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11-16-2005, 01:39 PM
BBW, Dining, Sex, WG, True: A ďTrue StoryĒ of love, weight and marriage. . .

My Susie

by Dantheman

When I first met Susie my eyes popped right out of their sockets. There she was a beautiful senior at William and Mary. One of those smart girls who aced all their classes. She was pretty with long red, silky hair and big clear green eyes. She had a pencil thin figure with little perky breasts. I, Dan, had a serious crush. I loved her with all my heart.

My friend, Frank, knew about my crush. " Go for it, man. You got nothing to lose. Susie is fine man. Are you going to late her escape?"

I thought about what Frank said and decided to go for. Not that she would like me. I was a geek nothing special. I mean pretty girls just passed me by, but I knew I wanted Susie more than anything.

So, I decided to take my chances. I waited until after class, and she was all alone gathering her books. I gathered up my courage and walked up to her. " Um, hi. I'm Dan. You probably don't really know me. But I know you. And I wanted to know if you'd go out with me." I smiled sheepishly.

Susie looked at me. Her green eyes sparkled. " Sure, Dan, how about tonight? I love Chinese food."

Of course, my heart jumped out of my chest. In fact, I don't even remember what I said to Susie. The last thing I remember, in fact, is standing outside her dorm picking her up. Susie was wearing an emerald dress that stopped above her knees and strappy green shoes. Of course, I was enthralled.

We went out to eat and this nice Chinese place, and it turned out we had a lot in common. We both loved old sitcoms, dogs, and optimistic people. We both hated negative attitudes, fish, and math. I loved Susie, and I soon found out she loved me back.
We went out almost every day, and when we had gone out for two months, we finally had it. We had sex. It was unbelievable. We made love like I had never made love before. We began to have sex all the time. As soon as we graduated, we were over each others apartments all the time to be together. It was when we were having sex, Susie told me her secret.

" Dan," she said as I was licking her breasts. " I want to be fat."

I stopped immediately. " You want to be fat?"

" Yeah," Susie said. " I want to be really big. You know really fat. Huge. I've graduated from college and now I want to be fat for the rest of my life. And I want you to help me."

" Me to help you?"

" Yes, I weigh 120 now, and I want to weigh at least 500 pounds."

" Where are we going to get 500 pounds of food?"

Susie looked at me with that "Are you crazy?" look. I shrugged. " Dan, my parents have money. I have over a million in the bank right now."

I looked at her. " I didn't know you were that rich."

" Well, I don't like to brag, but I am. So are you going to help me or not?"

I took a deep breath. " Susie, I love you and if you want to get fat. I'll help you."
Susie smiled so big; she lit up the room. " Thanks, Dan. I love you too." She began to play with my penis, and love began again.

The next morning, Susie woke me up. " Dan, I want you to go shopping."

" Hm-mm?" I said groggily.

" I want you to go shopping for food lots of fatty food. I'll start on the food in the house."

" Okay, Susie." I sleepily got on my clothes and with two thousand dollars in hand. Susie sent me out.

I looked at the money in my hand. Two thousand dollars worth of food! Oh, boy, Susie was serious. So I went to the store, and filled up my cart with cookies and cake and macaroni and hamburgers. All sorts of food. People stared as I left with three full carts.

When I got back to the house, Susie was on the sofa eating straight out of an ice cream carton. Empty containers were everywhere. Susie's stomach was already bloated, but when she saw me a smile came. " Come on, Dan, feed me." she said.

I pulled out a bag of Cheetos and a full 2-liter of soda. I feed her and gave her the soda between bites. Within 15 minutes she was done.

" Gee, Sus, you know how to eat." I said.

" Well, this has always been a dream for me. Now hand over the Oreos."

Susie ate and ate. All day long, I was beginning to wonder how long the food would last. When the day was over, I had to help Susie to bed she was so bloated. I also noticed her underwear lines were beginning to show through her pants, and her button up shirt was stretching. I wrote this all in my journal as I decided to track her progress. We had decided that Susie would weigh herself only once a month.

The next day, Susie had begun eating before I got up. Already, a whole family sized frozen lasagna was gone. Susie was in the middle of a pack of Twinkies. "Come on, baby, feed me." she said. "I'm getting tired."

We were through the third pack when I heard I pop. " Yes!" Susie laughed. The button on her pants popped, and the zipper had just undone itself. I had also noticed that some buttons on her shirt were gone. "Come on, Dan, letís not stop now!"

Susie ate and ate the whole week long. Sometimes she would be so full, she couldn't eat one bite. Then I'd have sex with her to get her motivated. Sometimes she was so full, she could barely move, but sex was still enjoyable. And as the month went by, new pieces of fat appeared for me to play with. I was enjoying Susie's fatness as well.

Susie was beginning to grow. Her appetite was beginning to become insatiable. We had already gone shopping twice for clothes, but they got too tight and the buttons just popped. I had to go grocery shopping every other day. Susie was serious and couldn't wait to be weighed.

The day finally came. Susie stood on the scale. "Wow, 190!" Susie squealed. She looked at me. I looked back at her. Standing naked, her breasts weren't so perky anymore. They hung down and were getting quite large. Her stomach was dropping and wiggly when she walked. Her thighs were just pouches of fat. Her feet were no longer skinny. A double chin had formed. All this in one month. Imagine a year!

" Well, letís make it to 200 today, Dan!" Susie said. She jumped off the scale and laid on the sofa. I began to feed her from a huge bowl of fried chicken.

The next day, I came in her apartment a little later then usual. Because of Susie's unlimited money, I didn't work. I just fed her. I usually got to her place around nine to feed her breakfast, but this day I got there around one.

" Where were you?" Susie said, mouth full of marshmallows. I thought she was about to burst out of her nightgown.

" I had to make a stop." I said.

" Where?" said Susie.

" To the rent office, to Franks, and to Zales."

" Why?" Susie was on a loaf of bread now.

" The rent office because I'm moving out my building."

" To live here?" Susie said smiling.

" Yep." I said. " Then, I went to Frank and gave him my few pieces of furniture. Then I went to Zales to buy a ring."

" For who?" said Susie.

" You." I got on my knee and said, " Susan, will you marry me?"

Susie looked shocked then hugged me. " Yes, Dan! Yes!"

I put the emerald ring on her finger. The color of her dress on our first date.

" Its too big," Susie said.

" I know, " I said, " I got it so you could grow into it. And one more thing. We won't get married until you weigh 350 pounds."

Susie grinned. " Well, letís get started."

Susie ate and ate. Full meals were all the time. Mixed in with junk. Susie began to expand and expand. She gained weight quickly. So quickly, she was getting out of shape very fast. Standing up took her breath away. Susie was loving it. Now she usually wore button up shirts with just the top few buttons done. She liked her stomach to be free. She loved to fell buttons popping and her zippers being undone as she expanded. Fat just hung from her arms. Her thighs became just tree trunks of fat. She grew out of clothes so quickly, I was forever buying new ones. Susie just laid on the couch and ate.

The day of our wedding, Susie weighed 375 pounds. She was just bursting out of her dress. She looked radiant. The thing was her parents weren't happy at all.
" This is what my money goes to?" Her father fumed. " You make my daughter fat?"

" Daddy, I want to be fat. I love it." Susie said. " You should be happy."

Her father grumbled, but Susie was his only daughter and he wanted her to be happy. He didn't stop supporting us.

Now Susie just ate and ate. She didn't even wear clothes unless she went out with me. We had made a promise to go out at least twice and month. Now people stared as we walked together, but we didn't care. Susie loved being fat and I loved her. Sex was awesome. Of course, I had to be on top, and her fat had to moved a lot to reach her vagina, but it was still fun.

Now, Susie weighs 575 pounds. She is a beautiful woman. When she stands, which she does with great effort. Her stomach just hangs out and down. It is so wide, she can't reach the end of it and it hangs down to her knees. When she sits down it pushes her legs apart and hangs off of her seat. Her breasts are huge watermelons that go on for days. Her butt is big and floppy, and her chins go on for miles. Her thighs just make you want to drool.

She loves to eat, and do ride in her over sized motor scooter to stores with an just an over sized bikini top on and a pair of stretch Capriís to show off her fat. I love my wife, and by the way this is a true story.