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SSBBW, Squashing - A continuation of the Beth squashing stories.

Naptime With Beth

by NYSquashee

The snap to reality was sudden and incredibly shocking. John had just finished a long shift working as a junior superintendent at the apartment building his uncle got him a job at, and decided to take a small nap in one of the laundry rooms located in the lower level of the building. He was only 22 years old, and this was his first "professional" job, so he was putting all he could into it. The effect of all that determination, however, was pushing him to the brink of exhaustion. It wasn't the first time he had finished a shift and caught some beauty sleep on the waiting benches in the laundry room, but it would certainly be his last.

Snapping out of his dreams, John opened his eyes to complete and total darkness. His mouth felt compressed shut, and he couldn't even bring himself to scream for help. The sensation was that of being buried under hundreds of soft beanbags. His chest and stomach were crushed, his small-frame body fighting to keep from turning to jelly between the immense force which was squashing him and the hard plastic chairs which he was laid out on top of. John's mind reeled, trying to comprehend what was happening. Was he still dreaming? Was this sensation of being flattened alive just some twisted nightmare he was having, brought on by the pressures of work? What was happening to him...

Feeling restless and bored, the last three days off of work growing into a feeling of stir crazy, Beth decided to do some late night laundry. She waddled her 477-pound body into the bathroom, and began sorting her clothing. Haven't gone to work in the last few days, so most of it was just her comfort wear. Pajama bottoms and tops, huge pairs of panties and bras-which were quickly losing the battle to Beth's growing body-and a few pairs of sweatpants and shirts. Her bag made up, a quick check of her fine SSBBW body in the mirror - even just going to the laundry room Beth wanted to make sure she looked sexy, as sexy as she felt when putting her goddess like body in motion - each roll and fold of fat moving in perfect rhythm with the other.

She was wearing a black tank-top which showed off her huge arms, and beautifully large breasts along with her massive and hanging belly, which hung over the waistband of her grey skin-tight sweatpants. Her impossibly rotund thighs and ass pushing the fabric to its seams, just daring another pound to push the tidal-wave of fat over the edge, causing Beth to burst right through the pants.

Beth took the fairly long ride down in the elevator to the basement of the building, and made her way to the laundry room. Her breasts and belly bounced and jiggled as she stopped herself short, discovering that the cute young thing, who was learning to take over from the current Superintendent, napping away in his uniform, stretched across three of the attached chairs in the center of the room. Beth's mind worked fast, her instinct taking over, and she reached behind the door of the laundry room and grabbed the "Out of Order" sign which so often hung outside. Beth then hung it on the center of the door to the room, closing it behind her. She knew that not too many people would be bothering to come down here so late at night, but was not taking any chances.

Beth moved slowly, careful not to wake up the young thin man till she was good and ready, setting her laundry up and running in one of the machines directly in front of the chairs John was laid out on. Done with that chore, Beth waddled over to him, her eyes bright with lust, her skin tingling. He really was a cute little thing. A perfect cushion for her huge body as she waited for her wash to finish. Beth turned on her heels, positioning her four foot wide butt over him, taking one last glance at his sleeping face, then lowered her almost quarter ton of fat onto him.

Through her plentiful fat she felt the young man snap awake in shock, and felt his body begin to buckle and tremble under her, each motion of his squirming giving her goosebumps across her body.

Beth just sat on John, doing her best to flatten the no-longer boy out into paper, her legs out-stretched before her to maximize the pressure he felt; watching her laundry make its journey around and around in the washing machine.

A grueling half hour later for John, and Beth's wash was finished. She knew she'd have to get the clothes in the dryer, but didn't want her newfound victim running out on her. So she did the only thing she could think of, and raised her wide body up, and shifted to the right a bit, John watching in a dumbfounded and exhausted state as the light came back to his eyes, only to be blotted out by Beth when she dropped her gigantic butt square on his face. His small cute features were now totally engulfed in the fat of Beth, and he quickly began to run out of air. Beth just sat happily on the young man, loving each and every one of his desperate attempts to get air out from under her butt. Beth knew it was hopeless for him, and soon so would he. After a couple of minutes, Beth noticed John's struggles fade and then stop. Being as experienced as she was, Beth was able to pinpoint just when her squash victims lost consciousness.

Beth raised her bulk up from the now out cold John, and turned to look at what her handiwork had done once again. Then she made use of her time and transfered her clothes from the washer to the dryer. As she was doing this she heard a soft "THUMP" from behind her. Beth turned, the sound scaring her a bit, and found the crumpled heap of the young man she had just recently flattened lying on the floor in front of the yellow chairs.

"My, my, look at you. I would have thought that smothering I gave you would have kept you out for hours. You're a strong little guy, aren't you?" Beth said to John.

John was trying to pull himself up, though his body was far too out of it to comply. Instead he could only raise his head and look at the amazingly huge woman, the weapon his body had felt the brunt of just moments earlier. John being only 5'7 and 120 pounds, had never felt so insignificant until now, looking up at this large wide woman. "She must be over four hundred pounds!" his mind raced. He found himself shocked that his own body was able to withstand such an onslaught of fat sitting on him.

Beth glared down at the twiggish boy, and walked over to where he lay. Beth found herself impressed with his stamina, impressed enough to know she'd have to take him to his limit. As Beth made her way closer to John, he began to try to scramble his legs into working again so he could get up and get away, but the best he could accomplish was bringing himself to his knees and slowly crawling towards the back of the laundry room. Beth laughed at his efforts, and when close enough raised one of her tree-trunk thick legs and brought her foot down on the lower point of his back. Beth applied just enough of her weight on his back with her foot, and it sent him crashing to the hard cold floor. His body let out a audible crack as Beth stepped fully onto his back, bring all of her weight onto his tiny frame, and stepping with her other foot right below his neck, centered between his shoulder blades.

John began to groan and gasp as all of Beth's weight trampled down upon his back. His ribs felt ready to burst under the pressure, along with the rest of his organs.

"You should know by know that I don't like it when my little seats try to escape. You're going to have to pay for that. Let's see, how many leaps from my close to 500-pound body onto you should be the right punishment...five? Ten? How about twenty?" Beth laughed as John's gasps and moans changed pitch from fear of her words.

"Let's get started right now, shall we?" Beth said, bending at the knees and propelling her body up into the air...

"THIRTEEN...FOURTEEN...FIFTEEN..." Beth counted off each hop she made on the poor superintendent-to-be who was under her feet. He had lost consciousness after the eight leap she made on his tiny chest, the incredible trampling being too much for his mind to comprehend. Beth, however, didn't notice his closed eyes or slip from reality, she was far too absorbed in her actions. The slap of her fat rolls which ran up and down the sides of her belly as she jumped up and down, the sound of her feet coming into contact with John's flattened form, his breathless gasps which continued with each leap.

Beth began to tire after the twentieth hop on poor John, and stopped to catch her breath.

"Wooo! Been a long time since I had a workout like that," Beth said. "You still breathing under there, little man?" Beth received no answer, and couldn't really look down to see his face as her huge dark belly was far too protruding. Beth grabbed her fat with both hands, loving the sensual feeling of her fingers sinking into her softness, and pulled her belly up and in as best as she could, so she could finally see John's beat red face. Finally she became aware of his passing out. Beth just stood on his tiny chest, her wide feet almost covering it completely, and took in his suffering. The veins in his head looked like they were ready to burst, his face completely red, no doubt from all of her leaps on him forcing the blood up and away from his midsection.

"Still breathing though, look at that. He is a tough little guy after all," Beth said to herself, finally stepping down off the young man. She walked over to the dryer which her clothes had finished in, and took them out, not bothering to fold them, feeling far too passionate about her new victim and her sudden desire to stuff her glorious body with food. She knew that she wanted to take young John with her when she went out shopping for sweets, but couldn't figure out how to get him to her car-even at this late hour-without somebody noticing.

That's when her brilliance came through, and she spotted one of the leftover shopping carts in the corner of the room. There were usually a few left around for the tenants to use to transport a big load of laundry. Beth wondered playfully how well they would work transporting the young John to her car. She giggled in delight at the idea of it. She dumped her clothing back into the dryer, figuring they would be safe enough there for a while, and waddled back over to where John was still laying on the floor. Beth bent at the waist, almost certain as she did that her elephantine backside would rip right through her sweats, the thought of it giving her pleasure, though the sweatpants held strong. Beth then got to work pulling the large laundry bag up and under John's legs, past his waist...chest, and soon after folding his legs in, he was completely wrapped in the laundry bag. Beth then dragged the poor boy to the laundry cart, and used her strong arms to lift the bag holding John up and in the carriage of the cart.

Soon Beth was ready and out the door of the laundry room, to anyone looking it would just appear that a very beautiful and fat woman was pushing her laundry to her car, the only oddity being the lateness of night. Beth of course wasn't heading anywhere but her local 24-hour Dunkin' Donuts...

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After selecting a large enough assortment of donuts to fill two boxes of a dozen each, Beth made her way out of the Dunkin' Donuts and back to her car in the empty parking lot. She placed the bag of donuts on the hood of her car, and took a look around to see if anyone was watching...none were. Coast being clear, she opened her back door and pulled out little John from where he was lying out cold, still in the large laundry bag. Putting some of her strength to use, Beth was able to get the young man into a lying position on the front seat of her car. She opened up the top of the bag, and pulled it down so that his head was showing. Other then that he was still totally covered in the laundry bag. All of the movement must have stirred him, because John started moving his head on his own, and coming to. Just in time, Beth thought to herself with a smile. She grabbed the bag off the hood of the car, and bent her head to settle back down into her newly "cushioned" front seat.

John opened his eyes just in time to once again see the huge and vast butt of Beth being lowered down upon his helpless body. He let out a low pitiful cry of, "Noooo..." which was cut off as the fat of Beth's ass filled each small ounce of space of his face, engulfing his mouth totally. Beth giggled and bounced a few times, feeling the tickle of John's open mouth under her.

"Oh yessss," she said. "Welcome to the land of the living again, little man. Bet you missed this, huh?"

Beth took a few moments to take everything in. How feeble and small his legs looked coming out from under her massive body to her right. The tiniest tip of his forehead peeking out from under the expanse of fat of her left thigh. How she seemed to sit lower and lower by the second, his body deflating from her wondrous weight and power.

"Mmmmm...does this feel as good to you as it does for me? No I suppose not. I bed you're too busy feeling your body turn to mush and trying to breath under all of me. Why you kicking your legs, little guy? Do you want to breath is that it? Okay, I'll give you just a little air," Beth said, leaning her weight all on her right leg, so she was on a forty-five on top of John's body, the intense weight making him feel as though his waist was going to snap in two while he sucked in as much air as he could. He was just about to protest once again to be let go when Beth slammed her body back down on him. She laid the bag of donuts on his legs in the passenger seat, and started the car. Putting the car in gear, she reached and grabbed herself a jelly donut-the first box was just to get her home, the second to be enjoyed later once she was able to get more "comfortable" with her new victim.

Beth drove slow, and hit every bump in the road she could, feeling her body tingle with each one that caused her to bounce on poor John. Every once and again she'd lean her weight to the side, giving him just the briefest time to breath-taking longer and longer to give him air out from under her fat each time...

Beth drove on, coming close to her apartment building, when the thought of how she was going to get her new toy up to her place hit her. Sure she could just smother him out again, but didn't want to take the chance of him waking while she was pushing him through the lobby in the laundry cart.

So what she did was grab ahold of the steering wheel, and lifted her bulk up off John's now very pale and weak frame. Then, using a free arm, she pulled at the bag which he was in, bringing it down to his ankles. Then she felt the slightest pressure pushing up from under her ass, and realized that John was trying to push her up higher so he could escape out from under her.

"Ha, you've got to be kidding me, little man. You really think you're strong enough to hold ME up? Let's just see," and with that she let go of the steering wheel and dropped fully over where his head was. John's skinny arms lasted for all of two seconds before they gave way and Beth came crashing down on his body, the force making his legs up off the seat besides Beth.

"Well, I guess now we know who wins out between your toothpicks and my ass," Beth said laughing. Still sitting on John's face and head, smothering him as she worked away, Beth reached into her glove compartment for what she thought might do the trick in helping get the feisty cushion to her apartment.

Using some of the tape which she had in the glove compartment, and some crafty "placement" work in moving around while keeping John where she wanted him under her, Beth was able to bind his ankles and arms tight enough so that he could move his limbs only slightly. Then, sliding down to his stomach, she was able to use enough tape on his mouth to prohibit him from yelling out at all. All done, Beth got out and pulled the laundry bag up and over his small, now totally weak, body. A few moments later, she had the young man folded in her cart, bag of donuts laying on his head, and was pushing her and his way through the lobby and into the elevators of her building.

Once in her door, Beth pushed John; who was now trying his hardest to fight through his bag, into the living room. Once there, Beth just flipped the cart over, and Johnny in the bag spilled out onto her rug. Beth walked over to his side, knowing her could see nothing but darkness inside the bag, making sure to generate as much of a booming sound as she could with her heavy body as she walked. Each booming footstep filled John with more fear. His brain was trying to comprehend just what trouble he had gotten himself into when his small head by chance grazed the top of the laundry bag. Feeling the seam, John pushed up with his neck, and out popped his head...just in time to look up at Beth, who had stripped to her blue skintight panties and bra, as she lifted one of her luscious and huge legs up, and brought her foot down on his chest.

John's head was shaking back and forth with incredible urgency, in a desperate plea for her to stop. Beth looked down at the bound and gagged boy, and hopped up with her other foot, coming crashing down on John's now deflated body with enough force to blow the tape off his lips. Then she stepped off to his other side, and bending, cast her wide heavy butt over him.

"No, no, no...please don't. You're too fat, I can't take anymore. Please just let me go, I won't tell anyone, please, just let me go, DAMN IT, LET ME GO YOU FATSO!" John yelled from where he was lying on the floor in shock.

Beth stopped and turned, looking over her shoulder, giving John a look that stopped him cold. He just made a big, big, big mistake.

"You're right, little man," Beth went on as she ran her hands, patting and rubbing her incredible and powerful thighs and ass, "I am fat..." Kicking her legs out and coming crashing down onto John's body, slamming into him with such force, landing on his face/chest/and stomach. The cracks were as audible as they were familiar to Beth, Johnny just broke a few ribs,"...SO!"

Johnny was blacking out from the pain, his sensation being that of his ribs snapping like twigs under Beth, his insides feeling compressed and flattened into paper. Darkness swept over him as Beth simply sat on his body, steamrolling over him while she rubbed her belly which had slapped hard into her thighs when she landed. Johnny hear Beth's last words before he slipped totally into the darkness.

"Poor, poor Johnny with the big mouth. I'm going to have to scoop you up with a spatula by the time tonight is over."

Beth took her time smushing John into her rug, riding out his insult on his soon to be pulverized body. Then, stopping just before she turned him into another stain on her rug, she hoisted her massive weight up and off the boy, leaving him lying there in a heap as she walked over to pick up her bag of donuts. Beth walked slowly back to the flattened young man, box of dozen in hand, her dark, hanging belly in the other. She took her time, circling him as he laid there, occasionally cutting over his body with a stomp and trample as she dug into her bag and pulled out a fresh donut. She did this continually till she was down to her last four cream-filled donuts.

She was only just beginning to fill full from her midnight snack, and didn't want to rush through all of them so quickly, so she cradled the box with one hand, and bend over to grab the ankle of tiny John with the other. Then she dragged him to the bedroom. Every roll and inch of her beauty jiggled with the motions she made, and John in his now semi-awake and very dazed form could do nothing but stare up at her as she pulled him like a rag-doll. Her size and grace astounded him, how easy it was for her to completely dominate and overpower his much smaller frame.

Once in the bedroom, Beth set her box of donuts down on the mattress, and turned her full attention to Johnny. Beth positioned him just at the foot of the bed, so he was lying left to right along the edge of it. Then, she climbed up upon her mattress, now a good four feet off the ground, and reached up with her hands to hold onto the rail of her large bedposts. Johnny watched as she did this, not sure what the huge woman had planned, more amazed by the sway and bounce which the fat woman's body had. At the last moment he realized her plans, and yet couldn't find the strength to move.

"Time to go splat, you rude little bitch," Beth said with a evil grin. Then she leap forward, throwing her legs out, her titanic ass growing wider with the expanse of her thighs, and came crashing down onto a very helpless, now very crushed Johnny, butt first. For not the first time since her moving in, Beth shook the room to its foundations. Johnny, of course, was almost totally destroyed. His body felt like it had just been in a car wreck, and then thrown off a building. Beth's body felt very little of this, filled as she was with pure satisfaction and sexuality. She rode out the unbelievable butt drop till every inch of her body stopped quivering and shaking, and of course until her joyful and earth-shaking in its own right orgasm was done. Johnny had lost all concept of reality at this point, just there in the smallest sense, praying he would get through the night alive.

Beth reached behind her, and pulled the box of donuts onto her belly, slowly stuffing her beautiful face with each morsel there was to be had, reaching between her legs afterwards to pick up one of Johnny's arms which hung lifelessly in her grasp. She pulled it as far up between her thighs at it would go, and with it, gave herself a wonderful bellyrub which brought her yet another orgasm.

Feeling stuffed, and totally at peace with her fatness, Beth shifted her way this way and that, shocked to hear Johnny groan as she did. "I can't believe he survived that," she thought, until she was standing on his mid-section with her knees digging deeply into his stomach. She stayed like this, then bounced, then walked her way up, with her thunderous thighs and knees crushing John, till the tip of her large black belly was brushing against his face.

Then she reached down and grabbed his hair, making deep contact with his eyes and said, "You did very well, little John. I'm shocked I didn't turn you totally to goo there. You're nice and strong, I think I'll keep you for a good long time."

Then pulling his face deep into her never-ending soft fatness, Beth smothered little poor Johnny to sleep.

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more more i like it ... please try to make your update available always ..

thanks alot ...

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Glad you enjoyed it. I'm sure I'll write more with "Beth" in the future.

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Just try not to have her kill anymore please.

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by the way try to focus more in lapsitting ... i enjoy alot ...

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Just try not to have her kill anymore please.

I assure you, it's not something I get off on. I was kind of going for a "murder mystery" like mix, which I don't think I'll be going for after all. None to worry.