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A/N: This one-shot is more of a vignette (or a flash fiction) than a full-length story, as I just wanted to get this idea into a quick group of words. The toy maker archetype. Not sure if anyone tried this concept out in one way or another, but it really is worth looking into.

The Toy Maker

by lovelymars908

Today was the day when a private dinner party and invention expo at the Blake Manor was being held. Invitations were sent to the CEO’s subordinates. Aside from a few who worked closely with him, most people never saw the somewhat mysterious founder of Blake Toys other than a few outdated portraits. But one thing that most people in the company knew Mr. Blake was directly involved with most, if not all product designs. The purpose of this party/expo was to introducing potential products done in Blake’s personal spare time. And his secretaries, managers, and other high-ranking employees were there to witness it.

Everyone was gathered in the grand dining room. The butlers and staff announced Blake as everyone settled down and took their seats at the table.

The wide door opened to reveal the long-awaited appearance of Mr. Faraji Dala Blake.

Everyone was pleased to see a very large dark-skinned man with dreadlocks riding in a mobile scooter, wearing a dark plum suit with only his belly so wide it pushed and cascade against the handles of his scooter.

“Greetings, everyone. Thank for coming to my first Toy Expo at my home. Some of you may wonder what do I have in store tonight. To put it, I have made plenty of toy inventions of my design and I’m more than excited to introduce you all to them. If all goes well tonight, they might be considered for the market, so let’s get started!”

The serving staff brought many display casings, which caught people’s attention.

Faraji got their attention. “Bring out the food.”

Another group of servants took out scores of restaurant-styled cuisine from the kitchen and set them on a long table.

“Now, let's reveal the inventions, shall we? This one I like to call is.. the Snack Scooper.”

The crowd approached the first display as a butler revealed the said device and clapped once the simple thing. It appeared as a red scoop connected to a bowl by metal stands. A small opening was connected at the back of the bowl to slide in snacks in.

“Of course, it's nothing terribly fancy, just a simple and creative way to get your snacks in a most convenient way. You insert your favorite pastime snack through the canal and go to town. I'm sure that'll be useful for the children or the elderly.

“Now my second invention! This one is flighty! I call it the Plate Plane. No brainer, it is what it sounds like.”

The veil was pulled off the display and there was the named toy product. It was a large green toy plane with a plate holder placed on the sides of the plane.

“If I were you, I highly advise using this for teacups. I did testing with it and, well, a few things got messy….”

The display case was opened for the Plate Plane to be shown for the crowd. A butler put a cup of tea on the plate holder and the thing was activated; the plane flew over to Faraji and he sipped the entire tea.

“Now, onto the next toy… The Soup Fire Truck.”

The crowd laughed. The butler removed the cloak from the display to reveal a decently large red fire truck that looked normal in its own right until they saw a huge bowl attached to.

“This one was a tiny bit tricky, but it's self-explanatory. If you make a pot of soup and you want a quick way to distribute that soup for the children, then this is it. The fire truck can just blast the soup from the hose connected to the bowl, and it's on your dinner plate.”

The crowd clapped.

The butlers brought the toy to the table, one of them dumped tomato soup into the bowl before it flipped on. The soup was distributed from the truck to a dinner bowl.

“Oh, here is something I should tell you, people. It's only meant for light soups, so if you have chicken and dumplings or chunky soups, DO NOT use those in the truck. The chunks can get stuck in the hose and you do not want that.”

Faraji picked up the bowl of soup and drank its contents in one gulp.

“Now, on to the next ones.”

The exhibition was a very interesting one. Who would have thought the CEO went out of his way creating new products for the company while making eating and snacking fun? Some of his colleagues asked Faraji on what inspired him to make such interesting use of toys. It was a secret that Mr. Blake didn't undisclosed. And he was more than thankful that no one didn't get the gist of his true intentions of his inventions.

However, no one but a few people knew that those toys were only the top of the iceberg of what he was doing….


Once everything settled down, Faraji rode his mobile scooter to a private lab inside his own home where his personal and most complex inventions were conducted in secret. And a lot of them has to do with food. Once he entered his lab, he was greeted by a small robot who had to carry a plate of freshly made donuts it held in its compartment. “Good day, sir.” It greeted by a small, mechanical voice

“Thank you, RD,” he said as he grabbed two donuts, one pink with sprinkles and the other chocolate glazed.

Faraji passed by the many robotic contraptions at work in or in progress. The finished mechanisms were all at work making delicious food like it was a futuristic kitchen. The place even smelled like one, particularly dinner. He approached a robotic ‘toy’, which had a stylized oven with a chef’s face intended to make pies, fully automated. All the pie-making was done from the inside like a tiny manufacturer. Then, the uncooked pie would appear within the see-through door of the oven and bake. Mr. Blake was enticed by the Pie Machine and took a pie out. A nice big cherry pie he gobbled up in several bites and tucked into his belly. That only stimulated a more heavy need for supper now. Faraji was hooked by the pies and ate more from them. Fortunately, he also installed a pie display near the side of the Pie Machine for finished pies.

“God, I’m so hungry.” he gorged on the pies without a second thought, shoving each slice into his hungry mouth and discarding the pans.

“Thank you, Pie Machine. I'd like to request chocolate silk pies for the next four days.”

“As you wish, Mr. Blake.” answered the machine’s electronic voice.

Faraji approached another robot that stored and dispensed numerous beverages. The beverages from pop and wine to just plain water. He admitted that the design for the Drink Dispenser was no easy feat to create, not without all the tubes and internal containers for the beverages and a freezer to keep them all cold. The outer image was literally a giant fast food drinking cup and straw. Being in the mood for something sweet and fizzy, Faraji asked the robot for soda. The machine gave him several glasses of ice cold Coke and he guzzled every single one of them. The bubbly concoction tickled the blubbery confines of his belly, releasing a burp.

Faraji finally approached his work desk to check one of many upcoming projects. One-half was made for public use and the other half were all dedicated to fulfilling his secret hedonistic lifestyle. He considered this to be a win-win for both his giving and gluttonous nature.

In fact, those two unlikely characteristics coexisted peacefully throughout his life. His family was already wealthy. His Zambian mother Agnes Dala was a gifted surgeon, while his Black American father Desmond Blake was a wealthy businessman for a travel agency. His parents taught him good morals and he was never spoiled. But one thing that his parents never knew until his adult years he had a very apparent relationship with food. Yes, he did had the luxury of living an aristocratic life, owning a fancy mansion, attended by servants, and the finest education. He was gifted with an IQ of 200, and he went to Harvard. But thanks to his interesting case of being a pudgy child in his youth, he took advantage of cuisine for the rich and it stuck with him ever since. Ultimately, that was part of the reason he became an inventor.

Faraji opened his current blueprints for the new future robot called a “Dinner Assembler’. A machine able to make an entire family dinner at the press of a few buttons. It would have the option to either make the food from scratch or for convenient purposes, heat up all leftovers in a short amount of time and there goes a classy dinner for the evening. This would be his biggest project yet, and he was counting on it be his very best.

fat hiker
08-25-2017, 01:16 PM
An interesting vignette, with a lot of intriguing ideas. You should consider expanding it further, looking for some plot devices to spin a story about Faraji.

08-26-2017, 05:34 PM
An interesting vignette, with a lot of intriguing ideas. You should consider expanding it further, looking for some plot devices to spin a story about Faraji.

Oh, the thought of expending this into a fully-fledge story crossed my mind a few times, but knowing me and my heavy writing schedule, it won't be while. And I do mean a while.

Thanks for reading!