won’t those make lovely photos, of the former star model and actress who is now so bloated she can barely walk.”

“Yah, I was trying to avoid that, but it was always a risk. I gave him a story of a mystery feeder whose spell I fell under. Maybe not totally believable, but it is my best bet. Probably it will be concluded that I had a mental break down of some sort.”


From: Mike-your-Moderator

I guess I should have seen this twist coming.

“Sally” is Cecilia, I’m certain of it.

Spend time with her and you see the resemblance despite all of the new fat. It is in her eyes, her lips, to some extent her body language -- although the weight has changed the latter a lot.

But the real giveaway is her voice. At first she was changing it -- she's an actress after all. But the later part of the conversation I recorded, when she was drunk, it clearly sounds like her, not just intonation but word choice and everything. I ran comparisons with the tape I made when I interviewed her just before she disappeared, and there is no substantial doubt in my mind. But I’ve sent samples off to a expert at voice analysis, and I hope to have something back from her tomorrow.

I don't want to confront her over this before I've gotten the voice match confirmed, but I'll be keeping an eye out in case she's about to leave.


12-21-2016, 03:36 PM
“You are here early, I haven’t even been swimming yet.”

“I have a surprise for you.”

“Really? I don’t think I like surprises from you.”
“Come now, all I’ve done is brought you breakfast from the hotel”

Cecilia quickly downed the eggs, sausage, pancake, and hash browns.

“Do you feel satisfied?”

“Not really, although of course that is less than I’d normally eat with you. I’m sure normal eating will be an adjustment. At least today I get your food still.”

“An adjustment. Yes, you could say that. Feeling nervous about it?”

“A little.”

“I do have another surprise then. Our agreement said that you would gain at least a pound a day. It compelled you to eat enough to do so, and I made that possible with the food I provided. The compulsion ends when you’ve had enough to gain your pound. But you can eat more, should you choose.”

“Get to the point, get to the catch.”

“No catch -- other than temptation, but would you expect anything else? I would like you to seriously consider my offer of endless eating and pleasure. So today I offer to give you as much as you will eat. No forcing, but why not try it, see what it would be like. If not, I’ll leave you to eat enough room service to gain.”

“What, but you are supposed to feed me, make sure I gain enough.”

“No, that was just my pleasure. The compulsion will make you eat enough if it is possible. It just won’t be satisfying.”

“I, I was looking forward to one last feast.”

“As was I. So why not make it a true feast?”

“One last feast, then we are done?” Cecilia licked her lips nervously. “There have been days where you’ve had to feed me a lot, until I’m pretty cursed full, but I admit I’ve wondered just how much I could eat if I tried …”

“Of course you have! And this is our last day, so if you don’t find out now, you’ll never know. And it will be all of my best food -- oh don’t worry, I’ve kept track of your favorites.”

Cecilia let out a low moan.

“And you can just lie back in that recliner, in your nice comfy house coat. You don’t even have to lift an arm -- of course I’ve seen how much work even feeding yourself can be, between the weight of your arms and how hard it is to manoeuvre around so much fat.” He stroked the rolls that hung on Cecilia’s upper arm as he spoke.

“You said that part of you wanted to be fat -- wanted to have no choice. So I’m sure you’ve fantasized about being force fed; not just the compulsion to eat that has been on you this year, but lying back, having a feeder stuff you more and more full until you feel you couldn’t eat another bite, but then somehow you make room. Complete loss of control, with the best food you’ll ever taste.”

Cecilia’s breathing had deepened, and her massive chest undulated with each inhalation and exhalation. Otherwise the room was quiet for over a minute, then finally she stated “Just one day, you stop before the day is done. No ‘ you ate an extra bite and now you owe me service’ or anything like that.”

“This will not affect our existing contract nor create a new obligation. I’m always open to signing a new contract, of course. But this is simply an offer that so long as you want to keep eating today, I’ll keep feeding you my best, most tasty, tantalizing, wondrous food.”

“Just today, this is it? One last day to eat as much devil’s food as I can.”

“Yes, as much food as you can eat. Just settle yourself in comfortably, then we’ll begin.”


From: Mike-your-Moderator

Folks -- Confirmation--the voices match. I’m going to go hang around the pool and wait for her--she did indicate she’d see me there again today. I want to first talk to her in public, I have a bad feeling about this ‘feeder’ she is involved with, and what he might do when she tries to end things, and whether he might actually be staying with her.


12-22-2016, 02:50 PM
“And to finish things off, devil’s food cake, of course.”

“Great” a pause to pant, “Give it here.” She reached for it automatically, letting out a small grunt of effort at reaching out her arm.

Cecilia was sprawled over a reclined arm chair, largely coated in drippings and crumbs from various food stuffs. She grabbed the cake plate, set it on her bulging belly, and starting breaking off handfuls of cake and popping them into her mouth, periodically taking a break to grab a bottle of apple juice that was wedged between her rolls and the arm of the chair and take a deep drink to wash the cake down. The bottle always managed to stay almost full. Large amounts of cake and small amounts of apple juice spilled around her, but she ignored them.

When the plate was empty she reached out again, mumbling “Next.”

The man told her “I told you, that was the finishing touch. There is no more; the day is done as is your feast.”

Cecilia lay silently for several moments before she seemed to process this, finally thickly asking “What?”

The man snapped back “You ate everything, piggy. No more food.”

Cecilia struggled to move, then subsided, panting, demanding “No, it can’t be done already, what time is it?”

“Midnight, as I said, the day is done, and you’ve spent most of it eating.”

Cecelia mumbled thickly “That doesn’t seem right. Can’t do that. Don’t remember” After a few more ragged breaths she pulled out the bottle of apple juice, draining it this time and dropping the empty over the side of the chair. “You did something, I can’t think.”

“Come now my dear, with food that good and your appetites, of course it was entrancing, and also tiring. Still, before you pass out, aren’t you even going to say thank you for feeding you what may have been the most epic feast in all of history?”

“I guess. But you, you, you something, always.” Her words trailed off.

He chuckled and said “Yes, sleep now. You won’t realize it right now, but I made sure that no pesky biological issues disturbed your feasting today nor will disturb your sleep tonight -- all part of the perfect feast. And now sleep tight, I’ll be back for your capitulation in the morning.”

Cecilia whispered “‘night.” before letting out a rasping snore.


No show at the pool all day. No show at the restaurant or bar tonight. SUV is still there, some questions of the staff -- those who will say anything at all about guests -- didn’t bring any info up about a massively fat woman on a scooter being seen today.

I’m going to get a bit of sleep, then figure out a way to find her room tomorrow. I just have this very bad feeling.

12-22-2016, 02:51 PM
“You bugger, what did you do to me?”

“Me? I didn’t do anything to you. What seems to be the matter?”

“I can’t get out of this freaking chair is what is the matter. It was a struggle yesterday, well the day before yesterday, but not that bad. A pound or two shouldn’t have made that much difference!”

“Well, you did touch on the point. You never did leave the chair yesterday.”

“One day without exercise also wouldn’t make that much difference!”

“But what did you do while you were in the chair?”

“Eat. But you said I could eat all day and barely gain.”

“I said that if you took that deal for you soul, you could do that. Yesterday I just offered to feed you all day.”

“But, how is that even possible? HOW MUCH DID YOU MAKE ME GAIN?”

“I didn’t make you gain anything. You chose to eat. But if I had to guess, I’d say about fifty pounds.”

“In one day? And that wasn’t in our deal!”

“I did say that this was a special offer, beyond our deal. You accepted.”

“You said that there was no catch!”

“What, you have never omitted details? But really I wouldn’t call it a ‘catch,’ it is the natural result of eating -- I’m sure even a dumb sow like you knows that much.”

“Screw you!” With a strength born of fury, Cecilia managed to toss herself enough to one side that the chair toppled over, rolling her across the hotel room floor painfully. After a stunned moment she blinked back tears, and then managed to get to hands and knees, and with belly brushing the floor crawl back to the toppled chair.

With a loud grunt and desperate gasping for air she managed to lever herself to her feet, and took one short step towards her tormentor. Then she paused, and cursing under her breath she painfully turned and waddled to the bathroom and maneuvered her bulk onto the toilet, although straining her leg muscles so as not to put her entire weight on it in case it should fail under the load. Straining to wipe afterwards she impatiently shed her now tight and binding house coat to give her that little bit more mobility.

Already panting she used the rail next to the toilet to help her get back to her feet, turned on the adjacent shower and carefully stepped under the cold water. She couldn’t hold back a touch of a wimper at the cold and at the pain in her feet, knees, and back as she quickly sluiced the sticky feast remnant from her hair and face, and then let the water flow over the rest of her as she leaned against the wall of the stall.

After a minute she turned off the water, set her jaw, and dripped her way back to the main room and with a sigh of relief took a seat on foot of the bed.

A few minutes later, having caught her breath, she repeated “Screw you. I’m still standing -- if not at this instant, at least we both know I can still stand, I can still move, can clean myself This is the last day and I’ve already gained more than today’s pound. So go away, we’re done, I’m not giving in, I win.”

“Really? There is something you haven’t considered. But why don’t you order up some room service for breakfast, then we can talk.”


To: Mike-your-moderator
From: Gabe

Dude, when you get up this morning, before you go Cecilia, I have a suggestion for you. Go to the bakery at the address I’ve attached. When you get there, buy whatever they are pulling out of the oven, and bring it with you when you go see Cecilia. You just need to trust me on this.

To: Gabe
From: Mike-your-moderator

Just woke up and saw your message. Pretty weird, to be honest. And pretty un-like you -- you helped find some information, but you’ve never made suggestions on what to do before. What’s up?

To: Mike-your-moderator
From: Gabe

I’ve been constrained by rules about what I can say. Still am. This suggestion is pushing the line, but you could say it balances the scales.

To: Gabe
From: Mike-your-moderator

Couldn’t you have chosen somewhere closer? Round trip is going to be at least an hour, but fine, I’ll trust you on this. I still need to figure out which room she is in, although at least I have it narrowed down to one of two floors.

To: Mike-your-moderator
From: Gabe

A thought on finding her: if she didn’t leave her room, she probably has a ‘do not disturb’ sign up.

To: Gabe
From: Mike-your-moderator

That is the Gabe of useful ideas that I’m used to. But no explanation for the weird bakery trip? Anyway, thanks for the idea. I’ll find her.

12-22-2016, 03:02 PM
“This croissant tastes like cardboard!” Cecilia made a face of disgust.

The other figure was not looking overly handsome this morning, his eyes red, his skin ruddy, a haze seeming to rise from him. “You just ate a massive amount of the tastiest possible food. Already normal food was tasting bland before yesterday’s feast. Now? Now it will be barely edible.”

“Fine” snapped Cecilia, “That was the catch, that your particular food is addictive. That will suck, even more than I was expecting, but when I can’t get it, it will make it all the easier to lose some weight.”

“No, no it won’t. As promised, all over five hundred pounds of you is what your body wants to be, what your body will defend. You have the appetite now of a woman who is this fat, who no matter how much you manage to exercise -- which may not be much when you can barely stand -- will want to eat enough to keep her weight up. Can you imagine how much terrible food you’ll be eating every day?”

Cecilia couldn’t keep a look of disgust off her face, and the other figure smiled and continued “Yes, let that concept sink in. Now, imagine how desperate you’ll be for food that is fulfilling? Do you think you’ll be able to stop at just enough to maintain your weight? Or will you eat more, no matter how bad the food is, endlessly seeking food that satisfies? I predict that you will not be able to stop, that in fact you will keep on gaining weight, soon being immobilized by your own gluttony, only stopping when your health fails so badly that you have to get cut out of a building, and taken in for treatment. Only to get discharged, and eat yourself to immobility again.”

Cecilia’s voice was a whisper “No. I won’t do that. I know better, I can stop myself.”

The ruddy man leaned close and then laughed, his breath foul in Cecilia’s face. “Of course you tell yourself that. Let me tell you a secret: this is what every heroin addict says, and they all fail, the addiction is too strong. And you know what? Hunger is stronger than heroin, especially for you.”

He leaned in even closer, so that Cecilia could feel the heat of his breath on her ear “or we could make a deal. I can make that all go away. I can make you thin and hunger free -- or leave you fat but not quite this fat, so you can eat huge amounts of the tastiest food every day with no consequences. A thin star again, or a life of the most glorious, unrestrained, gluttony. You can pick either one.”

Cecilia swallowed audibly as she dealt with the rush of saliva to her mouth. Then her stomach growled, a long, angry, sound, followed by a cramping sensation that brought tears to Cecilia’s eyes.

The man straightened up, seeming to suddenly tower over Cecilia, and he laughed -- a confident, sure, laugh. “Your body knows -- you have lost. You tried, you tried so hard, but you could never win, it was only a matter of when you’d give in. So, tell me, which is your choice?”

Cecilia winced as she fought with her stomach. With her eyes squeezed shut her fattened cheeks seemed to almost kiss her eyebrows. She set her jaw stubbornly, but the effect was lost under the wreath of fat enveloping her face Finally, through clenched teeth, she rebutted “There is no choice to make. I will never offer my soul.”

“My dear, my getting your soul is inevitable anyway; offering it now is just a formality. Let us consider your sins: Envy of what others had. Greed for material successes. Pride both in thinking that you deserved fame and in thinking you could deal with me and walk away unscathed. Sloth – oh you kept yourself physically active, but in the prime of your life you took a year in which you have done nothing productive. Gluttony, oh so much unbridled gluttony that you have gradually let run free. Wrath and lust perhaps not so much, but five out of seven, and a willingness to deal like you did? You are mine in the end.”

Cecilia swallowed loudly again, then managed to force a weak smile despite not opening her eyes, and carefully said “Get out of my reality.” She smiled more strongly, and continued “It really IS a terrible line, but it fits, doesn’t it?”

The other figure growled and grew redder, although the intimidating visuals of his appearance were lost on Cecilia at the moment Hissing he ordered “Submit now and suffer less later! You are mine, and I am losing patience.”

“Of course I have sinned, but you were wrong on one front -- I’ve been much more productive this year than you realize. Tell me -- how much time have you spent with me this year? How much time spent with me, instead of doing … whatever else you might have done. I don’t suppose I can keep you busy much longer, but I’ve worked hard at keeping you as busy as possible. I’ll take the consequences -- now and later -- knowing that I might have done some good in the process. Perhaps you have been too patient, never realizing that you were not the only one playing a game.”

Sweat suddenly beaded Cecilia’s skin as the room grew warmer. The fuming man growled “You lie! You make up frail justifications for your sins.”

Cecilia continued quietly speaking, as if he hadn’t spoken “It was never really about greed either. The material wealth was more a sign of success than a goal in itself. Envy and Pride, yes, those started me on this route.” She blew out a long breath, then admitted “I made a mistake in making my first deal with you. I should have gone home, found work as a waitress and done some modelling on the side. Maybe taken some college classes. Found a nice guy to marry, have some kids, pack on some pregnancy pounds and let him enjoy my bigger ass and boobs. But I didn’t, I made that deal. I had success, but someone else should have had that chance.”

“Yes, you are a thief too.”

Again Cecilia continued as if she hadn’t heard. “I had penance to do. I thought about it hard, and I figured it out. I’d make sure I stopped taking those opportunities away from anyone else -- and I’d take up as much of your time as I could. The exercising? Sure, being stronger helped deal with the weight, but it was also so you’d have to feed me more. Did you know I always forced myself to chew every bite several times -- well not the first few bites each day, that might have been too obvious -- but I made sure to drag out our feedings.”

“You were satiating your gluttonous appetite! Savoring the flavours, the flavours you can’t live without!”

Cecilia’s voice grew stronger and more expressive as she quoted a line from Queen of Hearts “Sure it was good for me, but I can savour that memory and enjoy something else tomorrow -- why stick with yesterday’s pleasures?” Softening her voice she continued, off-script “That’s right., I was savouring them, memorizing them. It is going to be hard, but I have the memories to support me. Yesterday--I admit that was a mistake, I wanted more memories of your food, I should have known you’d get the best of me. This is going to be even harder than I thought -- but it was what I signed up for. These last two years, it was all about evening things up, and that task isn’t done yet.”

“Oh, you think you are so clever? How long now do you think before the press find you? Before you are the laughing stock of the entire world? What they did to Kirsty will be nothing compared to what they’ll do to you!”

Then came a knock on the door, followed by a tentative voice, a woman with a Mexican accent. “Miss, Miss, is everything OK? Do you need any help? There is a man, he says you missed an appointment, he is worried about you. And …” she faltered, then continued in a quizzical voice “He has a cake that he says you might need?”

Mike’s voice came through the door “Cecilia? I -- look this is odd, but can I please come in?”

Cecilia had at first cocked her head toward the door, eyes still shut, as she processed the interruption and the voices. Under her breath she muttered “Mark? But he sounds like someone else, too …” Suddenly her eyes flew open and she smiled widely and exclaimed “Miss, would you let Mr. St. James into the room, please?”


From: Mike-your-Moderator
To: Gabe

Found her, maid opening door now.

System error: User “Gabe” not found.

12-22-2016, 03:05 PM
If anyone has made it this far -- congratulations!

there are still a few pages to come, but I may not have a chance to do final edits and post until sometime into early 2017. Sorry for not finishing it up after the long hiatus. If I get a chance to get the rest up during the holidays I will do so, but the odds are against it.

12-24-2016, 09:34 AM
I'm really excited to see how this ends!

12-28-2016, 08:15 PM
Well played!

Looking forward to the epic confrontation, conclusion, and any epilogues.

01-04-2017, 03:15 PM
When the door opened, Cecilia winced from the brightness of the hallway -- it was only then that she realized that for at least the last two days she’d had all the curtains drawn and all of the lights off.

She heard him mutter “Too dark in here” and she just had time to clamp her eyelids shut before he flicked on the lights in the room’s entryway. After a moment she cracked them open just enough to peer at him through her famous eyelashes, but the light was still dazzling off the walls and off his white shirt and for a moment it seemed like he was glowing.

Then her eyes adapted and it was just Mark -- or, once she mentally removed the mustache, the touch of grey at his temples, and some length from his hair, Michael St. Jean, reporter. She felt a bit disgusted that such basic changes had caused her not to recognize the reporter who had chased her a year ago. Although she had to admit that different context could make it hard to recognize someone -- something she herself had relied on. But also he’d approached her at the pool in a friendly way, full of kindness and compassion rather than the hungry inquisitiveness of a reporter

But now he was with the questions “Is someone else here? I thought I might have heard two voices?”

Cecilia put on her most impenetrable smile and made a show of looking around, suddenly conscious of the friction of her neck roll sliding on the padding lying on her once sharp collarbone. She kept up the faux innocence to cover her relief at finding the apartment empty other than the two of them, finally replying with an insouciant “As you can see, just me. I was playing out scenes for myself; just because my acting days are done doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy practicing some lines.”

Without saying anything Mike walked farther into the room and looked around, sniffed the air, then let his gaze settle on Cecilia. It was only then that she recalled that she was naked; she had a fair idea of what he was seeing: massive belly hanging between dangling thighs, breasts launching themselves from just under her neck rolls and hanging far down her bulging flanks, arms held out at angle due to how fat her sides were, every part of her enrobed in fat.

Then she noticed that his gaze seemed focused on her ears. She cocked an eyebrow at him, and he blushed a bit and said “The earrings were how I found you, in part. There were other bits that jumped out at me when I went through everything, that gave me some idea of what to look for, but it was the earrings that told me where to look. I have to say, you have good taste, those celtic crosses look good on you -- I didn’t want to draw attention to them before, but I’ve been admiring them since we met.” After a moment he amended “Met again.”

“Thank you. I like them too -- they make a bit of a statement, for me, actually. And as you can see, normal ear rings wouldn’t have long enough posts for how fat my ears are. That was one thing that did surprise me, my earlobes getting fat.”

“So you expected the rest?” His gaze seemed to be pulled toward her centre of gravity.

Cecilia started to shrug, then stopped it, suddenly self-conscious. She admitted softly “Well, it might have gotten a bit out of hand at the very end … but as an outline: yes, I was expecting all of this.” Michael’s gaze was still pinned to her belly.

She felt a surge of defiance, who was he to question her, or to look askance at her belly? And why shouldn’t she shrug or do anything else that she pleased? With a sudden fierceness she reached to the sides of her belly and squeezed, then wobbled it about while saying “I took every bite knowing that I was growing this.” She tried to reach under her belly to heft it up, but it quickly became apparent that her own flesh made reaching all the way under it impossible. With a gasp she leaned back again, stuck out her arms, and shook them while shimmying her torso, making all her bulges and rolls wobble, shake, jiggle. Breathing hard with the effort she still managed to snap out “This was planned.”

Why wouldn’t he meet her eye, or even stand facing her properly? Instead, in a sudden change of topic he thrust the white box he was holding at her “Angel Food cake? I don’t know if you would actually want cake at this time of day, but …”

Cecilia struggled to reach the box, then as Mike passed it closer to her she quipped “Do I look like I would turn down cake at any time of day? And Angel Food Cake sounds divine right about now.”

Cecilia tore up the spongy ring then lifted a quarter of it to her mouth and started taking huge bites out of it -- then stopped after a few, a quizzical look on her face. “And it tastes divine. So light, so … I don’t even know the word. Like a fresh dawn, or children laughing. It, it is, it doesn’t taste of guilt -- it has been so long since I’ve had food that didn’t taste of guilt.”

She took another bite, smiled, and put the rest back in the box. “It’s odd, but that is actually all that I want right now. I’ll save the rest for later, if I get cravings.”

Mike tentatively took the box from her, and Cecilia’s chubby fingers brushed his fingertips for a moment. He turned around with the box and seemed to stall for several seconds before stepping to put it on the room’s desk. He pulled out the desk chair and sat down, rolling the chair back towards the bed.

He waggled an eyebrow at Cecelia and said “Don’t be alarmed.” He at first seemed to be unbuttoning his shirt, but stopped after the top two button. Then he fished out out a long chain, and handed it to Cecilia before buttoning back up.

Cecilia looked at the celtic cross necklace clutched in her chubby hand, then looked up at Mike inquiringly. He explained “It was my grandmothers. She gave it to me when I went off to college, and begged me to wear it -- she was a very pious woman in her own way and I think she really thought it would help protect me from the debauchery of college life. I was embarrassed, so I had an extra long chain made for it, so it would hang out of sight. Of course then it was too long to wear when swimming or sleeping, but I’ve mostly worn it. Isn’t it a remarkably close match to your earrings.”

Warily Cecilia admitted “Yes, I suppose it is. And your point is?”

“I want you to have it, to go with the earrings. And I think the chain is long enough to work for you, too.”

Cecilia made no move, just asked “You are giving it to me why?”

“Well, in part because I really feel that it belongs with the earrings somehow. And in part because I’ve been part of the press that has probably made your life a lot harder than it needed to be. And maybe in part because somehow I feel that you need the protection more, and that maybe you never had a grandmother praying for you every day.”

Cecilia suddenly nodded, and put the necklace on, the cross nestling between the curves of her naked breasts.

Silence reigned in the room for several long moments, before Mike coughed and turned his chair away. Cecilia touched the cross, sighed, then asked “So now what? Cameras waiting outside?”

Mike shook his head, once and then again, and finally found his words “No, I’ve gone quiet, haven’t updated my tracking site in a couple of weeks. Only a few people know I was closing in on you, and I think they can be trusted to stay quiet.”

“But you are a reporter?”

“I was.” He turned back around to face her, his eyes locked onto hers. “My paper shut down two months ago, and there just aren’t enough jobs for real reporters anymore. I need to find a new job, but I had some savings, actually my blog trying to trace you actually is responsible for part of those savings. Enough set aside to do one last push to track you down, to find out what is going on with you.”

Cecilia laughed, causing substantial parts of her body to jiggle. “What has been going on with me, that I’m never go to tell. Chalk it up as an addiction, if you will, or a mental breakdown. But it is over now … well, everything leaves it mark, and I’m not just talking about my new body. But that” she pointed at the box of Angel Food Cake, the fat on her arms wobbling pendulously with the motion, “has given me renewed confidence that I’ve … beaten my devil. You have no idea how much I needed that right now. The flavour -- it is hope. However did you find just the right thing to bring me?”

Mike licked his lips then said quickly, almost babbling “Oddest thing, one of the tipsters, he suggested where to go. Actually I texted him just as I was coming in.” Mike pulled out his phone and looked down at it, quickly tapping at the screen, then frowned “Error message? What a time to lose contact with him.”

“Another mystery that maybe you’ll never know?” Just as Mike looked up Cecelia shrugged, causing waves across her flesh, then with a grunt of effort managed to shift her position on the bed, causing even more shifting and wobbling of her flesh.

After taking a few deep breaths to recover from that effort, she continued “This may sound odd, but if you need a job, I think I need someone to help me for a while. At my size I could certainly use help getting around, and since you already know my secret it might work out if you were willing to help me. Things like getting out of chairs, for example. I know this might seem ...”

Cecilia paused in mid-stream, puzzled by Mike’s stunned expression. Then her mouth formed a little ‘o’ of understanding as the pieces of his behavior suddenly assembled themselves into a new picture. Quickly she tracked her gaze down from his face, across his torso, and to his tented up trousers before he could turn away or block that view again.

She let out a little laugh, then returned to her offer “I know this might seem like a dream come true to a fat admirer like you apparently are -- but I’m willing to pay you with actual money as well as the chance to help out one of the fattest women around.”


From the Administrivia portion of the “Hunting for Hearts” website

From: Mike-your-Moderator

If any of you are in contact with the user who went by the handle ‘Gabe’ on here, could you let him know I’d love it if he could get in touch with me? We were messaging on an issue when his account vanished from the site, and I’d love to follow up with him on how his suggestion worked out, as well as some questions.

For that matter: Gabe, if you are reading this -- your suggestion worked perfectly. Not sure why it helped fix things, but it seemed to do so. Things are working great now -- thanks!

01-04-2017, 03:16 PM
“What do you think?” asked Mike as he handed Cecilia a laptop, “Will that do the job?”

Cecilia balanced the laptop on her belly as she read the draft message, then eventually nodded and said “Yes, I think you tuned my words perfectly. It will create a fuss, but the industry won’t want to talk about the diversity angle for long, so as long as you keep repeating that message I think it should wrap up in a reasonably short period of time.”

Mike took the laptop back, and said “OK, then I’ll post this tomorrow, once you are well away from here. Are you sure you’ll be OK for a month or two on your own now?”

“Yes, I’d planned this stay in an addiction treatment centre before I started this whole experience. I knew changing habits could be hard, and these people are supposed to be excellent, and I’m sure they have enough muscular orderlies to help me get out of chairs.

Mind you, knowing that when I come out I’ll have you to help me … I might not want to stay as long as I’d originally thought I might. Please do be awfully boring so the media circus dies down soon!”

Mike just stepped close, pressing himself against Cecilia’s belly, and wrapped as much of her as he could into a hug. Eventually he let go and said “Absolutely I’ll be coming for you as soon as it safe and healthy for both of us. You can have faith in me.”


From the front page of “Hunting for Hearts”

From: Mike-your-Moderator

As I indicated previously, I’m going to keep this community running because of that one word, ‘community.’ However now that the one year anniversary has come and gone -- and I’m sorry that I was offline for a couple of weeks right around that time -- I’m closing the site to new Cecilia hunting stories.

I have some good news to share with you all -- and no doubt this will be all over the gossip sites as soon as I post it, but this is the only comment I’m going to make on the matter. I’ve talked with someone who I have have confidence speaks for Cecilia, who communicated the following to me:.

Cecilia felt she had to quit acting as that lifestyle was not good for her mental and physical health. She’s spent the last year recovering and is in a much better state now, however she does not anticipate returning to her acting career. She appreciates the loyalty of the fans that she gained during her short career, and encourages them all to give a chance to new faces and voices in the entertainment industry -- especially ones that maybe don’t embody the look that Cecilia did. Cecilia provided one direct quote: “While the entertainment industry was not good for my health, I don’t think I was good for the health of the entertainment industry either. I helped feed the mill that promotes only a specific look, and that isn’t good for any of us as individuals, or ultimately for the entertainment industry. I encourage fans and producers to take chances on more diverse faces and bodies in the future.”

01-04-2017, 03:17 PM
Panting with the effort, Cecelia rolled herself over on what suddenly felt like a too-soft mattress in a too-hot room, trying to ignore the pangs from her belly. It was impossible to sleep when she craved it so much, when she could imagine the taste, could almost grasp how glorious it would be to have her stomach stretched again with the most decadent possible food.

Suddenly a faint scent of brimstone seemed to tickler her nostrils, and her mouth flooded with saliva, her stomach rumbled in anticipation, and even her skin seemed to tingle in anticipation. A memory of words floated through mind, or was she actually hearing them?

“Your body knows -- you have lost. You tried, you tried so hard, but you could never win, it was only a matter of when you’d give in. So, tell me, which is your choice?”

She couldn’t help but wonder: was tonight the night? Would she speak the words of agreement, walk out of the addiction treatment clinic, and finally return to gorging herself at the hands of her dark prince? He’d treat her like a princess, not put her through the denial and lectures and lessons she was enduring here. He’d take her away, never to see these people again, never to see anyone she knew, never ....
Never to see Mike again. In the dark she groped on the bedside table for the cross he had given her and clutched it as tears ran down her face.

After a minute she grabbed the support bar by the bed and managed to pull herself to a sitting position, and reach to the light switch. She started doing a breathing exercise, then, still clutching the cross she slowly, almost ceremoniously words “I will not give in.” “I don’t have to give in.” “I have a choice.” “I choose not to give in.” “Curse the temptation.” “Bless the staff here.” “Bless resisting the devils of our nature.” “Bless Mike for finding me.” “Bless Mike for helping me.” “Just bless Mike.” “I have faith in you.”

After a breath of silence, she started repeating the phrases, over and over through the deepest part of the night.


Posted to the “Administrivia” portion of the Hunting for Hearts website

I mentioned in the past that several couples have resulted from this web site. I have one more to announce -- I’ve recently become engaged. You will be seeing my fiancee “BigHearted” posting on the site occasionally in the future.

01-04-2017, 03:18 PM
Cecilia Valentine laughed into the phone “That they’ve added another activity is your problem, not mine. We can have ten events on Saturday, I’m willing to have that— I’m not willing to have some of them spill over to Sunday. Saturday is the anniversary, full stop, period.” She listened for a moment and said “I don’t really care what the hotel booking people want. Saturday is the second anniversary of ‘Queen of Hearts,’ and by Sunday I’m a married woman and I want some time alone with my husband. We can see all those other people from your site who are coming to this event on Saturday, but on Sunday we’re gone.” With another laugh she jabbed the off button on her phone, but then for good measure she tapped back a text “And in case I need to remind you, keep calling me Sally, and make sure to have a scooter booked for me if we are going to be racing from event to event. My walking is better but not THAT much better!”

Then she heaved herself off the bed and gave her body a shake. She loved feeling her fat jiggle and her muscles work. Honestly Saturday sounded like it would be a blast -- she was delighted to have discovered that her fans seemed like great people and being able to just blend in and be another fan was so much fun. She was especially looking forward to the “Hundred Hearts” costume party celebrating the beauty of all types of bodies, and she loved the tribute costume that she had picked out. But of course, before that they had some other important events, including a quick wedding.

But Sunday morning was the anniversary of Mike barging in on her, and that called for no clothes at all. Perhaps a few specific pieces of jewelry.

And of course angel food cake.


From a note left with the front desk, addressed to Mike and Sally St Jean, room 1303.

Mike: I knew, but my part was done.

Mike, Cecelia: Congratulations on your wedding, and blessings on your life together.

-- Gabe

“Just so, I tell you, there is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” Luke 15:10

01-04-2017, 03:24 PM
Phew, finally all done and posted, after however many years it has been (I started this well before I first started posting it, I really don't remember how far back anymore).

As I suggested in the author's note at the beginning it was more of a creative writing exercise in origin than a story, but I hadn't realized at the start how big this exercise would demand to be.

Overall I think the thing is rather uneven, in part because of the writing and editing over many years, and I'm sure another round of vigorous editing would improve it ... but I'm not patient enough for the probably half-dozen more years it would likely take before I got through all of that!

Thank you to any and all who have read through all of this monster. Google Docs (the third platform that I've migrated this story to over the years) tells me that it is 22299 words and fifty pages, so if you've made it to the end you put no small amount of time into it, and I very much hope that you enjoyed the journey.

01-09-2017, 07:07 AM
Thanks for the story, its a rather nice one.

01-09-2017, 09:47 PM
I really enjoyed this. Thanks!

Xyantha Reborn
01-10-2017, 10:01 PM
Finally got the opportunity to read this front to back. Not my usual type (the shorter bits tend to be jarring for me, but thats just me and the way i devour entire paragraphs), but awesome to see you writing again, Tad!! Is this the start of more?!?

01-11-2017, 06:29 AM
Ooooh, I loved it!

01-11-2017, 07:10 AM
Thanks for the nice words, peoples :)

Finally got the opportunity to read this front to back. Not my usual type (the shorter bits tend to be jarring for me, but thats just me and the way i devour entire paragraphs), but awesome to see you writing again, Tad!! Is this the start of more?!?

Hopefully? Probably a bunch of factors at play that I can't totally predict, regarding available writing time. But I do feel like that part of my brain has been waking up and stretching after a long nap, so I really hope I can arrange things to do some more writing this year. Might be the year to disengage a bit from the news and engage more with my own imagination?

Xyantha Reborn
01-11-2017, 10:05 AM
I have my fingers crossed for more :) i enjoy your stories a lot

Ps; The long ones take such emotional effort and input - especially those we leave off halfway through - kudos to you for posting it!