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Thumbs up sugar moore foodie introduction

Please tell us a little about yourself. Age, locale, work, family, whatever you'd like to share.
well im 27 i live in portland oregon and im going to culinary school for baking and pastry! food has always been my number 1 passion!

Tell us a bit about your relationship with food. Are you a 'foodie' and, if so, what do you think makes you a foodie?
like i said up there ^ lol im in culinary school and loving it!

Is there a special food, or type of food that would elect you president of its fan club?
im a natural baker and cook, i make the best tangerine cupcakes with real butter cream and candied ginger frosting!

What is the freakiest or most fun food fact about you?
there is nothing sexier to me than frosting! i can eat it on everything all day long!

Do you like to cook? Do you have a dish or dishes you consider your specialties?
im an excellant mexican cook, my step dad was hispanic, and i make the yummiest and sweetest cakes and desserts ever...thats the reason my site has a candy theme

Do you think more about food or sex? (this might help with the "are you a foodie" question, above) hands down food..but sex is a close second! i think i get more cravings to eat everything more than i do to hump everything! lol

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