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Babygirlneedsu can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesBabygirlneedsu can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes
Default Lipstick Libran Lesbian alert !

Age: 45
Gender: female
Location: Near Barnet, North London
Orientation: 90% gay but love riding horses and cowboys
Turn-ons: BIG sensual long dark haired women with cute faces [ see who I post to !! ]
What else ?

I came out late in life but knew I was gay from a young child. As a school teacher I must be careful about being too obvious, although the boys tease me in a nice way and are quite cool with it....but things could be akward in a girls school as the wee lasses can get crushes and who knows what difficulties could arise [ although now older and uglier this is less likely ]

I have had some interesting flings but the only woman who I have fallen for in real time ,who seems to like me back, is a Greek beach bar owner who runs a cooky cantina up on the nudist beach on Skala Eressos, Lesvos. Things are very difficult and I must be cautious about saying too much as there are some mafioso islanders who do not want us to be together. My mum and friends have rained continuously on my parade and I too have doubts about her integrity but keep letting my heart rule my head...silly me !

Maybe the Euro rate will put me off a repeat visit next year but it is hard to find a girl to love who is also gay and gorgeously grande in every way. If only the DIMS FORUM was the local disco. I have been out to gay ballroom dancing for the last couple of years and discovered that I prefer to dance with the men as they are physically stronger and make better leaders in this sport and the women there are far too skinny and somewhat on the boyish side for me.On Sunday nights in the City of London there is a cool pub called the White Swan which runs a ballroom, line dance and sequence dance eve.where GLBT folk can all strutt their stuff and there is a cupboard called 'Trannysylvania' where the Brians become Karens in peace, so they don't have to travel on the tube in their girls garb. George [ of Bexy and George ] would fit in a treat I have no chips on my shoulder about being gay and am not a political creature or activist type as I am far too busy thinking Libran thoughts of pink and blue and pleasure seeking. I love sensual delights, laughter, languages and people watching and there is nothing better than enjoying the company of another person who floats your boat on the waters of life. I love the company of men too and think I would rather bed a good guy than a rotten girl....handsome is as handsome does !!? Below is a piccy of me in a fairy outfit at one of the gay dancing holidays I go on in Laurieston, Scotland.....I now have brown hair and have tried to upload a shot but the machine don't like the dimensions !?
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