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Originally Posted by Scandi (FFA)
- A new thread to collect the entire bellies on this site (both men and women). Iím tired to look in so many different threads.

Iíll start: Iíve got a little chubby belly myself, and as long I donít have a plump guy, itís ok to have something to play with, hehe

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Scandi, you look most sexy yourself in that pic!
You know you are a very beautiful woman and you know I love you.
It is nice to see all your posts in this board, although I'm not a BHM myself, I always check it out, because of you and all of the times I feel the same about the things you talk about.

I really hope to chat with you again, soon!

Tight tight hugs, GPL.
I like hips, NOT hipbones! (by Qane:smitten: )

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