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Hathor does more than just post hot picsHathor does more than just post hot picsHathor does more than just post hot pics

Please tell us a little about yourself. Age, locale, work, family, whatever you'd like to share.

26, Michigan, I work in a psych hospital.

Tell us a bit about your relationship with food. Are you a 'foodie' and, if so, what do you think makes you a foodie?

I'm not entirely sure what a foodie is. I have a love affair with food as I absolutely love to eat. I love to cook and bake as well. If I had more time, I'd whip up delicious 7+ course meals for fun.

Is there a special food, or type of food that would elect you president of its fan club?

Nothing immediately comes to mind because I often go through phases where I crave one particular item. Lately it's been dry roasted pumpkin seeds. Before that it was crackers and dip. But.....I do love the Chinese buffet, so I would definitely be queen of that. LOL I love pasta and seafood too.

What is the freakiest or most fun food fact about you?

Uhm...not sure if it's considered freaky, but I don't like my food to mix. Each thing needs its own little space or I tend to eat one thing at a time. Sometimes I mix food up like corn and mashed potatoes with goes great with ham. I also like to mix pork tenderloin with rice and brats with rice. I guess the funniest thing is that I can mix almost anything with pasta. Two nights ago I made pasta and ate it with a ham sandwich.

Do you like to cook? Do you have a dish or dishes you consider your specialties?

I do like to cook when I have the time. I like to go the extra mile and use fresh herbs from my garden and create fun shapes out of cloth napkins.

My specialty is anything with pasta for the most part. I like mixing herbs together to mix with the pasta to create different flavors.

Do you think more about food or sex? (this might help with the "are you a foodie" question, above)

Food. It's more satisfying. haha!
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