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Taking the Plunge

Background: There was once a time in my life where I tried to suppress my attraction to BBWs/SSBBWs, or even smaller, chubby girls. I had been aware of such attractions for a long time, but for many years was too image-minded to surrender to these. This story is a semi-true (mostly true with a few embellishments) account of the days leading up to and the immediate results of my first attempt to approach a BBW.

I like to write/post in small installments. I hope you'll tune in!

Also, this story is more about thought processes than anything else. As such it is mostly vanilla. But there will definitely be a "climax" too! ;)

Day 1: "Her"

The morning crowd at the University Memorial Center was beginning to thin out. Despite this the room was still too noisy to focus. I closed the cover of On War and leaned back in my chair.

“You ready?” Dan asked me staring down at the book.

My gaze moved from the ceiling to my colleague who sat across the table from me. “Fuck no. The problem with Clausewitz is he is too damn wordy. You have to read every sleep-inducing sentence three times to even get a clue what the hell he is saying. How many words does it take to say, ‘All warfare is based on deception?’”

“That’s Sun Tzu, Steve.” Rich said without looking up from his copy of the Boulder Daily Camera.

I stared at Rich blankly. “What the fuck ever.” I said with a dismissive laugh. “Anyway I don’t know why we even read Clausewitz. What makes him so special? He wasn’t even a combatant commander.”

Rich put down his paper and considered my point. As he did I looked past him and noticed her.

Wow, that is one massive girl.

She was about 5’8” and probably at least 380 pounds. Her jeans wrapped around two massive thighs, which transitioned upward and outward into a large butt; large even for a girl her size. Her belly shape was round and curved nicely outward, tapering beneath her massive breasts. A V-neck sweater revealed several inches of cleavage, and even at the slow pace at which she walked her breasts gave a noticeable jiggle.

I continued my split second inspection of her upward, above her breasts and to her face. She was scanning the room for an empty table. She bit her lip as she realized she would have to share. I took in her face in a moment. She was just north of plain, perhaps even pretty. But on the university campus there were so many beautiful girls the only thing that made this was stand out was her weight.

Yeah, but I’m sure she has a great personality.

“It’s probably because Clausewitz’s writings were the most concise and consolidated.” Rich answered my question. I had already abandoned that conversation and was focused on “Her.” Rich folded his paper and said to Dan, “We need to roll.”

“I don’t think anyone should ever accuse Clausewitz of being concise.” Dan said as he stood.

“Yeah, probably not.” Rich agreed. He patted my shoulder. “Steve-O! We’re out. We’ll see you this afternoon.”

I waved passively as they made their way out of the dining area. I hadn’t taken my eyes off of her, and she was just now setting her tray down at a table where one very fit girl in yoga pants scanned her phone.

I watched “Her” as she politely asked to share a table, and watched “Yoga Pants” look up and reluctantly agree. They were one table away. She put her tray of pancakes on the table and slid her backpack down her shoulder and onto the floor. Yoga Pants stared at the new arrival’s tray, then did a split second scan of her new companion as she slid into her seat.

“Are you sure you need to eat all that?” Yoga Pants asked. I smirked in amusement at the question.

“This is what I eat every morning.”

“I can tell.” Yoga Pants said in disgust. She made eye contact with me over “Her” shoulder and conveyed to me a look of complete and utter contempt. I smirked again.

Yoga Pants exhaled heavily in visible disapproval and stood up, collected her bag and made her way away from the table. My anonymous query, whose back was to me, watched her leave then shook her head. Then she pulled a book from her backpack and simultaneously flipped to a page while beginning her meal.

Yoga Pants is right. That fatass doesn’t need to be eating that much food every morning.

I purposefully tried to think mean thoughts. I forced my mind to focus on what not to like about this girl, whose name I didn’t even know. It didn’t matter that I didn’t know a thing about this girl. How smart she may be (was that a calculus book she was studying?) was completely irrelevant. That she was a person with feelings was even more irrelevant. She was a fatass who looked to be on the brink of devouring a tray of food that could have fed Yoga Pants and four clones of her. And THAT was the only salient point.

I needed to get out of there. I stood and collected my bag and made my way toward the door. I paused and gave one last look over my shoulder, just in time to watch her take a large bite of pancakes.

Sucks to be those pancakes.

A sophomoric thought if ever one existed. If pancakes were self aware, would they prefer to be eaten by someone like “Yoga Pants” instead of “Her?”

I would if I were a pancake.

I had no good reason for thinking what I thought. And for a brief moment, I was a little ashamed of myself. I was no better than Claire at that point: being mean for the sake of being mean. I thought I was better than that at this point.

But worse than my thoughts was the genesis behind them. At least to this image conscious, fit and athletic 24 year-old. And that was something sooner or later I would have to face head on. Because the truth was my thoughts were a defense mechanism.

The truth was I thought she was beautiful.

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Looking forward to the 2nd installment! :)

Ohio Lady
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I am also looking forward to the next installment.

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Great set-up to the story, and I really like the 'voice' and the honesty :)

I applied something like our standard formatting (I always get something messed up, sigh), and moved it to the new additions board, where it will be more visible. Things don't go to the archives until they've been done for a few months.

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“Why Can’t I Just Be Normal”

Fall afternoons in Colorado can be frigid, blazing hot, or anywhere in between. Today the weather was pristine. At the trailhead in Boulder’s Chautauqua Park I buried my face in my hands and massaged my own face and scalp. A slight breeze ushered a vein of cool air my way on an otherwise seasonable day. In a merciful development, my afternoon class in which I was to deliver a lecture on Clausewitz had been cancelled, which freed me up to go on a long trail run and clear my mind.

And my mind needed clearing. All morning I thought about “Her” throughout my classes. I argued with myself; relieved I had not approached her, disappointed in myself to have passed an opportunity to meet someone new. I wondered why she made such an impression on me. It is not like I did not see beautiful girls every single day on that campus. And a lot of them were especially flirty, so a reasonably good-looking guy like me should be able to do just fine. I didn’t want to be interested in a fat girl. I didn’t need to be interested in a fat girl. I could do much better than that.

But did I want to? Did I really, really want to?

When I split up with Claire I pledged I would not date someone who remotely reminded me of her. Claire was toxic. She was universally hot, and drew a lot of stares from other guys, and some girls even. But she was vain, materialistic, and even abusive. I made up my mind not to date that kind of person again. But did that mean I had to date a complete fatass like the girl I saw that morning?

“Somewhere there has got to be a happy medium.” I said to myself but aloud. A man walking his dog glanced at me as he passed.

“There is.” He said, though he certainly had no way of knowing what was on my mind.

“Thanks for the words of encouragement.” I muttered. No more delaying the inevitable. Today’s run would be a round trip of 12 miles and it was over rugged trails, abrupt changes in terrain and elevation, and if I didn’t start now it would be just me and the bears out there before I finished.

I began a slow trot and slowly built into my up-hill pace. I continued to think about “Her.” Just as I had through all my morning classes, a lunch break and study session with some classmates, and an afternoon class. I tried to isolate the reason I dwelt on her as opposed to the literally hundreds, maybe thousands of other girls I see on a daily basis.

Inevitably my mind next carried me to why I objected to a potential relationship with this girl.

“What would that even mean? Would I have to have sex with her?” I asked myself. My mind conjured up its best image of “Her” it could and made a few edits. (Read: I mentally undressed her.) You can think I’m a bad guy for that. Maybe I am. But it’s not like I do this with every girl I see. It’s only when I feel some spark or intense attraction. Or when I believe there is relationship potential. Presumably we all want to be sexually attracted to our partners, right?

So there I was, trying to picture “Her” naked. I added a naked version of myself to the image. She laid on her back and I mounted her. No…She pushes me onto the bed and mounts me. Big girls like to be on top too, right?

I found myself growing aroused at the image. Just as I had all damn day. I was supposed to be laughably appalled by the thought of getting ridden by a girl who easily weighed as much as two of me with change to spare. Instead I let the image play out. Me, lying on my back. She crawls into position over me. She takes my penis in her hand and shifts her weight, preparing to ease down onto me and in doing so, ease me into her.

“Oh, no.” I think to myself. “She’s really going to do it. This is really going to happen to me. I am about to get ridden by a fat chick. I don’t want to get ridden by a fat chick. Not her.”

But I don’t say “no.” I have a right to say “no” and I choose not to. And she eases down, taking me into her and letting her weight settle onto me…

I shook my head and picked up my pace. I’m out here to run, not get myself all worked up over a fat chick I’ll hopefully not see again. Ahead of me were two girls walking up the hill. Even from this distance I could tell they are both in fantastic shape, and flaunting it. Skintight yoga pants, tank tops ridiculously small. One wears a visor with her hair drawn in a ponytail. I really do love that hot-sporty look. Both had amazingly shaped asses. I stare as I close the distance. This should help me set my mind straight.

As I got closer I enjoyed the view more and more. I even slowed down so as to prolong it. Eventually I grew close enough they could hear me approaching. The both turned and smiled at me and I gave a casual wave as I passed.

They were both pretty damn hot. They were both the kind of girl I was supposed to be interested in. But ever since I saw “Her” this morning, girls like the two I had just passed simply were not appealing to me. I tried to disprove this notion by creating another image in my mind. Me. Them. We are all naked and rubbing all over each other. One shakes her shapely little butt around and begins to grind on me while I make out with the other. Then they both drop to their knees and begin to worship my erect cock.

“That’s more like it.” Says I. But then I see “Her.” She’s also naked and coming toward me. She has a lusty look in her eyes. She owns me and she knows it. I back away from the two girls and stumble backwards onto the bed. They both look at me confused, then amused as I am mounted by “Her.”

“Good luck. Hope you don’t get eaten for a snack.” One of them says as my penis disappears into “Her.” And she begins to rock gently, rhythmically, lovingly…

I had to shake the image out of my mind once again. I was sporting an awkward boner while trying to run. If you don’t think that sounds bad, try it sometime and get back to me. Worse yet, I considered where my image had taken me. I believed my mind went where it wanted to go. And I hated where it took me.

I groaned in dismay. I couldn’t possibly want to be with that fat girl, right? That isn’t normal. Normal guys want girls like the two I just passed. Normal guys don’t want fat girls. And yet, the more I thought about the more I was starting to realize…

I groaned again as the reality began to really sink in.

“Why can’t I just be normal?”

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Ready for part 3!! LOL
It sucks how society has us beat ourselves up over something that should be so simple as the type of people we are attracted to... it really "grinds my gears" as they say!

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Ready for part 3!! LOL
It sucks how society has us beat ourselves up over something that should be so simple as the type of people we are attracted to... it really "grinds my gears" as they say!

I agree completely. I think you have picked up on what this story is really about, too. A young version of myself grappling with what he knows he wants as opposed to what society expects of him. I don't try to make myself out to be better then than I really was. The "Her" in this story is a real person (whose name will be changed upon its revelation) and I tried my best to find a reason not to like. Shameful I know, but I've come a long way since then.

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I agree completely. I think you have picked up on what this story is really about, too. A young version of myself grappling with what he knows he wants as opposed to what society expects of him. I don't try to make myself out to be better then than I really was. The "Her" in this story is a real person (whose name will be changed upon its revelation) and I tried my best to find a reason not to like. Shameful I know, but I've come a long way since then.

:D There is one good thing about growing up... we mature and get little smarter with age! : )

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I agree completely. I think you have picked up on what this story is really about, too. A young version of myself grappling with what he knows he wants as opposed to what society expects of him. I don't try to make myself out to be better then than I really was. The "Her" in this story is a real person (whose name will be changed upon its revelation) and I tried my best to find a reason not to like. Shameful I know, but I've come a long way since then.

Very realistic and honest take, as not every FA comes out of hiding when the attractions first occurred.

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Great continuation of the story--I love it!

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I'm liking this so far! Good job. :D

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Chapter Notes: I do not consider myself a feeder, but I've certainly succumbed to the irresistible power and seduction of a woman who makes a sensual display of eating.

I appreciate the positive feedback so far and even welcome hard critiques of this story. If you have anything to say, don't hold back! Thank you everyone for reading!

Day 2: "Food Flirt"

It was an awkward and uneasy feeling when I left my apartment that morning. Abby was still asleep in my bed. She knew I’d be gone when she woke up. I left her a spare key, told her lock up, then toss the key onto my patio on her way around to her car. It wasn’t the first time I left someone relatively unknown in my apartment. Hell, there had been times I’d walk in and people I didn’t even know would be there. There were so many keys to my place in print I wasn’t sure why I even bothered to lock the door any more.

It was a cool morning and a bit moist as I trudged across the campus. A pile of leaves littered the grass near the sidewalk and instead of walking on the sidewalk I walked in the grass, dragging my feet and kicking at the leaves as I went.

I thought about Abby. She didn’t seem to notice my heart wasn’t into it. At least I hoped not. What happened last night was the result of careful cultivation of her emotions to the point she was ready to…well, fuck like animals. Only when it came time to do so, I found myself struggling to perform.

My head echoed a mild hangover from the bourbon and lack of sleep. I needed a coffee. Preferably with a dose of Bailey’s liquor in it, but that would be next to impossible to find at this hour, so I’d have to settle for black. I made my way into the University Memorial Center and ordered an Americano at Pete’s Coffee.

Hot beverage in hand I dragged myself over to a table in the corner of the room. Abby was still on my mind. And despite my best efforts to woo her, and her best efforts to make last night as wild and crazy as was humanly possible, I simply found I couldn’t get into her once the action started. It was a bit embarrassing, but again, I was confident Abby didn’t notice. Because I saved myself and played it off perfectly. Because when it got right down to it, despite being balls deep inside Abby, I found myself thinking of…


She entered the room with the same breakfast she’d had the other day and took a seat at a table near mine, facing me.

“No way.” I said to myself. I fumbled for my reading materials and tried to bury myself in reviewing for a quiz in my “Elections and Campaigns” class.

“Qunnipiac methodology is sound because the data for their polls features samples reflective of elections on the district level…” I glanced up. She was fishing a book out of her bag.

“All politics is local. All campaigns are local.” I reminded myself. “Being President isn’t about winning the most votes, it’s about winning the most votes in the right combination of districts in the right combination of states…” Another glance at her as she shuffled through her pages with one hand while holding her fork in the other.

I took a sip of coffee and as I was setting my cup down she looked up at me and our eyes locked. My heart jumped. She smiled and resumed her own business.

“I was with Abby last night. Why would I want to be with this person if I was with Abby last night?”

I looked down at my materials. “Elections.” I said aloud to nobody in particular. I looked up again. She was looking at me and looked down at her tray just as quickly as I looked up.

She was looking.

I took a sip of coffee. Then I looked at her again. She made eye contact with me and held it this time. Then she smiled and winked. I smiled back and looked back at my notes.

“Where is everyone? It’s almost 8 and this place should be packed right now! People should be here studying, socializing, sipping coffee and eating breakfast. There are over 30,000 students in this damn university. How come nobody is here blocking my view of this fatass?”

I looked up again. She was just about to take in a mouthful of her breakfast. She paused when she noticed me and smiled. This one was different, though. Gone was the sweet and friendly smile from a moment prior. This one was an aggressive and seducing smile. She licked her lips from the inside out with her tongue, then made as sensuous a display out of slowly taking her food into her mouth. She closed her eyes and savored her food before chewing a few times and swallowing. Then she opened her eyes and winked again.

Once I picked my jaw off my table I smiled at her and looked down at the table in front of me. I had spread out my notes across the table and now I pushed them back into a nice, neat stack. My notes were worthless anyway. The truth is I am a lousy student. The truth is I would rather just flirt with girls. Girls like “Her.”

When I finished stacking my note pages I looked up again. She was no longer looking in my direction, rather studying her book and continuing her meal. I was about to look away and perhaps resume my own studies, or even leave the UMC when she looked up at me again. Again our eyes locked. Without breaking her gaze she sliced her fork into her pancakes and slowly ushered it into her mouth, repeating the sensual pause in front of her mouth.

A girl, it could have been “Yoga Pants’” twin sister, passed between us and sat at a table nearby, forming a crude triangle in which each of us served as a corner. I allowed my gaze to follow her and watched as she sat down.

“I wish so badly I could be into her.” I told myself. I looked back at “Her.” She noticed my stare had followed the other girl and she cocked one eyebrow and slowly shook her head in a feigned disapproval.

“Sorry.” I mouthed and flashed a look of chagrin.

She smiled as big a smile as I had seen from her and beckoned me to come to her table.

“Oh fuck. Really?” I wanted to not want to go. But I wanted to go. I shoved my notes and books into my bag, and scooped up my coffee, then made my way over to her table.

She watched me come the entire way. “That’s right. Come here, come to me if you know what’s good for you.” Her look said. Like the other day, she wore a V-neck sweater that showed off plump breasts and generous cleavage. I struggled to maintain eye contact with her.

My hands trembled as I slid into a chair next to hers. She took my hand in hers, squeezed and said, “Thank you for joining me.”

“Thank you for…uh…inviting me.” I said. “I’m Steve.”

“Hi, Steve.” She released my hand and closed the book in front of her. “I’m Heather.”

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::thumbs up:: :) another well written installment!

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Are you done?

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He better not be!

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Personal Note: Sorry it took me so long to get this out. I appreciate everyone who has read and taken the time to comment on this story. I will make a greater effort to get future installments in a more timely manner.

A Wager

“Heather.” I repeat. I gave an awkward glance around the room, nervous to be seen by anyone I know. I played it off as casually as I could. Heather didn’t seem to notice because she took a moment to take another bite of food. This one went right down without any sensual fanfare. She washed it down with a sip of milk.

“I noticed you the other day.” She says after swallowing.

“I was behind you.” I said.

“I saw you when I approached. You scoped me out. You were with two friends. I sat with my back to you, but I noticed you were looking over your shoulder as you walked away. I thought you looked yummy enough to eat.”

“So is that what’s going to happen to me if I hang around long enough?” I smirked.

“Maybe.” Heather said with a tease in her voice. “But not right now. I already have my breakfast.”

I stared at her plate for a second. Then I asked, “How did you know I scoped you out? When you were facing me I looked at you for just a second or two.”

“I am used to getting noticed.” Heather explained. “Most people notice me because of my weight and their faces say as much. You…well let’s just say you shouldn’t ever join a poker tournament. I saw the look in your eyes and I was tempted to just sit with you and your friends in hopes of, I don’t know…exploiting what I sensed was interest on your part.”

“You knew from just that small, short glance I gave you?”

“I’ve become very good at reading people. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw you sitting here. I was about to sit way on the other side of the room, but I noticed you and…well, here we are! I pretty much knew I’d have you at my table the second I made eye contact with you.”

“That easily, huh?”

“Like I said, I am very good at reading people.” Heather took a bite of food. She held one hand in front of her mouth and spoke as she chewed. “I know what you are going through in that pretty little head of yours, too.”

I shook my head and flashed a bemused smile. “I bet you don’t.” Heather swallowed.

“Bet I do.”

“You’re on. Tell me what I’m thinking.”
“You have to be honest with me. If I read you like a book you have to promise you’ll own up to it. And if that’s the case, you have to promise to meet with me at a later time so we can go to dinner or something like that.”

“So a date is at stake. What if you don’t have me as figured out as you think you do?”

“Then you don’t owe me anything. But we can still get together later if you want to. It’ll be up to you at that point.”

“Sounds good. You have a deal.” I leaned back in my chair. “Tell me what I’m thinking.”

“Okay.” Heather agreed. She paused to take a bite of food and a sip of milk. “I’ll be perfectly blunt. Don’t be offended.”

“Fair enough.”

“You are interested in me, right? You are attracted to me.” Heather took my hand again as she spoke. Adrenaline surged through my body. Did I really want to admit something like this out loud? It was no use lying about it though. She already seemed to be in control.


“Yes, what? I want a complete sentence.” Heather was all business now.

“Yes, Heather, I am attracted to you.”

“You think I am pretty?”

“I think you’re beautiful.”

“Then why are you so hesitant to date me?”

I stared in disbelief. “Wow.” I said slowly. “I…I don’t know what to say to that.”

“Then listen.” Heather said. “I know you are hesitant. You are a little worried about what others would think if you dated the ‘fat chick.’ Be honest, Steve. I’m not going to be mad at you if you promise to tell me the truth.” Heather squeezed my hand as if to encourage me to answer. I looked down at her soft hand as it covered my own.
She squeezed it again and said, “Steve. Look at me and answer my question.”

I looked into Heather’s eyes. I was ashamed about what I was about to admit. Heather stared at me. Her eyes, bluish, greenish (I’m color blind so I couldn’t be too sure) burned through me as if she were reading my thoughts. She wanted an honest answer and I wanted to give her one.
Now I squeezed her hand. Instead of the light and quick squeezes she gave me, I gave her a firm and sustained squeeze as I said, “You are right. I’m ashamed to say it, but you are right.”

I looked down at the table then back into Heather’s eyes. “You got me. I guess I owe you a dinner date, now right?”

Heather released my hand and smiled. “No, Steve. You don’t owe me anything. I’m not going to force you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.”

“But we made a bet.”

Heather laughed and finished off the last of her breakfast. “I just threw that out there because that’s something else I know about guys. You are suckers for a good bet. But the truth is I have been patronized and ‘sympathy dated’ too many times. I am ready for someone who is interested in dating me because he is really into me and won’t care what others think about him dating a fat girl.”

“So where does that leave us then?”

Heather brushed her brown hair from her face and took a deep breath, exhaling heavily. Her massive breasts jiggled as she did so. I was compelled to watch.

“I have class and study groups all day until three in the afternoon. When is the earliest you’ll be available?”

“At two.”

“Good. Then here are my terms. Meet me in front of this building at about three. Be waiting by the east entrance near the ATM machine. You don’t have to come if you don’t want to. But if you do, I expect you to go all in with me. Exclusive privileges. You will be my boyfriend; I will be your girlfriend. And for a period of time long enough for us to at least determine if we are right for each other. If we decide otherwise, so be it.”

Heather gathered her belongings. “You have time to think it over throughout the day. But it’s not a lot of time, so think very carefully. If you decide not to show, I won’t give you another chance. If you show, understand what it is I expect of you and to what you are committing. But for now I have to run. Three o’clock. I hope to see you there.”

And without another word, Heather left me alone at the table.

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I love the story, very realistic. :)

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Wow, great story so far....

11-26-2014, 10:08 PM
More, more!

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This is amazing. Please continue.

12-07-2014, 11:53 AM
When is the next chapter?

03-22-2015, 05:58 PM
Another Personal Note: Once again, I've let a lot of time elapse between installments of this story. I hope there is still an audience for it! I greatly appreciate all the comments and feedback I've received so far.

A Little Help From My Friend

I spent the day in mental anguish over Heather. On the one hand I was dead set on meeting her on her terms. On the other hand I was not sure if I was ready to take the plunge and submit to my attraction to a fat woman. Especially one so assertive as Heather. As much as I understood her direct approach I was a little intimidated by it. Would I be able to meet her minimum expectations? She had said, “exclusive priviledges.”

Doubts about my own intentions reigned within me. What if I met her and found I couldn’t stand her? How long would it take for us to determine we weren’t right for each other? Or worse, what if I found I couldn’t live without her? Was I ready to have a fat girlfriend? What if that fat girlfriend became my fat wife? I shuddered at the thought. Me standing at the alter, the music playing. The only woman I was eve going to be with again slowly marching down the isle, and that woman looked big enough to make a midnight snack out of me if I didn’t satisfy her. She draws closer and as she does I can read the expression in her eyes.

“You’re about to be mine!” they say. “You belong to me now! Gone are your days of riding the hot chicks from the gym, you’re about to know what it’s like to be mounted by your 389 pound wife! You’re probably going to just get sucked all the way in and nobody will ever hear from you again!”

“That’s ridiculous.” I told myself. “Fat girls don’t think like that. They probably think like any other girls. They want the same things any girl would want. They don’t want to eat their love interests for a snack or…”

“Hey, gorgeous!” The sound of Jen’s voice made me jump from my day dreaming and mental deliberations. “How has your day been?”

I was back at the UMC for lunch. My decision loomed just a few hours away and I still had no idea what I was going to do. Jen was a friend and love (sex) interest. She fit the mold for what I was supposed to be interested in: fit, lean, athletic, hot…

“It’s been fine.” I said. It was a lie. I was at a crossroads between pursuing something I knew I wanted or letting it go for the sake of appearances. It was a surprisingly difficult decision. Jen’s sudden appearance was both a welcome relief and another hurdle to clear.

I was trying to make up small talk about a class, but Jen didn’t seem to be listening. She was checking a text message, then suddenly interrupted me and said, “So, what are you doing tonight? Or should I say, ‘who’ are you doing tonight?”

“I don’t have plans.” I replied as coolly as I could.

“You’re going to fuck her, and you know it.” Jen said. She flashed a mischievous grin at me. “Steve is taking the plunge.” She laughed.

“What?” I tried to play cool, but figured Jen must have seen me with Heather that morning.

“It’s okay to admit it, Steve. You want to bang a fattie. A lot of guys do it. Just know some guys…once a fattie gets ahold of them, they never let them go. Your days of riding the likes of me, or Abby (who says you were an animal, by the way) are all but over.”

“So you must have seen me this morning…?”

“Oh, I saw you, all right. The way that girl was playing you while shoveling her food into her face, I thought she was going to mount you right there on the table. It probably wouldn’t have held her, but I didn’t think that was going to stop you two animals from trying.”

“I just shared a table with her, Jen.”

Jen laughed, “Steve, she’s going to own your cock by the end of your first date. I know it. You know it too. But is that a bad thing? I know she’s a little bigger than some of the girls you’re used to, but if you like her…if you two are into each other, what’s the problem?”

I shook my head.

“It’s okay to have a fat girlfriend, Steve. Just don’t let her be on top!”

Now I laughed. Jen knew so there was no point in trying to deny it any further. “Okay, fine. I’m not sure what it is about her, but I am interested. I’m not sure if I’m going to go through with it or not, because she wants a committed relationship. At least an honest attempt at one.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that.” Jen mused.

“I suppose not.” I agreed.

“Would you be willing to commit to her? I mean if you liked her and all? If you two hit it off? Could you see yourself being happy with her despite her weight if your personalities meshed?”

I nodded. “It’s a good question.” I admitted. But I think if I’m going to be in an exclusive relationship with her, I need to not only accept her despite her weight, but full on embrace her weight.”

Jen nodded. “Yeah, that’s a good point.”

We fell silent. Jen stared at me for a brief pause. “Steve, I’m going to be honest with you. I genuinely hope you do it. I don’t know why, but I just hope you do it. I hope she takes you out of play. I hope she’s the last woman you ever fuck. I hope you marry her and live happily ever after with her.”

I laughed. “We haven’t even had a first date yet, Jen. One step at a time!”

“I wanted to make fun of it at first.” Jen admitted. “but something about seeing the two of you this morning…it was just…right.”

“How can you know that?”

“I don’t know. I just do. I know you’ve bounced around from chick to chick, myself included, ever since you and Claire split up. But I know that’s not what you want. You want stability. You want a relationship. That’s not for me or any of the other girls you’ve fucked. They’re all in it for the game right now. You seem to want more though. And this girl…she may be just the one you’re looking for. As fat as she is, you’d be an idiot if you miss it!”

I laughed. “You know if I make her my girlfriend you’re going to have to stop making fat jokes about her.”

“Oh, I am going to torment you about it, Steve. Every chance I get!” Jen said with a smile. “But seriously, I want you to be happy and I think this may be a good chance for you. Realistically it’s probably the end of you hanging out with us. You know that right?”

I nodded. Jen’s comment wasn’t about our circle not accepting Heather so much as not having any rules with respect to who fucked who. It wasn’t exactly a suitable crowd for anyone in a committed relationship.

Jen continued, “While we’re out drinking, partying, and fucking with reckless abandonment, you’re probably going to be lost in her super-plus sized panties while she finishes her calculus homework.”

“It is going to be hard to find my way out of those.” I acknowledged.

“Yes it is. But you’re going to be better for it and happy in the long run. Give her a try.” Jen stood and leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. “Be her boyfriend. Love her. Take care of her. Be proud to stand with her. And when you marry her, I want to be invited to your wedding.”

Jen stepped away from the table before I had a chance to reply. She put a noticeable sway in her hips as she walked as if to say, “Take a good look at this because once that fat girl gets ahold of you you won’t be enjoying this any more!”

Strangely enough I realized I wasn’t going to miss it. I wasn’t sure what the future with Heather would hold, but I knew I had to at least find out. I had just a couple more hours before I was to meet Heather. They would prove to be the longest two hours of my life. The thought of waiting…submitting to her terms make my body ache with anticipation and surge with adrenaline. I was nervous and excited alike.

And despite knowing that Jen supported me, I was still nervous about what my friends would say. If Jen knew it was just a matter of time before they all knew. Would I be ready to accept their reaction? I would need to if I was going to commit to Heather.

Finally my class was out and I sat in the cool air right where Heather had told me to wait. Three drew near and I drew more and more nervous. I almost got up and walked away, but forced myself to sit and wait. When I saw Heather approach I was glad I did.

“You came.” Heather said as she and I met. “You won’t regret it.”

I looked at the ground. “I’m a little nervous.” I admitted.

“It’s okay. It’s a big step for you, and I’m glad you’re taking it.”

“Me too.” I said. “So…what do we do now?”

“Let’s just go to my place so we can be free of distractions.” Heather said. “It’s a short walk away from the campus.”

“Lead the way.” I said with a wave.

Heather took my hand and squeezed it. “You’re not going to regret this decision.” She repeated. We stepped off and Heather made it clear she was not going to release my hand.

We walked in silence past the throngs of students surging in and out of campus buildings and hurrying toward the final round of classes or the first round at the bars. I noticed a few looked at us, some guys smirked, some girls too.

As we neared the edge of the campus I spotted a familiar face in the crowd coming toward us. It was Jen. I felt my face go flush as she spotted us. I expected her to stop and talk as we passed but she didn’t.

She did however; make eye contact as we passed. When our eyes met, Jen smiled at me and with a slight nod of her head, gave me a wink.

03-23-2015, 06:34 AM
Interesting pep talk from Jen!

And I'm glad you got back to this story :)

03-23-2015, 12:09 PM
Thank you for this beautiful part-true story. Your language is solid, you know how to tell a story, and you have a knack for realism that is not the easiest to pull off as well as you've done. Thumbs up!

04-03-2015, 08:19 PM

I hope everyone enjoys this sort of thing. I am constantly working to not rush through scenes like this, so please let me know how I do with this one!

Heather and I arrive at her home and she guides me in. The house is tiny, more like a stand alone apartment. It is in the back yard of an old victorian, so it was likely once a garage. Now it's a small, but stylish apartment occupied by Heather.

I am nervous as I step into the small living room. A tiny table separates the living room from the kitchen. Beyond the living room is a bedroom. There is no television: but a lot of books. Heather is not a neat freak, but she is not overly messy, either. Baskets of dirty laundry sit near the door. Her school books are stacked on the table, and her "recreational reading" books are left randomly throughout the room. A laptop computer sits on the table amid a few dirty dishes.

"Sorry for the mess." Heather says. "With the laundry, sometimes it's a hassle to save up enough quarters."

I am drawn to one of her bras handing on the doorknob of her bedroom. She watches as I, bemused, cross the room and pick it up. It's a plain, white bra: Heather is obviously not a flashy girl. I am stunned and my knees grow weak at the immense size.

"My apartment has a washer and dryer." I say. "If you want to come over to my place we can do your laundry there."

"Okay." Heather says as she crosses the room. It takes her just a couple steps. I am still holding her bra and as she approaches I discern a hungry, lusty look in her eyes. She pushes me backwards and I stumble into her bedroom. She takes her bra from me and tosses it behind her. "Why would you fool around with that one..." she takes my hands and guides them up her soft sides, underneath her sweater, and up to the bra she is currently wearing, "...when you could be fooling around with this one?"

I felt my way around Heather's soft body and up her back where I began to play with her bra strap. Heather wrapped her arms around me and pulled me into her, pressing my face into her cleavage with one hand. I take in the way her body smells: a faint hint of perfume, obviously applied early in the morning and now mixed with her natural scent. It is pleasant. Intoxicating, even. I feel her hand push my face into her breasts and the softness giving way then pressing back into me. Then Heather's hand caresses the back of my head, down to my neck, then sliding her finger tips underneath my jaw and pulling my face up.

Heather stares into my eyes as she returns her wandering hand to the small of my back and presses my belly into hers. I let my hands slide down to the small of her back, even into the top of her jeans and feel the top of her panties. My finders slide underneath her panties and into the very top of her butt crack. Heather closes her eyes and exhales a deep, guttural breath. Then she opens her eyes again.

"Kiss me." She whispers.

I take one hand out of her pants and sweater, run it up her back and cup the back of her head with it. It slides a little over her silky hair, but neither of us seem to notice as our lips move closer together.

Heather's lips are not as soft as some I've kissed. If anything they're a little chapped, even.

"That's reality." I tell myself as I tease her lips with my own. "We want moments like this to be perfect, but we are regular human beings wanting to share ourselves in this beautiful moment." Heather's lips may be a little dry, but they are perfect for this moment. I press my lips into hers and feel a shudder shake her body and spread into mine. Our lips continue to explore and I pull away, only for Heather to put her hand on the back of my head and push me back toward her mouth.

"Get back in there." she whispers with a giggle. Now I feel her tongue lick my lips. I push my own forward and it greets her tongue. An oral grappling match ensues.

We continue our embrace. My heart is racing a thousand miles a minute, but somehow we seem frozen in time. Finally Heather backs away and tugs at my shirt. I let my upper body go limp as she pulls it over my head. Then she pulls on my belt and as she does I kick off my shoes. Heather undoes the snap on my jeans and reaching her hand into them pulls both my jeans and my drawers down. I let them fall to the floor and step out of them; completely naked for her.

Heather stares at me, taking me in from head to toe.

"I've seen that look." I say weakly, almost out of breath. "That's the way you were looking at your pancakes this morning before you..."

"Messily devoured every ounce of them?" Heather finished. "Like I'm about to do to you?"

"Yeah, something like that."

Now it's my turn to undress Heather. I slide my hands underneath her sweater, collecting it up as I go. Heather raises her arms as I slide her sweater off of her. Her breasts bounce and jiggle as they settle back into place. Her white bra can barely contain them. Heather's belly is large and soft, and the sight of it sends waves of excitement through my body.

"This is what I wanted." I tell myself as my mind begins to block out images of some of the more fit/lean girls I had recently been with.

Heather's face wore a look of passionate sincerity. She felt exposed but she trusted me. I slide my hands down her sides and around the front of her jeans. I can feel a pulse of excitement surge through her body. I pause before undoing the snap. "Do it." she whispers. I comply, undoing the snap on her jeans then pushing my hands into them, feeling her softness with my palms as my hands slide in opposite directions around her abdomen and come to rest on her hips. Then I push her jeans down. Heather's panties are somewhat plain: white cotton with little pink flowers.

Somehow the simplicity of it makes me weak and draws me to her. Heather is not "sexy" in a universal sort of way. Definitely not what I am accustomed to up to this point in my life. Gone are the days of lacy red panties or black thongs. In their place are plain white bras and panties. Bras and panties significantly larger than those of any of my previous partners. And something about this thought excites me.

But a push from Heather jolts me from my day dreaming. I find myself lying on my back on her bed, propping myself up with my elbows. Heather releases the strap on her bra and the garment falls to the floor. I stare in awe at my new partner. Her breasts now hang freely, each one easily larger than my head. Her belly is rich: immense and soft. It gives way to her intimate region; still guarded by the protection of her pink-flower-clad-white panties. And Heather slips her hand into these, and they fall to the ground.

Heather bends over and picks her panties up off the ground. She steps toward me and I shimmy backwards onto the bed.

"Oh, you're not getting away from me!" Heather says in a playful voice. "You belong to me now!" Heather crawls onto the bed and straddles me, hovering over me without dropping her weight onto me. Still, gravity pulls her belly downward and it brushes agains my own. I lay backwards submissively as Heather positions her body over mine. Then she takes her panties and presses them into my face. "You're going to need to get used to this scent." She says. "It's going to be a major part of your life now."

Inside her panties I feel the moisture and take in her scent. I feel her hand pressing them into my face and breathe in deeply. As I do I feel her hand on my penis and feel her weight shift. "You know what's about to happen to you, right?"

I do. I am about to be ridden hard by a fat chick. Judging by Heather's demeanor, I am not only about to be ridden hard, but utterly dominated by her. I feel her wet labia connect with the tip of my penis and a surge of adrenaline shoots through my body. I did not get this from Abbey last night.

"I'm about to own you." Heather continues. "I'm about to put you inside me where you belong and once you're there you belong to me. You're mine now."

I lay still, my vision still blocked by Heather's panties. Her scent is all over them and I am in no hurry to be freed from its overpowering effects. Then I feel Heather's weight settle and immediately thereafter I feel the warmth and wetness of her vagina as it claims my penis as its own. Heather moans as her pelvic region comes to rest on my own. I feel her weight pressing me into the soft mattress and push my own hips upward, pressing myself just a little deeper into her. I hear her moan, then she tears the panties away form my face and leans forward to kiss me.

"I think it's so hot that I can smell myself all over your face." She says and begins to kiss me. I slowly push my hips up then relax my lower back, creating a thrusting motion. Heather adjusts her body so that the base of my penis stimulates her then she reciprocates my slow and rhythmic movement. Within seconds our bodies have synced up.

As if we were made for each other.


I lay on my back, staring at the ceiling. Heather curls up next to me, placing her head on my shoulder and draping one of her legs over my abdomen. Her soft belly and breasts press themselves into me, and her brown hair tickles my face. I think about what we've just done. I feel differently about this. In the past I often quickly lost interest immediately after the moment had reached its culminating point. I did not feel this with Heather. Instead I felt closer to her than ever. When I felt her cum on me it was all I could do to push my hips toward the ceiling then hold still until her moment subsided. As we approached her climax, Heather's breathing became more labored, her face flushed red, and her movements more deliberate. She held her breath and closed her eyes as I felt her muscles convulsing around my penis and felt her wetness seeping out of her and all over me. When she finished she looked at me and whispered, "Your turn."

Neither of us wore protection, but as I felt myself building to a climax I hissed, "I'm about to cum!" Heather proved to be pretty spry for such a large girl, springing from her perch on my pelvis and devouring my penis with her mouth in one swift movement.

I felt myself release into her mouth. Heather very quickly swallowed with a throaty gulp and stared at me, her eyes dazzling. Then she collapsed into her current position. As we lay there in the afterglow of our love making I look out the window. In Boulder, the sun goes down early because of how close the city is to the front range. Outside the early stages of dusk were setting in, even though it was just slightly after 4 in the afternoon.

"What are we going to do tonight?" I ask.

Heather giggles. "We're already doing it, honey. Is that okay with you?"

"I don't know, I may get a little restless." I tease.

Heather laughs. "Save your strength. You have a very long night ahead of you."

04-20-2015, 06:17 PM
Its not over, is it?

04-20-2015, 07:23 PM
Its not over, is it?

No. Sorry, real life sort of keeps me from writing as much as I'd like. I hope you'll keep checking for updates!

04-25-2015, 06:39 PM
I gotta say this is possibly one of the best stories I have read, maybe because it hits kinda close to home, but mostly it feels more real than most stories that I have read.

Don't apologize for the time it takes one of the worst things you can do is rush it.

05-17-2015, 08:39 AM
This is amazing, I would do anything to meet a woman like this

05-18-2015, 08:10 AM
so would l

04-08-2017, 05:53 AM
Once again, I apologize for letting this one slip into oblivion. A recent review as a private rep comment inspired me to revive this effort and I want to see it through to the finish in the coming weeks.

Please enjoy!

The Morning After

I lay wide-awake but completely exhausted as the first rays of morning light spills into Heather’s bedroom window. Beside me Heather sleeps soundly. She had bouts of snoring off and on throughout the night, and when she did I thought about Jen’s conversation with me the day prior.

“I hope you marry her.” Jen had said.

Talk about getting ahead of herself. I can’t even begin to think that far ahead. And part of me even hopes this is just a fling and now that it’s over I’ll be free to go back to banging hotties. At several points along the way overnight I thought about getting up and walking out while Heather slept. Yet here I am, having been worked by her like a rented mule all night.

Her appetite is insatiable. I’ve had nights like this with smaller women and can handle it, but with Heather’s weight it’s a new set of challenges that leaves me feeling exhausted like never before. And what’s more, it leaves me satisfied like never before.

And that’s why I’m still here. That’s why I didn’t sneak out in the middle of the night. I promised Heather I’d make an honest effort to be her boyfriend at least long enough to determine if we were right for each other and that’s what I am going to do.

Heather rolls onto her side and I cuddle up behind her. She depresses the mattress enough that despite her hips being so much larger than mine, my aroused penis settles into place between her massive butt cheeks like a tiny hot dog in a big bun. I reach my arm over her and my hand settles on her big soft belly. I squeeze a handful of Heather’s chub and am awestruck with how much I like it. I press my face close to her and kiss the back of her neck. This feels right.

Satisfied I close my eyes and try to get some rest.


It isn’t long before Heather’s stirring awakens me. Now the sun is shining full force into the room and the morning light bathes us both.

Heather, yawning and stretching, rolls over and pins me beneath her. She sits up, pressing her weight onto my mid section and stretches her massive arms, arching her back as she does so. Heather farts on me as she stretches.

“Hey!” I protest.

Heather giggles. “Sorry, not sorry! You belong to me now so I get to do that to you!” She scoots to the edge of the bed and steps into the bathroom, just a few feet away. Rather than closing the door she sits on the toilet and takes her morning pee in full view of me.

“How do you feel?” She asks.

“I’m exhausted. I didn’t sleep much.”

“I would have guessed you would have slept like a charm with as much work as I made you do! Here, come take a shower with me.”

Heather lets the water run so it will reach her optimal temperature and when she decides she’s ready she renews her call to me to come join her.

I’ve already discerned I will not be “in charge” in this burgeoning relationship and sensing her call for me to join her in the shower is more instructional and less invitational I pull myself off of her bed and step into the bathroom.

Heather is leaning into the shower stall, still testing the water. I stare at her massive ass.

“Is this it for me?” I ask myself. “This feels so right at this moment but am I really going to commit myself to this fat woman? What if it is it? What if I marry her? Am I ready to listen to her snoring all night, watch her pee in the morning, get farted on and ordered around for the rest of my life?”

Heather turns and smiles and says, “The water is ready.” Then she drops to her knees and kisses my flaccid penis. “So cute!” she giggles. Then her mouth opens and my penis disappears into it. I feel myself getting hard inside her as her tongue stimulates me.

And for the moment my questions are answered. Its’ a resounding “yes.”


“You can stay here and get some rest if you need to. I’ve got to get to class. I missed my usual breakfast today thanks to a naughty someone slowing me down!” Heather winks.

She’s dressed. I’m still naked. “I think I’ll pass out and skip my morning classes.”

“Good idea. I’ll come home and have you for lunch, how does that sound?”

“Amazing.” I say. I kiss Heather and she collects her things.

“Good. Then I’ll see you in a few hours. I want you to tidy up and be naked and ready for me when I return.”
And with that Heather is gone, leaving me alone in her apartment. I am struck by her trust and assertiveness. What’s more, I like it. That part surprises me because I’m generally a type-A personality and don’t like being ordered around. But Heather does so with impunity and damnit if I’m not going to comply!

I tell myself I’ll tidy up after I’ve snoozed for a while. Just as I collapse onto Heather’s bed I get a text from Jen.

“Where are you? Did that fat girl eat you?”

“Not yet.” I reply. “She hinted she was going to do it for lunch today. I’m marinating now while I wait.”

“LOL. Nice knowing ya!”

I am about to put my phone down when Jen texts again.

“So really, where did you say you were?”

I sigh and just call her.

“You slept with her didn’t you?” Jen answers before the first ring!

“Hello and good morning to you, too!” I say sarcastically.

“Give me the details! You went through with it, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Jen, I did.”


“And what?”

“Did you like it?”

“Honestly…Yes. I loved it. She’s amazing. There is something…right about this girl. I think there may be something here.”

“Holy shit! Steve, you’re fat girl fodder!” Jen teases. But her tone turns serious right away. “Really, though, good for you. I hope it’s there for you like you think it is. If she makes you happy you need to do everything you can to make her happy.”

“I will, Jen.”

“I know you will. I’m so excited for you! Okay, I have to go. Don’t be a stranger, okay?”

“Okay. Bye, Jen.”

And with that, Jen hangs up. I collapse backwards onto Heather’s bed. Her pillows bear her scent and I close my eyes and let it envelop me. I breathe deeply and take it in, smile and exhale.

Then I blissfully drift off to sleep.

04-18-2017, 07:07 AM
You draw a very vivid picture of the scene. Good story.